Vindictive Records, commonly styled as VindicTive Records is a Syracuse-based record label founded by Jacob Vindic. It holds three major offices, the main one in Syracuse, the second in London, and the third in Sydney.


American producer Jacob Vindic, who had been producing years before, had plans of creating his own record label. As he told the American metal magazine Metalix, of which he is a major part of, "I've always wanted to jumpstart my own record label, it was just a matter of money and time". Vindictive Records was officially opened on May 5 2005, and all artists signed with Jacob Vindic are now produced through Vindictive. It is co-founded by Christopher "Magnellan" Owens, who died of a heart-attack in late 2004 before the label could be officially authorised.

Music style

Vindictive works primarily with metal bands, including the sub-genres of thrash metal, metalcore, doom metal, and death metal, as well as hardcore punk and post-grunge. The label holds no racial and religious hesitance against any bands, and works with several Christian bands. Bands currently signed to Vindictive Records include Death Flower, Eternal Guardians, Wolverine, Morgue For Maria, Graceland Faith, Therru, Stagnant, Ammat, Severance, The Sickness Darkly, Deathscope, This Deathly Accord, Elemental, Lacerator, Las Tierras del Lobo, Blair Tragedy, Sleep With Knife At Heart, Laws of Kaos, Desmodium, Her Eyes In The Fire and Letters In The Sand. Since 2006 the label has run Vindictive Symphony, a concert featuring their artists. They have worked partially with other artists like Townsend Sacrifice and Yggdrasill Burning.

Vindictive compilation albums

Every few years Vindictive release a compilation album of their artists covering other bands, eg. Metallica. Iron Maiden, ACDC. They have released several albums: Vindictive Does Metallica, Vindictive Does Iron Maiden, Vindictive Does AC/DC, and Vindictive Does Grunge.

List of Vindictive Records artists

List of former Vindictive artists

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