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Third season of Vargas & Shane premiered on September 2032 and concludes on May 2033 on NBC.


Picking up from last season, Vargas and Larsen's pasts return to haunt them once again when Walter Quinn discovers the location of his son in New Orleans. The JACTF and MCS team up with the MCCIS to stop Quinn, but the case leads into a heartbreaking twist. Months later, the JACTF finds themselves dealing a season-long case involved a defense contractor and his company Rockslider Global, who are suspected with selling arms on the black market. Outside of work, Vargas, Shane and their colleagues deal with their own personal drama: Vargas and her boyfriend Delgado struggle to plan their wedding after getting engaged. Shane deals with her older sister Charlotte's bipolar disorder, the mysterious re-appearance of her estranged grandmother and both women's connection to several murder cases from the past. Lowry struggles with his husband's murder and his relapse back into alcoholism as he tries to return to work. Devlin deals with the revelations about his relationship with Juliet Greico and their children after her arrest last season. Scalieri and the JACTF repeatedly clash with her older and detective brother Thomas, who has some demons of his own. Chapel has a brief breakdown after he and Hobbs are racially profiled by police during a case. And Ramsay discovers he has a paternal half-brother who appears to be working with the villainous defense contractor. The end of the season brings everything to a head, including the conflict between Diego and an Irish mercenary and his nephew (who has family ties to someone Shane is close to), the revelation of a mole, Vargas and Delgado's wedding, Shane and her boyfriend Finn's engagement, and one of the task force members making a life-and-career-changing decision that will change the JACTF forever.


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#1 - "The Big Easy"

While still dealing with the aftermath of last season's finale, the JACTF and MCS face a new crisis when Walter Quinn finds the location of his son in New Orleans.

  • 60 minutes episode.
  • Lowry doesn't appear in this episode.

#2 - "Meet Me Halfway"

Four months after the Walter Quinn showdown, things have returned relatively to normal for the members of the JACTF. As Vargas and Shane are having a girl's night out, they get a call that an undercover FBI agent has been murdered in a nightclub. As the JACTF go to investigate, they learn from Agents Korzak and Reese that he was undercover in a domestic terrorist organization and learned that said organization is planning a major attack in Los Angeles, but they don't know who or what the target is. U.S. Marshal John Jennings also arrives and reveals that one of the fugitives he is currently after, a bombmaker name Kevin Van Dine who escaped prison two months before, is possibly connected to the murder. The next day, the JACTF work with the FBI and U.S. Marshals to figure out and stop the terrorist plot. Shaw reveals that the bullet use to kill the agent is a 9mm. Korzak tells Etheridge that his agent was seen in a storage facility with the group, which was lead by the group's leader Frank Hamm, a radical anti-government sociopath.

As the teams raid the storage facility, they find the place abandoned. They soon find traces of nitroglycerin and some empty weapon crates in the area. Examining the crates. Ramsay, Chapel and Scott shockingly discover that the missing weapons are all automatic, military grade assault rifles, which unsettles everyone. As the JACTF and others wonder how the group has managed to get military-grade weapons, Scalieri and Devlin decide to have Scott and Hobbs investigate who delivered the weapons to the terrorists, while thee others continue to work to stop their plot. Looking at the traffic surveillance, Riley says that Van Dine was spotted in a union bank a day before. With a subpoena from Shane, she, Vargas and Ramsay go to the union bank and finds that the banker Van Dine dealt with, Natalie Pryor, has been reluctantly helping the terrorists keep something in the safety deposit box because they have her son Ethan captive, but doesn't know where they are keeping him. After Shane relays this to Etheridge, the JACTF searches for leads to find the boy. Warren finds out that Hamm, under an alias, owns an aqua store, currently under renovations. As the joint JACTF/FBI/U.S. Marshals team arrives in the store and raid it. They quickly subdue and arrest two terrorists there, and find and rescue Ethan as well. Vargas and Lee question Ethan, who reveals that the terrorists that they are planning some kind of bombing and mass shooting in one location. After going over the evidence, they learn the target is City Hall, where the city officials are meeting with police and fire officials are gathered in the public outside speech.

As the jointed team heads for the City Hall, the terrorists load some of their weapons and prepare to strike, when suddenly the task force arrives. Chapel searches the around and finds the bomb. He quickly warns the bomb squad, as the terrorists fire at the authorities, leading to public panic. As several terrorists and law enforcement officials were shot down on both sides, the other terrorists, including Hamm and Van Dine, retreat and headed to the subway station. As the shootout continues in the crowded station, Van Dine opens fired at Etheridge as Vargas and others pursued Hamm and other terrorists. As most people flee the station, Vargas pursues Hamm into the subway tunnels. Meanwhile, while taking fire by Van Dine, Etheridge shoots back and hits Van Dine, but the bullet passes through him and hits a civilian running him, shocking Etheridge. As the remaining terrorists are either captured or shot dead, Vargas spots Hamm and shoots him in the leg, subduing him. Etheridge tends to the wounded civilian, but the man succumbs to his wound, leaving Etheridge distraught over the fatal results of her accidental shooting as Korzak consoles her.

With the terrorist plot foiled, everyone in the JACTF and the FBI consoles Etheridge over the dead civilian, citing that it was a chaotic situation with the shootout and that the top brass knows that. Then Scott and Hobbs arrive and they found the weapons that the terrorists had were delivered by the private military company called Rockslider Global, which surprises everyone in the room. Chapel says that Rockslider has contracts in the U.S. Military and the CIA, which makes them very well connected and that the task force will need to tread lightly with them. Shane agrees, saying that going up against them will not be easy.

During the case, Lowry returns to work after a four-month leave of absence. But, clearly still in pain, takes out some of his anger out on several of his JACTF colleagues over Percy's death. His attitude grows worse when Devlin confines him to desk duty, correctly figuring that he's not ready to return to the field, and he spends much of his time looking over a photo of him, Percy, and their children. The end of the episode shows him drinking heavily from a bottle of whiskey.

At the end, Vargas and Shane consoles Etheridge over her accidental shooting. Vargas then returns home to her waiting fiancé, while Shane and Scalieri speak to Devlin about the situation with Etheridge.

#3 - "National Anthem"

Hunsacker meets up with Shane in a coffee shop where Shane asks about her new workplace. Hunsacker uneasily tells Shane that she caught her new boss with a male teenage prostitute the previous night, explaining that the boy was half-dressed. Later, Hunsacker confronted her boss, but he brushes it off, telling her that the boy was mentally ill. Then, she shows Shane a unused condom still wrapped in plastic, explaining that she found it it in her boss' bin. Later, Hunsacker and Shane go to a basketball game at Keith's school, but the former is horrified to recognize her boss in crowd. Shane warns Hunsacker that her evidence is only circumstantial and that other than that, it's only her word against his. When Shane asks Hunsacker about the boy's age, Hunsacker tells Shane that the boy looked very young and then is then shocked to see the same boy on the other basketball team.

As everyone gets ready for the national anthem, Hunsacker and Shane question the coach, and are shocked to learn that the boy is 17-years-old. The national anthem is sung but then an angry man interrupts it. He confronts city council Sean Wilkerson in court for sleeping with his teenage son, Oliver. When Sean denies this, the father furiously attacks him as school security arrives and drags the father out. As Hunsacker voices her concern, Shane warns Hunsacker about Sean as they noticed that he has seen Hunsacker. Later, several JACTF members arrive at the school, and Hunsacker reluctantly tells them the truth. Vargas and Scalieri asks Hunsacker why she was unsure earlier about the boy's appearance and age; she replies that she'd never seem him before and thought that he was bit older.

Wilkerson denies sleeping with Oliver, but Vargas reminds him that Hunsacker caught him half-dressed with Oliver. Wilkerson tells her that Oliver has a troubled history with drugs. Wilkerson tried to help Oliver out, but he ended up vomiting all over himself and Wilkerson, thus resulting in them undressing themselves to change clothes. At the hospital, Larsen and Scalieri question Oliver's father over his allegations against Sean; he tells them that he discover that Oliver was seeing someone after finding a dating app and profile on his phone. As he gets checked over by the doctor, Oliver denies sleeping with Wilkerson, but Ramsay asks Oliver about his "job". Oliver explains the full details of his job, saying that he needed the money.

During the case, Lowry overheard Vargas, Lee, and Ramsay talking about Ramsay's niece Phoenix. As he opens up about Phoenix's ordeal when she was born early, Lowry accuses Ramsay of being selfish for putting his sister and niece in the middle of the Quinn conflict. Ramsay furiously attacks Lowry, but Vargas and Lee stops the two as Devlin witnesses the fight. Meanwhile, Etheridge struggles over her guilt from the accidental shooting as she meets up with the FBI's top brass to in a hearing while Chapel speaks to his former SEAL teammate and current NCIS agent Danny Burnett for more information about Rockslider Global.

Later, Larsen reveals a list of teenage boys and girls who work in same place as Oliver and their ages. He tells Vargas that Wilkerson and his colleagues are pimping the teens as he shows her incriminating photos found on the workplace's website. Hunsacker returns into her office where she gets confronted by Wilkerson's men. She attempts to escape, but Wilkerson knocks her out. As the JACTF gets their warrant, Wilkerson calls Larsen, blackmailing him into giving him all the evidence the task force has, or he will kill Hunsacker. Larsen tells Vargas about Wilkerson's threats and kidnapping Hunsacker.

Later, Vargas, Larsen, Ramsay, Hobbs and Chapel arrive at a city council meeting to look for Wilkerson. They finally find him with a terrified Hunsacker by his side, but is confused to see Oliver in the crowd. Oliver then publicly confronts Wilkerson about their relationship. Wilkerson denies them having relationship, but Oliver show the video of him and Wilkerson to a horrified people. Then, a group of teenagers throws pig blood at Wilkerson and his men, branding them rapists and monster. Wilkerson furiously grabs Hunsacker at gunpoint, being chased by Oliver and other boys with Vargas and Larsen on their tail, looking for backup.

Wilkerson takes Hunsacker to the roof of City Hall, where he lashes out at her, blaming her for exposing his secret. She tries to talk him down and addresses his sexuality, but Wilkerson denies being gay and holds her at gunpoint. Vargas and Larsen arrive and confront Wilkerson, who demanded him to turn over all the incriminating photos for Hunsacker's safety. Larsen gives Wilkerson an envelope seemingly containing, but Vargas warns him it will be too late to save his career, explaining the police already have hard evidence against him and his men's actions. Wilkerson tells Larsen that will deny of everything and accuse the JACTF of deepfaking the photos and footage the video.

Then, Wilkerson threatens to throw Hunsacker off the roof, forcing Vargas and Larsen to put down their guns over their weapon. As Vargas and Larsen attempts to talk Wilkerson down, Vargas asks him if he ever did love Oliver. Wilkerson answers that Oliver is a special boy, explaining that he needed money for his family, but admits his true feelings for Oliver and that his "flings" with him were random. Then, a helicopter flies around the roof as Vargas reveals her microphone, telling Wilkerson that he just confesses his crimes live on national television. Horrified at his mistake, Wilkerson attempts to shoot Vargas but Hunsacker headbutts and groin-attacks him, allowing Larsen to move in and arrest him.

As he is taken away, Wilkerson confesses his love for Oliver, but is furiously rejected. Devlin and Shane arrive at the scene as Vargas and Larsen comfort Hunsacker. Shane reveals Hunsacker a job offer for her at JACTF, but Hunsacker tells Shane that she will need time to consider it.

At the end, Vargas takes Leo to visit their father in prison. Then, as Diego went to his cell, a small group of inmates corners Diego as Felix McConnell confronts him about Vargas. Diego claims Felix that Vargas is a friend but Felix shows Diego the newspaper of his arrest, revealing that he knows about their relationship as father and daughter. Felix and the inmates furiously attack Diego, but he uses his CIA training and manages to fight them off.

#4 - "Fear of Monsters"

The JACTF gets called into a break-in at a wealthy man's house, but Vargas is confused when she finds a familiar necklace under the bed. Then, Shane arrives at the scene, where Vargas informs her that she has found Charlotte's necklace. Emily then calls Shane to ask about Charlotte's whereabouts. Shane and Vargas track Charlotte to a graveyard where they find her burying stolen items. Vargas arrests Charlotte. As she takes Charlotte to her car, Charlotte asks Vargas about a girl which confuses Vargas and Shane. Charlotte tells them that a girl was in the house screaming and telling somebody to leave her alone. Then, somebody broke into the bedroom and stabs the girl couple of time. When Vargas asks Charlotte where she saw the murder, she tells Vargas that she saw it from under the bed.

As she investigates Charlotte's claims of the murder, Vargas left confused when Ramsay, Scott, Lee and Chapel share their own details of the investigation and break-in but can't find anything to corroborate to Charlotte's story. Later, Vargas and Shane go to Larsen's LAPD division to talk to him, but bump into another detective (Patrick Wilson). He tells Vargas and Shane that Larsen is on a case but agree to listen their worries. Shane tells the detective about Charlotte's claims of witness the murder and she shows him the composite sketch of the girl who Charlotte claims was killed. Also, Shane reveals her sister's disorder as Vargas asks for information of anybody who lived in or frequented the house where Charlotte broke in. The detective warns Vargas and Shane about the consequences if they gets involved in a "non-existent" case as he claims Charlotte may have hallucinated the whole thing. As they leave, Vargas asks the detective for his name. He reveals himself as Thomas "Tommy" Scalieri, which surprises Vargas and Shane.

Later, Vargas and Shane questions Charlotte, claiming they have no evidence of the murder happening, but Charlotte assures them that it did happen. The two are then confused when Shane's father and mother Edith and Glenn arrive and defend Charlotte. They tell Vargas that their family traveled to Los Angeles with another family years ago. Weeks later, a 7-year-old Charlotte witnessed a 15-year-old girl Beverley Lockett get stabbed to death, but her death was left unsolved. Shane says she never knew about that trip to Los Angeles but Glenn tells her that she was only months old when it happened. Charlotte informs Vargas and Shane that she saw someone who believed to be Beverley's killer hours before the break-in.

Vargas shares the discovery to her colleagues about Beverley's murder, but some of them gets concerned about how was the case handled. Devlin and Larsen get involved in the heated conversation about the situation of Beverley's murder investigation as Devlin refuses to let the JACTF get involved. Vargas reveals her conversation with Detective Thomas Scalieri, but Larsen left shocked to discover Vargas spoke to Thomas. Vargas tells Larsen that Thomas is Scalieri's "husband" as she comfort him but Larsen told Vargas that Thomas is Scalieri's brother. As Vargas left horrified at her blunder, Larsen explains that Thomas was transferred to his division months before and admits that he never told Scalieri about working with her brother. Then, Scalieri appears out of the shadows, confronting Larsen about Thomas and revealing that she overheard the whole conversation. Larsen tries to explain himself, but Scalieri furiously walks off.

Meanwhile, the FBI committee clears Etheridge in the criminal investigation of her accidental shooting, but the victim's family decides to file a civil suit against her and the Bureau. Later, Lowry visits the victim's family, trying to talk them out of filling a civil suit against Etheridge. He claims that she has a mental issue which contributed to Etheridge making a mistake, but the victim's mother argues with Lowry and kicks him out.

Vargas and Larsen arrive at LAPD station to speak to Thomas, but they walks into an argument between Thomas and Scalieri in the former's office. Thomas berates her for being the favorite in their family. Scalieri snaps backthat Thomas has been troublesome since they were growing up as she explains that he like to butt into her life because he is jealous. Vargas confronts Thomas as she claims that he knew about the drawing. Thomas admits that he knew Beverley Lockett was the person but the detectives close the case because no lack of edvience. Vargas and Larsen argue with Thomas as Vargas explains about Charlotte being witness of the murder. Then, Thomas catches Scalieri trying to take a file in his office, revealed to be Beverley Lockett's murder file. Vargas finds and plays a videotape of Charlotte's interview. Larsen recognizes the voice of the detective: Detective Stephen Davies. After an argument over doing what's right, Thomas says he doesn't know Davies' address but he know where Davies is now working.

Meanwhile, Shane travels with Charlotte and their parents to the same house where Beverley was killed. As they earned into the house, Charlotte relived her memories of Beverley's murder: Beverley kept a eye on Charlotte and Shane while Edith and Glenn took Keanu to the hospital. Beverley was distracted that night and Charlotte had to babysit her baby sister. Later, somebody broke in the house. Charlotte attempts to warns Beverley but the killer got to the bedroom, and started arguing with Beverley. Charlotte describes the man as a older, believe to knew Beverley. Beverley hid Charlotte under the bed as the man arrived at the bedroom. Charlotte overheard the argument but the man heard Shane's crying from the next room. Beverley stopped him from going to the room, and the man attacked Beverley, pushing her into the bed and stabbing her to death. Charlotte admitted that she wanting to help, but Beverley told Charlotte to not be a hero, hinting that she knew her fate. Shane asks Charlotte more details of the argument; Charlotte reveals the man wanted to see her parents because they owed him. Later, Vargas calls Shane, sharing her discovery of the detective who investigated Beverley's murder. Vargas sends Shane the photo of Davies but when Charlotte sees it, she tells Vargas and Shane that Davies is the one who killed Beverley. Scalieri then finds a recording which reveals that Davies paid Charlotte off to say that Beverley was killed in a home invasion robbery and that she didn't see the murder.

The JACTF go to Chief Stein's party where they finds Davies; it's revealed that Davies has been working for Stein for years. As Davies gives a speech, Thomas stops Vargas and Larsen from approaching and publicly accusing him. Vargas and Larsen argue with Thomas over Davies while Larsen accuses Thomas of protecting a killer, but Thomas denies knowing the truth, reveaing that he never looked at the file, explaining that Davies didn't want him to see it. Then, Davies see Charlotte and Shane in the crowd, ordered bodyguard to get rid of them. Vargas quickly grabs Thomas's gun and shoots at fire alarm. Guests evacuated as Stein furiously confronts Thomas while Vargas and Larsen goes into busy crowds. They bump into Shane who tells them that Charlotte has disappeared. Chapel spots Charlotte following Davies and goes after her, but two bodyguards block his path and attempt to shoot him but Ramsay pops up and guns the bodyguards down. Vargas arrives at the scene where Chapel tells her that Charlotte is going to the balcony to find Davies.

