Violated is a 2016 thriller film written and directed by Clint Eastwood.


While having dinner with wealthy businessman and philanthropist Rupert Marrows, college student and aspiring actress Eve Chang is brutally raped by Rupert when she rejects his sexual advances. Afterwards, Eve struggles to get her life back together as she deals with the trauma of the event, while her friends Michelle, Sydney and Vera desperately try to help her through the trauma.


  • Malese Jow as Eve Chang, A college student who is raped. Once a bubbly, social and loud girl with a lot of potential, Eve is left emotionally traumatised by the rape.
  • Diana Agron as Michelle Harris, an employee at Marcy's and is Eve's best friend and one of Eve's roomates, alongside Sydney and Vera. She is Sydney's cousin
  • Stephen Amell as Sydney Dawns, a former street fighter and DJ who works at his older brother Wallace's nightclub, 'The Fire' and is one of Eve's friends and roommates alongside his cousin Michelle and Vera. He is known to be dedicated to his friends and will do anything to keep them safe, even if it means getting his hands dirty. Sydney blames himself for Eve's rape because he drove off after he and Eve had an argument on the night she was raped. He is Eve's love interest.
  • Naya Riverta as Vera Lopez, a waitress and college student who is Eve's friend and roommate with Sydney and Michelle.
  • Kevin Durand as Wallace Dawns, Sydney's older brother and the owner of nightclub 'The Fire'. He is also a good friend of Eve, Michelle and Vera.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Rupert Marrows, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who is the CEO of Marrows Motors. He appears to be dedicated to helping the public, but is secretly a sociopathic and racist man who rapes Eve. He is the main antagonist of the film.
  • Jodie Foster as Joan Marrows, a spokesperson and Rupert's wife. She is completely dedicated to her husband, even when his true nature and what he did to Eve is exposed
  • Willa Hollard as Tracy Coules, Rupert's secretary who he has been having an affair with for the past 5 years.



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