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Villainous is an American-French superhero action drama miniseries that was produced by French production company Marathon Media in cooperation with The CC (Cartoon Comedy), and originally aired on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) on July 9 and ended on July 12, 2018.


The plot will focus on a villain as he attempts to take over the world, and his inner demons and rough childhood that haunt him. At the same time, an aspiring superhero named "Peter Power" plans to put a stop to his evil plans, but faces obstacles as well, including a lack of traditional superhero qualities like courage and strength, not to mention an untraditional childhood.


  • Van "The Villain" Kaufman (Steven Yeun) - The main antagonist of the series who brands himself as a "villain", hence his supervillain title "The Villain". "Peter Power" is his biggest archenemy, despite their similar personalities. His diabolical tendencies stem from a rough childhood in which he was neglected in favor of his parents' drug consumption, and the fact that he has never loved anyone in his life.
  • Peter "Peter Power" Lombardo (Scott Menville) - The main protagonist of the series who, much to his thin frame and meek personality, is optimistic that he has the power. This is the explanation behind his superhero title "Peter Power". He believes in fighting for the greater good, a belief that came from a nontraditional childhood of introversion and un-athletic prowess that caused great bullying from his tormentors. "The Villain" is his greatest archenemy despite sharing similar personality traits.
  • Harold Kaufman (Frank Welker) - Van's neglecting and drug-addicted father who forgets even his son's name.
  • Beatrice Kaufman (Annie Potts) - Van's neglecting and drug-addicted mother.


The animation was handled by Marathon Media in France and later shipped back to The CC (Cartoon Comedy) in the USA. Production for the animation lasted almost a year and a half.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 4 July 9, 2018 July 12, 2018


No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
1 "Appendix I" Lester Gomez Kenneth Dumont July 9, 2018 101
Van "The Villain" Kaufman and Peter "Peter Power" Lombardo face off to see who will win the fight, but it ends with The Villain hospitalized and Peter Power being taken into custody, where's cleared off since the police are dubious that a lanky man like Peter could seriously injure Van. Later, Peter feels unmotivated as he trains himself in boxing, but flooding memories of his terrible childhood eventually energize him and he manages to knock down his punching bag...and the wall. Van returns to his parents' house, where it is revealed he still lives there, in the basement. He wants to be left alone, but after getting into a fight over their drug dependency with his parents, packs up and leaves, not knowing where destiny will let him stay.
2 "Appendix II" Man of Action Lamar Robinson July 10, 2018 102
3 "Appendix III" Calvin MacKenzie and Miriam Northrop Diane Reed July 11, 2018 103
4 "Appendix IV" Grekk and Dipper Fenton Cole July 12, 2018 104