Vargas, Shane, Larsen, Ramsay and the JACTF head to the balcony where Charlotte confronts Davies at gunpoint. Stein, Devlin, Thomas and other detectives arrived at the scene as the police chef ordered the JACTF to stand down. As the JACTF clashes with Stein and Thomas, Vargas informs the chief that Davies murdered Beverly Lockett and paid Charlotte off to lie about not witnessing the crime before playing the recording of Davies manipulating Charlotte. Davies denies murdering Beverly, but Larsen confronts him about his alibi the night of Beverly's murder. He then reveals Beverly's parents got involved in dodgy scams, and he came to the house to arrest them but he bumped into Beverly. He explains that he stabbed Beverly in self-defense when she attacked him but some people refused to believe it. Then, Edith and Glenn arrived at the scene, revealing Davies was involved with Beverly's parents in the scams and show their evidence to everybody. Exposed, Davies attempts to jump off the balcony, but Thomas shoots him in the leg. The JACTF arrests Davies as Thomas tells Vargas, Shane and Larsen that they are welcome for his help.

After the case finished, Henderson arrived at the station, telling Vargas that Diego has been attacked. As Vargas and Henderson drive to the prison, Devlin tries to speak to Larsen as he invites him and Scalieri for dinner but Larsen refuses, telling Devlin that he doesn't forgive him yet. Then, Etheridge furiously confronts Lowry, explaining that the victim's family has made a complaint against her. Lowry tries to explain himself, but Etheridge tells him to stay out of her business.

Later, Glenn visits Emily at her house where he apologizes to her for not accepting her and not supporting her during Jonathan and Angela situation. Then, Charlotte watching Glenn and Emily share a moment under the stairs. A woman (Florence Pugh) appears, asking Charlotte how her family reacted to her big secret.

At the end, Vargas and Henderson visits the prison's hospital wing to see Diego who is in rough shape but alive. The warden tells Vargas and Henderson that Diego involved in a fight with some inmates. He tells them that the leader of the inmates is in the wing as well. Vargas sees Felix being treated by nurse. He sees Vargas staring at him before mocking her as "cop clown" and vows to ruin Diego's life once he gets another chance.

#5 - "The Whistleblower"

At night, Ramsay and Chapel are in an alley, waiting for someone. Then that someone, Stephen Moon, arrives; it's revealed that works for Rockslider Global as a board member. The company is run by Colonel Wesley Drummond. Moon reveals to Ramsay and Chapel that Rockslider Global has been selling weapons on the black market worldwide and a vast array of connections to the U.S. Government, the military and various corporations. He reveals that all people who tried to stop or expose them have end up dead and they've always been sure to remove any and all evidence that incriminates them. He also reveals that they are the ones who sold those weapons to the terrorists attempting to attack the City Hall. Moon says that he'll reveal more in a couple of hours at a new location. Returning to the JACTF, Ramsay and Chapel inform Devlin, Vargas, Shane, Etheridge and Scalieri about the information. Devlin and Shane say that they need solid proof of these charges for an indictment. Etheridge asks why Moon contacted them and Chapel says that he and Ramsay are former military and Moon knew that they were involved in stopping the City Hall attack, to which Ramsay adds that Moon is scared of what will happened to him and his family if he reveals this to the public. As Ramsay and Chapel head out to meet with Moon again, Etheridge says to Vargas, Shane and Devlin that she' may have to testify at court in her civil trial the next day. Lee works with Hobbs since Scott is on vacation with his family. Ramsay and Chapel arrive to the new meeting spot, but Moon fails to show up. Ramsay calls Vargas and informs her that Moon is a no-show up and suspects that something has happened to him.

At the Pacific Ocean, Scott, along with his wife Maritza and their children Antonio and Dayana, are on the house boat a friend of his rented for them. On the second day of their trip, Scott is fishing while Maritza keeps an eye on their children. While settling down, they witness an explosion from a boat not far from them. After calling the Coast Guard, Scott headed to the scene while Maritza had her children stay in a room for their safety. When they arrive, they see a family, William Ward and his wife Allison and their children Max and Terri, in danger. The Ward children are already in the life-jackets and are off the boat, but the Ward parents are trapped inside with William trying to save Allison. With Scott, using his knowledge as a former Coast Guardsman, tosses the ring buoy to the children. As Maritza helps the children get on the boat, Scott jumped to the front of the boat and uses his fire extinguisher to get to the parents. Seeing that Allison has been burned, Scott is able to get her and William out of the boat and bring them to the houseboat. The Coast Guard soon arrives and takes care of the family as they airlift Allison to the hospital.

While this is happening, the JACTF continues to search for Moon. Vargas and Hobbs check out Moon's house and finds no sign of him or his family, but discover that the place has been trashed. After hours of searching, San Francisco Police find the bodies of Moon and his family in the beach. While Ramsay and Chapel are at the scene, Shaw comes to them and says that there were bullet holes in Moon's house, which were painted over to hide the crime.

Meanwhile, Korzak stands up for Etheridge in civil court and the judge decides dismissed the lawsuit, much to her relief. Also, Vargas informs Shane of her father's attack and suspects there is more to it upon revealing Felix's involvement. Shane advices her to tread lightly because of her father's CIA past. Lee is visited by Bree, who reveals that Lowry has been acting erratically since Percy's death and she & Palmer have been taking care of his children because their father's recent behavior. Bree is concerned that her son might be going on a downward spiral; Lee was shocked by this, but decides to keep it to herself until she finds out more.

At the end, Chapel stoically looks at the night view of Los Angeles, upset by the murders of Moon and his family, Scott and his family return to the dock in Los Angeles, Lee watches Lowry from afar, Etheridge goes home to Chelsea and Vargas is at home, going the files of Diego's attack.

#6 - "Dr. Death"

The JACTF get called into the hospital when Dr. Abby Lambert finds her patient dead in a bathroom but there was confusion about the victims when the police or doctors couldn't finds anything on him without any explanation of his death. Abby tells Vargas and Ramsay that the man was rushed to the hospital three days ago after being found unconscious and that he was acting suspicious hours before his death; she also found a bottle under his bed. The next day, the JACTF return to the hospital where three more patients are found dead in suspicious and separated circumstances.

Meanwhile, Lee, concerned about Lowry's behavior, checks out his house and finds empty liquor bottles hidden in various areas, realizing that he has been drinking heavily. Lowry denies that he has a problem but Lee warns him off. Later, Lowry arrives at work and gets involved in the case. He joins Ramsay and Lee to question one of the victim's family members in the interrogation room, but gets distracted as he struggles with his questions. Lowry then leaves the HQ to get some air, and later bumps into a teenager girl who tries to sell Lowry drugs, which he refuses. As he heads back into the HQ, the girl sneakily slips the drugs into Lowry's pocket without him knowing.

Later, in the office, Lowry gets himself a coffee. He finds the bag of drugs and then throws it out of the window. Then, as he and his colleagues discuss the case, the JACTF rushes outside where they see a crowd trying to help a group of unconscious teenagers. Lowry is horrified to see the same bag that he threw outside in one of teenagers' hands. Later, Costas revealed the JACTF the drugs was poisoned. Lowry confessed the truth including about the girl who place the bag under his care. His colleagues left furious at Lowry as Devlin warns Lowry that his actions could cost a life. Then, Costas' assistant arrived and revealed the victims had died of brain failure which was caused by the "dust" on their eyes. As Lowry was placed on desk duty, Lee tells Chapel that she found empty liquor bottles hidden around Lowry's place.

During the case, Aldridge visits Vargas at the JACTF HQ, furious over their father's attack. Vargas defends herself as Aldridge announces that the family has appealed his sentence. Later, Aldridge and Vargas visit their dad in prison hospital. but they gets distracted when some prisoners start mocking Vargas, as Felix mocks her "circus talents" before winding Diego up about Vargas' "relationship" with her stepfather. Diego tries to attack Felix, but Aldridge and Vargas stop him. Diego tells his daughters that he doesn't want them or anyone else in his family to see him in prison. As Vargas and Aldridge leave, Felix tells them that they will never get their father out in prison and vows to make Diego's life hell.

Also, social worker George Yang goes to Shane's office where she talks to Shane about Gabrielle. George reveals that Marie has sign a permission sheet for Shane to foster Gabrielle, but she also needs Gabrielle's father's permission. Shane argues over this, reminding George of Felix's crimes. He tells her that Felix comes from a rich family, has his own rights for Gabrielle's custody and warns Shane that Felix and his lawyer will make things difficult.

Later, Hobbs shows his colleagues surveillance video of a teenage girl in one of the patient's room. Lowry quickly recognizes the girl as the one who slipped him the drugs. The JACTF travel to a warehouse to track down the girl but are shocked to finds a "drug" lab. The team catches the workers' attention and arrest many of them while others attempt to escape. Vargas and Ramsay track down Lowry's mystery girl, but find her dead in an upstairs bathroom. Then, an older man appears from shadow and holds Vargas and Ramsay at gunpoint. Vargas and Ramsay are shocked to see the man's appearance as Colin reveals his terminal illness. He blames the hospital for failing to cure his his brain cancer wants to punish them by killing their patients.

As Colin threatens to kill himself, Vargas and Ramsay try to talk him down as Ramsay opens up about Reyes' cancer ordeal and his suicide. Ramsay tells Colin that the hospital can help him, but he refuses to listen. Colin attempts to escape, but Etheridge shoots him. Vargas and Ramsay quickly order Etheridge and their colleagues to stand down as they revealed Colin's cancer.

As the case was over, Devlin shares the update from Abby that the teenagers have recovered from their overdose and Colin is currently in surgery, with the doctors planning to remove his tumor. Later, Devlin, Vargas, Shane, Ramsay, Etheridge, Chapel, Lee and Scalieri finally stage an intervention on Lowry for his heavy drinking. The irritiable Lowry tries to deny that he has a problem, but Shane reminds him of what he went through because of his drinking following the earthquake three years before. Lowry remains in denial, until Scott enters the room, bringing in Lowry's parents and children, the latter of whom read a letter detailing how he's changed since their "Papa Percy's" death and how they can't stand to lose their "Papa Richie" too. Touched by his children's pleas, Lowry finally breaks down and agrees to go to rehab for his alcoholism.

#7 - "Remember Me (1)"

The JACTF teams up with the MCS to tracks down a gang of criminals who left a police officer badly injured during a robbery, but things turn complicated when a shocking discovery connected to Hunsacker

  • Lowry doesn't appear in this episode

#8 - "Remember Me Again (2)"

The JACTF and MCS face race against time to rescue Shane and Hunsacker after they are kidnapped. Meanwhile, Shane helps Hunsacker gets through to her troubled niece, Susie.

  • Lowry doesn't appear in this episode.

#9 - "Deep Water"

The JACTF gets called into a public pool when Henry Banks, the teenage son of Congressman Kenneth Banks, is found dead, drowning but when they arrived, they see Detective Thomas Scalieri and his team have already started their own investigation. Vargas, Ramsay, Chapel and Lee attempt to investigate the scene, but Thomas tells them to leave. Ramsay and Chapel refused to listen and continue to attempt to get involved, but are rebuffed by Thomas' men. Vargas and Lee stops Ramsay and Chapel from going after Thomas as Vargas warns them that Thomas isn't the person that they should mess with. Later, Devlin calls a team meeting at JACTF HQ when the video of Ramsay and Chapel's anger against Thomas and his team goes viral. As the colleagues clash about the investigation, they turn to Scalieri when Scott confronts her about her brother. Scalieri admits that she doesn't trust Thomas due his nature in his work and personal life. She warns her colleagues that her brother will make things complicated if they gets involved of his investigation.

Later, Scalieri goes to her brother's division where she confronts Thomas over his behavior at her colleagues. Thomas defends himself as he explains that he caught the investigation first. Scalieri asks Thomas why he moved to the Robbery/Homicide Division; he admits that he didn't have any choice, explaining that he was in big trouble in his old unit. Then, Shane arrives with a federal subpoena with Korzak and Reese with her. As Shane handed Thomas the subpoena, Korzak and Reese told Thomas that he and his unit will cooperate with JACTF and any refusal to do so will lead the FBI taking over the case and removing the LAPD. Thomas agreed to let the JACTF to get involved in the investigation, but he maintains that he is the lead investigator the team. Shane and Korzak warn him that if the case is not solved the case in three days, the FBI will take over the case with JACTF assisting them and Reese says that they will be watching them as the three left the station.

The JACTF begin their investigation but they struggle to find leads or connect how Henry's death occurred due to lack of edvience. A suspicious Vargas and Shane believe Thomas and his team are sabotaging the investigation but can find no proof. However, Etheridge and Hobbs make a breakthrough when they discover Henry was involved in some unusual behavior and got mixed up with the wrong crowd. At the same time, Scalieri calls Thomas' old boss, Lieutenant Vincent Rose (Ralph Fiennes) for answers as to why Thomas was transferred out of the Warrants Unit; Rose tells her that the reason why Thomas was transferred to RHD because he brutally assaulted a suspect, almost paralyzed him. Thomas escaped legal trouble when his colleagues defended him but the suspect's family made a serious allegations against the police, threatening to report them to the media. Rose warns Scalieri that incident isn't the first time Thomas has been in trouble as he warns her to keep a eye on her brother. Later, Vargas, Ramsay and Etheridge visit the Henry's parents where they question them if their son was in trouble with the law, but Congressman Banks denies of any allegations.

The next morning, Charlotte arrives at the JACTF HQ where Shane and Devlin discuss the investigation. She tells her sister that Keanu has invited her and Emily to his birthday party, Charlotte lashed out over not being invited. Shane tries to talk to Charlotte but she walks out angrily. As the team is about to move out, Delgado arrives and informs Vargas that someone paid off Felix to attack Diego in prison and payment came from outside of the prison. Later, the JACTF travel to a apartment where they tracks down Henry's mystery user but when they arrive, they left shocked to see Henry's mother, Helena with an another man. She tells the team that Henry wasn't Congressman Banks' son and that he was conceived in an affair. The man, Andrew Bale, reveals himself as Henry's biological father as he explained that he contacted Henry last year. They bonded but Congressman Banks finds out and threatens Bale to stay away from Henry. Helena and Andrew inform the JACTF that Henry was protesting against the congressman over the new laws and they believe that the Congressman was responsible of Henry's death. Then, Chapel and Shane alerted their colleagues when they sees Thomas and his team arrived into the apartment. Vargas, Ramsay, Scalieri, Etheridge, Andrew and Helena sneaks out of the apartment but they was cornered by Thomas who arrest Andrew and Helena for murder. Vargas, Ramsay, Scalieri and Etheridge try to defend Andrew and Helena, explaining to Thomas that they are innocent but Thomas refuses to listen them.

Suddenly, the group find themselves being fired upon by two snipers. As the others take cover and return fire, Ramsay and Chapel are able to flank and kill both of them. Then, a third sniper appears from the shadow and shoot Andrew in the neck, killing him before aiming at Scalieri. Thomas quickly pushes his sister out of the way and takes the bullet in the shoulder. As her colleagues go after the shooter, Scalieri stays behind and helps her brother despite his refusal of her help. Scalieri remove the bullet as she tells her brother that she loves him despite their ongoing problems. Meanwhile, the sniper sneak into the Banks' residence where the congressman helds his birthday party. He tells Banks that the JACTF know his involvement of Henry's death. As Banks argues with his hitman, the JACTF arrive at the party, looking for Banks who sneaks out of the house with the help from his men. The hitman attempts to distract the JACTF with another shoot out, but he ends up getting wounded by Lee. As Banks flees into his backyard, he draws a gun, but Hobbs wounds him as he was about to fire a gun. The JACTF arrested Banks for Henry and Andrew's murders in front of his shocked guests.

Under interrogation from Shane, Etheridge and Scott, Banks confesses his actions. He describes Henry as a mistake whom he never should've tried to raise as his own, and he doesn't regret of him being killed. Shane snaps at Banks for his words, but Etheridge quickly calms her down. In the hospital, Vargas and Scalieri visit Thomas at his bedside. He apologizes for ignoring the warning and nearly messing up the investigation but remains frosty with his sister. Vargas persuades Thomas to thank Scalieri thank you for her heroic action but when he refuses, she calls on Larsen who squeezes Thomas' wounded shoulder until he finally does so.

At the end, Shane prepares to travel to Alaska for a family gathering, telling Devlin that Hunsacker will cover for her until she returns. As she leave the station, a mysterious person watch Shane before starting to follow her.

  • Lowry doesn't appear in this episode.

#10 - "Family Blood"

Shane and her family arrived at Alaska where they meet Keanu. As Shane and Emily share a heartfelt reunion with their brother, Charlotte struggles to hide her anger. Shane confronts Keanu for not inviting Charlotte to his birthday party, but Keanu tells Shane that he did send Charlotte an invitation. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Gabrielle explore a shopping center. As they are about to set off, Gabrielle accidentally bump into a woman (Lin Shaye). Gabrielle tries to help the woman, but she tells Gabrielle that she is fine. As Jonathan and Gabrielle leave, the woman picks up a opened envelope and then went outside of the center where she spies on Shane and her family. She take a look at the envelope which is addressed to Charlotte. In Los Angeles, Vargas, Angela and Leo spends time with Henderson in the park. Leo questions Henderson about her personal life. Henderson tells Leo about her siblings, herself and her current work as an advocate for a sexual abuse support group.

