Vengeance is a horror movie starring Leighton Meester Abigail Breslin Emily Browning Katie Cassidy Dwayne Johnson Gwyneth Paltrow  Ashton Kutcher Ashley Tisdale Ariana Grande Eliza Benett Miley Cyrus


Vanessa Morgan as Leighton Meester

Wendy Moore as Abigail Breslin 

Sara Philips as Emily Browning

Stephanie Philips as Katie Cassidy

Morris Johnson as Dwayne Johnson

Delilah Philips as Gwyneth Paltrone

Jake Philips as Ashton Kutcher

Nina Bronson as Ashley Tisdale

Kari Hanna as Ariana Grande

Amy Flynn as Eliza Benett 

Lucy Williams as Miley Cyrus


Vanessa-she is the one who must investigate what happened to a tape

Wendy-she is Vanessa's best friend

Stephanie-Sara's sister

Sara-One who died because she was pranked by Nina Kari Amy and Lucy

Delilah-the antagonist of the film she cursed the tape so she would have vengeance with Sara's enemies

Jake-Delilah's husband

Morris-Vanessa's Boyfriend


Nina-while viewing the tape she was stabbed by a mysterious figure

Kari-strangled to death by the mysterious figure 

Amy and Lucy- both of them were locked in a door and they never got out

Morris- while she was grabbing Vanessa's hand Delilah stabs him in the back

Jake- while he was viewing the tape she was stabbed to death by the mysterious figure

Delilah- while She was about to shoot Wendy Vanessa comes and grabs Morris's gun and shoots Delilah in the chest 





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