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The fim starts off with Rachel and her daughter Lauren are arguing with Rachel's new husband about why there is video cameras in every room in the house. That night Lauren is video cahating on facebook with her boyfriend Cooper and he says there's somebody behind her and when Lauren looks around no one is there.

Lauren is glad it's fall break and she goes walking around in the woods beside her house and a tree falls down alomost hitting her and she decides not to tell Rachel or Kurt.

That night Rachel and Lauren go up to the barn and all the funtrue moves around and this causes Rachel and Lauren to run back to thge house but an intity throws Lauren into the pond and Rachel runs in and gets Kurt. Meanwhile Lauren is trying to get out of the pond but an intity keeps on pulling her back and when Lauren turns around she see's Caleb and then she drives away from the house.

The next day Lauren calls her and says she's coming home. Rachel is there by herself and when she's in the kitchen the chandaler above the island falls down and breaks. Rachel leaves the house to get a new light.Lauren comes home and no one is there and she goes walking in the house again and she see's Caleb in the cave accross from her and runs out of the woods and into the house and she turns on muisc and a blankent on he rbed moves an dthen it suffacates her and Lauren trys to leave the room severl times but an unseen force pulls her back and finally throws her acrooss the room and slams the door. A few hours later when Rachel and Kurt come home and go upstairrs the door slowly opens and Lauren comes out not knowing what happend and goes outside.

Lauren then notices that there are new neighbors who are Casey,Alexis,Olivia,Lilly and Leila.Lauren goes into the house and gets a bag of dirotes and sits on the couch and gets on the computer and she dosen't know that Casey is behind her. Lauren see'sCaleb standing by the pond and goes to look and she sits on the bench and then she falls asleep an dthen she is lifted from the bench and she levatates across the pond for severl hours.

That night Lauren and Rachel play  bloody mary in the bathroom and when they turn the lights back on Caleb is standing behind them and he lets out a growl and they try to leave but the door is locked. They eventully leave.

The next night while Lauren is in the kitchen and she opens the knife throw and they all fly at her but they miss her and then an unseen person grabs her and pulls her intio the laundry room but she leaves and gets on the couch and then something pulls her up and to the flying ceiling fan and it almost cuts her but then she goes flying backwards and falls downstairrs. Kurt and Rachel come and find her and then she goes flying back upstairrs again and she gets pulled and dragged into the bathroom in Kurt and Rachel's room. Kurt runs upstairrs while Rachel gets dragged into Lauren's room. Kurt then go's flying backwards and gets dragged into the grauge and you can see Lilly standing in the kitchen.

When the grauge door and the door to Lauren's door opens Kurt and Rachel go's upstairs an dthey find the bathroom door open and they slowly walk in only for the door to be slammed shut behind them and Kurt try's to leave but they both go flying into the closet where Lilly and Leila attack them but they leave. With no other choice Kurt and Rachel leave the house.

That night the T.V. comes on and the door opens and a demonized Lauren comes in and touches the T.V. and the next night Lauren is sitting by herself on the couch and Casey comes in and tels hr to come to the meeting. The outside cameras shows them going down the hill and you can a bonfire and severl white figures.

On Halloween night Rachel and Kurt come home and they find Lauren asleep on the couch and she leaves the house that night and Rachel says she needs to get someting from the barn and when she doe the funtrue move around again and she runs out and she gets pushed down the steps and she looks up and see's Caleb. She runs only to run into Kurt and then hands come out of the ground and so dose fire and they grab Rachel.Kurt trys to save her but an unseen forse throws him into a treebranch killing him. Then it shows Rachel being pulled into the ground and Caleb walks into the house.

Lauren comes home at midnight and she goes upstairs and she here's banging and crawling noises and she slowly walks downstairrs with the new video camera her boyfriend got her and she turns the light on and Caleb is standing there and he comes running at her and Lauren runs upstairrs and out the door.

Lauren runs into Caleb by the pond and he pushes her down the hill and Lauren runs into a demonized Rachel and a Ku Klux Klan lead by Brittany Blaze. Lauren runs into the woods where Casey,Alexis,Leila,Olivia and Lilly chase her and an unseen forse pushes her down to the ground and causes her and the camera to go flying down the hill and into a huge waterpipe where she runs in it but stops when she see's Caleb and then she runs down the hill and Caleb pushes her down. The last scene shows Lauren crying into the camera and then she go's flying into the air.

This flim is rated R for disturbing images,brief sex scuene and language