Then, Henderson gets uncomfortable when Leo asks Henderson why she did quit being District Attorney. Henderson tries to avoid the question, but then an angry mother recognizes her and lashes out in her anger at Henderson for being married to a monster who raped young girls. Vargas ordered the mother to leave and then asks Angela to take Leo elsewhere. As Vargas tries to comfort her mother, Henderson tells her daughter that she spoke to the prison about Felix. She explains that Felix was transferred to the same prison as Diego, just two days before the attack. She share her worries as Vargas becomes convince that somebody organized Felix's transfer to get to Diego. At JACTF HQ, Ramsay, Chapel, Scott, Lee and Etheridge video call Lowry, who shares his current experience at rehab. They update on Lowry recent events during his absence, and Lee praises Lowry's recovery progress. Lowry tells his colleagues that he wants to return to work as soon as he finishes rehab, but Devlin tells him not to rush things. Scalieri informs Vargas that her brother is currently at home, recovering from his shoulder wound, but hints that Thomas could be out for weeks as she describes that though his injury is not too serious, he has come under investigation over his action on Henry Banks' murder investigation.

Later, the JACTF gets call to a bridge when a semi-truck blows up, killing a truck driver. As they investigating the fiery scene, Shaw informs Etheridge the explosion was caused by C-4 explosive planted under the trailer and triggered by a remote detonator. As he and Costas work to identify the victim, the JACTF work with Korzak and Reese to investigate the bombing. Meanwhile, as Vargas goes over the case at home, she and Delgado are visited by Delgado's family: his parents Sam (Mandy Patinkin) and Paige (Kathleen Turner) and siblings Sal (Theo Rossi) and Gwen (Leighton Messter). They all want to know about Delgado's fiancée. At Alaska, Shane and Keanu check out the Alaskan Wilderness with some cold, mountainous scenery. Keanu's wife Olivia (Kat Dennings) and their three children; Bruce, Nicholas, and Serena arrived to them, telling the others that they got the food for Christmas dinner.

At the Vargas house, Sam tells Vargas that he knows of her past with Gordon. Vargas opens up about her abuse and all the times that she tried to escape from Gordon but she couldn't, admitting that she didn't have a normal life until Gordon was locked up. Sam tells Vargas that she is perfect woman to marry her son. Meanwhile, in Henderson's house, Leo continues to questions Henderson, but she tells him to stay out of her business. Then, Leo asks Angela about her father, but Angela refuses to answer as she tells Leo that her father is nothing more than a bad memory. Leo sneaks into Henderson's study where he snoops around, but fails to find anything. He then research Henderson on her computer, make a breakthrough when he finds her ex-husband's name on one of website active before researching on Gordon. Leo plays a video where a reporter questions Gordon about his crimes in prison. Gordon denies raping anyone, describing most of them as innocent flings. When a reporter questions Gordon about his stepdaughter, Gordon lashes his anger towards the reporter, proclaiming his love for Vargas. Henderson and Angela enter the study where they finds Leo looking horrified. He confront Henderson for allowing her husband to rape his sister and attempts to attack her. Angela quickly stops Leo and takes him out of the room as Henderson angrily trashed her study and then breaks down in tears.

The next morning, as Vargas and Delgado set off to work, Henderson arrives at the house along with a furious Leo. As Leo angrily heads to his room, Henderson tells them that he tries to attacked her because he found out about Gordon. Vargas tries to defend Leo, but Henderson refuses to listen as she tells Vargas that Angela will staying with her until things calm down. Later, Vargas forcefully takes Leo to her workplace and joins the update briefing on the explosion. Chapel informs her that the driver was identified as Jose Gomez, a trucker and a former Army soldier who was discharged six years before. Then Ramsay comes and revealed that Gomez delivered military grade weapons to Rockslider Global. The JACTF knew that Rockslider may have something to do with Gomez's death, but Devlin and Hunsacker say that they need evidence to prove that. Hobbs says that they should check out Gomez's delivery charts to see the work he did for Rockslider in the past and Vargas replies that it probably won't help much since Rockslider would try to cover their tracks, but they should know how long he did deliveries to them in the past. As Etheridge conveys the order to Riley, Scott tells them that Gomez has no family. Chapel takes Ramsay and Scott to visit Drummond at Rockslider HQ at the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They question Drummond (Will Patton) and his second-in-command and head of security Major Greg Taylor (Rockmond Dunbar). Drummond and Taylor admit that they knew Gomez, but denied to having any grudge against him, as expected. With that, the three investigators the building.

At JACTF HQ, Vargas tells Leo that it wasn't Henderson's fault that Gordon raped her and so many other girls, but Leo asks why it took long time for Gordon to pay for his crimes. Vargas tells him that many rape victims often hide their shame, not telling the police, and it doesn't help when the rapists have enough money, power, and resources to cover their tracks like Gordon did, and that often, years later, one victim stands up to their demons and decides to tell the truth, and inspires others to stand up as well. Then Vargas gets a phone call from Shane, who share her current experiences in Alaska, but gets distracted by Vargas' reaction. Vargas tells Shane that she is having a teenager problem with Leo, as she hangs up her phone. In Alaska's hotel, Glenn and Edith arrive and greeted their children and grandchildren with presents. Then, Edith tells Charlotte that she got more surprises. Charlotte is shocked to see her ex-husband Daltonk Westley and her two daughters Kelly and Leanne. As Charlotte share a heartfelt reunion with her daughters, the woman from shopping center arrives and surprises the Shane family. With some of family members left horrified to recognize the woman, Shane asks her parents who the woman is. Then, Edith introduced the woman; Lily, her mother which shocks her children.

Later, Shane asks Edith about her mother. Edith tells Shane that she has a difficult relationship with her mother, describing as very complicated. Then, Glenn interrupted the conversation and confronts his wife for inviting her mother, but Edith denied of inviting her mother as she explains that she hasn't seen her for years. As they watched Charlotte bonding with their grandma, Keanu tells Emily that Lily was bad influence on Charlotte, revealing that she was very abusive. Keanu admits that he was the reason Lily went to prison, explaining that he wanted to protect his older sister, but things only got worse. At the JACTF HQ, Riley says that Gomez had delivered about two major shipments to Rockslider during the current year. Shaw arrives and reveals that he checked the schematics of the bomb. He discovered the components were delivered through dummy corporations and it was sent to an apartment building in Pacoima. Vargas and other JACTF members, along with the FBI, check the building and find no one there. Scott discovers that the bomb was assembled in an apartment bedroom. As an FBI forensics team investigates the scene, Korzak and Reese inform Etheridge that they will need to form a task force to investigate Rockslider Global when the time is right.

As Vargas returns home with Leo, she finds the Delgado family waiting for her. After learning about Leo, Paige reveals that she has a friend whose daughter is autistic and is very intelligent and good with computers, but lacks people skills because of her autism. Vargas states that Leo is very intelligent and his intelligence can prove useful in some ways, but he is also very nosy. Sal and Gwen tell Vargas that autistic teens can be handfuls. Sam says that they know about her past since his son told them, and how she & Shane were instrumental in bringing down Gordon. Vargas asks where Delgado is, and Gwen replied that he checking on the lead regarding her father's attack. Back in Alaska, Shane helps Keanu prepare dinner as they talk about Lily. Shane expresses her surprise about their grandmother, but Keanu warns Shane that Lily is a danger to Charlotte. Shane refuses to believe Keanu until he mentions Kate Maguire's name. As Shane share her confusion, Keanu tells Shane that Charlotte and Kate were more than friends, they was secret lovers. Months later, Charlotte was upset when her friend disappeared and she believed their grandmother was involved. Keanu explains that Charlotte secretly visited Lily in prison and when Lily found out about Charlotte and Kate's relationship, she reacts in disgust and vowed to take actions to end her granddaughter's relationship. Keanu tells Shane that he thinks Charlotte witnessed Kate's death as he explains that he saw Charlotte covered in blood on the day Kate disappeared.

Shane then asks Keanu why their grandmother went to prison. Keanu tells Shane that Lily hunted down and killed four men who gang-raped her when she was a teenager. She hides their bodies in the wood and was never caught until years later, Keanu recognize Lily when he saw her photo on news. Keanu admits that he was worried that Charlotte will become the same, so he reported their grandmother to the police. Shane asks him if their mother was conceived via the rape, Keanu responded as yes. As Vargas returns to JACTF HQ, Etheridge tells her that they have identified the bomber as Karl Sauer, ex-German Army soldier now contract hitman who is a expert in explosives who was living under an alias at the apartment and is wanted by Interpol. The JACTF tracks Sauer to a Christmas parade in downtown Los Angeles. Vargas, Ramsay and Etheridge chase after Sauer into a public street. Chapel and Scott attempt to cut him off in an alley. Vargas questions Sauer about his involvement; Sauer admits that he played a part in the bombing, but refuses to reveal who orders it. Vargas begs him to tell the truth as she promise him that JACTF will protect him, but Sauer tells Vargas that no one can protect him, before taking off again. Vargas and the others chase after Sauer, who runs into the road but is then hit and killed by a semi-truck.

As the JACTF return to HQ, Delgado calls Vargas, telling her to come to the prison. Later, Vargas and Delgado speak to the Captain of the guards, who reveals that Felix was interacting with a guard several times. The guard speaks with an Irish accent and only worked for two weeks on a temporary basis until he left, apparently for a job opening at the same time Felix was transferred to the prison where Diego is at. He also told Vargas and Delgado he found it odd about the guard's name, Frankie McGuire; Delgado notes that the name is the same as Brad Pitt's character from the film The Devil's Own, at which he and Vargas suspect that the guard is an imposter. As Vargas and Delgado take a look at Felix's file, the captain quickly recognizes the guard from a photo with a young Felix. Later, Vargas and Delgado question Felix about the guard's identity. Felix refuses to answer until Vargas shows Felix the photo of himself and the guard. Felix tells Vargas that she should ask her father, as he lashes his anger towards Diego. Vargas asks Felix why he hates Diego. Felix tells Vargas that Diego destroyed his family's life before returning to his cell. Later, Vargas and Delgado visit Diego where they tell him about the guard; Diego was shocked when he recognizes him from the video.

Diego told Vargas and Delgado his name is Hugh Dineen, a Irish freelance bomber and reveals that Dineen is out for revenge on him when he was undercover back in his CIA days. Dineen, who was hired by a terrorist organization in the Middle East, was plotting to bomb a hotel in London that would have killed hundreds of people, including American citizens and it was where the joint U.S./British/French military officials were gathered for a world charity event taking place. Diego says that he foiled Dineen's bomb plot and he was arrested, but his men broke him out. Afterwards, the men who hired him killed Dineen's wife and children in retaliation for his failure, and he blames Diego for the death of his family. Then, when Vargas asks Diego about Felix's connection to Dineen, Diego tells her that Felix is Dineen's nephew.

Meanwhile, Shane and Keanu confronts Lily about Kate's disappearance in front of a shocked Charlotte and Edith. Lily defends herself, denying of any involvement, but accidentally drops a envelope of Charlotte's invitation. As other family members get invoved, Shane tries to ask Charlotte about Kate, but Charlotte refuses to answer, defending Lily. Shane tells Lily that she knows about happened to her; Lily breaks down, lashes out in anger towards Shane and Keanu, accusing them of being manipulative. Then, Shane and Keanu tells their mother that they know she was convinced in rape. Edith confronts her mother, who confesses the truth. When Edith asks Lily about her father, Lily tells her daughter that her father was a school teacher and he and his friends took advantage of her one stormy night at the school. Lily admits that she seduced her attackers before brutally murdering them and burying their bodies in the wood. A horrified Edith tells Lily to stay away from her family. Lily walks away angrily, but Charlotte follows her grandmother out and tries to comfort her. Then, Lily whispers Charlotte's ear before leaving as a worried Shane watch on.

At the end, Vargas arrives at Henderson's house where she gifts her mother a brand new computer. Angela sees her sister and packs her things, but Vargas tells Angela that she will stay with her mother until things with Leo calm down, reminding Angela that Henderson is her mother too. In prison, Felix calls his uncle Dineen, warning him tht Vargas will come after him, but Dineen isn't bothered as he vows to make Diego pay for his family's deaths.

#11 - "Haunting Pursuit"

After Shane returns to Los Angeles, she tells Vargas the revelations about Lily, her mother being a product of the rape, and Charlotte being around Lily. Shocked, Vargas informs Shane about Dineen, Felix being his nephew and them wanting revenge on Diego over their family, which stuns Shane also, considering the custody fight for Gabrielle has taken a stunning turn.

Meanwhile, at the dock, the bodies of three people are found in a freighter, murdered execution-style. As the JACTF investigates, they are met by three MI5 agents: Case Officers Madeline Blake (Alex Kingston) and Gary Wilkins (David Oyelowo) and former Case Officer-turned-analyst Ken Hunter (Richard Armitage). They reveal that the killings are linked to the fugitive they are pursuing, former British Army Lieutenant-turned-illicit dealer Edward Armstrong (Adam Sinclair). Armstrong has been selling drugs and arms to international drug organizations and terrorist group for money. During a raid ten months before, he killed Hunter's old partner and wounded him, which rendered him unable to do field work. MI5 believes he's in Los Angeles trying to purchase uncut heroin to smuggle into Great Britain and U.S. weapons to sell a Middle Eastern terrorist group. Devlin and Shane inform the MI5 agents that when they do capture Armstrong, he'll be extradited to Great Britain. As they acknowledge this, Blake tells Shane that they know all about her and Vargas, and admire him for leading the charge against Gordon. Scalieri reminds them that they have a job to do.

As the task force follows leads, Chapel visits a CI who reveals that his fellow gang members are meeting with the man matching Armstrong's description in a warehouse at 9 pm tonight. As the JACTF and MI5 agents, along with SWAT, reach the warehouse, they see Armstrong and his men and the gang members about to make a drug exchange. Once the drugs are bought and loaded in a van, the joint team starts to move in. But one of the guys spots the SWAT officers and alerts the others, leading to a shootout. Armstrong makes his getaway with the uncut heroin as the team arrests the majority of the gang members. After some interrogations which come up empty, Wilkins believes that Armstrong might try to get more deadly U.S.-made weapons for his clients and wonders where he would get them. Scott thinks of someone that might supply Armstrong with them. With Blake and Chapel's suggestions, the joint team arrive at a location where they see Armstrong meeting with arms dealer Mickey Costello. The team raids the meeting, catching everyone involved, with Ramsay and Lee capturing Costello. Before Armstrong can make getaway, Hunter corners him and lambasts him for killing his partner. Blake, Wilkins, Vargas and Etheridge manage to talk him out of killing Armstrong as they take him in custody. Shane had Armstrong extradited, pleasing Blake, Wilkins and Hunter. Vargas and Shane ask the former two what they know about Dineen and Felix. They told her that Dineen was former IRA until he became a contract bomber and was detained by an undercover CIA team for an attempted bombing of the London hotel, which Vargas reveals that her father was one of the CIA agents involved. Wilkins reveals that Felix's full name is Francis Liam McConnell and his mother Joanna is Dineen's sister. Joanna and Felix immigrated in the U.S. when he was three.

In prison, Diego tries to talk to Felix in the library, but he refuses to listen to reason. Diego apologizes to Felix for his aunt and cousins' death, but also defends himself as he denies having them killed. Felix snaps at Diego, calling him a useless father and reminding him about Vargas' ordeal with Gordon, but Diego quickly rebukes him, calling him Felix a predator who is just as bad, reminding him his crimes. The two furiously attack each other until a guard arrives and breaks them apart. Later, Vargas arrive at prison where Diego and Felix continue to argue after their fight in a different room. The warden warns her that something must be done about this. Vargas tries to convince the warden to transfer Diego to a different prison, but Felix tells Vargas that he will follow Diego wherever he goes. The warden promises Vargas that Diego will have extra guards for protection and will try to get him transferred to another prison, but that may take some time. As she leaves, Felix tells her that he promise to leave Diego if he can see Gabrielle, but Diego tells Vargas not to let it happen. Vargas leaves without giving an answer as Felix and Diego continue to clash.

Meanwhile, Burnett calls Chapel, telling him that the investigation of Moon and his family's murder has been transferred to another detective. As Chapel suggests talking to this detective, Burnett tells Chapel that they need to talk to somebody who is leader of the unit, who turns out to be Thomas. Later, Chapel and Burnett visits Thomas who is still recovering from his shoulder wound at home. They try to covince him to help return their case to them, but Thomas refuses to get involved and explains the case is nothing but unsolvable without him and that the bodies may have been found in San Francisco, but they were murdered in Los Angeles. Chapel becomes upset and accuses Thomas of being selfish, while Burnett tries to explain the situation but accidentally calls Thomas by his nickname Tommy. Thomas furiously snaps at the two before ordering them to leave. Chapel refuses and demands the Moon case back. Thomas tries to attack Chapel, but his daughter Summer (Shaylee Mansfield) enters and walks into the arugment. He calms Summer down, and Burnett questions Thomas about his "sign lanaguage" to Summer. Thomas tells Burnett that his daughter has been deaf since she was four. As Summer goes to her room, Thomas quickly tells Burnett and Chapel to get out of his house. As they leave, Chapel vows to get justice for Moon and his family on his terms, no matter what.

At Shane's office, Charlotte visits Shane where she defended her grandmother. Shane reminds her sister that their grandmother murdered her rapists and their mother was conceived in the rape. Charlotte rationalizes that Lily was defending herself, Shane snaps at her while going over the full details of Lily's crimes. Then, Charlotte snaps that Shane if what she was seduced into was sex, not rape. Shane furiously slaps her sister before ordering her to leave. As Charlotte leaves, the same woman, Kate comforts Charlotte about her argument with Shane. Charlotte continues to defend, Lily but "Kate" reminds Charlotte that Lily was responsible for tearing their relationship apart.

