The flm starts off with thirteen year olds Casey and Alexis and there stepsister Leila and there Mom Kaylee and there stepdad David and a family friend who lives with them named Brittany Blaze. While jumping on the trampoline Alexis says she knows what happend to David's family and this startles David and that night a shadow is scene on the wall of Casey and Alexis's room.

The next day David researches about Kaylee's family and something comes up and then the computer goes flyig in the air and crashes into the wall. Kaylee runs into the grauge and she dose't notice the funture lifting up in the air. When she goes back into the living room the funture sits down.

That night Leila walks into Kaylee and David's room and stand sthere and stares at them for three hours. That day Kaylee is by  herself at the house and you can see Caleb standing in the kitchen and then the light shakes and she turns around only to be dragged upstairrs by an unseen force. David comes home and he is looking for Kaylee and he see's her leveatating above the steps he then freaks out and then Kaylee says his name and he ooks at her againa nd hse is not levating. When Casey,Alexis,Leila and Brittany come home the girls say they want to camp outside since it's friday and David and Kaylee go to the movies and Brittany go's to a friend's house.

When David and Kaylee come home David goes upstairrs and Kaylee puts laundry and the laundry room and she dosen't see someone in a ghost sheet standing by her and when she turns around she screams and the ghost go's flying at her causing her to fall to the ground. When she get's up she here's footsteps and she gos upstairrs and go's to her room to find David asleep and then she here's the sliding glass door shut. Kaylee runs downstairrs and outside and go's to he tent and finds all the girls asleep and the ghost is behind her again but the sheet disapers and Kaylee go's inside.

At 1:45 Alexis wakes up and she here's the tent rustling she screams and wakes up Casey and Leila and they go outside the tent to find no one there.Casey then says she see's someone and Alexis and Leila dose and with the headseat camera Leila,Casey and Alexis follow the person and see's them go into the woods and they follow and threy see a bon fire and  Ku Klux Klan. Casey says she see's Brittany and then one of the Ku Klux people jump out at them causing them to run and scream back inside the house and David and Kaylee come downstairs. They tell them what happens and Kaylee calls Brittany and Kaylee says Brittany was at her friends house. Kaylee then tells them what happend to her and David said they have a ghost and they all sleep in the living room. When they all go asleep Caleb walks down the stairrs and watches them.

The next day Kaylee,Casey and Alexis go to Walmart with her and Caleb gos into the woods and he see's a Ku Klux costume laying on the ground and then a man screams and yells at him. Meanwhile Leila is in the house and she here's banging upstairrs and go's up there and Caleb screams at her and she runs to the frontdoor but is dragged by an unseen force and she is locked in the consovetary.

David comes home and Brittany scares him and Kaylee calls him and tells her that Leila called and that she was going to stay at a friends and Kaylee said that Casey and Alexis were staying at a friend's house also. Brittany goes to her room while David stays in the living room. The door to the consovetary opens and Leila comes out and she is a demon. She stands behind David and David dosen't notice. That night Lleila starts flying around in the consovatary.

Kaylee and the girls come back the next day inculding Leila. That night David and Kaylee are having .Leila's boyfriend comes to vist and the house is dark and Greg go's into the consovatory and here's the flutter of wings. He see's something flying around and Leila eventully jumps on him and claws him up like Olivia did to Ken. Leila then picks up the camera and flys around with the camera. The Ku Klux Klan and Brittany have a ritual in the consovatary

Casey and Alexis here the noises and they go downstairrs with the camera and they are unlock the door to the consovatary amd Leila screams at them. A few minets later Leila jumps through the ceiling and bites Davids head.Kaylee runs out of the room and a demonized Casey jumps out at her and Kaylee leaves the room and hides in the closet and finds a secert door and she is in a secert room and she see's Alexis siting in the conner and when Casey go's over there a demononized Alexis jumps out at her and Kaylee runs out of the room and crys and Leila runs up behind her and throws her head at the camera.

Casey is jumping in every conner of the room and Caleb come sout and tells her it's time to go and Leila and Alexis come downstairrs and they leave the house. The last scene shows Kaylee's dead body standing up an dthen head gos back on her and she jumps  at the camera


  • James Franco as David
  • Alexandria Daddario as Kaylee
  • Janel Parrish as Leila
  • Kyla Dreaver as Casey
  • TBA as Alexis
  • Jane Levy as Brittany Blaze
  • Zac Effron as Ben
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