Vic Colby

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Vincenzo "Vic" Colby is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in July 1988, Vic Colby grew up in an middle-class household. The result of Eliott, a white father (also a police officer) and Talia Italian-American mother, Colby had wanted to be a cop like his father from a young age. He was close to his older brother Troy and younger sisters Milly and Simone. He studied at Louisiana State University and majored in criminal justice. Dropping out after his sophomore year, he joined the police academy, and eventually the NOPD.

Colby is a young impressionable detective, but like his father before him has a great sense of duty and justice.

Colby transfers into the MCCIS as a newly promoted detective at the start of the eighteenth season, but is received lukewarmly as the squad is still mourning his predecessor Dolphin Frease. After some initial friction, Colby proves himself by reaching a keen insight with a wealthy murder suspect who tried to buy his way out of trouble.


  • Service Weapon: Beretta 92FS
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