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Voltron 3 Part 1: End of an Era is a 2020 American Science-Fiction Action Film, based off of the animated series Voltron and it's sequel Voltron Force, and a sequel to the 2016 film, Voltron: Defender of the Universe and the 2018 film Voltron 2: Wage of War, released to theaters on June 26, 2020. As the first half of the third installment of the Voltron film series, it's followed by Voltron 3 Part 2: End of an Era and stars Dylan Sprayberry, Emilia McCarthy, Uriah Shelton, Jonny Gray, and Spencer Boldman, Sean Pertwee, Kira Kosarin, and James Spader, and follows the Voltron Force battling an artificial intelligence modeled after Voltron.


As the Voltron Force finally nears it's goal of making peace in the Galaxy , Pidge uses the Volton Lion Nexus to create an artificial intelligence, but when the artificial Voltron becomes overwhemlemed with a god complex and believes Voltron to be an enemy, as it desires to eradicate all life in the Galaxy and begins to lead the team to their own demise and departure, while Keith begins to learn that his family isn't of Earth, but is of Arusian descent.


  • Tyler Posey as Keith Kogane, the leader of the Voltron Force, recruited to pilot the Black Lion, which primarily forms the head and bulk of Voltron. Keith is a quiet individual, tactful and strategic and continues to earn place as leader of the team. In the film, Keith learns more about his heritage, upon discovering he is of Arusian descent, which gives a whole new view on his relationship with Allura. He wields dual swords as his Voltcom weapons. He wears a black and dark grey metallic suit, with a fingerless black glove on his right hand.
  • Colton Haynes as Lance Hogan, the sarcastic and sometimes reckless ace pilot of the Red Lion, which primarily forms the right arm of Voltron, but in the Red Lion Configuration, it forms the head and bulk ov Voltron. Lance is very hot headed and often cracks jokes in battle and teases the others, but since joining the team is less of a troublemaker. He wields dual pistols and power fists as his Voltcom weapons and wears a black and red metallic suit, with a dark brown/tan jacket and red sleevless gloves.
  • Dianna Agron as Princess Allura, the princess and ruler of the Kingdom of Arus, and the pilot of the Blue Lion, which forms the right leg of Voltron. Though Allura can be a bit naÏve at times, she is strong-willed and is more than capable of ruling Arus and battling alongside her team, using a whip and bow n arrow as her Voltcom weapons and wears a black and blue metallic suit, and a golden tiara with a blue gem in it.
  • Asa Butterfield as Pidge, the smallest and smartest of the group from the planet Balto and the pilot of the Green Lion, which forms the left arm of Voltron. Pidge is not only super intelligent, but is also very skilled in martial arts, using his size and agility to his advantage. Pidge's voltcom weapons are ninja throwing stars, or "smart stars" as he calls them, which he can move and detonate with his voltcom and wears a green and black metallic suit.
  • Spencer Boldman as Hunk, another human from Earth, who pilots the Yellow Lion, which forms the left leg of Voltron. Though his he has a tough and temperamental appearance, Hunk has a soft heart and even though his friends joke about his appetite, most of his body's bulkiness is muscle. He wields the "Claw Hammer" as his voltcom weapon and wears a sleeveless black and yellow metallic suit.
  • Jadin Gould as Elizabeth Wade, the Commander-In-Chief of the Galactic army, after defeating her father, Wade. She is a great ally and a great friend to the Voltron Force and has a romantic connection to Lance.
  • Sean Pertwee as Coran, Allura's royal advisior and lead of castle control. As a very wise and experienced man he often advises the Voltron Force, but can also be overprotective and opinionated.
  • Russel Crowe as King Alfor - Allura's deceased father, who died in battle as the former Blue Lion Pilot years ago, facing King Zarkon, as the last member of his team. Now he returns to Earth as a spirit to guide his daughter in her struggle to keep Arus in a time of peace.


The film begins as the The Voltron Force speak with Elizabeth and the Council as they watch multiple screens viewing their battles. They state that they failed because for the first time since thier first mission, they weren't unified as one team, but five individuals. On the screen in the background, clips are shown of each member being surrounded and overpowered, on a different screen, Voltron, is shown falling to the ground and deactivated.

One week earlier, in their Lions, the group chases after Cargo ships protected by a group of Zenya black market dealers. As a field test, the group forms the Yellow Lion Configuration. About to escape, the ships are trapped by a blockade of the Galactic army, now led by Mary Gedison. After stopping the shipment of dangerous and illegal weapons, the Force and Mary return to the Castle of Lions where Pidge continues to work on Project Voltron. Hunk helps, but he doesn't think Voltron as an artificial intelligence will be possible nor necessary, but Pidge convinces him that it will be a reality. They stop in the middle of their work and leave, right before the new artificial Voltron awakens.

