The Videogame Armory is a catalogue of videogame weapons that SPARTAN-984 keeps and maintains. It was the original The Armory before he lost his character sheet. Now, he keeps it.

Jack Ryan (BioShock)

Wrench - A simple wrench, utilized as Jack's melee weapon. Deals 20 damage (it would take five Wrench hits for a target dummy to fall down).

Pistol - A simple revolver, chambering .32 rounds. As with most revolvers, it carries six rounds in the chamber at once. Regular rounds deal 40 damage (three bullets to knock down dummy), armor-piercing rounds deal 140 (one-hit knockdown), antipersonnel rounds deal 240 (one-hit kill). Can equip a 24 round extended magazine assembly and a damage upgrade.

Machine Gun - A Thompson submachine gun equipped with a drum magazine carrying 40 bullets, and firing .45 ACP bullets. Regular rounds deal 40 damage (three-round burst to knock down dummy), armor-piercing rounds deal 60 damage (two shots to knock down dummy), antipersonnel rounds deal 108 damage (one-hit kill). Can equip recoil reduction measures and a damage upgrade.

Shotgun - A generic pump-action shotgun firing 00 buckshot and carrying 4 rounds in the tube at maximum. 00 Buck deals 35 damage per pellet for a total of 280 damage (one-hit kill), Electric Buck deals the same damage with a stun effect (one-hit kill), Explosive Buck deals 50 damage per pellet for a total of 400 damage (overkill achieved, dummy is blown apart), along with 6 fire damage per second due to being lit on fire. Can equip measures to increase fire rate and a damage upgrade.

Grenade Launcher - A DIY weapon which fires grenades from a randomly-found box. The box holds 6 grenades. Frag grenades deal 350 damage maximum (dummy is blown apart), Prox grenades and Heat-Seeking RPGs deal 450 damage (overkill achieved, dummy is blown apart either way). Can be equipped with a shield for protection against splash damage and a damage upgrade.

Chemical Thrower - A DIY weapon firing various chemicals, with a maximum storage capacity of 100 units. Napalm does 30 damage per half-second (it would take two seconds for the dummy to get knocked down) plus 6 damage a second due to being lit on fire. Liquid Nitrogen does no damage but freezes the target in place. Electric gel deals 25 damage per half-second but has an additional stun effect (it would still take two seconds for the dummy to get knocked down). Can be upgraded for more efficiency, and range increasing measures.

Crossbow - A DIY weapon firing bolts at targets, that can be used as a sniper. Five bolts are carried per magazine. Steel-tip bolts deal 400 damage against a target (dummy is blown apart), explosive bolts deal 600 damage (dummy is blown apart), trap bolts deal same damage as steel-tip bolts. Can be upgraded for reduced breakage and a damage upgrade.

Big Daddy Alpha (BioShock 2)

Drill - A very large drill mounted onto Alpha's hand, which utilizes... well, Drill Fuel, duh. Deals 200 damage per half-second (one-hit-kill). Can be upgraded for increased damage, increased fuel efficiency, and the ability to deflect projectiles back, as well as to perform a Bouncer-style Daddy Dash.

Rivet Gun - A rivet gun as utilized by Rosie-class Big Daddies, which uses... rivets, what else, in a twelve rivet magazine. Regular rivets deal 90 damage (two rivets to down), Trap Rivets (two rivets to down) deal the same, and Heavy Rivets, which deal 140 damage (one-hit-kill). Can be upgraded for 18 rivet extended magazine, a damage increase, and an upgrade that allows all Rivets to set enemies on fire.

Hack Tool - A dart gun that allows Delta to hack electronics from a distance through a mini-game. If fired at a target, all hack darts deal 40 damage automatically, with a one-hit kill to almost all robots/synthetics if used for non-hack purposes. Fires Remote Hack Darts (triggers mini-game), Automatic Hack Darts (automatically hacks after a few seconds), and can also drop sentry turrets.

Machine Gun - A large tri-barrel chaingun which appears to have been torn off a turret. Fires .50 bullets. Regular bullets deal 100 damage (dummy is knocked down), antipersonnel bullets deal 150 damage (dummy is knocked down), and Armor-Piercing bullets deal 200 damage. Can be upgraded for increased damage, recoil reduction, and a magnetic coil that deflects bullets fired.

Shotgun - A basic double-barrel shotgun. Fires shotgun shells. 00 Buck deals 25 damage per pellet for a max of 125 damage (one-hit kill), Phosphorous Buck deals 25 fire damage per pellet for a max of 125 damage (one-hit kill), and Solid Slugs deal 300 damage (one-hit kill). Can be upgraded for a double-revolver mechanism allowing the Shotgun to fire six shells, a damage increase that saws off the shotgun barrel, and an upgrade that electrifies shells.

Spear Gun - A large... well, spear gun. It fires spears... what else? Spears deal 250 damage (one-hit-kill), Rocket Spears deal 400 damage on explosion (overkill and gibbing), and Trap Spears deal the same damage as Spears (one-hit-kill). Can be upgraded for increased zoom, a damage upgrade, and faster loading mechanics (which also has the Spears fly faster).

Launcher - An explosives launcher that fires various explosive items. Carries three explosives in a box. Frag Grenades deal 350 damage and 50 damage from shrapnel (one-hit kill from explosion), Proximity Mines deal 500 damage when triggered (overkill and gibbing), and Heat-Seeking RPGs deal 400 damage upon impact (overkill and gibbing). Can be upgraded for a larger ammo box (increasing mag size from three to six), a shield to prevent splash from hurting Delta, and cluster explosives.

Ion Laser - A prototype laser weapon. Carries 100 units of energy per battery. Laser Cells deal 50 damage per second (kill in two seconds), Thermal Cells deal 50 damage per second as well as fire damage (kill in slightly less than two seconds), and Burst Cells can charge to deal 250 damage (one-hit-kill). Can upgrade the beam's intensity to increase damage.

RC-1138 "Boss" (Star Wars: Republic Commando)

B.J. Blazkowitz (Return to Castle Wolfenstien, Wolfenstien)

X2 (Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron)

Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell: Conviction)

Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)

Ensign Alexander/Alexandria Munro (Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force)

Alexander Mason (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

SPARTAN-B312 "Noble Six" (Halo: Reach)

Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko (Killzone 2)

Private John "Soap" MacTavish (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

Captain John "Soap" MacTavish (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

The Rookie (Halo 3)

Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

Preston Marlowe (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)

John "Naked Snake" "Big Boss" (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)

John-117 "Master Chief" (Halo 3)

Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 2)

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