After Burnett tells her that Thomas' detective is taking over the case, Scalieri visits her brother at home to discuss the investigation of the Moon murders. Thomas tells Scalieri that he is not getting involved in his colleague's case, but Scalieri tells Thomas that the case belongs to Chapel. She reminds him that they are brother and sister and they need to look out for each other, but Thomas expresses anger and jealousy of his sister for always managing to do better in than him in almost every way: from when they were children, to even in their careers; he even reveals that she's in a happy relationship now, and his marriage has been on the rocks for some time. Scalieri, however, says that she always looked up to him as a child and he pushed her to do her best, and that she wishes she had children of her own like him. After a short pause, Thomas tells his sister that he will speak to his detective and get the case transferred back to Chapel and Burnett.

At the end, Diego sits alone in his cell with extra guard protection, Chapel and look more on Rockslider Global, and Vargas and Shane look at the view of Los Angeles from the latter's apartment window while sipping wine, thinking about recent events.

  • Lowry doesn't appear in this episode.

#12 - "Black, White, and Gray"

At night, the JACTF, along with Marshal John Jennings and the other U.S. Marshals, conduct a sting operation to catch a wanted fugitive: hacker Lester Gordon who escaped from a prison bus accident three days prior. Lester was responsible for a hacking a federal bank and stealing $20 million in cryptocurrency. As Gordon meets with one of his estranged children at a mall, Chapel and Hobbs work undercover as bystanders in the area with others doing surveillance from other locations. Meanwhile, two LAPD officers, Officers Bob Weight and Phillip Bradley, approach and accost the two for “loitering”, even though there are multiple other people who are mostly hanging around the area as well. The two try to reason with officers without breaking cover, but the officers become increasingly belligerent. They then try to forcefully arrest the two, resulting in a struggle, and eventually end up pulling their weapons on them, forcing the task force to abandon the sting and rescue their colleagues. Etheridge furiously vouches for Chapel and Hobbs and overrules the racist officers, ordering the release of Chapel and Hobbs. But as this happens, Lester notices the commotion makes his getaway.

With Weight and Bradley placed on desk duty, Chapel and Hobbs are checked out and cleared by paramedics. Riley checks on the officers' records and reveals to the others that they have multiple complaints and citations for misconduct. Vargas, Shane and Ramsay remind the JACTF of what they went through when their former MCS colleague Olivia Street's family became victims of racial profiling. Lowry then arrives and approaches; having heard about what happened to Chapel and Hobbs, he asks if they're okay, to which they reply that they're very upset. Devlin tells Lowry he's not ready for field work and will be on desk duty working with the analysts, which Lowry accepts. Jennings breaks into the conversation, informing everyone that Lester has been spotted in Century City. Devlin tells Vargas, Ramsay, Scott and Lee to continue assisting the U.S. Marshals pursuing Lester while he, Shane, Etheridge and Scalieri handle the situation with Weight and Bradley. With help from Lowry, Warren and Fox, Vargas and the others search Century City. Eventually, Fox discovers that Lester has plans to digitally rob the Federal Reserve in San Francisco and Lowry & Warren discovers that the source of a major data stream is is coming from below Fox Plaza. Investigating below the building, they discover a hidden room in the basement. There they found Lester, using a large room in the sub-basement as a makeshift command center. Upon seeing the JACTF, Lester makes a run for it and Vargas pursues him. As she catches up with him, they engage in a brief fight until Jennings arrives and stops and arrests Lester.

Meanwhile, Shane gets call from Charlotte's boss who questions her about her sister's absence. Shane lies, telling Charlotte's boss that she hasn't been feeling well. She then calls Charlotte who tells her that she has taken a sick day. However, it's revealed that Charlotte is in a hotel room with her ex-husband Dalton; since Keanu's birthday party, the two reconnected their old relationship. As they make out on the bed, Charlotte is horrified to see Kate's bloodied ghost. Dalton comforts a upset Charlotte as she opens up about her relationship with Kate, admitting that she is bisexual. Dalton assures Charlotte that he doesn't hate her, and that he has never stopped loving her.

In June 2005, Charlotte celebrates her 19th birthday, but gets distracted. When her family questions her about her behavior, Keanu reveals that Charlotte has a boyfriend but she denies that she's seeing anybody. Later, a 12-year-old Shane catches Charlotte off guard when she walks into Charlotte's conversation with Kate in her bedroom. She gets suspicious, but Charlotte and Kate brush her worries off. The next day, Charlotte and Kate walks to college. They flirted with each other as they enter their classes. Later, Charlotte and Kate sneak out of the dorms and go to Kate's house. As they enter her bedroom, they make out passionately.

During the case, many in the JACTF cope with the aftermath of the botched sting operation and wonder about their future relations with the LAPD, giving the department's numerous prior racial profiling scandals. Vargas and Ramsay assure the still-angry Chapel and Hobbs that while racism in the LAPD still lingers, they are more good officers in the department. Chief Stern informs them that Weight and Bradley are facing disciplinary action by IA and the higher-ups. Later, with testimonies from Chapel, Hobbs, other JACTF members and the U.S. Marshals present in the stakeout, Weight and Bradley given a recommendation for termination from the force; Stern subsequently suspends them pending said termination.

As Lowry works via desk duty, Devlin, as well as Ramsay and Lee, have reservations of him being ready to return to the field. Despite Lowry's successful help with pursuing Lester, Devlin and Scalieri remind him that he still has undergo tests, evaluations and such to prove that he is clean and ready to get back out there. Later, Burnett arrives to see Chapel outside of JACTF. He updates Chapel that they've got the investigation of Moon and his family's murders again thanks to Thomas, but Chapel isn't in the mood and snaps at Burnett. Then, he sees Weight driving by the station and decides to go after him and teach him a lesson. Burnett quickly rushs to the JACTF HQ and tells Chapel's colleagues that he is going after Weight.

Meanwhile, Shane visits Larsen at his workplace. She shares her suspicions about Charlotte and asks Larsen to follow her since her sister doesn't know him. Later, Larsen follows Charlotte to downtown Los Angeles where she spends time with Dalton and their daughters. Then, he gets suspicious when he sees Dalton kiss another woman outside of bar. As he calls Shane and gives her an update, Larsen gets even more confused when Charlotte flirts with the same woman as Dalton heads into the bar. He continues to follow Charlotte, Dalton and their daughters to Dalton's house, but Larsen sees the same woman there. He warns Shane about the woman as she enters the house. As Shane tells Larsen what to do next, he informs a shocked Shane that Charlotte and Dalton and the woman are all making out with each other at once, and then shows the footage on a video call. Larsen figures that the three could be in a polyamorous relationship, which leaves Shane concerned.

Meanwhile, Chapel arrives outside of a house where a party is held and sees Weight go inside. As he sneaks inside to find Weight, Burnett arrives and tries to look for Chapel or Weight in the crowd, but fails to find them. Chapel goes upstairs, where he overhears a commotion in one of the bedrooms. Suddenly the door bursts open, and a teenage African-American boy is knocked to the floor. Weight then comes out and starts kicking the boy, while a girl comes behind him and yells at him to stop, calling him "Dad" in the process. Enraged, Chapel attacks Weight and drags him downstairs in front of the shocked guests. Weight quickly fights back against Chapel and the fight spills over into the backyard. Chapel punches Weight before dragging him to the pool and shoving his head into the water for a moment for pulling it up. He yells at Weight, asking how it feels that a black ma got the better of him and calling him a coward for what he and his partner did to him and Hobbs during undercover. Weight calls Chapel the "n-word", and Chapel furiously throws Weight into the pool, jumps in himself and attempts to drown him. However, Burnett arrives at the backyard and tries to talks Chapel out of killing Weight. Chapel refuses to listen to Burnett, but then Weight's daughter makes the same plea. Seeing this, Chapel decides not to kill Weight in front of his child, and lets him up just as Vargas and Ramsay arrive on the scene.

Later, Weight is arrested for assault and battery of a minor after the teenage boy presses charges, and Devlin arrives and furiously confronts Chapel for his reckless actions against Weight. Most of his colleagues defend Chapel, but Devlin decides to suspend him. Chapel grills Devlin for this decision accuses him of protecting a racist, but Devlin informs Chapel that he is trying to protect the task force, as well as Chapel himself from own actions. Chapel gets in his car and drives away angrily.

The next morning, Devlin asks the team if he went too far in suspending Chapel. As the decisions become divided, Shane tells Devlin that he was in difficult position, but Hobbs snaps at Shane, reminding her what Weight and Bradley did to him and Chapel. As Shane and Hobbs argue, Chapel's wife Annette arrives at the JACTF HQ and asks them if they know his whereabouts, explaining that he didn't return home last night. The JACTF try to contact Chapel, but he ignores their call as he drives out of Los Angeles.

#13 - "Hard Rain - Part 1 "

The JACTF investigates a theft of high-priced diamonds and the killing of the diamond merger and his wife, but they get themselves in a bad situation when a heavy thunderstorm knocks out communications. Meanwhile, a member of the JACTF makes an error which results them getting struck by lightning.

#14 - "Hard Rain - Part 2"

Vargas and Shane face race against time to find the criminals who are hidden among the people in an isolated location in the Sierra Mountains. Meanwhile, one JACTF member risks their life to save a fallen colleague, and Beth goes into labor.

#15 - "Mind The Gap"

15 years ago: Officer Tommy Scalieri and his partner Officer Ashley Stephens drive downtown in Chicago, but Tommy gets distracted by a call from his father, who wants him to pick his sister up. Tommy arrives at shopping center where he meets up with his sister Faith. As Tommy drives his sister home, Stephens spots a black van outside of apartment. Tommy stops the car and tells his sister to stay inside. As Tommy and Stephens enters the apartment, they head upstairs where a woman's scream is heard. The two officers went to a empty room where they find a dead body and a terrified woman tied up, naked. Then the two turn around just as a masked man (Anson Mount) appears, attacking and stabbing them both. The man slit Stephens' throat, killing her. Then, a wounded Tommy crawls to the stairs but the man walks behind him and continues to stab Tommy. The man badmouths Tommy for his stupidity, calling him a coward. As Tommy grabs for his gun, Faith arrives and shoots the man in the chest, seemingly killing him. She rushes to Tommy' aid and attempts to comfort him, but a furious Tommy tells his sister that she should've stayed in the car.

In present day, two weeks after the storm, Vargas, Chapel and Scalieri arrive at a subway station, where Larsen informs them about a passenger being stabbed to death in public. When Vargas asks him about witnesses, Larsen warns that the case is complicated because the witness is Summer Scalieri which shocks her aunt. Vargas and Scalieri go to question Summer, who is with a police officer, but walk into an argument between Thomas and Summer's teacher. Thomas sharply berates his daughter's teacher for supposedly not keeping a closer eye on her, but Scalieri quickly shuts down the argument. Then, Detective Fiona Elliott (Alana Haim) shows Vargas, Thomas and Scalieri the CCTV video, which shows the killer with a mask. However, Thomas becomes horrified as he recognizes the killer's mask.

Later, as the JACTF starts to interview Summer, Scalieri talks to her brother outside, trying to convince him to open up, but Thomas refuses to listen. Scalieri tells Thomas that she didn't have any choice back then, and that her actions saved his life. Thomas enters the men's bathroom and tries to have a moment of silence, but is interrupted by a hallucination of the same man who stabbed him 15 years ago. The hallucination mocks Thomas causing him to angrily punch the bathroom mirror. Meanwhile, with Summer's mother Amanda (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Amanda's friend Ruth (Marlee Matlin), Chapel and Scalieri interview Summer, who uses sign language to explain what happened. Chapel notices Scalieri's behaviour when Scalieri asks her niece about the killer's identity. Summer tells her aunt that she didn't see their face.

Outside of station, Thomas bumps into Shane and Finn. He tells a confused Finn that he is sorry for the pain he caused his family. As Finn confronts him about the apology, Vargas steps into the argument and drags Thomas away. Vargas asks Thomas why he was apologized to Finn, but he furiously snaps at her, telling her to mind her own business. Then, she notices that Thomas' hand is bleeding and tries to help him out, but he continues to push her away. At Shane's office, she researches Thomas on the internet and finds a website article about a stabbing incident involving two police officers. Shane shares her information to Finn, but he still wants to know why Thomas apologized to him. Then, Shane learns that the two officers were under Lieutenant Joseph Finn's command and one of the officers was Thomas. Meanwhile, Vargas follows Thomas to a street. He gets annoyed with her but she defends herself, accusing Thomas of hiding something. He denies this and she continues to follow him. in the process, Vargas bumps into Ramsay and Beth who are taking their children to the park. Beth shows Vargas her daughter, but admits that she and Ramsay are struggling with the baby's name. Then, Vargas, Ramsay and Beth sees a couple of masked teenagers on bikes attack Thomas. Vargas and Ramsay quickly rush to Thomas' aid as teenagers started to run away, but Ramsay manages to catch one of them.

At the hospital, Vargas, Shane and Scalieri visit Thomas, who is having a check up on his hand, but he continues to give them cold shoulder. Shane tells Thomas about her research of Stuart Lomax and confronts him about his former boss. Thomas tells her that Lomax was a serial rapist and killer who liked to target women in Chicago. One night, Lieutenant Finn sent his officers on night watch around Chicago, urging them to do whatever necessary to take down Lomax. Thomas and his partner Ashley Stephens found Lomax but they were brutally attacked and stabbed. Thomas survived but Stephens didn't. Scalieri arrived at the scene, came to Thomas' rescue and was forced to kill Lomax in self-defense. In the aftermath, the Scalieris and Stephens' family sued Lieutenant Finn and the Chicago Police Department over the incident, forcing the former into retiring from the job he loved. Shane angrily grills Thomas, but Scalieri defends her brother.

As Scalieri tries to calm Shane down, Thomas tells Vargas that his sister got publicly praised for her action, while he was mocked by public media for needing his little sister to save him. Vargas tells Thomas that his sister is a good person and defends her actions. He tells her that she doesn't understand his pain and shows her his scars on his body. Vargas is horrified what she sees and leaves. Shane and Scalieri follow after her but Vargas tells them to give her some space. Later, Shane goes to JACTF HQ where Chapel and Hobbs question the teenager. He refuses to talk as he mocks Chapel and Hobbs, calling them monkeys. Chapel tries to attack the boy, but Hobbs and Lee stop him and drag him out. Shane takes over as she questions him about the murder scene, but he denies being involved.

Meanwhile, Vargas visits Finn at his workplace and asks him for information about his father's whereabouts. Finn tells Vargas that he doesn't know as he explains that he lost contact with his father years ago. As Finn shows Vargas his father's old stuff, Thomas walks into the conversation, annoyed to see Vargas. Finn furiously snaps at Thomas for ruining his father's life, but Thomas tells Finn that the incident wasn't his fault. He then lectures Finn about his father, causing Finn to attack Thomas in front of their colleagues. The detectives (including Delgado, Elliott and Larsen) get involved in the fight, and after breaking it up, they take Finn and Thomas to separate rooms to cool off. Delgado returns and tries to comfort Vargas, but she brushes off his worries and tells her fiancée to keep a eye on Thomas. As she walks away, Vargas calls Shane and tells her that she thinks she know where Lieutenant Finn is. As Shane drives out of Los Angeles, Vargas shows her some photos of Finn and his father, telling her that she thinks Lieutenant Finn is living somewhere in Riverside, explaining about an old cabin that he used to take his family. Later, Vargas and Shane arrive at the location, but Shane gets distracted by Vargas' strange behavior. She tells her about Thomas' behavior towards her at the hospital and admits that she freaked out when Thomas removed his shirt in front of her. Shane tries to comfort Vargas, but Vargas admits that she is scared of being seduced as it reminded her of her experiences with Gordon. The two walk up to the cabin and knock on the door but nobody answer. As they are about to leave, a man (Ed Harris) emerges from the shadows and confronts them at gunpoint. Vargas and Shane reveals their identities and explain about the current murder investigation. As he continues to threaten them, Vargas quickly works out the man's identity as Lieutenant Joseph Finn. Shane begs Joseph to help the police, but Joseph refuses and he orders her and Vargas to leave. The two decide to go as they get into Shane's car and drive off.

Meanwhile, Scalieri visits Thomas, Amanda and their children at their home. Amanda opens up to Scalieri about her relationship with her husband and her struggle of moving into their new life. In his bedroom, Thomas researches Vargas on his computer and reads the article of her abusive stepfather's arrest. His hallucination of Lomax returns and confronts him over his obsession of Vargas. Thomas denies that he is obsessed with Vargas, but Lomax refuses to believe him. He then rushed downstairs when he hears Amanda scream. He and Scalieri goes to the backyard where they finds three naked women lying in the garden, dead and repeatedly stabbed. The next morning, the JACTF arrive at the scene. Thomas becomes uncomfortable when he see Vargas. Lomax tries to convince him to tell her how he feels, but Thomas furiously snaps at Lomax, telling him to stop twisting things. He walks to Vargas where he apologized to her about his behavior at the hospital, explaining that he wasn't trying to take advantage of her and that he didn't knew about her own past pain. Vargas accepts his apology. As the team looks around the bodies, Costas believes cause of death wasn't stabbing as she notices some bruising on one of the victims' neck. Everybody turns their attention to Thomas who revealed that Lomax was obsessed with the his victim's body. Sometimes he'd snaps the victim's neck or poison them after having his way on them. Vargas and Etheridge share their own confusion, but then Larsen revealed the killer attempts to poison the first victim as a needle was found near them. Then Hobbs arrives and finds a few wallets in the bushes. As the JACTF examine at the wallets, they discover that they belong to the victims. Thomas quickly recognize the victims' names as he tells the JACTF that they were all involved in Lomax murder case. The first victim was a former resident of Chicago, Janet White who gave Lieutenant Finn the case. All three victims used to work for the city of Chicago and were part of investigating the case. As a result, Vargas quickly figures out the murders aren't random, but revenge for Lomax's death and becomes worried that Scalieri or Thomas could be next.

