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Victimized is a 2014 American Canadian Metafilm Horror Film written, produced and directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski starring Emilia Clarke, Ed Westwick, Miles Teller, Jeff Daniels, Billy Bob Thornton, Jacki Weaver, Reba McEntire and Ellen Page.

The film was shot back to back with the Wachowski's big Sci-Fi Adaption Jupiter Rising and principal location filming took place in the remote countryside of Ottawa, Canada.

The Belvant's Warehouse, home and storage sheds were all constructed sets at Warner Bros and some earlier city shooting was done on location in Baltimore City Central Square, Maryland.

The film was not immediatley greenlit like Jupiter Rising but after a second drafted script by the Wachowski's with done over work from colloborator Tom Tywker.

The film first pre-screened in advance at the Toronto Film Festival and Baltimore Screenfest to phenomenal praise from viewing audiences and attending critics prompting it's large worldwide theatrical release which went onto proccur the film twice it's budget size.

Actress Emilia Clarke secured a Saturn Award Nomination For Best Heroine whilest Thornton secured a Saturn Award For Best Movie Villain and Page For Supporting Actress all in the allegory of Horror/Thriller.

The film secured two BAFTA nominations for Thornton and Page's performances and the film itself secured the Saturn Award for Best Horror/Thriller 2014. The film was released theatrically on April 10th, 2014 and pre-screened on April 6th, 2014.

It is slated for Blu-Ray and Ultra-Violet release format on October 28th, 2014.

The film in production was halted in it's initial planning in 2011 whilest first being drafted as previously contracted studio New Line Cinema argued on the film's converting to 3D which the Wachowski's argued against.

Actress Juno Temple was originally in mind for Page's character but after her audition and them scanning over her Oscar Nominated Performance as Juno in the film of the same name as her character and character in David Slade's Hard Candy she was called upon for the role.


Maddy Considine (Emilia Clarke) is a deeply distraught college freshman dealing with the recent death of her beloved uncle who had raised her after father died in a car accident and her mother was checked into a psychiatric hospital, she is being taken out by pre-med boyfriend Rhain Alvanore (Ed Westwick), long time family friend and prankster Dave Frances (Miles Teller) and her party girl blonde bestfriend Georgia Combes (Ellen Page).

Rhain arrives at NYU to pick up Maddy for a summer break getaway to the Wyoming Countryside, where she first met Rhain and where her uncle used to take her on getaways.

Rhain arrives with Dave and collect Maddy who receives a text from Georgia she will be hiking down that way after her sabbatical cross country road trip and asks them to pick her up as they come off the main highway turning onto the dirt roads.

Meanwhile a disfigured family the Belvants, led by psychotic dictator Patrick (Jeff Daniels) who have sustained their deformities courtesy of a prank gone wrong commited by a group of young teenagers egged on by a silly horror film devise a plan drawing inspiration from horror films such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Wrong Turn.

It is discovered that the Belvant wives Fiona (Jacki Weaver) a passive aggressive and Phyllis (Reba McEntire) are dying from a contracted disease and it had always been the family's dream to make it into the movie making industry and become famous for what they will present.

The family's plan for a massacre of a group of people who will come through their desolate area of the Wyoming Countryside and they will carry out the most eccentric, horrific horrors to rival even real life crime.

The Belvant's review horror films in the living room of their house and have an installed insurance provided cinema room replaying horror films of the 80's, 90's and 70's.

Patrick and Fiona seem completely keen on their plan and excited whilest Phyllis and Laurence show second thoughts, Laurence who was the most horrifically disfigured by the fire and remains in a black leather stitched costume with saddened eyes eventually breaks and deterioates into madness. Rhain with Maddy and Dave then come into Wyoming and along the highway pick up Georgia who has just been in a bar fright and recounts her experiences cross country backpacking on sabbatical and the cliche horror movie moments she's been experiencing for her mockumentary: The Blonde Bombshell of A-Grade Horror Cinema.

Maddy, Rhain, Dave and Georgia eventually come to the small rural town of Alexeor, Wyoming and attend a local bar party where they befriend two Swedish Backpackers who instantly strike up connections with Georgia and Maddy.

The group along with the Swedish couple then come to stay at a local motel and then prepare by daybreak to depart their seperate ways.

Meanwhile the Belvant family practice blowing out the tyres of cars in a similiar fashion to how the Mountain Men antagonists of the 2003 horror film Wrong Turn would go about bringing their victims to them.

