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Variant is A 2005 CGI Mike Nestle Pictures Film that was a Shires Channel Original Movie. It was directed by James Bickenbach, the same person who directed Gnome Together and Later Drawn and Combined.


  • Elijah Wood as Variant, A Dove who wants to join the Pigeon Mail Service.
  • Brittany Murphy as Yictoria, A Female Pink Dove who is afraid of heights and wants Variant to deliver her package.
  • Hugh Jackman as Busby, Varient’s Dad.
  • Hugo Weaving as Bandaidfoot, A Peg-Legged Albatross who is the main antagonist of the film.
  • Nicole Kidman as Fluffy Fuzzworthington, A Female Persian Cat who is The CEO of the Pigeon Mail Service and believes that everyone deserves a chance.
  • Robin Williams as Toughluck, A Squrriel who is in charge of putting labels on packages that sign who’s it for, where they’re going to, and the care it needs.
  • Gino Conforti and Kath Soucie as Omar and Brittney, Two French Spy Otters allied with Bandaidfoot.
  • Steve Irwin as Marky, A Stubborn Tippler Pigeon who thinks that only pigeons should be package deliverers.
  • Roger Rose as Elu, A Kind African Owl Pigeon who loves eating birdseed burgers.
  • Jennifer Hale as Gertie, A Fast Female Racing Homer Pigeon who loves her job so much.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as The Albatrosses
  • Jim Ward as The Husky Pulling a Sled
  • Michael Gough as The Goat Riding a Mailtruck
  • Jason Marsden as The Skunk with a Hoverboard
  • Natalia Wójcik as The Mouse with the Jetpack


  • Elijah Wood and Hugh Jackman appear in Happy Feet.