Meanwhile, Scalieri and Lowry spend time with Amanda and her children at the park. Amanda tells Scalieri that she is going to take her children to her aunt until things calms down. As Scalieri discusses this with Amanda, Lowry looks after Amanda's children but then, Tommy Jr. and Aidan tell him that they can't find Summer. At a subway, Summer boards the train on her own. After getting off the train, she walks into the busy crowd without her listening aids after accidentally losing them. She then panics when she bumps into a drunk man wearing the the same mask as the killer. Summer shouts at the man, begging him to leave her alone before attacking him in front of a shocked crowd. Later, Vargas, Chapel and Etheridge arrive at the scene as Summer is arrested by the police. Thomas argues with Scalieri and Lowry, blaming them for the incident. Lowry tries to apologize, but Thomas violently attempts to strangle him. Vargas drags Thomas away while Lowry and Chapel attempts to clams Scalieri down. Outside of subway, Vargas argues with Thomas about his behavior towards his sister. She reminds Thomas the meaning of siblings, but he brushes her off, telling her that she doesn't understand his problems. Vargas warns Thomas that he will live to regret the way he has treated his sister.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Taylor arrive at Ramsay's house with their daughter Phoenix to visit Ramsay, Beth and their daughter. Ramsay tells Nancy and Taylor about his half-brother Christian and that he has been searching for him since their encounter with no luck. At the JACFT HQ, Devlin and Vargas leads the team meeting, but she warns that the continued bad blood between the Scalieris is causing a problem. The task force then gets a surprise when Lt. Finn appears, having decided to help out with the case and promising to sort out the Scalieris' feud. As Lt. Finn reveals his plan to trap the killer, Vargas confirms that Larsen has agree to join Scalieri and her family on their train journey but she needs more volunteers. However, her colleagues suggest she go. Devlin tells her that Thomas trusts her than his own sister or anybody else during the investigation. Vargas agrees but Shane warns her about Thomas. Vargas defends him, explaining that he has had a traumatic experience in the past, but promise that she won't get too close. As the team heads out, Chapel gets a call from Burnett, but tells him that he is busy. However, Burnett wants to talk to Chapel about something important since it's about Rockslider; Chapel agrees to meet him at Union Station.

At Union Station, Thomas, Amanda and their children arrive at the platform with Larsen and Finn guarding them. As the train arrive, Vargas and Scalieri appears on the same platform. Scalieri and Thomas gets annoyed of seeing each other but Joseph appears out of the shadow as he share some tough words with Scalieri and Thomas. He reminds them that they are siblings who needs to have each other back. Vargas promise that the JACTF and the police will behind them, following the train. As Vargas, Larsen, Scalieri and her family enters the train, Finn share a emotional reunion with his father. Joseph apologized to his son for walk out on him. Finn accepts his father's apology. At the train, Larsen tells the Scalieris that undercover police officers are on the train but also instructs them to stay together as a family during the journey and act as normal as possible in case the killer is amongst the other passengers. Then, the train starts to set off with the JACTF following behind, but Lee gets suspicious when Chapel fails to move. Then, Burnett arrives and enters the car along much to Lee's surprise. She confronts Chapel about Burnett's involvement, but he tells Lee that Burnett wants to speak to him something important regarding Rockslider Global as he starts to drive.

At the train, Scalieri opens up to Vargas about her family. She talks about her parents and her younger brother who she has a good relationship with. Vargas asks Scalieri why her relationship with Thomas turned sour. Scalieri admits that she wants to become better than her big brother when she was growing up, but never knew that Thomas was actually jealous of her. She breaks down as she opens up about Thomas' change of personality after the incident, adding that she tried to support her brother, but he furiously rejects her for months, eventually to the point where she decided to move away from her life and her family. She maintained contact with her parents and Edwin throughout her life, but she and Thomas didn't speak to each other again for years until Thomas moved to Los Angeles. As Vargas comforts Scalieri, Thomas walks up to them and asks them for food for the family, but Vargas snaps at him to get it himself before storming off from her seat. Thomas follows after her into the carriages until he drags her into a stairwell.

She snaps at Thomas, berating him for his hate towards his sister. Thomas tries to defend himself once again, but Vargas gets annoyed as she accuses him of putting his attention on her throughout the case. He tries to deny this but Vargas points out all the occasions. He then apologized to her and opens up about his guilt over Stephens' death and his distrust towards his sister after the stabbing. Vargas reminds him of her earlier warning as she begs Thomas to forgive Scalieri before it is too late. Then she gets a phone call from Shane who reveals that the train is going in a different direction. Most of the team continues to follow the train in the different direction, but Chapel and Lee ignore the signal as they stay on the same route. Burnett tells Chapel that he has a lead in San Diego, that NCIS found delivery logs of a freighter docked in San Diego which had C4 explosives, Stinger missiles and such within the cargo that were shipped to Iraq and suspect they've done or are doing something bad over there. Lee gets suspicious when she can't sees her colleagues in front, but Chapel believes that he is falling behind as he continues to drive in the same direction.

On the train, Vargas and Thomas quickly alert Larsen and Scalieri about it going in different direction. Larsen believes the driver is taking a shortcut but the engineer's announcement confused the passengers. Vargas and Scalieri tries to get to the front carriage, but they gets attacked by several armed masked men, who forces them back to their seats. Elliot appears from shadow and turns her gun on the detectives as and has the men hands their their weapons over. Thomas confronts Elliot over her actions and Larsen tries to reason with her, but then Amanda discovers Summer has urinated on herself, causing Vargas to realize that Elliot was the killer all along. Elliot applauds her for her guess while angrily grilling Thomas and Scalieri before revealing her true identity as Stuart Lomax's daughter. Elliot admits her actions were to avenge her late father, blaming Thomas for his death, but Thomas defends himself and Scalieri as he reminds Elliot that her father was a serial rapist and murderer. As Elliot continues to defend her father, Thomas snaps back as he tells her that her father repeatedly abused and raped her mother for years, and that she had been so afraid to leave, and was relieved over his death. Elliot refuses to believe it, citing that she was never abused nor did she see him do anything to her mother or anyone else. Vargas points out that her parents did a good job of hiding the abuse: her father to protect himself and her mother to protect her. Elliot furiously attacked Vargas. Scalieri steps in but is knocked out by Elliot who hits her in the head. As Vargas struggles to wake Scalieri up, Elliot tells her man in the engine to full speed the train.

Meanwhile, Etheridge calls Devlin and Shane, telling them that the train has gone off-track. Lt. Finn looks at the train system and believe that somebody has hijacked the train. Chapel and Lee get stuck in the busy traffic near a level crossing. As Chapel and Burnett continued to talk about San Diego, Lee gets a phone call from Shane. She tells Shane that she and Chapel are stuck in the traffic. When Lee gives out the location, Lt. Finn discovers the train is heading to the same location and becomes worrying that it may crash into something and derail. Lee tells Chapel to get out of there, but Chapel struggles to get through as he is edged close to railway. He shuts his car off, but this cause anger from the ones behind him. As the train speeds up, Vargas fights with Elliot, who quickly overpowers her. Thomas tries to apologized to Elliot, but she refuses to accept it. An angry man gets out of his car and angrily confronts Chapel. He, Lee and Burnett tries to explain the situation, but the man becomes belligerent towards them. He then jumps back into his car and tries to push Chapel's car onto the tracks. Chapel struggles to keep off the tracks as Lee sees the train heading into the same direction. The three agents then bail out of the car before the train hits it. The collision causes the train to stop. As Chapel, Lee and Burnett rushed to the train, the passengers screams and panic around inside. Thomas checks on his wife and his children before rushing to his sister's aid along with Larsen. As Thomas comfort a conscious Scalieri, Elliot attempts to escape but gets knocked down by Vargas, who handcuffs the disgraced detective as her other colleagues and the police arrive on-scene.

Later, the JACTF, Larsen and Thomas arrive at the hospital, waiting on news about Scalieri. Chapel apologized to Thomas for the train crash, but Thomas assures him that it wasn't his fault. Then, a doctor arrives and tells Scalieri's friends and family that she will be okay as he explains her injury isn't too serious. As Larsen requests to see her, the doctor allowed some visitors, but Scalieri wants to see her brother first. Thomas isn't too sure, but Vargas and Larsen convince him to be a brother to her. As Thomas goes to his sister's hospital room, the JACTF are perplexed when they see Chloe Hartman at the hospital, using a walking cane. Hartman explained that Ramsay and Beth were going to visit her, but they never showed up. Ramsay apologizes to Hartman as he explains the situation with Scalieri, but he and Beth introduced Hartman their baby daughter. Ramsay and Beth finally reveal their daughter's name to their friends as Chloe Cameron, short for C.C. Hartman smiles gently as she carefully holds C.C. in her arms as Ramsay and Beth tells Hartman what she means to them. Then, Vargas asks Hartman when she will return to work. Hartman reveals that she is still recovering, but figures that she will be back in a couple of weeks.

At the end, Thomas visits his sister at her hospital bedside. Scalieri and Thomas share a heartwarming moment with them admitting that they missed each other. As Thomas holds his sister's hand, he sees his hallucination of Lomax once again in the mirror, smiling smugly, unnerving him...

  • Scott doesn't appear in this episode

#16 - "Stay Close"

In August 2005, Charlotte travels to a Houston prison to visit her grandmother. She opens up about her family and new job, then asks Lily why she killed four men. Lily explains that they did horrible things to her friend a long time ago. As Lily explains the full details to Charlotte, a flashback takes place on Halloween 1964 where a teenage Lily (Talitha Bateman) follows a man to a party. Later, he confronts her outside of the party before taking her to his house. Lily seduces him into bed and then stabs him repeatedly. Days later, Lily catches the attention of two more men at the bar. She flits with them as they headed into the motel. During a truth or dare challenge, Lily seduces both of them but then brutally snaps one man's neck, killing him. The other man tries to fight back against Lily, attempting to assault her, but she quickly overpowered him, bashing his head into the wall, killing him too. The next day, Lily is walking home from her school when her teacher ambushes and drags her into his car. He demands answers about his friends' disappearances but she refuses to answer and denied her involvement. As a older Lily attempts to explain more, a guard tells her that the visiting time is over. Charlotte shares her disappointment, but Lily promises that they will speak again.

In the present day, Charlotte spends time with Emily and Gabrielle at the hairdresser. Charlotte confronts Emily after seeing her sister playing with a ring on her necklace. Emily tells her that she is keeping the ring safe for a friend. Charlotte then turns her attention to Gabrielle as she helps her choose a hairstyle, but then gets spooked when she seemingly sees Kate's ghost behind her, looking at her. At the JACTF HQ, Devlin informs Lowry of his test results, revealed that he is clear. Lowry celebrates, but Lee gets suspicious when she reads the paper. Shane sees Vargas suspiciously talking to somebody over the phone in her office. She confront Vargas, who admits that she has been speaking to Thomas, explaining that she has booked him for a support group. She tells Shane that Thomas isn't bad person, reminding her of what happened to him. Shane warns Vargas to be careful around him regardless. Then, Shane gets a phone call from a worried Emily who tells her that Charlotte and Gabrielle have vanished.

Later, Vargas and Shane arrive at the hairdresser where Emily explains that she sees Charlotte and Gabrielle heads out to get coffee and never returned. Vargas then meets up with Larsen in the CCTV room, and he shows her the surveillance camera footage, which shows Charlotte and Gabrielle leaving in a black car. She points that Charlotte looks very upset during the video and tells Larsen that Charlotte stuffers from bipolar disorder. Then, Shane arrives and tells Vargas that Charlotte didn't take her medication with her. Larsen tells Vargas and Shane that the police normally investigate a disappearance after 24 hours, but Shane warns Larsen that Charlotte may hurt somebody or Gabrielle while unmedicated. Vargas promises her that the two will be found and persuades Shane to reach out to her family to see if they've heard anything.

Meanwhile, Chapel, Lee and Burnett visits Hunsacker at her office to talk about the train collision from the previous episode. Hunsacker tells the three that she has spoken to the detectives who investigated the collision and they have confirmed that Chapel won't be charged as the evidence mainly points at the driver who pushed Chapel's car into the tracks. The trio celebrate the news. In prison, Diego sees Felix talking to somebody on the phone, acting pleased. After Felix finishes his call, Diego confronts him, but Felix tells Diego to mind his business. Diego takes his turn on the phone to call Vargas, but he works out that she is upset. She tells Diego that Charlotte and Gabrielle has disappear. As Vargas explains the details, Diego decides to keep a closer eye on Felix as he watches him talking to another prisoner. When Felix leaves, Diego walks up to the same prisoner and asks him about their business. He tells Diego that Felix told him to spread the word that his daughter Gabrielle is coming to see him. which deeply concerns Diego.

Meanwhile, Scalieri arrived at Thomas's unit at LAPD to surprise her brother with lunch. Thomas is pleased to see his sister, but believes that she should stay at home given what happened; she assures him that she is fine. As they prepare to eat, Scalieri questions Thomas about his friendship with Vargas. Thomas denies that they are friends, explaining that Vargas is helping him out with his personal issue. She warns him to be careful with Vargas due of her past. Then Scalieri sees Larsen rushing out of the station. Scalieri joins Larsen on a drive to the lake near Los Angeles where the same black car has been found. Also, Vargas, Ramsay and Etheridge arrive at the scene, searching the car but couldn't find anybody. Then, Ramsay opens the car trunk where the driver is discovered dead with a gunshot wound to the head. The next day, Scott arrives at the JACTF HQ, celebrating his return, but fails to notice that his colleagues aren't in the mood to celebrate. When he tries to crack a joke to lighten the mood, Devlin furiously lashes out at him, telling him that the HQ is a workplace, not a comedy club. Scott calls him out for being rude but Hobbs reveals that Charlotte and Gabrielle have disappeared.

At Emily's house, Finn, Jonathan and Emily try to comfort a worried Shane, who is searching every room for clues as to their whereabouts. Then, Edith, Glenn and Dalton arrive at the house where they asks Shane for any news, to which she admits she has none. As the family clashes over the situation, Shane sees her grandmother Lily outside of the house. She confronts Lily and demands to know where Charlotte and Gabrielle are, but Lily denies of any involvement in their disappearances. Then she tells Shane that Charlotte called her yesterday, acting very distressed. Lily admits that she tried to talk to Charlotte but she quickly hung up. She begs Shane to let her help, but Shane refuses and tells Lily to stay out. As Shane drives away, Lily tries to talk her daughter and tries to apologize to her but Edith is only interested of finding her own daughter.

Meanwhile, Vargas visits her father in prison where Diego tells her about his suspicions about Felix. She then goes to see Felix at his cell and tells him about his daughter's disappearance. Felix acts shocked to finds out about Gabrielle, but denies of any involvement or knowledge of the disappearance. As she leaves the prison, Vargas sees a somebody in a black hoodie walking around the area, and chases after them. After a long chase, Vargas catches the person before throwing them to the ground. She handcuffs them, but she is shocked to find the person as Christian, who quickly tries to warn of something her. As Vargas demands answers, she is knocked out by a unknown person. She later wakes up at a bus stop as two police officers confronts Vargas in the scene. Vargas identifies herself as a fellow cop, but tells the officers that she can't remember how she ended up there. The officers laugh at Vargas for not remembering how she got to the bus stop and demand to search her, believing her to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Thomas then arrives and tells them that she is with him. The officers quickly recognize Thomas, let Vargas go and apologize to her for any confusion. As Vargas gets into Thomas' car, she sees Charlotte in the back passenger seat. He tells her that Charlotte was arrested for shoplifting in Palm Springs. Vargas tries to ask about Gabrielle, but a confused Charlotte struggles to answer.

Later, Vargas and Thomas arrive at the JACTF HQ where Thomas explains the full details of Charlotte's arrest. Shane angrily grills her sister for abandoning Gabrielle, but Charlotte tells her that Gabrielle is a grown woman. Shane violently slaps Charlotte, causing a fight breaks out between two sisters. As Shane's colleagues get involved to break up the fight, Lily arrives at the station and orders her two granddaughters to stop. Shane pushes herself away before threatening to kill Charlotte if Gabrielle is found dead. Later, the team becomes divided as Ramsay and Etheridge clash over the situation until Vargas reveals Christian's name. She tells her colleagues that she saw him outside the prison and believes that he may be involved in the disappearances. But Ramsay refuses to believe Vargas and strongly defends his brother. Etheridge reminds Ramsay that Christian was involved in criminal activity just weeks prior, but Hobbs reveals there isn't any proof that Christian is involved. Shane overhears the argument and confronts Ramsay about his brother. He tells her that Christian is a good person, and used to be in Navy, but Shane accuses Ramsay of being compromised.

Meanwhile, Chapel tells Devlin that he's going to Iraq with Burnett to investigate a shipment of weapons that Rockslider Global delivered to Iraq since they had been there back in their SEAL days. Devlin tells them to come back safe as Chapel and Burnett head for the airport. Then, Scott gets their attention to gift Chapel with a new car and thank him for saving his life. Devlin heads back to the JACFT HQ, carrying a bottle of tequila. Lowry sees him and confronts his upset boss; Devlin tells him that Sherri wants a divorce, showing him the letter from his wife's lawyer. He tells Lowry that he is a good man, but failed to notice Lowry's worried reaction. Then Lee gets their attention, telling them about the argument over Christian. In a conference room, Lily comforts a upset Charlotte while trying to distract her from the loud argument. Kate's ghost appears again to Charlotte, warning her not to trust her grandmother, reminding her that Lily was the reason that she is dead. A flashback shows a young Charlotte covered in blood with a knife and then fast-fowards to Charlotte talking to somebody on the phone, telling them that Kate is gone. Devlin, Lowry and Lee arrive into the station as Scalieri and Thomas try to break up the argument. Shane tells Devlin of her belief that Christian is responsible, but Ramsay continues to defend his brother.