They also derive from the tactic used in Wes Craven's 1977 horror classic The Hills Have Eyes.

The Swedish Couple Robert (Emile Hirsch) and Elena (Raven-Symoné) eventually come to take a turn onto the road coming onto the property of the Belvant farm and have their tyres blown out by the set trap just as Maddy. Rhain, Dave and Georgia arrive at Maddy's Uncle's Country Home.

Elena and Robert walk to the Belvant farmhouse and there meet a dolled up Patrick Belvant and hise wife Fiona as well as reclusive Phyllis.

Patrick discusses in a private conversation with his brother Laurence which Phyllis tries to listen in on about these two are it, the start of what will be they need, he coerces him into following what he instructs by reminding of him of their disfigurements what they have lost because of people like them.

From there as Elena prepares to use their phone and Robert converses with Fiona at the door Elena is attacked by Laurence and Robert is struck in the head by Fiona who was concealing behind her back a frying pan.

As Robert is rendered unconsious Elena escapes Laurence's clutches and charges past Fiona knocking her down and coming to pull up Robert who she limps outside.

She is then pursued outside by Laurence who is yelled at to stop by Phyllis as he charges up against them at the car Elena comes over to and is knocked down upon.

Elena then calls out for Robert to wake up before being rendered unconsious by Fiona's pan before the scene cuts back to Maddy and the others at her uncle's getaway home where Dave is commencing a game of hilltop golf.

The group set the home up for accomodation and as they settle in encounter unfortunate shennanigans such as Dave getting poison ivy and mistaking Maddy's Xanax pills for aspirin and taking two large milligram tablets with alcohol causing her to trip out severley.

Back at the Belvant house Phyllis argues against what they are doing and tries to suade husband Laurence from continuing as they take an unconsious Elena and Robert down to the Horror Cellar they have set up decorated with various life-size figures of classic horror movie icons: From Jason Voorhees to Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers to Pinhead and his Cenobites as well as Carrie and the alien from Predator and film Alien.

There Robert is set upon their Texas Chainsaw Massacre auction bought surgical table and tortured horrendously before an awakening Elena who is tied to a Hostel Part I esque chair.

Robert's torture is dealt out by Patrick and Fiona who proceed to slice his chest open with a machete and stab at him with a butcher's knife.

He eventually comes to bleed to death from his sustained injuries slowly in front of a terrified weeping Elena who begs to be let go and is mocked by Patrick who tells all about begging whiny girls in horror films and how it gets them no where.

Fiona watches on at what she has done with a little bit of shock and oversees a sobbing Phyllis collapse.

Fiona then takes to bringing the knife she used to repeatedly stab Robert with to their little cinema room and watch the horror movie Deep Red as she marvels over the knife.

Then suddenly the movie converts to her on the screen discussing with another version of herself wether it is right, do they deserve it, what will become of them and the screen then shows the fire and she feels her face and the burns grasping the knife firmly with an enraged look.

Phyllis then evades Laurence who begins drawing out a large array of weapons while marvelling over a photograph of him and her whilest Patrick is on the phone with the local town Sheriff who asks wether two Swedish Backpackers who left some of their luggage at their local motel booking stopped by their place.

Phyllis comes to the Horror Room Basement and releases Elena who initially attacks her and then is advanced by Laurence.

Phyllis intervenes and is ultimatley accidentally stabbed in the chest by Laurence's ceremonial sword.

Elena flees in horror through a small window escape and is injured by smashing glass in the process.

Laurence breaks down as Phyllis dies in his arms and Fiona and Patrick then come to the basement to join them.

The group scout for an on the run Elena all night however it isn't till morning with their surveillance cameras set up do they finally locate her entering one of their hilltop warehouses.

There the group comes to her after sustaining a sufficient beating from all Laurence goes to finish her with his ceremonial sword only to be stopped by Patrick who notices on his phone's tapped in surveillance footage for their road Maddy, Rhain, Dave and Georgia coming along in Rhain's pimped out hippie van.

They set up their new trap and the van comes to a screeching crash stop and the group then progress to the Belvant house.

There they are welcomed in by Fiona and Patrick to use their phone and helped to refreshments which are laced with powerful sedatives.

Maddy shows strong resistance however on account of her Xanax but eventually also succumbs and falls unconsious.

Fiona and Patrick then discuss over the Australian Greg McLean Horror Film Wolf Creek where he scattered his collective of victims and they should do that and then release them with the easy bond ties they have for the farm fences and let them try and escape at different times.

