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Venomous is the main antagonist in the 2019 animated television film, Bulldog the Flea 2.


D. Spider is a cold, reckless, manipulative, homicidal, cunning, heartless, and brutal creature who holds a hatred towards humans, even reviving various dead animals into monsters, and during the climax when he took his chance to fatally attack Griffin without assessing any perilous risks, which ultimately led to his own demise.

Despite his arrogance and egotism, Venomous is much less ruthless, malicious and heartless than his villainous yet contemptible predecessor Dr. Liquor. Regardless, he still proved to be truly greedy, selfish, deceptive, opprobrious, untrustworthy and quite avaricious for a predator who is willing to commit kidnapping and murder for his goals to be fulfilled.






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