Etheridge, Shane and Hobbs head their car to go and find Christian while Ramsay follows behind them. Vargas heads to her car, but she is ambushed by a mysterious woman, who tasers her before dragging her into a van. At the same time, Thomas tries to talk Scalieri out of getting into danger, but she assures him that she will be fine. As Scalieri drives off, Thomas notice a van driving away in a hurry. Shane, Etheridge and Hobbs arrive at Christian's last-known address but only find a couple in the house. They deny knowing anything as they revealed that Christian hasn't lived in this house in over a year. Shane, however believes that the couple is lying, and demands answers of Christian's whereabouts. As the couple continues to deny everything, Ramsay arrives and tries to calm the situation. Thomas calls his sister, telling her about the suspicious van that he saw right near where Vargas's car as as he follows the driver to downtown. She tells him to call for backup while she alerts her colleagues. Shane, losing patience, angrily demands that the couple tell them where Christian is. As they continued to deny knowing his whereabouts, Ramsay sees a 5 years old girl by the stairs, looking scared. He quickly forces Shane to back off, and berates her. The couple confesses that the girl isn't theirs, she's Christian's. The husband reveals that Christian left his daughter in their care as he took jobs in the different country. Ramsay introduced himself to Christian's daughter, Cathy, as her uncle.

Meanwhile, the van that took Vargas drives into the car park of Walt Disney Concert Hall. The driver and the woman drag a blindfold Vargas out of the van and into the hall. Thomas arrives into the scene shortly afterwards. He calls Larsen and gives him the address. Outside of the JACTF HQ, Lee talks to Lowry about his test results. Lee tells Lowry that the results are faked and demands an answer. Lowry tries to explain, but he and Lee see a upset Gabrielle running up the street. They rush over and comfort her, and she explains what happened. As the rest of the team exits Christian's house, Scalieri arrives and tells her colleagues about Thomas has a lead and is heading to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Lee calls Shane and tells her that Gabrielle has been found, but the team becomes confused over this until Ramsay quickly notices that Vargas is missing. At the concert hall, Vargas hears the voice of a mysterious man who share his happiness of finally meeting her. He removes the bag from Vargas's head and revealing himself as Dineen, and introduces himself to Vargas. As Dineen removes the tape from her mouth, Vargas notices his hand has been recently injured. He admits that he kidnapped Gabrielle and planned to take her to see her father in prison, but she refused and escaped from him. Dineen bemoans his grandniece's refusal to see her father, but Vargas reminds Dineen his nephew's crimes against Gabrielle. Dineen lashes out at Vargas as the subject changes to Diego. She defends her father, but Dineen points out that her father abandoned her and left her and her mother in the hands of a monster. Then, Christian arrives and tells Dineen that there are police heading their way. As Dineen's guys pack their stuff to leave, Christian tries to talk to Vargas, but she refuses to listen. While she wasn't looking, Christian puts a flash drive into Vargas' coat pocket.

Dineen drags Vargas outside as he and his men heads to a big truck. Then, Thomas arrives and confronts Dineen and his men at gunpoint. Dineen laughs at Thomas' appearance, mocking Vargas for having her 'boyfriend' come to her rescue. Vargas tells Dineen that Thomas isn't her boyfriend. She then bites Dineen's injury hand, flips him to the floor and jumps out of the moving truck. Dineen tries to shoot Vargas, but misses twice as she dives down for cover. Shane, Ramsay and Scalieri rush to the scene as Thomas helps Vargas out, and Dineen and his men speed away. As Vargas gets checked over by paramedics, Scalieri praise her brother for his heroic actions. Thomas tells his sister that he isn't a hero, but gives her a small knowing smile. Then, he asks her if she will come to Aidan's football game at his school. Scalieri accepts, but Thomas warns his sister not to get cheeky. A confused Vargas finds the flash drive in her coat pocket and gives it to Devlin. Then she asks Shane if she wants to tagged along as she decides to make a prison visit.

The next day, a prison guard tells Felix that he has a visitor and says it is his daughter. Felix initially celebrates his happiness, but when he went to visiting room, he is shocked to see Vargas and Shane, but no Gabrielle. He asks demands to know where she is, but Shane tells him that he will never see his daughter again. As Felix argues with Shane, Vargas tells Felix that she met his uncle, Dineen, and that they know that he was planning to take Gabrielle to see Felix, but she fight back against him and escaped. A furious Felix lashes out, warning Vargas that Diego isn't perfect and inquires about her aunt Rebecca. As Felix walks off angrily, Shane asks Vargas about her plan. Vargas reveals the full details, but also states that the trip will be family only.

#17 - "Empire State"

In July 1995, a young Diego tells his siblings that he is having a baby girl as he shows them the baby's scan. Lance and Sandra share their happiness to Diego, but Rebecca gets upset and accuses him of abandoning his family for his new partner and their unborn baby. As Diego tries to defend himself, Sandra accidentally reveals about him and Henderson being married months before. Rebecca lashes out in anger towards him, as she tries to warns Lance and Rebecca (who knew about Diego's marriage) that he can't be trusted, but Lance stands up for Diego, telling Rebecca that she is out of line. As Rebecca storms off upset, Lance gives Diego a teddy bear for his new niece. In the present day, Vargas and Aldridge visit Rebecca in prison. She uses pictures to introduce Vargas and Aldridge to her 1-year-old son, Ivan (named after her late father). Rebecca lashes out at Vargas, blaming her for Weber's death and her downfall. Vargas defends herself and her family as she berates Rebecca for her parenting, reminding her about her other son, Mac, as well as her trying to kill most of their family. She tries to asks her aunt about Diego and Dineen. but Rebecca become more interested of talking about a threesome she had with a male guard and another prisoner.

As Rebecca reveals the details, Vargas and Aldridge snap at their aunt and demand answers about Diego. Rebecca tells her nieces that Diego is a secretive person, but she does know Dineen. Rebecca tells Vargas and Aldridge that Dineen used to work for MI6 until an incident in New York that killed his family. Rebecca adds that the friendship between MI6 and CIA turned sour when Dineen and his MI6 colleagues blamed the CIA for the incident. As Vargas and Aldridge are about to leave, Rebecca shows off her 5-month-pregnant bump, revealing that she is going to have another baby. A horrified Aldridge calls Rebecca an dirty animal who doesn't know the meaning of consequences, while Vargas tells Rebecca that she feel bad for the father of her baby but Rebecca tells her horrified nieces that it was the result of a gangbang. As they leave, Vargas tells the prison warden to keep eyes on some of the male guards due of her aunt. Later, the two meet their uncle and aunt, Martinez outside their huge caravan but are surprised to see their other family members greeting them. Vargas tells her family about seeing Rebecca. As they enters the caravan, Mac tells Vargas that he has been working with Victoria to gain custody of Ivan and will do so for his upcoming unborn half-slibing. He expresses worry about his mother's manipulative and promiscuous behavior in prison, but Martinez tells Mac that his mother is too selfish to get help.

Meanwhile in Iraq, Chapel and Burnett speak to the Marines at a base camp. The Marines tells them that there's a nearby village that was attacked by insurgents and many innocent people died over there. When the Marines intercepted them, they discovered the weapons they used were delivered by Rockslider Global. Chapel and Burnett decide to investigate the village. In Los Angeles, Charlotte arrives at Shane's and tries to apologize to her sister about her recent actions, but Shane refused to accept it and closes the door on her furiously. As she watches Charlotte break down in the street, Emily tries to talk to Shane about their sister. Shane says that Charlotte went too far, and demands Emily kick her out. She goes outside to her car to go to work. Charlotte continues to try to apologize but Shane continues to ignore her as she drives off to work. At JACTF HQ, Lowry sees Lee entering Devlin's office, and quickly enters at the same time but the two see him talking to Hunsacker. When he asks Lowry and Lee what they want, they both make an excuse and leave. Lowry begs Lee to not tell anybody that he edited the test results and promise that he will redo the test without cheating. Then, Shane arrives and goes went to her office where she downloads the same flash drive that Christian give to Vargas into her computer.

After a long drive, Vargas and her family finally arrive in New York; Vargas takes the moment to reveals the date of her and Delgado's wedding. Then Henderson, Angela and Delgado surprise Vargas via video call and are later shocked when the former's sister Alison unexpectedly arrives. As Henderson argues with her sister about the wedding plans, Vargas warns Delgado about her aunt, which Delgado acknowledges. Alison grabs Delgado's phone and tells Vargas that she will make the best wedding ever. Meanwhile, overseas, Chapel and Burnett arrive at the Iraqi village and see the damage done in the area. The Marines tell them that over 250 civilians, including 24 children, were killed by the insurgents using the weapons acquired from Rockslider. They show them the weapons and an inscription inside their barrels reveals a small logo that matches Rockslider's. Chapel and Burnett realize that the company is delivering weapons to enemies of the United States to ensure conflict around the world and continued profits. At JACTF HQ, Shane struggles to crack the password on the computer. When Devlin inquires about it, Lee tells him that she wants to get away from Charlotte. Then Scalieri enters, dragging a handcuffed Charlotte inside, explaining that she was outside causing a disturbance and refusing to leave. Devlin tells Shane and Scalieri to watch over HQ while he and Hunsacker go to meet Sherri and her lawyer.

In New York, Vargas, Aldridge, Martinez and Sandra discuss their plan. Aldridge tells her family the location of the CIA's New York section headquarters as she plans to meet her father's old colleagues. Vargas looks over news articles the incident which killed 27 people during the Thanksgiving parade in Time Square via the internet. Later, Vargas and Sandra went to the NYPD and speak to Detective Peter Carson (Edward Norton) about the incident, but he and Sandra are shocked to see each other. Sandra reveals that Peter is her ex-husband and the father of her sons. Carson and his partner Detective Polly Kelly (Pom Klementieff) tell Vargas and Sandra that the person who was responsible for the incident was a member of a Middle Eastern terrorist organization. Carson revealed the person was arrested, but later committed in suicide in police custody. He shows Vargas the photo of the terrorist's suicide and his note. Vargas learns Dineen's wife and children were among the victims as Kelly revealed the terrorist was targeted them. Dineen's wife, Martha and her kids was in New York at the time, visiting Martha's mother. Carson also reveals the terrorist was hired by Dineen's men to kill his family; he found them in their hotel room where he killed them, before blowing up the hotel; the debris from the explosion ended up crushing multiple people at the parade. Vargas shares her confusion about Dineen's identity, working for MI6. Carson tells Vargas that Diego tried to warns MI6 about Dineen but they refused to listen.

Back in Iraq, while going over the information of Rockslider, Burnett wonder why would Drummond would give weapons to enemies of the United States. Chapel believes that he and Rockslider are trying to fuel instability and violence so that way they can justify the need for military action, and thus sell more weapons. Burnett says that they don't have enough to shut the company down and that they need solid incriminating evidence to get to Drummond and the others. Chapel says that they should put a tail Drummond's head of security, Major Greg Taylor, when they return stateside. In New York, Vargas reads Dineen's file, including the part when while working for MI6, Dineen gatecrashed Diego's undercover and caused a major incident which resulted him being fired. Dineen continued to work for British government unsanctioned and retained friends in MI6, but blamed Diego for his downfall. As Sandra and Vargas talk about Diego's time in CIA, the latter gets distracted when she sees a woman (Melissa Roxburgh) enters the cafe with her 2-year-old-daughter. Vargas tells Sandra that girl is Bridger Fontana's child, explaining that Bridger had a one night stand with a stripper at nightclub. The woman, Grace moved out of town after learning about her pregnancy and Bridger's arrest. Bridger learned about his child and wanter to see her, but Grace banned him from any contact. Vargas adds that she was the only person to went to Bridger's funeral, and she met Bridger's lawyer who mistook her for Grace, and gave her Bridger's gift to his daughter. Vargas admits that she didn't tell anyone because of Jonathan and Angela's situation and because Juliet was on the run. She begs Sandra not to tell anybody until time is right.

Later, Vargas and Sandra travel to the same hotel where Dineen's family died, but unknown to him, a man (Billy Magnussen) follows them to same location. Vargas and Sandra went the room where Dineen's wife and children were killed; Vargas attempts to recreate the murder scene, but Sandra gets suspicious as she reads the details of the family's murder. Then somebody bursts into the room and the two try to fight him off, but gets overpowered by the man who identifies himself as Case Officer Doug Linden (Michael Cudlitz), who is revealed to be Diego's partner. Back in Iraq, Chapel and Burnett speak to Shane and Scalieri over a secured video call about their findings regarding Rockslider's involvement in shipping weapons to insurgents, which led to the massacre of the Iraqi village. Shane says that they need to get Drummond and the others on something stateside if they want an conviction. Chapel acknowledges and says that he and Burnett will be back within a day or so. Back in New York hotel, Linden cuffs Vargas and Sandra and confronts them about them being in New York. Vargas tells Linden about Dineen and he responds that Dineen is a troublemaker who has had a vendetta against Diego for years. He admits that he was involved in Diego faking his death, revealing that Diego was involved in car accident on an assignment gone wrong and that the police didn't find never found his body, and only presumed him dead. A week later, an alive Diego visited Linden and begged for his help to get out of the country. Linden agreed to help, but struggled to understand Diego's real reasons. He apologizes to Vargas for helping her dad fake his death.

In Los Angeles, Scalieri gets a call from Larsen, who tells her about a body has been found under a local bridge, but Shane volunteers to go because she wants to get away from Charlotte. Later, she arrives at the bridge as Larsen, Hobbs and Scott investigate crime scene. Scott tells Shane the victim is believed to have fallen from the bridge but there are no signs of a struggle so far. She looks over the body but sees a gunshot wound in the victim's back and a familiar tattoo on his wrist, causing her to believe that he was working for Rockslider. Shane warns Scott and Hobbs that the team is short with Vargas, Chapel and Etheridge absent but promises to help them out. Hobbs shares his confusion about Etheridge, but Shane tells Hobbs that she has gone to visit her mother after she had a fall. At the JACTF HQ, Scalieri gets annoyed when Charlotte tries to get her attention. Scalieri lashes out at Charlotte before walking off into the bathroom but left horrified to see Lowry half-naked with Lee. Scalieri accuses the two being inappropriate but Lowry and Lee deny this. As the three argue, Ramsay walks in, demanding answers. Scalieri accuses Lowry and Lee of getting heavy in the bathroom; Ramsay laughs at Scalieri, reminding her that Lowry is gay. Scalieri however asks what they were really doing, but the two decline to answer.

Meanwhile, Vargas, Sandra and Linden exit the hotel and get confronted by a group of masked men, who start shooting at them. The trio flee from the scene, but the men chase after them into the subway. As Linden stays behind and takes on the shooters, Vargas and Sandra enter a train but two of the men follow them. They run down to the end of the train where they jump out. As they run through the tunnel, Vargas asks Sandra some advice on married life and on her feelings for Carson. but Sandra denies that she still have feelings for her ex-husband, telling her niece that she has move on. In Los Angeles, Henderson and Angela are shocked to see a van outside of their house. They runs inside where Alison reveals that she will be moving in until her niece's wedding. As Alison reveals her plan, Hendersons snaps at her sister, telling her that the wedding is still being sorted out, but Alison mocks the current plans for it. Then, Henderson and Angela become shocked when they see a horse in the garden. Alison revealed she rented it and will used for the wedding, but Henderson reminds her that Vargas is scared of riding horse after being injured in an accident when she was 8.

In divorce court, Devlin and Hunsacker meet up with Sherri and her lawyer, but they struggle to make a deal after Sherri makes him a offer to settle quickly. Later, Devlin agrees to some of Sherri's offer, but asks Hunsacker to help him with his divorce. In Virginia, Aldridge and Martinez arrive at CIA headquarters where they meet with the director to talk about Diego. Later, the two look at Diego's file, but are shocked when they see something unusual. At the JACTF HQ, Shane arrives and share the details of the crime scene to Scalieri, but Ramsay interrupts the conversation, telling Shane and Scalieri that Etheridge calls him earlier, confirming that her mother has passed away. He reveals that her mother had a stroke at her house and paramedics arrived, but were too late to save her. Ramsay tells Shane and Scalieri that Etheridge will be away little bit longer for the funeral and to settle her mother's affairs. As Shane wonders how will she tells Chelsea about her grandmother's death, Scott and Hobbs arrive and reveal the victim's name; Seth Steffen. Scott tells Shane that Steffen was working for Rockslider and that her was seen during the night when Vargas was kidnapped. Later, Edith arrives at the HQ to pick up Charlotte but she refuses to leave without speaking to Shane; Shane orders Scott and Ramsay to get her sister out. As Scott and Ramsay drag Charlotte out of the HQ, Edith tries to talk Shane about her, but Shane tells her mother that she is done with her sister.

Meanwhile in Iraq, Chapel and Burnett wait at their camp as one of the Marines comes to them and reveals that they have found survivors of the massacre. As Chapel and Burnett come out, a mother and her son arrive and reveal something shocking: after the massacre, the insurgents were speaking to someone on a speaker phone, saying that the weapons delivered to them had paid off and that the caller said that they have also delivered their weapons to various arm dealers around the world who are looking to sell to terrorists, which shocks Chapel and Burnett. Burnett asks if they got the name of the caller, to which the woman and her son reply they didn't, but add that the leader of the insurgents said to the caller that the company name Rockslider will receive their profits for the weapons delivered to them. The next day, Aldridge and Martinez return to New York and their family, where they share their discovery with Vargas and Sandra. Aldridge tells Vargas that somebody went after their dad on the day of car accident, but isn't too sure who was really responsible as she share her suspicious. Vargas calls Rebecca and asks her if she sent somebody after Diego that day, but Rebecca denies any involvement. Meanwhile, middle of nowhere, Dineen and Christian meet up with their boss, Drummond. He confronts them about their failed plan, but Dineen promises there will be no setbacks. Then Dineen tells Drummond that Chapel and Burnett are in Iraq for their investigation about Rockslider. The corrupt colonel revealed that he has a plan to have Chapel and Burnett killed as he gives Dineen and Christian an order. As Drummond drives away, Christian asks Dineen about Vargas, but he tells him that he has hired somebody to go after Vargas.

