Video Camera 7 was the seventh installment of the Video Camera series.


Kaylee Feather who is a teenager lives with her Mom Emily, her stepdad Scott, Erin(Thomas Mom) and Thomas. They live out in the middle of the woods and two other houses live by them who are new neighboors. Brittany Blaze moves in one of the houses with her husband Dave there kids Natasha, Bree and Max. David moves in the other house the same day with his teenage daughter Leila. On Halloween Kaylee, Thomas and Leila want to go over to Brittany's house to trick r threat but Leila and Thomas back down except for Kaylee. Thomas gives Kaylee the camera and he and Leila run away. After several hours Kaylee isn't back and Thomas and Leila go over to Brittany's house where the lights are out. Leila goes into the basement with her camera and Thomas stays in the hall. The camera captures Britttany walking behind him and she touches Thomas's neck and Brittany turns into a demon and Thomas runs into the basment and runs into Leila who is looking at a table where Kaylee is hidding underneath of. Thomas touches her and Kaylee attacks them but she stops. Kaylee can't rember anything and they leave the basment and run into Brittany, Dave, Natasha, Bree and Max They leave a five minuents later and go back to Kaylee's house. Thomas shows Emily and Scott what happened to Kaylee and Seann who is friends with three paranormal investagators called Paranormol Activity.

He calls them and they decide to come over and check everything out. They put cameras in every room of the house inculding the guesthouse where Drake, Zoey and Caroline stay at. Brittany comes over to Kaylee and Thomas's house to see if Kaylee is doing allright. Emily and Seann invites her whole family for dinner. Kaylee leaves the dinner. Natasha goes upstairrs and see's Kaylee sractching the wall with her fingernails and she unleashes a demonic scream throwing Natasha across the room.

They all come upstairrs and Kaylee jumps out the window and runs to the barn. When everybody comes into the barn Kaylee screams at them and tells them that she's being possessed by a demon named Caleb and they all see a tal dark man in the back of the barn and Kaylee passes out and Caleb disappers. They put Kaylee in her room where she falls asleep. At 3:00 A.M. Kaylee grabs the camera in her room and walks outside and to the guest house that Drake, Zoey and Caroline are staying in. She walks in and watches Drake sleep on the couch. Drake wakes up and sees Kaylee standing there.

Kaylee falls to the floor and Scott locks her in her room for the night believing she's possossed. Thomas shows Drake, Zoey and Caroline the video of Kaylee on Halloween. Drake, Zoey and Caroline go over to Brittany's house and find Brittany playing with Leila, Natasha, Bree and Max in the backyard. Brittany and Dave tell them that Kaylee came over only to get candy and to use the bathroom. Drake, Zoey and Caroline know there lying and something's up.

At 1:09 a.m. they all here banging from upstairrs and here yelling from Kaylee's room. They break down the door and Kaylee isn't in there and Drake has a hunch that she's over at Brittany's house, They all go over there and find her there but Brittany and her family are nowhere to be found and Scott tells her that she's not allowed to come over here anymore. Emily and Erin think that Scott is being to harsh with her. They go back to sleep but are waken up again at 4:00 a.m. by the same banging and they run to her room and the banging stops. They find Kaylee levatating in the air and she touches the ground and runs past them and runs outside where she has her arms outsreched and starring at the moon.

Kaylee turns back to normal and Emily and Scott beg for Drake, Zoey and Caroline to do an exorcisim. Drake is afraid to do an exorcsim beacuse he's never done one before. They tie Kaylee with a chain to one of the barn's posts. Drake starts to perform the exorcisim and they all can see Caleb standing in the cornner and then Kaylee starts snapping her arms and legs. She speaks in Caleb's voice and says that the only way he'll let Kaylee go if Scott has sex with Kaylee. Thomas asks where Kaylee is at and Kaylee tells them that she's in a dark place right now with her family.

Unotcied Scott walks up behind Kaylee and bashes her head in with a hammer. Kaylee wakes up her previous injuries gone. Thinking everything is okay Dake, Caroline and Zoey leave the house and outta of town when Zoey rembers that they never found out what Brittany and her family are doing. They believe there going to do something to Kaylee and her family and turn back around. When they get back to the house they see Kaylee's house coverd in sationist signs. They run to Brittany's house and see Leila and Richard's house in sationis signs the same with Brittany's house.

They walk into Brittany's house the house dark. They here a door slowly creak open and go into the basment. They find Kaylee in the cornner her body shaking. She attacks them as a demon and they eventully leave the basment and lock it. Caroline looks out the window and see's Erin in dark clothes and she's starring at her and then she walks into the woods. They al here someting drop to the ground and Drake and Zoey go upstairrs while Craoline stays downstairrs.

Craoline see's Brittany standing in front of her and Brittany screams at her and throws her out the window. Drake and Zoey here's the crash and looks down the stairewell and sees a demonized Britttany crawling up the steps. Drake and Zoey run into another room and hide in there. Natasha and Bree demonized screams at them and break the window and get on the roof. They see Caroline passed out on the ground. They jump down on the grauge and then on the grass and wake up Caroline.

They go to the van but it wont start. Caroline see's bon fire in the frield and they go up there and see Emily, Scott, Erin, Kaylee, Thomas, Brittany, Dave, Natasha, Bree, Max, Richard and Leila wearing the same dark clothes skipping around the bon fire wich is a cross burning. Ku Klux members are around them too. Scott steps away from the fire and starts talking about them being sationists. Scott turns on the projection screen the title is called Deleted Scenes. It shows Kaylee getting into character but she was really possessed and that they faked the foootage on Halloween night.

The others leave except for Kaylee who watches the movie. Drake, Zoey and Caroline sneak up behind Kaylee and Kaylee quickly turns around and says in a demon's voice "I knew you would come back." and stabs Caroline in the neck with the star necklace. The family returns and the others and Scott is impressed that they came back. Zoey runs off into the woods and Thomas and Emily eventully catch up with her and chop her up with an axe. Kaylee gets on a table and has twins. Scottt holds them in the air talking to Caleb saying "Hail Casey and Alexis."

Scott runs off into the woods and finds Zoey's dead body and crys. He here's a nose and Caleb jumps at him screaming.


  • Julianne Moore as Emily
  • Seann William Scott as Scott
  • Debroah Ann Woll as Erin
  • Alexandria Daddario as Kaylee
  • Christian Hall as Thomas
  • Nathanial Parker as Drake
  • Rooney Mara as Zoey
  • Lea Michele as Caroline
  • Jane Levy as Brittany Blaze
  • Zachary Quinto as Dave
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Natasha
  • Kristen Stewert as Bree
  • Cameron Boyce as Max
  • James Franco as Richard
  • Janel Parrish as Leila


Houses are not haunted. Were haunted.

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