Video Camera 9 will be the last and final story of video camera seres and it will explain everything.


Natasha Newton is a seventeen year old girl and her sixteen year old sister Bree and her Fifthteen year old brother Max lives with her dad Dave Newton at Jellystone park where there is video cameras set up everywhere.A camper comes into the ranger statation saying that she saw a tall dark person in her trailor.

Natasha and her family lives in a trailor in the park and that night all the dishes come flying out of the cabnet and Natasha runs out of the trailor screaming only running into Caleb.Natasha then runs and runs into her dad and she tells him what happend and they go back to the trailor and all the dishes are all back in the cabinet.

That night while the family is sleeping a fire is started by itself outside and you can see Caleb in the distance.The next morning Natasha finds Max outside by the fire pitt and she asks him why he's out here and he says Caleb told me to come out here.That afternoon Natasha goes to her boyfriend Ben's trailor and his family also lives in the park.Natasha tells him what happend and Ben syas he's been researching the Dawlson family.He shows Natasha on the internet that in Juily 16th 2011 Alexis and Casey Dawlson dissaperd along with Alexis two children Lilly and Olivia both husbands murderd in ways that a human couldn't even kill.In 1992 Leila Myers went mising and she was the stepsister of Alexis and Casey and on Juily 24th Alise and Nate Ford went missing along with there foster children Sam,Tim,Whitney,Natalie,Adam and Jane and evreybody in the Devonshire apartments.Ben then tells her he thinks there al connected somehow.Natasha dosen't tell him that she's related to them.

That night Natasha takes a walk in the park and sees a bonfire in the feild and she goes t invistagates and sees peopke in white but then she gets confronted by a woman and Natasha runs away.The next day Natasha goes to play golf and she turns around and a golf club comes flying at her alomost hitting her.That night Natasha is jumping on the jumping pillow in the park only to be dragged,pulled and tripped by in unseen force.

The next day at breakfast Max says he knows why Mom isn't with them and Dave asks how and Max replies and says she was a drug addict and Dave starts blaming Natasha and Bree but Max says Caleb told him.That afternoon Bree is reading outside her trailor and she sees Caleb but when she looks away he's gone.

That night while Natasha is sleeping her blanket goes flying off of her and she is pulled out of her bed and she gets dragged out of the trailor and Bree wakes up beacuse the door slammed shut and she runs outside and sees Natasha being dragged up the hill and she starts to run after her and the unsseen force lets her go.

The next night Natasha is chased through the park by Caleb and she runs to Ben's trailor and she tells Ben what happend and Ben tells her that he thinks Casey is here and he shows her a picture of her on the internet and Natasha tells him that she saw her in the park and Natasha tells him that Casey,Alexis,Olivia,Lilly, Leila,Sam,Adam,Natalie and Whitney were releated to them and then suddenly Ben turns into a demon and Natasha runs outside only to run into the ku klux gang.She manges to get away and runs up to the ranger station and finds her Dad laying unconishes behind the counter.

She here's a noise and she see's Alexis and Alexis comes running at her screaming and Natasha runs out of the ranger station and she is pushed down the hill by Caleb but she runs into the game room trapped but she brakes a window and runs into Max but he just stands there and she is about to run but the klu klux gang is there and she turns the other way only to be attacked by Casey.

Bree takes a walk in the park and sees a bonfire and she hides in the bushes and see's her Dad bond and gagged to a tree and see's Natasha with her arms around a tree and sees a ku klux gang and she sees girls and boys.She is about to run away when a demonized Lauren screams in her face and the screen turns black.

It is then showed the ending of Video Camera 4 and then it shows Lauren sitting on a rock only she's a demon and she and Caleb walks away in the tunnel and they met with the ku klux gang and the demons.Caleb tells them it's time to get Natasha,Bree and Max and they all walk away together.

Natasha wakes up and sees's Bree bonded and gagged to a tree and she sees her Dad also and she starts to scream but suddenly Olivia is screaming in her face and Natasha stops startled to see her cousin and then she see's Casey,Alexis,Lilly,Leila,Sam,Whitney,Natalie,Adam and Tim and Jane who she has meet beacuse they posed as workers for the ranger station.The screen is then goes black.

It is then showed the ending of Video Camera 8 and Caleb starts to laugh and Brittany getts mad and Caleb says i just wanted to scare you but Brittany says your not supost to be here and then Caleb says i'll be back just wait into your next kid is born and then he dissapers.

Then it shows the ending of Video Camera 6 and Whitney is out of her house and is standing face to face with Caleb and she looks scared and Caleb tells her this is your new family.Sam,Tim,Jane and Natalie are sees in the background along with the ku klux gang and Casey,Alexis,Lilly,Olivia and Leila.Caleb then screams in her face.

Then it shows the ending of Video Camera 5 and you can see Caleb crawling on the ceiling and then he drops down to the ground and crawls to Kathryn who is laying on the ground and says were going to get to know each other very good.

Caleb walks to Nataha along with Kaylee,Britteny,Kathryn and Sam.Caleb smiles at her and Natsha says what are you.Im your long lost cousin and came back for my neices and nephwes.Caleb then explains that he was Caleb Brittanys first child and that his hatred caused paranormol activity around the house and when he died his hatred kept him on Earth and it caused him to turn into a tall drak person and he met up with the ku klux gang.Caleb says he was with them when he was thirteen and that when Brittany had Kaylee and when she was thirteen he posseod her and killed her stepfather and he posseod Brittany and when Kaylee had Casey and Alexis he posseod them and Leila and he killed Kaylee's boyfriend and they flew to Brittanys house only to her house setting on fire and he lost hold of Casey and Alexis and then Nataha asks how he kept Leila and Caleb says i don't know.

Natasha asks what a hold is and Caleb says sometimes you lose your posseon but it stops when there over the age of thirty.And then he says when he losess his hold a few years later he comes back and he came back when Casey and Alexis were at Kathryn's house and possod them and he lost hold an dtook Kathryn and then he came back when Alexis has a family and he says he posseod Alexis,Lilly and Olivia and he mad Olivia kill Ken and at the time he was at Casey's house and he possod her and he came out of her body and killed Thomas and Casey went to Alexis's house and they were walking down the highway and he says the driver was Nate and he points to him and then he says he hit Casey and Alexis and Lilly,Olivia and Leila flew away and he told them to go to commuta care and Alise and Nate took them in and me and the ku klux gang stayed there along with the ku klux gang and Casey and Alexis and got Sam,Tim,Natalie,Whitney,Jane and Adam and then he says he went to Lauren's house posseod her and her mom and he points to them and then he says now i'm here to get you.

Caleb crawls to Natasha and Natasha screams and Max screams stop and Caleb stops and Max throws a lighter on Caleb cathes on fire and he burns to death and then everyone drops to the ground and they come back up no longer posseod and the klu klux gang takes there masks off and some of them are Dan,Ken,Caleb's Dad,Kaylee's stepdad,Dan Leils's boyfriend,Thomas,Ken and Lauren's Dad and others.Casey and Alexis frees the Newton's and they all hug eachother free of Caleb.

It shows a picture of all of them standing in front of a sign saying Jellystone park and there all holding signs esefer the Newton's and the sign's saying free of Caleb's posseon

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