The next day, Vargas goes to the apartment where Grace and her daughter live; Grace is shocked to see Vargas at her doorstep. Vargas tells Grace that Bridger had left a gift to his daughter, but Grace refuses to accept it. Vargas tells her that Bridger would've be a better father than his biological father. She sees Grace's 2-years-old daughter, Mary Jane (M.J) walk towards her mother. As she enters the apartment, Vargas opens Bridger's gift in front of Grace and Mary Jane, which reveals old photos of Bridger, and lots of money. Grace shares her fears about her daughter being a Fontana, but Vargas promise Grace that nobody will come after her. At Shane's house, Shane tells Chelsea that her grandmother had passed away. Jonathan tries to comfort his girlfriend but Chelsea runs upstairs, upset. Jonathan follows her to his bedroom where she shares her fear of losing him as she mourns her grandmother, but Jonathan promises Chelsea that she won't lose him. Back in New York, Vargas exits the apartment and sees a wounded Linden. She tries to help him but he turns his gun on her, revealing his true colors. As Linden's men arrive, he tells Vargas that she need to know the truth about her father. The same man who followed Vargas and Sandra to the hotel drags Vargas to his car as Linden apologizes to Vargas for betraying her and her father. As Linden tries to talk his hit-man out of hurting Vargas, the man, Shawn shoots Linden dead in the front of her to her horror. Shawn tells Vargas that Linden was weak and failed in his mission, by letting her and her aunt getting away. He jumps in his car and drives Vargas out of New York.

After a long drive, Shawn arrives in Washington, D.C. and takes Vargas inside of a hideout, where Dineen and his men are waiting for them. Dineen congratulations Shawn for completing his mission as Shawn tells him that he killed Linden for his mistake. Vargas lashes out at Dineen, but then left horrified when she sees live footage on a TV, showing Chapel and Burnett heading to airport. Dineen reveals he is working with Rockslider in exchange for Drummond supplying weapons to him and his people. He tells Vargas about his co-conspirator's plot to have Chapel and Burnett killed. Vargas tries to talk Dineen down, but he refuses to listen. Back in New York, Aldridge gets worried of Vargas' disappearance as her family enjoys their day at in Central Park. Then, Carson and Kelly arrive wanting to talk to Vargas. At the hideout, Vargas demands to know why Dineen really hates Diego; he tells Vargas that her father was anything but a perfect man, reminding her of his secrets. Then Dineen tells Vargas that he stole his family, specifically Martha, from him before they were killed, revealing that the two had an affair. He reveals his anger towards his wife and that he hired somebody to scare Martha away from Diego, but things went wrong when Dineen's children witnessed the argument. Dineen breaks down, mourning his family's deaths, but Vargas furiously attacks Dineen and reminds that other people died because of his actions. However, Dineen defends himself, putting all blame on Diego; he reveals Martha gave him up to Diego, when Dineen was planning to bomb the hotel in London. Dineen knew about his wife's affair and was planned to kill his wife's lover, but things backfired and his family ended up dead instead. Dineen shows Vargas his wife's love letters to Diego, reveals that Martha was planning to leave her husband, and now he wants Diego to lose something too.

In Iraq, as Chapel and Burnett arrive at the airport, Chapel gets a call from Christian who tells him that somebody is after him and Burnett. As Chapel warns Burnett, they see a man looking at them. Chapel tries to calm Burnett's worries, but a group of men arrived and hold the two at gunpoint. As she sees Chapel and Burnett getting cornered, Vargas tells Dineen that her colleagues don't deserve to die. Chapel and Burnett then fight off the men and kill several of the attackers as they run out of ammo. The two then run and hide in airport's bus station. On Dineen's orders, his men attack Vargas but she quickly overpowers and outmatches them. Shawn then fights her, and grabs a knife to stab her, but Vargas quickly grabs her gun and shoot him dead. Vargas runs outside to catch Dineen attempting to escape, ordering him to surrender. With a smirk, Dineen tells Vargas that she is too late as he confirms Drummond has sent a drone strike in Chapel and Burnett's direction. Vargas runs to the TV where she see the bus station get blown up. She breaks down in shock as Dineen gets away.

Later, Aldridge and Sandra look at the video while Martinez comforts a worried Vargas. Carson tries to tells Vargas about his and Kelly's discovery but Vargas tells him that she already knows. Then, Aldridge informs Vargas that she can't see Chapel and Burnett anywhere near the station before the explosion. As Vargas shares her theories, she gets a call from Shane, who asks her for any news about Chapel and Burnett. Vargas tells Shane that she don't know nor does she have any leads on their whereabouts.

At the end, Dineen visits Drummond in his office. He asks the colonel if Chapel and Burnett are truly dead. Drummond replies that his men are checking now, but there is very little chance they could've survived...

  • Etheridge doesn't appear in this episode.

#18 - "Love vs Hate"

Ramsay, Scalieri and Scott arrive outside of a movie theater where two police officers inform them that a couple brutally beaten to death. As Scott and Scalieri take a look at the victims, one of the police officers shows Ramsay a video of an argument in the cinema involving an individual and the couple before the murders. Scott then finds credentials to a top government lab in the man's pocket, which indicates the man worked for the government. At the same time, Vargas returns to Los Angeles and visits her father in prison to confront him about his affair with Dineen's wife. Diego tells Vargas that he didn't plan to fall in love with Martha as he admits to the affair to his daughter. Vargas warns Diego that she won't speak to him again if Chapel and Burnett turn up dead. At the JACTF HQ, Devlin warns Shane that some of their colleagues have been asking about Chapel. She tells Devlin to wait a little longer as she explains Burnett's boss is sending somebody to find him and Chapel in Iraq.

Meanwhile in Iraq, Chapel and Burnett are revealed to be alive after jumping into a nearby bus to evade the strike and escape afterwards. Hiding in the airport, they spot two Rockslider soldiers looking around. They take them out using their knives and take their weapons. Burnett wonders how they will get home, but Chapel says that he has no idea. Back in Los Angeles, Vargas goes to the JACTF HQ where she gets involved in the investigation but is distracted following recent revelations. She visits Shane at her office and tells her about Dineen's involvement with Rockslider and his family's deaths, also revealing Diego's affair with Dineen's wife Martha. Shane tells her not to give up on her father. Vargas asks if their colleagues know about Chapel and Burnett, but Shane tells her that their families only know about what happened. Ramsay overhears their conversation and enters Shane's office, confronting her and Vargas about Chapel and Burnett. Later, Scalieri, Scott, Lee, Hobbs and Lowry discover out the truth about their missing colleagues and grill Vargas for keeping it from them. Vargas tries to defend herself, but Scott furiously lashes out at her. Devlin and Shane tell him to stop, as the former add that it is not Vargas's fault over what happened to Chapel and Burnett, and they took a risk going to Iraq of their own free will. Lee and Hobbs come to agree with Devlin and Lowry and Scalieri opt to remain neutral, but Ramsay and Scott still livid by what has happened. Shane adds that Chapel and Burnett were with some Marines over there, and Devlin says that he'll contact a friend of his at the Pentagon to see what he can do. As that was happening, Professor James Griffin arrives with Larsen. Griffin looks at the photo of the victims who was named as "Jane Doe" and "John Doe" after the police struggle to identify them and believes that the couple was killed because the way they looked and dressed.

Meanwhile, Emily, Jonathan and Chelsea head to Malibu for the funeral of Chelsea's grandmother. They arrive at Vera's old house where they meet Etheridge and her extended family, but Emily notices some of said family members giving her the cold shoulder because of her relationship with Patrick, while Jonathan becomes uncomfortable with some personal questions asked by Etheridge's sister Jenny. In Los Angeles, Griffin tells the JACTF about the girlfriend and her interest in the goth subculture. He reveals the subculture was developed by fans of Gothic rock, an offshoot of the post-punk music genre. Then Vargas points out the woman's tattoo on her wrist. Griffin believe that she could've been a member of a gang, but Shane reveals her boyfriend was working for the government. Griffin share his suspicions that the man was falling in love with the woman. Later, Vargas asks him why he is really in Los Angeles. Griffin tells Vargas that he is hoping to fix his family after things went downhill following Susie's arrest. Griffin reveals his daughters refuse to speak to each other and his pregnant granddaughter wants to transfer to a different prison in Berlin, near her grandfather. Vargas asks Griffin if Hunsacker knows about the transfer, but he tells her that Susie wants nothing to do with her aunt. Vargas convinces Griffin to fix his family before it is too late. At Devlin's office, Scalieri shares her suspicions about Lee and Lowry, explains that she caught them in an inappropriate moment in the bathroom. Devlin brushes off Scalieri's claim not nothing is going on between Lee and Lowry, stating that Lowry is gay and still mourning his husband and Lee is married with a child. He then reveals that the Pentagon has contacted the Marines that were with Chapel and Burnett and they are searching for them now.

In Malibu, Chelsea struggles to hold her emotions at her grandmother's funeral before running off, leaving Etheridge, Emily and Jonathan worried. Later, Jonathan finds Chelsea on the beach. He comfort her as she opens up about her bond with her grandmother. Chelsea confess her love to Jonathan as they share a passionate kiss. In Los Angeles, Vargas notices some of her colleagues are give her cold shoulder. She overhears a conversation between Devlin, Ronnie, Annette and Burnett's ex-wife at the office, talking about the MIA Chapel and Burnett. Vargas bumps into Burnett's mother, who confronts her about Burnett's disappearance. Vargas defends herself, but Burnett's mother blames her for her son's apparent death, resulting the detective walking off upset.

Meanwhile in Iraq, Chapel and Burnett sneak around the airport to avoid then Rockslider commandos and managed to reach the basement. Then two of the gunmen search the corridor for them as they hide. After the men leave, Chapel and Burnett emerge from hiding. Then Chapel spots a nailgun and checks it, seeing that it has eight nails. He takes it with him as he and Burnett leave the basement. Burnett says that they should try to get to the control room so they can contact someone in the U.S. military. Chapel says that it's risky, but they may have to get to do it if nothing else. Back in Los Angeles, a depressed Vargas heads to the supermarket where she unexpectedly bumps into Amanda. Amanda tells her about Thomas' progress, but share her own worries about her husband. Vargas responds that sometime, somebody who has has a traumatic experience may take a long time to go back to normal. However, Amanda brushes these worries off and says that she knows Vargas will help her husband out. As she heads outside, Vargas overheard a conversation between a group of men who talks about beating a couple to death. The men drive off, not knowing Vargas has taken a photo of their car number plate. Later, Vargas visits the task force where she asks Astrid and Shaw to research the number plate.

The next day, Griffin visits Hunsacker at her office and begs her to visit Susie in prison, revealing that Susie wants to transfer to another prison in Berlin. Hunsacker reacts angrily, accusing Susie of abandoning her daughter for a holiday, but Griffin tells her that their other family members will be there to see Susie and tries to convince her not to give up on her niece. In Malibu, Emily and Etheridge argue when they cannot find Jonathan and Chelsea. As Emily walks into a room, she finds Jonathan and Chelsea sleeping together in a bed. Emily turns her attention to Etheridge, telling that she found them but convinces Etheridge to leave them alone for a moment. At the JACTF HQ, the team learns the victims' identity; Julian Perkins and Eliza Richards. Griffin quickly recognizes Eliza's last name and reveals that Eliza's father is mob boss William Richards. He tells the team about William's hate for the goth subculture and believes that he is involved in his daughter and Julian's deaths. Later, Vargas, Ramsay, Larsen and Griffin meet Juilan's boss to discuss his relationship with Eliza. The boss is surprised as he reveals Julian had been sent to spy on Eliza and his family, and that he warned Julian about getting romantically involved with Eliza.

In Iraq, Chapel and Burnett reach the control tower and convince the controllers to give them a satellite phone. They make contact with the Marines they had spoken too earlier and reveal where they are. The Marines, who are 15 minutes away, tells them they are on their way now and advise them to stay hidden and survive until they get there. Back in Los Angeles, Astrid calls Vargas and tell her about the identification of the driver, with the plates coming out to belonging to Adam Hansen, who has a rap sheet and has been seen working with Richards.

Meanwhile, Devlin informs Shane and Scalieri that he got a call from his friend at the Pentagon, saying that Chapel has made contact with the Marines and they're on their way to pick up him and Burnett. Then, Vargas arrives and informs Shane and Scalieri about her discovery. Later, the JACTF go to William Richards' house where Vargas tells the family about Eliza's death, but gets suspicious of William's reaction. As the team searches the house, Vargas and Griffin question William and his family about Eliza's last moments. Eliza's mother and older siblings answer their questions, but William refuses to answer as he grills the two over their investigation. Vargas asks William about Eliza's relationship with Julian, but he still refuses to answer her. Then she gets a call from Larsen who tells her about Adam's arrest and confession to killing Julian and Eliza on William's orders. Just as Richards grabs a hidden gun and presses the silent alarm to alert his men, Vargas draws her pistol, which leads to a Mexican standoff between them. But Griffith knocks Richards out with a fireplace shovel. The JACTF force the men to disarm and arrest William for murder.

Back in Iraq, Chapel and Burnett continue to evade the Rockslider soldiers as the Marines close in on the location. Then one of the commandos spots them and warns the others. In the resulting shootout at the airfield, Chapel and Burnett take cover and managed to take out several Rockslider soldiers, but they start running low on ammo as the men close in. Then the Marines arrive and fire at the Rockslider soldiers, taking all of them down. Chapel knells down next to one of the dying commandos and asks who sent them. The dying commando only hints that their leaders know all about the people who work at in JACTF. With that, Chapel and Burnett head for a plane with Marine escort.

The next day, Hunsacker, Larsen, Griffin, Scarlett and Susie's two brothers Declan and Jacob arrive at the prison to see Susie but Griffin tells Hunsacker that Fiona has refused to come, explaining that Fiona choose to go to Las Vegas with her new boyfriend. At the visiting room, Susie opens up about her struggle to balance her life after her rape. Hunsacker comfort her upset niece as she apologizes to Susie for failing her before agreeing to let Susie transfer to another prison in Berlin. Susie then tells Hunsacker it wasn't her fault, as the aunt and niece finally reconcile. Susie tells Scarlett that she will always love her and promises to stay in touch. Scarlett hugs her mother emotionally.

At the end, the JACTF arrive at the airport to meet Chapel and Burnett's plane. After it lands, the two disboard the plane and reunite with their friends and families.

#19 - "The Dead Zone"

As she is about to go on air, reporter Ginny Rogers (Melissa Benoist) gets a threatening note. However, Rogers brushes off her note and decides to go on air. Vargas and Thomas enter a cafe after a long jog, but he questions her reasons for jogging. She tells him that running can help unleashing his anger. As they sit down at a table, Thomas tells Vargas about his relationship with his sister and his progress in rebuilding it. She praises for his progress and trying new things. Then, Charlotte enters the same cafe and suspiciously sees Vargas and Thomas together.

Meanwhile, Rogers reports on the ground the opening of a new casino, The Eureka. As people was about to enter the Eureka, a man enter the crowd and calls out Rogers before shooting her in the shoulder. Later, the JACTF arrives at the casino where a wounded Rogers is being taking to an ambulance. Vargas and Scalieri questions Rogers' cameramen about the shooting; he tells them that Rogers is a good and respectful reporter and struggles to understand why anybody would want to hurt her. At the hospital, Etheridge and Ramsay visit Rogers, who is out of surgery. Rogers tells them that she doesn't know who the shooter is, but Etheridge and Ramsay gets suspicious of her. At the JACTF HQ, Vargas and Shane lead the conversation about the investigation as Etheridge shares her suspicious. Then, Vargas' aunt Alison arrives at the station unexpectedly and shows off her dance parade for Vargas' upcoming wedding on social media, but Vargas gets annoyed with Alison with her meddling.

As Vargas and Alison argue, Ramsay and Chapel read out some of the comments on Alison's social media website. Then, Chapel reads a comment from Charlotte who brands Vargas as a cheater and gold-digger who likes to sleep married men, which horrifies Vargas and the others. Then, another comment from Charlotte appears on the website, saying "Tommy boy, be careful with your girlfriend. She may put you in the grave like her old boyfriend". As the JACTF struggles to understand, Scalieri quickly realized 'Tommy Boy' is her brother and confronts Vargas over Charlotte's allegations. Vargas denies of having an affair with Thomas, while Shane believe that Charlotte is causing trouble. As Vargas and Scalieri continue to argue, Ramsay gets a call from Christian, who begs his brother to come to see him. He sneaks out of the station as Scalieri continues to question Vargas. Shane tells Scalieri that Vargas is a good person, and wouldn't steal any married man, but Scalieri believes that Shane knows something more.

Meanwhile, Lee and Lowry visit Devlin in the office where Lowry tells Devlin the truth about faking one of his test results. Devlin gets upset, but Lee defends Lowry, reminding that Lowry is still struggling with losing his husband. Devlin angrily orders Lee and Lowry to leave, citing that he will deal with them later. Outside of office, Lowry tells Lee that he booked a visit to see Patrick in prison. She tries to warns him off from visiting Patrick, but he insists on seeing him to get some closure. At LAPD, Shane goes to see Thomas and tells him about Charlotte's comments about him and Vargas online. Horrified what he read, Thomas denies sleeping with Vargas, but Shane reminds him that they have spent a lot of time together since the business with Summer and warns people are getting the wrong idea. Then Shane, Thomas and other LAPD detectives go outside to see Charlotte trashing and vandalizing Thomas' car. Shane angrily confronts her sister, who accuses Thomas of having an affair with Vargas. Thomas strongly denies Charlotte's allegations, only for her to furiously slaps him. Police officers quickly rush over and arrested Charlotte for assaulting a police officer and destruction of property.