Meanwhile downstairs, a party is thrown to celebrate the Era of Peace Voltron is so close to creating. Waiting for Allura, Keith secretly watches as Lance and Mary flirt with eachother, until Hunk walks over curious on what's taking Allura so long. Keith goes to check on her and walks in on her looking at pictures of them, the group, and her father and talks to her about it.

Back in Pidge's lab, the artificial Voltron takes control of the machines and begins rebuilding old Wade-Bots.

Keith and Allura walk down to the party, where a Galactic soldier tells a story of a battle to Pidge, Hunk, Lance, and Elizabeth, but they are unamused since they have done battles far greater. After the party, the team talks about who's weapon is better, mocking and teasing eachother, but are interrupted when an old Wade-Droid walks out of Pidge's lab and reveals himself to be the artificial Voltron, but this artificial intelligence claims that he is above "the giant killing machine, they claim to be Defender of the Universe", and renames himself Galactron. As Galactron talks, Elizabeth, Lance, and Hunk ready their weapons, before being attacked by Galactron's Droids. After all the droids are destroyed, Galactron downloads himself into the Arus Database and then artificially controls a ship to travel to Earth.

Pidge discovers that half his database has been deleted. Lance remembers that Galactron said he's going to be real, something Voltron can never be and suggest that he wants a real body. Pidge states the only way for him to get a body he can download himself into is by creating tissue with teonite and Keith states that there's only one black market dealer in the database that has Teonite.

In a large underground factory on Earth, Galactron confronts low life scum, Manset, and steals a shipment of Teonite, but is confronted by the team, who must deal with a group of Droids. After the team begins winning, the battle goes topside as Galactron artificially dismantles all the droids to form a large robotic body, so the group forms Voltron, but begin to lose as Galactron fires a Haggarium beam at them and rips off the Red Lion and then the yellow. Weakened, the team ejects the lions as Galactron recreates his droid army. While the team is distracted in battle, Galactron infects Keith, Hunk, Elizabeth, and Allura's minds with Haggarium. Keith sees himself in a ship, watching as a Galactic Alliance ship is led by "Commander Kogane". Hunk sees himself watching as his parents argue and divorce. Allura sees herself in the moment of the last time she saw her father. Lance and Pidge grab the others and escape. 

Elizabeth takes them to her mothers old farmhouse on Earth, where they seem to be less of a team. Keith and Allura have a talk, before they consummate their love in bed. After having a dream similar to the Haggarium hallucination he had, Keith wakes up and walks outside and Allura follows. Keith tells her about the hallucination and states he needs to discover more about Commander Kogane, so he takes off.

Keith meets with Coran, who helps him go threw all the paper files and what's left of the computer files, which leads them to a a fleet of abandoned ships, one in particular that Keith recognizes as the one from his hallucination. The two go through footage from the ships and discover the hallucinations were of old battles fought by Keith's great grandfather, and learns that his heritage is not of Earth, but is of arusian descent and that his ancestors are from Arus.

Back on Earth, Lance and Elizabeth reveal their feelings for eachother, before sharing a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Allura is visited by her father who encourages her and makes her believe in Voltron again and that the universe needs Voltron now, more than ever, but Allura states she doesn't know how much of a team they are anymore. The team is confronted by the Council as shown in the beginning of the film.

In their lions, the team tracks down Galactron and attempt to steal the new synthetic body still being created. Keith and Allura eject from their Lions, as Keith battles Galactron and Allura attempts to steal the synthetic body. Though she gets the body to Lance, Allura is captured.

With their Lions still charging, the group takes Elizabeth's ship to Arus where Galactron has set up a massive haggarium bomb to blow at least a quarter of Arus. While the other's battle Galactron's army, Keith rescues Allura. They go to join the fight. The group becomes overpowered, as the bomb grows closer to blowing the whole city, but the tables are turned when Coran arrives with the Galactic Alliance army to evacuate the arusians and reveals a large containment unit, containing the Lions, completely charged. After evacuating as much as they can, the group forms the Yellow Configuration of Voltron to travel underground and then the red to survive the intense heat near Arus' core, after finding the bomb and going back to the ground, the group tests the blue configuration and freezes the bomb, but it doesn't work.

Galactron confronts Voltron in his large robotic body. Voltron attempts to freeze him, but Galactron keeps breaking free and severely damages Voltron and leaves with the Haggarium bomb ready to blow. With little power left, Voltron grabs the bomb and flies it to space. Keith takes command and ejects the others while he continues to fly the bomb to space and nearly escapes it explosion, being blasted back into Arus' atmosphere, crashing next to the Castle of Lions, seperated into five. The team rushes to save their friend, but he isn't in the Black lion. They then notice Keith floating to the ground with a parachute, but find he isn't breathing and Allura rescesitates him. Elizabeth checks out the Black Lion and see that it's too damaged and won't turn on. She uses jumper cables to transfer all the power from the Castle to the Black lion. Allura pounds on Keith's chest and his eyes open. They then see the castle powering off. The Black Lion struggles to stand up and gives out a loud roars.