Voltron 2: Wage of War is a 2018 American Science-Fiction Action Film, based off of the animated series Voltron and it's sequel Voltron Force, and a sequel to the 2016 film, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, and the film was released to theaters on July 15, 2018. As the second of three installments, the film stars Dylan Sprayberry, Uriah Shelton, Emilia McCarthy, Jonny Gray, Spencer Boldman, Sean Pertwee, Kira Kosarin and Gary Oldman, and follows the Voltron Force in confrontation with a former ally, Wade, who plans to start war and destroy them.


Two years after defeating King Zarkon and his Drule Army, the Voltron Force, Keith, Allura, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk have finally established themselves as the Defenders of the Universe, as they finish what's left of Zarkon's Drule Empire, but now a new threat has risen, when a former ally, Sky Marshall Wade uses his army to attempt to overthrow the Council of Galactic Alliance and gain power over Arus and now the Voltron Force must once again learn more secrets behind the power of Voltron in order to defeat Wade.


  • Tyler Posey as Keith Kogane, the human leader of the Voltron Force and the pilot of the black lion, which primarily forms the head and bulk of Voltron, but in th red configuration forms the right arm. Keith is usually a quiet individual, keeping to himself,  and is tactful and strategic and has done more than earn his place as leader, wielding dual swords form his voltcom to battle, and wears a black uniform. The abilities of the black lion consist of an electric shock tail and an energy laser from the jaws.
  • Colton Haynes as Lance Hogan, the sarcastic and often reckless ace pilot of the red lion, which primarily forms the right arm of Voltron, but in the red configuration, forms the head and bulk. Lance is very hot headed and often cracks jokes in battle and teases his teammates. His Voltcom weapons consists of dual pistols, as well as power fists that enhance his strength and wears a red and grey uniform. The abilities of the Red lion consist of a laser tail, a flamethrower from his jaw and resistance to extreme heat.
  • Dianna Agron as Princess Allura, the ruler of the Kingdom of Arus and the pilot of the Blue Lion, which forms the right leg of Voltron. Though Allura can be a bit naÏve at times, she is strong-willed and more than capable of ruling Arus, while battling alongside the Force, using a whip and bow n arrow as her Voltcom weapons and wears a black and grey uniform, and a golden tiara with a blue gem. The blue lion abilities consist of a freeze ray tail, a water pump from the mouth, and resistance to extreme cold.
  • Asa Butterfield as Pidge, Allura's technical engineer from Planet Balto and her consultant on enhancing Arus' defense grid, as well as the pilot of the Green lion, which forms the left arm of Voltron. He is skilled in martial arts, using his size and agility to his advantage. Pidge's Voltcom weapons are ninja throwing stars, or "smart stars" as he calls them, which he can control remotely with his voltcom. The green lion has a tail blade, which shoots shuriken blades and blasts a sonic cannon from the mouth.
  • Spencer Boldman as Henry "Hunk" Richards, a human from Earth, who pilots the Yellow Robotic Lion, which forms the left leg of Voltron. Though he is tough and has a temperamental appearance, he is soft hearted, and even though his friends joke about his appetite, most of his bulkiness is muscle. His Voltcom weapon is what he calls his "claw hammer" and wears a sleeveless grey and yellow uniform. The yellow lion abilities are a strong hammer-tail, an underbite that acts as a land plower or drill, and a vibration cannon on it's back.
  • Sean Pertwee as Coran, Allura's royal advisor, as his best friend was Allura's deseaced father, King Alfor, and leads the Castle control. As a very wise and experienced man he often advises the Voltron Force, but can also be overprotective and opinionated of how they handle situations, especially Allura.
  • Gary Oldman as Sky Marshall Hiram Wade, the Commander-in-Chief of the Galactic Alliance Army Defense, which he finally decided to use for his own intention on overthrowing the Council of the Galactic Alliance and remake both Arus and Planet Earth in his own image and destroy the Voltron Force.
  • Jadin Gould as Elizabeth Wade, the daughter of Sky Marhsall Wade and a former major in the Galactic Army of Defense, very strong and skilled and will do anything she can to help the Voltron Force stop her father.
  • Russel Crowe as King Alfor - Allura's deceased father, who died in battle as the former Blue Lion Pilot years ago, facing King Zarkon, as the last member of his team. Now he returns to Earth as a spirit to guide his daughter in her struggle to keep Arus in a time of peace.


