Viscera Cleanup Detail is a movie adaptation made in 2021 by Peter Jackson of the widely ironical popularity gained game Viscera Cleanup Detail that is about cleaning a spaceship after an alien has killed everyone, seriously, the movie and the game are both about cleaning!

Details & Response

The movie cost the studio and Peter Jackson 200 000 000 US Dollars to make, it grossed over 50 bucks worldwide, it rescieved a sequel made with a 90 US Dollar budget and a custom action figure of younger version of Clint Eastwood hanging himshelf made by a crazy person in the medical insitution for disturbed crazy cat obsessed grandmas. (Nicholas Cage got paid over 200 000 US Dollars by fans worldwide who wanned to pay their pitty for the poor guy who had plaid bloodstains and dead aliens/humans in the movie)
Clint 2

Clint eastwoods reaction to the movies final cut, he magicaly aged down and tried hanging himshelf, but the rope was made out of the Nicage replacement substance used in the movie to replace things that Nicholas Cage couldnt play.

The Cast

Clint Eastwood as The Janitor

Morgan Freeman as the Mysterious ticking noice

Lady Gaga as the Mop

Nicholas Cage as Bloodstaines, Corpses, Body parts and everything else (including the spaceship)

Cast pictures (Not in costume)

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