Fiona then decides to repent for her actions and puts Maddy, Dave and Georgia together in the horror room basement so when one of them awakens they will release and wake the others and most likely escape.

Fiona plans suicide but is stopped as she comes to shoot herself by Patrick and Maddy awakens in the basement.

She is horrified by the sight of Robert the Swedish Backpacker's corpse on the surgical table and releases herself and then Dave and Georgia.

She awakens them and comes across Phyllis' body with a note from Fiona stating she's sorry.

As Laurence comes down to them upon checking the time the alarm and sounds for one being awake Maddy, Georgia and Dave cause by a set trap the basement stairs to collapse and him to fall unconsious before they get seperated fleeing from Patrick in the house.

Fiona stops an enraged Patrick from shooting Georgia as she runs out of the house and as a result is struck down by her out of control husband who then comes to break down himself realizing his actions.

Laurence emerges armed and consious again to get the others but Patrick tells him to stop only to no prevail.

Laurence by the surveillance spots Georgia headed for the warehouse and pursues.

Georgia comes to the warehouse and hides on an upstairs level in a narrow wall gap.

Laurence has beaten her to the warehouse first and is suspended silently upside down above her hanging on a chain and jumps down stabbing her in the head with his ceremonial sword just as she hears Elena's screams from the cage she has been placed in.

Georgia stumbles out and bleeds profusely from her head before finally tumbling off the upper level down onto the top of Elena's cage bleeding through the grate holes dead.

Maddy and Dave make their way to the cinema room and uncover a easy bond bound Rhain who they release.

Patrick makes his way to the cinema room and begs for them to forgive him and not tell whilest brandishing a gun at them and Maddy's phone claiming it was the only cell phone they didn't remove the battery from.

She strikes a deal and obtains her phone dialling 911 and is patched through to Sheriff Gumby of the local Alexeor Sheriff Martin Gumby who Maddy gives the location of the house which Patrick tells her not to.

For this Patrick begins to open fire and lands a shot in Rhain as Maddy and Dave escort him out of the cinema room.

The group come to a car and upon starting up Maddy swerves out of control dodging Patrick's open fire and makes collision into the house and Maddy is rendered unconsious bleeding from the head as Patrick approaches the car.

A consious Dave calls out for Rhain and Maddy who bloody and unresponsive and assumes them both dead and flees the car.

Dave runs to the Warehouse and inside discovers Georgia's body atop Elena's cage and a screaming Elena entrapped inside.

He releases her and as the two begin to head out they are kicked apart by Laurence who proceeds to kill Dave via blowing head apart with a shotgun and then advances Elena who escapes as he accidentally stabs Patrick.

He bandages up Patrick seeing him in a disillusioned state as Phyllis and memories of the family before the fire come running back.

Elena rushes to Fiona's location and discovers the smashed car.

Rhain awakens and attempts to awaken Maddy but upon pulling her back realizing she has died as the right side of head caved in on the dashboard.

Elena helps an injured Rhain out and Fiona gives them the keys to her car and tells it's parked over on the other hill and she's so sorry.

Laurence advances and spirals Patrick's machete at his back and he comes to bleed to death in Elena's arms at the side of the house up against the wall as the sun rises.

Rhain in his final moments mistakes her for Maddy and tells her to go addressing her as such as he strokes her hair.

Elena flees from a chasing Laurence and is stopped by Elena reminding him of Phyllis' sacrifice to save her and how they are not the ones who did what they did to them and how they are not monsters.

The police however arrive with a whole mob of town citizens who proceed to violently overtake the authorities and violently kill Fiona, Patrick and Laurence who looks on at Elena in his final moments and says he is sorry.

Elena in shock falls into the arms of the Sheriff.

The film ends with the movie cinema room playing end credits for the movie as well as flashes of iconic horror characters and moments.


  • Emilia Clarke as Maddy Considine
  • Ed Westwick as Rhain Alvanore
  • Miles Teller as Dave Frances
  • Ellen Page as Georgia Combes
  • Jeff Daniels as Patrick Belvant
  • Jacki Weaver as Fiona Belvant
  • Billy Bob Thornton as Laurence Belvant
  • Reba McEntire as Phyllis Belvant
  • Emile Hirsch as Swedish Backpacker Robert Tapron
  • Raven-Symoné as Swedish Backpacker Elena Tapron