The film begins with Wade and his robotic army killing all Drules left on Planet Doom. Wade breaks into Maahox's lab and steals all the haggarium left.

Meanwhile, Allura, Lance, and Hunk battle a large creature in their lions, while Pidge works on a malfunction in the Black Lion's core, as Keith anxiously waits to get out there and help. Once Pidge finishes, he and Keith jump in their lions and fly to the others. Once united the group forms Voltron and defeats the creature. After returning to Arus, the group is informed, in a meeting with the Galactic Alliance council, about the break into Zarkon's castle on Planet Doom, unaware that it was Wade.

That night, Allura has a nightmare of Arus destruction, before being awakened by Keith and Lance, as she was yelling in her sleep. Keith stays up with Allura as she explains her nightmare and her fear of Arus being corrupted and destroyed under her rule, but Keith assures her that she and the rest of the Force will do whatever it takes to make sure that never happens. As they are about to kiss, but Lance walks in to check on Allura.

The next day, Keith, Lance, and Allura have a meeting with Wade and the Galactic Alliance Council, on searching for the missing Haggarium. While working on the Lions, Pidge and Hunk are locked in the Lion chamber and attempt to contact the others, but their coms are jammed, and they are attacked by Wade-Droids. Wade's soldiers break into the meeting and Wade takes Coran hostage, forcing the three to give up their Voltcoms and surrender, as Hunk and Pidge continue to battle Wade's soldiers, until they're over powered and captured them, locking them up with the others. Wade explains to them his plan to overthrow the Galactic Alliance and leaves for Earth, leading his army of Haggarium powered Wade-Droids.

Back in their cell, Allura opens up a secret passage installed by her father. After escaping, Allura, Keith, and Lance take hidden swords within the castle walls. Keith goes to retrieve the Voltcoms, while the others go to the Lions. Allura pleads to go with him, but he tells her to stay safe. Keith is attacked retrieving the Voltcoms, but is saved by a girl in galactic army armor. The girl helps Keith battle his way to the Lion Chamber, where she reveals herself to be Elizabeth, Wade's daughter and explains to them her quest to stop her father. Pidge informs Keith that the Lions have been severly weekened by Haggarium and will take time to fix, so while, Pidge stays behind to fix the Lions, Elizabeth and the rest of the Force take a ship to Earth.

On Earth, the group arrives to chaos on Earth, wheres Wade and his Droids take over and intercepts the army. Pidge arrives in a Space Pod, telling them that the Lions still need more time to heal and are programmed to travel to Earth when they do. Unified as one group, the team battles the army. After a long battle, Keith goes to confront Wade, and kissing Allura before leaving. Elizabeth follows him to battle her father, while the others fend off the Wade-Droids. Watching the battle atop a large skyscraper, Wade is confronted by Keith and his daughter and they begin a battle, in which Wade knocks out Elizabeth and nearly defeats Keith, by throwing him off his ship, but Keith is caught by the arriving Black Lion. The others hop in their lions and they form Voltron, so Wade unleashes a large haggarium powered robotic robeast he secretly had created. After a short battle with the robeast, the lions become weaker and weaker and are seperated. Pidge activates an untested reconfiguration form of Voltron. Forming Voltron, Lance in the Red Lion becomes the head and bulk, while Keith in the Black Lions takes the Red's place as right arm. They begin battling the robeast again and begin winning. Elizabeth awakens and begins a duel against her father. Lance attempts to form the Blazing Sword, but instead forms dual pistols, or Magma Pistols, as Lance calls them and begins firing at the robeast. After a long duel, Elizabeth finally defeats her father and shuts down all the Wade-Droids. Using the Magma Pistols, they completely destroy the robeast. Wade wakes up to find Elizabeth, the Voltron Force, and the Red Configurated Voltron.

That night, a celebration is held in the Voltron Force's honor. While Pidge, Hunk, Lance, and Elizabeth enjoy the celebration, Keith and Allura watch from atop the Black Lion, as they begin a new relationship.

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