Video camera

Casey and Alexis are eighteen year olds and they half to do a project where they half to stay in there backyard with a tent and put video cameras all over the house.Casey calls her boyfriend Thomas and asks if he can stay with her and Alexis in the tent and he says yes and Alexis calls her boyfriend Ken.

At 1:40 everyone wakes up and they here growling coming from everywhere and Jeb and Riley goes to check and says who ever it was is gone. That day Kathryn and Jared are working and while Casey and Alexis are hitting the ballon in the air an useen entity grabs and throws it far away from them.

That night Brittany Blaze vists them and has dinner with them and while there having dinner the chandeler falls. That night the tent leavates at the air for severl hours. That day Alexis,Riley and Jeb go to the store while Casey stays at the house by herself. Casey is sitting in the living room and she dosen't know that Leila is in the house and she stands behind her and when Casey turns around she's gone.

That night they decide to camp in the woods behind the house. An unseen forse shakes the tent and they flee and panic and they go to an old abandon factory beause they can't find the house. Jared wakes up and he eats something and see's a bon fire in the feild behind his house he gos outside with a camera and as he gets closer he see's a klu klux klan and they don't see him and touches one of them and he turns around and lets out a demonic growl causing Jared to fall to the ground and when he gets up there gone.

When he turns around one of them chases him and Jared runs into the house and he dose not tell Kathryn what happend. The next morning Jeb,Riley,Casey and Alexis find the house and they talk about if they still want to stay out there and they do beacuse they think there's a ghost here.

Kathryn gets home early and no one is there and she takes a bubble bath and in the window the blinds raise up and you can see Caleb, Leila and Britany. When Kathryn turns around the blinds go down. When Jeb,Riley,Casey and Alexis come home Casey and Alexis jump on the trampoline and Alexis notices a ku klux klan person standing on a hill not far away watching them. They scream and they get off the trampolie and run to the door but an unseen force drags them under the trampoline.

They get out from under the trampoline and the ku klux perosn is gone and in stead they see Brittany and they question her and Brittany says she didn't see anyone and she tells them that she been camping in the abandon factory and they ask her how come she wasn't there last night and Brittany says she was at the ritchual.

That night Jared here's growling noises and he gos outside and into the clearing where he is suddenly levatated into the air and he see's Brittany and the ku klux klan but he falls down and he runs past them and when he passes the trampoline he is hurled into the window and he gets up and gets in his car and leaves but when he get's to the top of the hill a unseen forse throws the car down the hill.

That night Alexis and Riley are woken up by footsteps and they go outside with the camera and they see Brittany and they run after her and she go's into the factory and they here gruge noises and Riley is dragged away by an unseen force and Alexis hides in a room and Riley come sto the door and she opens it and no one is there and then a demonized Jared screams at her.

Casey and Jeb here Alexis screaming and the follow the sound to the factory and Casey stays outside and Jeb go's in and the screaming stops and he here's scratching noises and turns around and a demonized Alexis is standing there and she comes running at him and Jeb runs into a room and it's a bathroom and in the stall there is banging noises and Jeb trys to leave but the door is locked and he looks under the stall and no one is there and he opens it and no one is there and a few seconds later a demonized Riley jumps out at him.

Casey here's Jeb screaming and go's in with another camera and she here's the screaming in the basement and go's in and see's Alexis siting in the conner and she calls her name and Alexis slowly turns around and she jumps at her.

Kathryn comes home from work at 3:40 and the lights wont come out so she grabs one of the cameras and turns on the flashlight and she notices the window that's broken and she sticks her head out and stares rate at Caleb and Caleb screams at her and Kathryn go's flying into the kitchen and she runs to the frontdoor and trys to leave but there's a ring of fire around the hole house and she runs into the hallway and she here's growling noises and Casey is sitting at the top conner and Kathryn is suddenly pulled into Casey's room and in the closet but she leaves,

Kathryn runs into Jared and she runs into the kitchen and hides just as Riley is about to jump down at her. Kathryn runs outside and runs into the ku klux klan and Brittany and then she is chased into the woods by Casey,Alexis and Jared. Kathryn runs into the factory and finds Brittany's stuff and just as Jared comes in Kathryn jumps out the window.

Kathryn runs into the woods and stands by a tree and crys and the last sene shows her hearing a syick cracking and when she turns around Casey and Alexis jumps at her.

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