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Venus Aversa is a 2014 vampire-gothic drama horror action movie featuring characters Leon Kennedy, Angela Franklin, Alex Wright & many others. The history is about Resident Evil character's Leon Kennedy live as a vampire. It will be directed by Dario Argento with the script by Wes Craven & Adam Gierasch.


The movie opens with flashbacks of Leon (Dani Filth) being turned into a vampire during a mission alongside Judy (Barbara Mier), then harmed, he is able to scape but already infected althought it is never told why did those vampires where there, then the sound of the phone rings and he wakes up scared then he answers the call, Alex (Kim Director) tells him that she needs to see him, Leon then stands up and goes to the door looking back at his bed.

Then he arrives to a nightclub in which Alex was waiting for him, she asks if Leon has been having constantly nightmares again, he replies saying that he cant stand them at all and that he really needs urgent help with this dreams. The next scene shows Daniel Olsson (Alexander Skarsgard) in a house with a young girl, he then walks towards the young girl and starts to torture and to sodomize her, laughing in a insane way he then spots Agent Austin Evans (Edward James Olmos) running towards the place where he was, trying to scape a chase begins between Austin & Daniel, being victorious Olsson. After this the scene changes to the house where Olsson was and Detective Neil Valentine (Stephen Moyer) appears, and asks what happened to Evans, Evans replies saying that he (Olsson) did it again, Valentine angrily orders Evans to call "him" (Leon), Evans replies saying to Valentine that he was crazy if he was going to call a man that because of his fault a lot of people were killed, Detective Neil orders once more to Austin to do it, Austin with no option agrees and goes on to search Leon.

Later that night, Leon was still with Alex talking about personal things when he suddenly spots Austin entering the club, Leon tells Alex to go away and also tells her that he will meet her again somewhere else later, Alex refuses to do it, but Leon orders it, Alex looking at Leon runs away while he tryed to scape from Austin, as a long chase begins on the roofs of the city Austin manages to track down Leon on an abandonend factory, and asks him if he has nothing more to do, Leon replies saying the same, then he stands up and says that both of them know that Austin has more things to do that track him down, that also both of them knew that his case was allready doomed and dead, Austin walking away says to Leon that he still thinks that even though he is not human know he is still the same hero and the same good person he used to be long time ago, Leon looking at him vanishes into the dark.

The next day, Leon is still talking with Alex by cellphone agree to see again each other now in the cemetery gates, later that night. During his way to the cemetery he spots Angela (Shannon Elizabeth) and also spots Evans running towards him, don't knowing what to do quickly jumps and hides in the dark, then he finally spots Alex and tries to go towards her, but he is tackled by Angela during his way to Alex, Angela then says that he didn't know that he was allready dating someone, Leon replies saying that if she was crazy that he will not date someone until he is "free" and that right now he has to go because someone was also "in love" with him, Leon manages to distract Angela and runs away to Alex but when he arrives he is attacked again by both Angela & Evans, Leon then angrily replies telling them to "Go and Fuck themselfs" that he needs help and that he won't do anything for other people until he is "free", Evans walks towards him saying that a deranged is killing the young women out in the city and that he needs Leon's help, Leon laughing replies saying that if he is so scared of losing his niece (Taylor Momsen) then he could go and ask someone else for help, but Evans still begged Leon for help, Leon tired of hearing the same thing agreed to help him but with one condition, that when everything finished, Evans will have to remove the charges against him, Evans agreed with this.

Then Leon, Angela & Alex arrived to the police station, Evans tell them all the information about Daniel Olsson, he told them that he had raped,killed and tortured more than 21 women in the city, Leon then stands up and tells him that he thought that the work was a zombie outbreak not a super hero job, Evans replies and says to Leon to take a sit and to listen to what he has also done, after a long talk Evans tells Leon that he used to donate techology to Umbrella Corp, Leon angrily asked him why didn't he knew that before, Evans told him that he will knew why as the time passed by, then he (Leon) told Evans that he will do it just because of Umbrella not because of his niece. Then the next scene shows Evans entering his house and asks for his niece Natasha Chambers but there was no reply from her then the Powell twins (Christina Hendricks & Amanda Powell) appear from behind and hit Evans with a metal stick knocking him out, then Daniel appears with Natasha on his hands and tells the twins to take Evans in the car too.

Leon know finally able to talk about his constant dreams with Alex gets again interupted by Angela who seems jealous because of the relationship between Leon and Alex, Leon again says to Angela that he is not dating her that he just needs her help and that they are just really good friends and also tells her to wait until the finish talking, because it wasn't going good at all, Alex then standing up tells Leon that there is actually no other way to stop those dreams, that the only way to do it is to forget the past, Leon looking back at Alex tells her that it must be a joke, Alex replies saying that ineed its the thruth, angrily Leon goes out thinking what he could do, even when he accepted that he was guilty, Angela and Alex tell him that maybe thats his mistake that maybe he is not guilty at all, Leon tells them to leave him alone and walks away.

