Victorious: Hail To The King is a two part horror fanfic between Victorious and The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. 


Part 1

The Victorious (Tori, Beck, Jade, Robbie, Andre and Cat) gang heads to the Tennessee hills at a log cabin for spring break, where they discover the Necromican Ex-Mortis. After reading passages from the book, they unleash kandarian demons into the woods. Hearing their voices, Jade goes outside to investigate, where she is captured and raped by demonically possessed trees. After managing to escape, Jade rushes back to the cabin.

The others think she has gone insane and decide to take her home, only to discover the bridge connecting to the rest of the world has collapsed, trapping them in the area. Back at the cabin, while Robbie and Cat play cards, Jade becomes posssessed by a demon, incapacitating Cat with a pencil. However, Beck manages to toss possessed Jade in the cellar and lock her inside. 

Shortly after an unconscious Cat is set to bed, Robbie is the next to become possessed. He attacks Andre, Tori, and Beck, but Beck manages to dismember him with an axe. After burying Robbie's severed remains in the front yard, Beck leaves to find another way around the bridge, leaving Tori and Andre alone at the cabin with Jade and Cat. Tori goes to check on Cat only to discover that she too has become possessed by the evil forces in the woods, though she makes no attack on Andre or Tori. Beck suddenly returns to the cabin, severely wounded by demon trees. He manages to tell Tori and Andre that they are not going to be able to leave unless the terror is ended. However, he goes unconscious before he can tell them how. Tori locks possessed Cat outside, but she gets back inside somehow and attacks Andre, but is impaled on a ceremonial dagger before she can kill him and Tori.

Tori buries Cat outside by Robbie's grave. However, she rises out of the grave and attacks Tori. During their struggle, Tori decapitates Cat with a shovel, supposedly killing her. When she returns to the cabin, Jade has escaped the cellar. Andre tells Tori that she is hiding outside. She surprises them at the window, but is shot by Andre. Tori gets scared and runs into the cellar, where she encounters many gory horrors down there. 

Tori escapes the cellar. But right when she gets upstairs, she is attacked by a newly possessed Beck, who has knocked out Andre by hitting him the face with the butt a shotgun and Tori blinds Beck by gouging his eyes out.  Jade suddenly comes in and attacks Tori, but she throws the Necromican in the fire, causing Beck and Jade to burn with it. Tori goes outside as the sun rises, walking into the distance, only for a demon to race towards her and seemingly kill her.

Part 2

Picking up from where Part 1 left off, Tori's body flies into a tree and falls into a puddle below. Suddenly, a now possesed Tori springs up from the puddle but passes out after turning back to normal as morning approaches.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sikowitz, Sinjin and Tori's sister Trina, who are worried about the gang's disappearance, head to the cabin to make sure everything is okay. A disoriented Tori tries to leave the cabin but as night falls, she is still trapped at the cabin with Andre. Tori and Andre try a way to escape but are stopped by a still possesed and headless Cat who's head bites Andre in the hand. The rest of Cat attacks them but Tori slashes the remains of Cat to death with a chainsaw, finally killing her.

Moments later, Andre's hand becomes possesed by Cat's bite and Tori cuts his hand off with electric knife. Andre loses consciousness from blood loss and Tori puts a bandage on the stump of Andre's arm and puts him to bed for the night. Soon after that, Tori gets mixed up in a fight with Andre's possesed hand and Tori wins by shooting Andre's hand to death through the walls.

When Tori celebrates her victory, the wall suddenly starts spraying out blood at Tori and goes insane as she imagines the whole room laughs at her. When Sikowitz, Sinjin and Trina get to the cabin, Trina is suddenly shot in the shouder blade by an insane Tori who wielding a shotgun.

They get inside to lock a crazed Tori in the basement and Sinjin reads the incantation from the Necromican later on. Meanwhile in the basement, Tori is attacked by a newly reanimated Jade and tries to escape with Trina's help. When Tori gets out of the basement, a possesed Jade follows and knocks out Sinjin but is locked in the basement by Sikowitz and Tori. As Tori explains to the others about last nights events, a now possesed Andre attacks the group by eating some of Trina's hair but is dismembered by an axe wielding Tori.

They try to find the missing pages of the Necromican but Sikowitz runs out of the cabin when Andre's possesed hand creeps down his neck. After Sikowitz ran out of the cabin in fear, he is attacked and killed by the possessed trees. Meanwhile, Tori, a nearly bald Trina and Sinjin leave the cabin to find Sikowitz but they quickly in danger when Tori gets posessed and attacks both Sinjin and Trina. While barricading themselves in the cabin, Sinjin accidently stabs Trina in the chest with a kandarian dagger, thinking her to be Tori. When Sinjin drags a mortally wounded Trina to the living room where a possesed Jade drags Trina into the basement and eats her alive, killing her in a bloodbath. A traumatized Sinjin tries to escape but is thrown into the wall by a possessed Tori who manages to break in the cabin and turns back to normal when listening to the song "Make It Shine" which causes her to break down in tears.

After Tori turns to normal, Sinjin attacks Tori thinking that she is still posesssed but Tori reasures him that she is normal. They arm themselves with weapons to kill Jade. Tori tries to find Jade but finds her normal with Trina's skinless remains and Jade is begged to be taken up stairs but she returns to her possesed self and seemingly kills Tori. The possesed Jade attacks Sinjin but Tori who survived her attack with a ripped shirt and her partially ripped off bra confronts Jade. Jade transforms into a dragon-like deadite and fights Tori and Sinjin. With Sinjin's help, Tori cuts Jade to pieces, killing her for good. The ultimate deadite appears confronts the two teens and Sinjin reads the spell to undo the chaos but Andre's posessed hand stabs him in the back with the kandarian dagger. Sinjin finishes reading the spell before dying and being sucked into the middle ages, killing the ultimate demon in the process. 

After destroying the Necromican, Tori is left the only survivor and changes clothes and leaves along with Andre's possesed hand who is now the pet for Tori. 

Similar References To The Characters Of Victorious And The First Two Evil Deads

Jade- Similar to Cheryl Williams and Henrietta Knowby

Robbie- Similar to Shelly

Cat- Similar to Linda

Beck- Similar to Scotty

Andre- Similar to Ash Williams and Ed Getley

Sikowitz- Similar to Bobby Jo

Trina- Similar to Jake

Sinjin- Similar to Ash Williams and Annie Knowby

Tori- Similar to Ash Williams

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