Volkashia is a main antagonist of 2012 film The Animevengers. He is voiced by Michael Shannon who portrayed Frankie Lombardo and General Zod.

He is a mean brute who killed Master Tyrua who is Tyra's teacher and is a ruler of a Kingdom


Role in the movie

Volkashia appear in the film as a shadow puppet story where he trained by Master Tyrua. He is angered when he got kicked out because he had too much experience for the school. He killed Master Tyrua and the world was gone. Without a master, Volkashia was stripped all his powers and locked in prison. He was getting revenge on Tyra and his former master.

Volkashia was seen as a shadow when he tells Treelin that all of China will be his. Later in the film, Volkashia invades China by terrifying the villagers and villages will be in danger. Only to be scared by The Animevengers who made a team by Tyra.

Later in the movie, he invades the kingdom near Gongmen City and bullies King Roland also known as The King and after a warning, he killed his son with a weapon.

Volkashia was ruling a plot that all of China will be his reward and then he would be finally be satisfied will the subjugation of the whole world finally make you feel better, unless he would start, if he hunts people, he will killed them all with hesitating.

Later, Volkashia laid waste to the rive when attacking Manny and Jack Frost on a boat only to be retreated when he warns the Animevengers that he would kill them and all people would be slaves and killed when he finally put down his membership. Volkashia flies to the Religo Force Ship and attacked the boat, but the army was too strong to fight Volkashia, The King tells that he killed his son, but Volkashia threw the blade at his son to make him strong which enrages the King and he flew away.

Volkashia ordered his scouts to kill the Owls at Religo force ship, but two of the King's guards killed his scouts. Enraged, Volkashia was plotting a raid and an army to hunt down his former friend.

When Zeng, Shifu's nervous messenger, arrives, Volkashia interrogates him and Zeng correct his answer, they're heading to Gongmen City. Volkashia corrects him and flew off leaving Zeng nervous to warn the Animevengers.

Volkashia tells Treelin that he was wrong, his former friend is clearly a fool. His minion says that he just destroyed his own army and Volkashia agree when all else fails and all of the world would fall. Volkashia and his minion have a confrontation until the battle would rage. Volkashia betrayed his minion by setting him free, he's no use to all of him. His minion slowly tells his former leader at he wished him happiness, but Volkashia sneered and snarled with growling voice with the last word he said "Happines will be TAKEN away......... And I will take yours!!!!". This upset Treelin to leave the throne room.

When Tyra was waiting at The King's palace, the flashing light reveals Volkashia saying that he have come back to her, but She refuses that she won't be her friend anymore and he would be brought to justice by a group of heroes and if would loses the battle, he must repent on what he did to Master Tyrua, but he said that he was an uptight fool he was , leaving her last confrontation that he would die, so be it.

Volkashia and his Army try to kill Shen and his wolves, Tyra swooped in and attacked him pushing trough the palace of a King, he felled to the floor and Tyra prepares a battle stance. Volkashia retorts that he rotted in prison for 98 years because of her stunt. Tyra shouts that obeying her master is not weakness. She already knew he was the chosen one for his master, but when Tyrua said otherwise what have she done, nothing. Tyra said he was not mean to be a warrior, this is not her all fault. Volkashia roars that who filled his head with nightmares, who drove him to train until his bones broke, Who denied his density. Tyra and Volkashia have a brutal fight, until Volkashia psychally breaks the Kings staff, and had a rough fight with her, beating her senseless, and attacks Tyra, grabbing her throat, threw her to floor and beating her with strong fist with flames, telling him proud she is. Tyra starts a forgiveness and apology in redemption.




  • Volkashia is similar to Scar from The Lion King
    • Both are mean and evil.
    • Both killed the protagonists.
    • Both are strong and brutal.
    • Both have lust of power and strength.
    • Both have weapons, unlike Scar, Volkashia has sharp blades on his claws.
    • Both have beating mercilessly the protagonist (Volkashia hurt Tyra and pin her neck with his tough, strong grip, Scar sank his teeth in Simbas neck).
    • Both has been defeated by heroes.
    • Both has been turned on by villains.
  • Volkashia was originally going to be voiced by Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Micheal Wincott. But his voice was too rough and gruff so Michael Shannon replaced them and made his animation debut here.
  • In the international versions, Volkashia is voiced by Spanish actor Constantino Romero, In the Mexico version, he is voiced by Mexican actor Gerardo Taracena, In a German version, he is voiced by German actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, in French verison, he is voiced by Pascal Renwick, In the Espanol version, he is voiced by Enrique Sera Frediani and in the Italian version he is voiced by Luca Ward.
  • Volkashia shares similarties to Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda.
    • Both wanted power
    • Both got reformed, unlike Volkashia, Tai Lung is a hero until Volkashia reforms.
  • In a Mexican version, Volkashia pulls out some swords during the fight with Tyra was later used in the US and UK version.
  • The scratches on Volakshia's face changes colour from brown to red in later shots.
  • The blades on Volkashia's claws were longer between scenes of the film.
  • Volkashia used to have long fangs, mostly Saber tooth tigers do.
  • Volkashia's voice actor Michael Shannon voiced his character before working on Man of Steel.
  • Volkashia also shares similarities to Scroop from Treasure Planet
    • Both are Evil
    • Both intimidate the heroes.
    • Both fighting with protagonists.
    • Both get Defeated.
  • The roars and screeches of Volkashia are lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, cougar, puma, bear, alligator, tyrannosaurs Rex, dragon, owl, bat, gorilla, leopard seal and a wildebeest. Also, Volkashia has the same roars as Uber Immortal from 300.
  • Volkashia has a spear like Shen. He also had swords and knife as sharp blade weapons.
  • Despite that Tai Lung is one of Volkashia's enemies, they don't meet each other until the battle.
  • At one point, Volkashia has red glowing eyes that can haunt, scare and frighten the villagers at China.
  • At one entire point, Volkashia has jade swords on his belt.
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