Alone and researching about the case, Leon discovers that Daniel was actually developing a virus and he was dealing it with Umbrella Corp, but do to Daniel's ambitions of power, he decided to use it on his own body, causing him to change his DNA and mutate him into a new kind of super human, Knowing this, Leon apologises about the way he acted to Angela & tells her that  he will do anything to stop Olsson's rage and rescue Evans niece. Then Leon starts his chase tracking down each of Daniel's minions in order to save Evans niece, he first goes to track down the Powell twins, who were both in a night club, when Leon arrives the guard asks for his ID, he replies punching him and all the people inside (including the twins) aim at him. He then starts to fight against the crew until he finally kills them in a gory and bloody way, leaving just the twins, before killing them, he intergates them about Daniel's plans with Umbrella, they refuse to talk until Leon tratens them, then they tell him his secret laboratory and they also tell him about the virus, Leon quickly goes to find Daniel's lab just to be attacked by a gang of soliders who shoot at him having no effect, he easily kills them, later Daniel appears with Natasha, he tells Leon not to move, or he will kill her, so Leon quickly runs and hits him making him falling down, he then takes Natahsa to a save place, as a battle starts, Daniel uses his virus to fight against Leon, then they fight until they reach a nuclear base, where Leon throws him into the toxic waste killing him.

The movie ends with Natasha going with Evans, Evans thanks Leon for what he did, he tells him that it was just him all of this time and that he will not stop until derangeds like Olsson are dead, then Angela appears and both of them go away. The post credit scene ends with Maddie (Monica Keena) & Lily (Diora Baird) going to the museum where they see the statue that helds the Mystical Stone.


Dani Filth - Leon Kennedy

Kim Director - Alex Wright

Shannon Elizabeth - Angela Franklin

Monica Keena - Maddie Curtis

Diora Baird - Lily Thompson

Barbara Meier - Judy Dane

Taylor Momsen - Natasha Chambers

Christina Hendricks - Mel Powell

Amanda Righetti - Amanda Powell

Alexander Skarsgard - Daniel Olsson

Olivia Wilde - Mary Alexander

Jason George - Christopher Dampierre

Stephen Moyer - Detective Neil Valentine

Mila Kunis - Annette Rhodes

Edward James Olmos - Agent Austin Evans



The movie score will be composed by Bill Brown, Claudio Simonetti (who had previously work with Filth), Richard Band, Danny Lux & Joseph Bishara.


  1. Intro (Bill Brown) (1:55)
  2. Fallen (Bill Brown) (2:48)
  3. Judy (Claudio Simonetti) (4:55)
  4. Calling You (Claudio Simonetti) (5:22)
  5. Alex (Claudio Simonetti) (4:55)
  6. Angela (Joseph Bishara) (2:45)
  7. Jealousy (Joseph Bishara) (6:58)
  8. Vampire (Joseph Bishara) (4:07)
  9. Kidnaping Her! (Bill Brown) (4:55)
  10. Daniel Olsson (Danny Lux) (3:55)
  11. Natasha (Dany Lux) (6:08)
  12. We Need Your Help (Dany Lux) (4:12)
  13. 55:48 (Richard Band) (3:55)
  14. Mark of The Beast (Richard Band) (6:44)
  15. Cemetery Gates, Cemetery Graves (Richard Brand) (2:13)
  16. You're Still A Hero (Bill Brown) (4:47)
  17. Umbrella Corporation (Various Artist) (6:58)
  18. Virus (Various Artist) (5:14)
  19. Please, Forgive Me, Could You? (Various Artist) (6:58)
  20. Take You Down, Burn You Down (Bill Brown & Claudio Simonetti) (8:07)
  21. Goodbye Daniel (Brown, Simonetti & Bishara) (2:33)
  22. Outro (Bill Brown, Richard Band & Danny Lux) (14:55) (Hidden Track starts at 6:23 after 2 minutes of silencer, entitled "The Damned Stone" composed by Richard Band & Danny Lux)



  1. Cradle of Filth - The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking
  2. Deathstars - Cyanide
  3. Ozzy Osburne - Diary Of A Mad Man
  4. Children of Bodom - Bodom Beach Terror
  5. KMFDM - Rip The System
  6. Iced Earth - God Of Thunder (Kiss Cover)


  • The name of the movie is taken from the name of the album of Extreme Gothic Metal band Cradle Of Filth.
  • The lead singer of the same band (CoF) potrayed the main character Leon Kennedy in the movie.
  • Both movie soundtracks (score & soundtrack) were given in The Fantasy Movie Festival, with a limited number of 10000 copies, later both of them were able to download for free and a limited time at the Movie Festival's page.

Development & Reception

The movie was premiered at The Fantasy Movie Festival in 2014, the DVD release was in 2015, it follows Leon's history after the events of Project Omega movie and takes place the same time as Alone In The Dark movie, it is also intended to have a conection between the upcoming Project Omega videogame & movie sequel.


The movie recieved mostly mixed rewies from critics and currenlty stands a 58% at Rotten Tomatoes, most of critics said A good gothic movie, it makes Leon look more like an anti-hero, but it is still a good and entretaining movie, good effects, drama, horror, blood & gore.

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