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Villagers: The Movie is an 2018 action animated crime drama science fiction thriller film directed, written, edited, screenplayed, animated, and produced by RaymanLover 2018 and Dan Lloyd, This film was released by Sony Pictures Releasing, This film stars Tom Hardy, Laurence Fishburne, Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp and Dan Lloyd, This is confirmed as an sequel of Annoying Villagers: The Movie, but on the bright side, this film is way different than Annoying Villagers: The Movie.


In the year of 2031, After 4 villages, they have been taken over, This is the 5th time that they will take over, but with a strong powerful alien evil villager known as Klokkendosh, Only the well-known hero, Robert Fordison, can save the village.


  • Tom Hardy as Robert Fordison, an 41-year-old villager that is suffering from a severe case of schizophrenia, This villager is the protagonist of the film.
  • Laurence Fishburne as Klokkendosh, an extremly ancient alien villager that was buried in an park in London called Niteland, This villager is the antoganist and villain of the film.
  • Chris Hemsworth as Spike Ferideson, an 46-year-old villager that has autism, He is the best friend of Robert, This villager is the deuteragonist.
  • Johnny Depp as Bartie Gorgetion, an 51-year-old villager that was formely in the Testificate, This villager is the, he changed to the Villagers because since he was a child, The Testificate school was very hard for him, then he changed, this villager is the tritagonist.
  • Dan Lloyd as several villagers in the Element Animation universe.


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