Victorious: Shark Attack is a 2012 Comedy Horror Film that stars Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III, Matt Bennett, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Daniella Monet, Eric Lange and Michael Eric Reid.


Sikowitz is taking the class to the ocean to study acting in marine films. However, they do not know that the water is filled with bloodthirsty white sharks.


  • Victoria Justice as Tori Vega
  • Leon Thomas III as Andre Harris
  • Matt Bennett as Robbie Shapiro
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Jade West
  • Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine
  • Avan Jogia as Beck Oliver
  • Daniella Monet as Trina Vega
  • Eric Lange as Erwin Sikowitz
  • Michael Eric Reid as Sinjin Van Cleef


  • Tori
  • Andre


Trina-Shark pulls her underwater while she's swimming and eats her.

Beck-Shark jumps over the boat and eats his upper body.

Cat-shark rocks the boat and knocks her in the water, then eats her.

Erwin Sikowitz-Sinjin pushes him in the water and is torn apart by the sharks.

Sinjin-He looks over the water and a shark jumps up eating his head off. He falls dead in front of Andre, Tori, Robbie, and Jade.

Jade-The shark bursts through the ship (destroying it) and eats her.

Robbie and the shark- shark attacks him while he, Tori, and Andre are drowning. Andre finds a grenade floating in the water and throws it at the shark, blowing it up and killing both the shark and Robbie.

Home Media

This Film will air on DVD On December 31, 2012.


Beck's Death

Cat: what are we going to do?

Sikowitz: we need to go back to shore so we won't get killed.

Robbie: but we can't go back! The engines got jammed, so we can only float.

Jade: great! Not only are sharks going to eat us, they'll never find our remains!

Tori: Not funny, Jade.

Beck: i have an idea. We can send someone underwater and they will shoot the shark.

[The shark suddenly jumps out of the water and over the ship, biting off Beck's upper body. Beck falls dead onto Jade's shoulders. All 7 characters scream in utter terror.]

Jade's Death [Robbie, Jade, Andre and Tori are on the ship.]

Tori: How can we kill that thing! It ate five people already!

Andre: Tori, it's okay. Everything is going to turn out fine.

Tori: Really?

Andre: Yes it will. Robbie is trying to shoot it with a gun.

Robbie: It's too fast! I can't get it!

Andre: Are you serious? [grabs the gun and aims it at the shark. He pulls the trigger, it hits the fin. This causes the shark to head toward the ship. It swims underneath the ship.]

Jade: where the hell did it go?

[The shark suddenly burst through the middle of the ship, splitting it in half. The impact causes all 4 of them to go flying. Jade lands in the shark's mouth, and the shark bites down and goes back underwater, while Tori, Robbie, and Andre land in the water.]

Tori: where's Jade?!

[Robbie, Tori, and Andre look and see Jade's blood in the water.]

Robbie: oh no! 

Andre: [shocked] Jade is -

Tori: [sobbing] dead...

​Trina's Death 

[Beck is driving a speed boat near the ship with Tori, Andre, Robbie, Jade, Cat, Trina, Sinjin, and Sikowitz] Trina: Hey beck, can you drop anchor? [Beck stops the boat]

Beck: Why?

Trina: i feel like going swimming?

Beck: okay.

[Trina and the others put on their bathing suits and jump into the water.]

Cat: This water feels nice.

[something grabs Trina's leg]

Trina: Sinjin, was that you? cause if it was i dont like it so stop it!

Sinjin: Trina, i'm right here by Beck and Jade nowhere near you. How could that be me?

[jaws music is heard in the backround.]

Trina: oh.. my..............GOD!!!!

[The shark pulls her underwater and spits up her blood on Tori, Cat, Jade, and Andre. Everybody screams in relentless terror and swim back onto the boat.]

Tori: we have to go back!

[Beck turns on the speed boat and they zoom back to the ship.]

Sikowitz and Sinjin's Deaths

Sinjin: there is only one more lifeboat left?

Sikowitz: yes, and I think I should take it!

Sinjin: why you?

Sikowitz: i'm the adult. I should take it.

Sinjin: I don't think so. [pushes Sikowitz back to the railing.]

Sikowitz: what are you doing?

Sinjin: survival of the fittest. I should deserve that lifeboat even if I have to do this. [pushes sikowitz over the railing. He falls in the water and the sharks tear him apart.] you had that coming. [looks over the water. Suddenly a shark pops up and bites his head off. Beck, Tori, and Andre are out by now. They see the headless Sinjin fall dead and scream.]

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