Video Camera is a Paranormal Activity flim starring Lucy Hale, Christian Hall, Jane Levy, Nathanial Parker, Rooney Mara, Lea Michelle, Scout Taylor Compton, Jessie Moss, Britt Boberston and Nina Dobrev.


The flim starts off with a guy named Thomas Wilcox putting up video cameras in evrey room of the house beacuse his fianca Casey Wilcox thinks that a demon named Caleb is haunting her again as he did when she and her twinsister Alexis were thirteen.

That night in the living room a tall dark demon jumps at a camera.

The next day Casey's sister Alexis and a family friend Brittany Blaze comes over and sh etells them that sh ethinks Caleb is back but they tell her that they hope he is not back and Casey tells her a strange thing has happend at her house and they leave.

Thomas comes home with an ouijai board and when they go to sleep the ouijai board moved around and so dose everything in that room waking up Casey and Thomas. Thomas grabs the camera and he and Casey go downstairrs and they see Caleb crawling on the ceiling and they leave the house and come back the next day.

They find there living room messed up and they clean it all up and when they go to sleep Casey  wakes up and go's  downstairrs and stares at the sattic TV and Caleb comes out of the TV and then he go's into the wall.

The next day all the plates, glass and cups go flying out of the drowers and that night Alexis an dher family are over and Brittany Blaze and all the windows break.

The next day Thomas calls a group of paraphycolgists Drake, Caroline and Zoey an dthey investagate the house and they said that a demon named Caleb has come back for Casey, Alexis, Lauren, Sam, Tim, Whitney, Natalie, Adam and Jane. Then they see Caleb walking down the steps and he go's into the TV and Drake says that this house was built on a cemetary where Caleb's body was barred at.

Casey warns Alexis but she thinks that the rest are long lost cousins. Then she is suddenly dragged upstairrs and into her room but a couple of minets later she is relesed. But when she comes downstairrs she jumps from the steps and attacks Thomas and the lights go out and they flicker on and you see a demonized Casey and she jumps at the camera.

The house starts shaking and everything go's normol but Drake says he's still here. When they take a break Casey go's into her bedroom and she looks up at the ceiling and you can see Caleb and he jumps down and the lights go out agin but when they come back on again he's gone.

Casey see's a ku klux klan in there backyard starring at her and she looks again and there gone and Drake says they half to have to have a saconce and when they do severl things happen. Evereything in evry room of the house levatates an dmoves around the room and then the house shakes again and you can see Caleb running around the room and the lights go out.

When the lights come back on a demonized Casey is standing there and she screams at them and she chases Thomas outside and he hides in the woods. He see's  a ku klux klan and Brittany Blaze and then a demonized Casey jumps on him and he runs back into the house.

Drake puts a cross on Casey causing her to scream and growl and Caleb come sout of her and dissolves in the air. At six thirty Drake,Caroline and Zoey leave and Casey calls Alexis and Alexis says that Caleb is at her house.

Casey vists and Alexis says Dave is coming over for Halloween.

That night Thomas gets up in the middle of the night and the blanket go's off Casey and she is levated into the air and when Thomas comes into the room she comes downa and Casey dosen't want to go back to sleep so Thomas leaves and go's to the store.

Casey go's into the kitchen and drinks some beer and she runs to the front yard and barfs and then butterflys come out of her mouth in the shape of a demon and Thomas see's this and crashe's into a tree.

He gets out and he and Casey go inside and then she falls to the ground and Caleb crawls out of her and Thomas is pushed into the conner of the room dead and Caleb dissapears.

Casey walks out of the house just as the house crumbles and falls down. A text says that Casey and Thomas wearabouts are unknown.


  • Lucy Hale as Casey Wilcox Dawson
  • Christian Hall as Thomas Dawson
  • Nathnaial Parker as Drake Roggers
  • Rooney Mara as Zoey Smith
  • Lea Michelle as Caroline Boone
  • Jane Levy as Brittany Blaze
  • Scout Taylor Compton as Alexis Wilcox Peck
  • Jessie Moss as Ken Peck
  • Britt Robertson as Lilly Peck
  • Nina Dobrev as Olivia Peck
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