The next day, Edith, Glenn, Dalton and Lily arrive at the station and demand answers about Charlotte's arrest. Shane tells them about Charlotte's allegations of Vargas and Thomas having an affair. She warns the family that Charlotte is getting worse, but Lily has a mixed opinion about the situation. Shane furiously snaps at her grandmother and tells her to mind her business. At the cell, Kate's ghost appears and grills Charlotte for getting arrested again but she defends himself, explaining about Vargas and Thomas' "connection" when she saw them in the cafe. Flashback to September 2005: a young Kate and Charlotte argue over revealing their relationship as, the latter tells the former that she has come out to her family, but Charlotte isn't convinced that she is ready and worried about how her family will react. Days later, Charlotte gets a phone call which leaves her panicked and worried.

At the JACTF HQ, Devlin and Henderson talk to Vargas about Charlotte's allegations. Vargas continues to proclaim her innocence but Devlin isn't certain. Then Delgado arrived and comforts his upset fiancé. She tells him that she never cheated on him with Thomas, showing him proof on her phone that she hasn't been unfaithful; Delgado tells Vargas that he believes her. Devlin tries to take her off the investigation, but Vargas refuses and heads to the hospital with Etheridge, who tells Vargas that she knows she wouldn't sleep with a married man after her experience with Gordon. The two get to Rogers' hospital room only to find her gone. They track her down to in a old cottage and sneak in. Inside, they discover Rogers' investigation wall of "Rockslider Global". Rogers then enters the room and aims a shotgun at Vargas and Etheridge, ordering them to leave. Etheridge tells Rogers that the JACTF is investigating Rockslider too, but Rogers isn't interested of helping. Then, Vargas sees a photo of a young Rogers with Drummond and confronts her about their connection. Rogers admits Drummond is her father, revealing her real name as Virginia Drummond, and explaining that she left home after her relationship with her father turned sour. She tells Vargas and Etheridge that her father was obsessed with power to the point of torturing innocent people and that he tracked her down weeks ago and tried to convince her to come home to no avail. Rogers gives her investigation to Vargas and Etheridge and they leave.

Meanwhile, Lee visits Emily and tells her about Lowry's plan to visit Patrick in prison. She begs Emily to go to the prison with Lowry, worrying that he may intend to hurt Patrick. In Vancouver, Ramsay travels to a motel where he meets Christian. He confronts his brother over getting involved with Dineen and Rockslider. Christian tries to defend himself, but Ramsay warns his brother that he is in big trouble. He then asks Christian about the flash drive that he slipped into Vargas' coat pocket. Christian tells him that he doesn't know the password, but the drive can bring down Rockslider. Ramsay grills his brother for not knowing the password and leaves the motel angrily. However, Christian runs after him and begs him to help him and his daughter. In jail, Lily visits Charlotte and tries to comfort her but Charlotte refuses to talk to her. Lily tells her that she can't help her if she doesn't talk. Charlotte then asks Lily how she survived her ordeal.

Flashback to November 1964: Lily's teacher Mr. Fowler took her in the woods at gunpoint. Lily continues to protest her innocence, but Fowler refuses to believe her and violently attacks her. As Lily fights back, Fowler tells her that he loves her and reveals his anger of her rejection of him, blaming everything on her. Lily apologized to Fowler before seduces him with a kiss. She then attempts to stab Fowler, but he quickly overpowered her before chasing after her into a field where he force himself on Lily once again. Then, as he tries to corners her, Lily tells Fowler that she got a surprise for him; she then steps asside to reveal a big hole on the ground. Fowler is shocked and horrified to see his three dead friends inside the hole. Lily violently hits him over the head with a spade, causing him to fall down into the ground. A injured Fowler begs Lily to help him, but she unleashes her anger towards him, telling Fowler that he will die along with his friends. Lily then shoots him in the head and fills the grave of four with dirt. 8-and-a-half-months later, a nun visits the orphanage and turns her attention on a pregnant Lily after seeing her drawing. Lily introduces herself as Jane. The nun questions her about her personal life; Lily tells the nun that her parents were killed in car accident when she was 9. When the nun asks Lily about the father, she responds that the father is not in the pictures. As the nun walks away, Lily continues with her harrowing drawing of her killing her rapists.

In the present day, Vargas and Etheridge share their discoveries with their colleagues, but Vargas notices Scalieri giving her the cold shoulder. She follows Scalieri outside and confronts her, continuing to defend herself. Scalieri admits to Vargas that she isn't the problem, Thomas is. Vargas tells Scalieri that she doesn't have feelings for Thomas, but Scalieri warns her to be careful with Thomas as she explains that he has mental health problems, including suicidal thoughts. She adds that Amanda pretends that her marriage is perfect, but is aware of her husband's problems and has vowed to stand by him. Shane then arrives and gets involved in the convention, accusing Scalieri of needlessly giving Vargas a hard time, and accidentally mentions the incident at the hospital. Scalieri then accuses Vargas for making a move on Thomas; Vargas denies it but thinks Thomas was making a move on her. Later, Scalieri arrives at Thomas's division and confronts him about Vargas. Thomas denies of making a move on Vargas. However, Scalieri gets upset and accuses him of being manipulative. Thomas snaps at his sister, telling her that he isn't interested of rebuilding their relationship. Then, Delgado witnesses the argument and furiously accosts Thomas, calls out his behavior. As Delgado grills him, a horrified Thomas sees Lomax on Delgado's body and shouts at Lomax to leave him alone. He tries to attack Delgado, but Vargas and Shane arrived and stops Thomas. Vargas comforts a upset Thomas, who tells her that he saw the man who stabbed him, but Shane shows Thomas only Delgado. Thomas quickly apologizes to Delgado and Scalieri before breaking down in his sister's arms. Later, as Thomas gets check over by doctors, Vargas tells Scalieri to not give up on her brother. Scalieri shares her worries with Vargas, but she promises Scalieri that her brother is still the same person she knows. Then Vargas gets a phone call from Rogers who tells her that there are some men outside her cabin.

Meanwhile, Emily arrives at the JACTF HQ and talks to Lowry about visiting Patrick. Lowry tells her that he wants to move on from the past, explaining that he only wants to talk. He asks Emily if she still has feelings for Patrick. Emily tells him that she has never stop loving Patrick despite his actions and offers Lowry a lift to prison. Elsewhere, the JACTF arrive at Rogers' cottage to find everything trashed and Rogers gone. As Shane and Scalieri look around, Vargas, Etheridge, Scott, Lee, Hobbs and Chapel head outside to look for Rogers. Then, a group of gunmen appear from the shadow and open fire at the team, who quickly take cover. They then notice a trapdoor that leads below the house. With Chapel and Lee providing cover fire, the rest of the team open and enter it. Vargas, Etheridge, Scott and Hobbs find a mysterious computer with a disk in the room. Etheridge turns on the computer, but Vargas quickly recognizes that they are in the same location. Then, a video appears with a timer counting down. Vargas quickly alerts her colleagues who rush outside of the cabin before it explodes. Jumping into their cars, the JACTF drive off as the cabin and its foundation collapse into a sinkhole. The gunmen attempt to chase after them, but their car quickly falls into the sinkhole too. Afterwards, the team stops to see a big hole. Shane asks Vargas if the trap was meant for them, but Vargas thinks that Rogers set it for somebody else.

Outside of town, Rogers is seen in her father's car. Drummond questions his daughter, but Rogers tells Drummond that she got ruined the rest of the evidence as she promise her father to support him. However, it turns out Shane and Scalieri got the rest of her files before the cottage collapsed. At the prison, Emily and Lowry come face to face with Patrick. Patrick asks Emily about Chelsea; she tells him that Chelsea is still together with Jonathan, in love. Patrick turns his attention to Lowry, who expresses his anger over the former's actions. Patrick apologized to Lowry for attacking him and for his involvement in Percy's death, reminding Lowry that Juliet manipulated him. After a quick thinking, Lowry tells Patrick that he forgives him for attacking him, explaining that he wants move on from the past, live in the present, and focus on the future.

At Thomas's LAPD division, Vargas visits him and apologizes for the mess Charlotte caused. Thomas then asks her why she is interested in him; she tells him that she wants to help him to become a better person, but he tells her that he can look after himself. However, Vargas tells Thomas that she knows about his mental issues. Then the two hears a woman screaming. They run into the cell block where they see Charlotte having a violent seizure. Shane goes to her parents' house where Dalton is packing Charlotte's things up. She offers to help out as she goes upstairs. There, Shane finds Charlotte's box. When she opens it, she finds a old shirt covered in blood and a note revealing it belonged to Kate...

#20 - "My Kate"

Flashback: In September 2005, Charlotte drive outside of the nightclub where she picks up Kate. Charlotte tells Kate that they need to go away. A confused Kate confronts Charlotte, but Charlotte tells her that everything will be OK.

In the present day, Shane left horrified to find Kate's old shirt with blood and then picks up another things in the box; a earring. She calls Vargas about her discovery, but Vargas tells her that Charlotte has had a seizure. Shane and her family arrive at the hospital where Thomas tells them about Charlotte's condition. She meets up with Vargas at Charlotte's hospital bedside, where the former explains what happened. The two then see Charlotte's eyes open. Shane tries to help her sister, and Charlotte whispers something in her ear. As the doctors gets involved, Shane tells Vargas that Charlotte says she killed Kate.

Flashback, September 2005: Charlotte and Kate arrive in the woods. Kate tries to calm down a upset Charlotte, but Charlotte breaks down, telling her that she told her grandmother about them. Kate becomes pleased at the news, but Charlotte tells her that her grandmother is not happy. Kate convince Charlotte that her grandmother will clams down and accept her granddaughter is bisexual. Another flashback takes back one day before where Charlotte calls Lily and tells her about her and Kate, but Lily repsonds angrily. Charlotte tries to defend her relationship with Kate, Lily vows to ends the curse when she gets out of prison.

In the present day, a doctor tells Shane and her family that Charlotte has suffered a overdose which confuses Shane since Charlotte was in the cell at the time. She turns her attention to Thomas and asks him if she'd had a visitor in the last few hours, but Thomas responds that he wasn't watching Charlotte. As Shane grills Thomas for not keeping an eye, Vargas tells her that Thomas had his own problem to deal with. Then, Emily arrives at the hospital along with Lowry, wanting to know what happened. As Shane explains the details, Dalton tells Edith and Glenn that he plans to take Charlotte to a mental hospital in Canada. Then, Lily arrives and overhears the conversation, telling Dalton that she is not letting her granddaughter get taken away. Dalton argues back, reminding her that Charlotte is ill. Vargas notices Thomas' reaction at seeing Lily and quickly alerts Shane. Shane goes after Thomas outside and confronts his suspicious. He tells her that he saw Lily lurking around the station for hours, believe that Lily visited Charlotte in her cell. Then Thomas sees his wife arrive at the hospital. She confronts him about seeing Vargas, but Thomas denies they are having an affair. Shane tells Amanda that her sister Charlotte was causing trouble and made up the lies to hurt Vargas. As Shane heads to her car, she gives Vargas Kate's old shirt and asks her to have it checked out. She then drives around Los Angeles as she remembers old memories with Charlotte and their family.

Flashback, in January 2009, Shane and her family celebrate Jonathan's welcome party, but Charlotte isn't in the mood to celebrated. Later, Charlotte confronts Shane about who the father is, but Shane refuses to answer her sister's questions. Charlotte tells Shane that she is too young to have a baby but Shane defends herself and her son. She then lashes out towards Shane and calls her a sl*t.; Shane then furiously slaps Charlotte before the two sisters fight. As baby Jonathan cries, Charlotte furiously lashes out at her newborn nephew, as her parents get involved in the argument. Later, Edith and Glenn talk to their daughters and try to get them to apologize, but Charlotte refuses as she badmouths her sister and her baby son, and then lashes out at her parents for failing to keep a eye on their teenage daughter and even blames them for Shane getting knocked up. Edith furiously slaps Charlotte before kicking her out, telling her that she is not welcome in her family until she's ready to apologize.

Meanwhile, back to present day, M.E. Costas arrives at the hospital where Vargas asks her to analyze Kate's shirt. Vargas then researches Lily, on the internet but learns that Lily only spent a shorter stint in prison. She calls Larsen and asks him to search the CCTV cameras in the cell. Shane drives back to the hospital and tells Vargas that she doesn't believe that Charlotte is a murderer, but Vargas warns her that Charlotte could be in big trouble if she's made a false confession. Shane tells Vargas about the incident involving Charlotte and baby Jonathan, citing that her sister wanted to hurt her baby nephew, but she couldn't and settled for hurting her. Then, Shane tells Vargas about the times when her father took her, Keanu and Charlotte to a shooting range, describing Charlotte's shooting skill as "useless". Vargas shares her suspicion about Lily with Shane, explaining that her grandmother only spent a short stint in prison because she claims killing her four rapists was 'self-defense'. Then she tells Shane that Lily was released around the time Kate disappeared, and that she intends to talk to somebody who investigated Lily's case and persuades Shane to talk to Charlotte about Kate.

The next day, Devlin visits Shane at the hospital, giving her update about the investigation of Rogers' whereabouts. At the same time, Scalieri sees Amanda wandering outside of the hospital; Amanda tells her that she is visiting a friedn. Later, Shane questions Dalton about his relationship with Charlotte but he denies there being a relationship, explaining that he and Charlotte had a fling. She then asks him about him being with another woman; Dalton tells Shane that Charlotte was upset about Kate, so he hired a prostitute to help him out and that didn't really sleep with her, but rather seduced Charlotte to sleep with her. When Shane asks Dalton about Lily, he tells her that he doesn't trust Lily. Later, Shane visits Charlotte at her hospital bedside and questions her about Kate.

Flashback, September 2005: Charlotte draws her gun. Kate tries to talk to her, but she promises that everything will be alright. Charlotte takes Kate to the woods and shoots her dead. As she walks back to the car, she calls her grandmother, telling her that Kate is gone, and that it's all over. Later, a bloodied Charlotte drives back to her house, carrying Kate's shirt. She showers and hides the shirt in the box.

In the present day, Shane asks Charlotte where she buried Kate's body, but Charlotte tolds her that she doesn't remember. As she leaves the room,, Shane bumps into Costas, who tells Shane the blood on Kate's old shirt doesn't belong to Kate, revealing it is actually from a pig. Then Shane gets a phone call from Vargas, who tells her that Lily was a main suspect in Kate's disappearance. Vargas tells Shane that Lily's DNA was found near the lake, but Shane tells her it was the wood where Charlotte 'killed' Kate. However, Vargas tells Shane that the police never found Kate's body in the lake or woods, and believes that Kate could still be alive. Shane then asks Vargas about Lily's sentence; Vargas reveals that Lily lied to the detectives, saying that she killed the rapists in self-defense for her friend.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman enters to Charlotte's hospital bedside, revealing herself to be Amanda. Charlotte turns her head around and sees Amanda, but calls her "Kate". She breaks down in tears as Amanda tries to comfort her, but then Lily arrives at the room and angrily confronts Amanda. Amanda tells her that she wants to see Charlotte but Lily grills her for having a relationship with Charlotte. Amanda claps back at Lily that she is a good person, not like her grandfather, who is revealed to be Mr. Fowler, Edith's biological father. Amanda confesses her feelings for Charlotte despite that they are actually cousins. Lily furiously slaps Amanda and tries to attack her, but Charlotte stabs her in the leg with a needle. Lily chases after Charlotte and Amanda downstairs. The two quickly hide in the men's room but quickly panic when a person enters. The person is revealed to be Thomas, who opens the door and confronts Charlotte and Amanda, believe that they are messing about. Lily then appears and knocks Thomas unconscious with a fire extinguisher. Charlotte and Amanda run outside, but Lily quickly grabs her granddaughter. Lily shout at Charlotte for betraying her own flesh and blood, but Charlotte defends herself and her relationship with Amanda. Then, Vargas, Shane, Larsen and other LAPD detectives arrive on the scene. Vargas pulls Lily away from Charlotte, while Amanda checks her husband who starts to wake up, and comfort him. Edith then arrives in time to see her mother get arrested by the police.

Later, Vargas questions Amanda about her life as "Kate" and her relationship with Charlotte. Amanda reveals her family knew what Lily did, and warned her from seeing Charlotte, but they started to seeing each other. At the same time, Larsen questions Lily, showing her the CCTV camera footagewhere Lily gave Charlotte a piece of chocolate hours before her seizure, but Lily refuses to answer any questions. Then it's revealed that Charlotte had allergy of chocolate. Amanda tells Vargas that she didn't know about Charlotte until she went to the hospital and Shane mentioned Charlotte's name. Vargas asks Amanda why she faked her death but she admits that it was Charlotte's idea. Shane questions Charlotte about faking Kate's death. Charlotte tells Shane that she was scared of their grandmother hurting Kate. She reveals Lily discovered the plan and tries to kill Kate herself, but Charlotte stopped her and helped Kate escape. Vargas and Shane then demand that Charlotte and Amanda tell the whole truth.

Flashback, September 2005: As they walk through the woods, Charlotte gives a confused Kate a police vest with two bag of pig blood attached and tells Kate that she will fake her death to make sure Lily will never come after her. Kate expresses confusion and Charlotte references the 1996 horror film "Scream", where Billy Loomis used fake blood to fake his death in the front of his girlfriend Sidney, telling Kate that she will show the proof to Lily to make her believe that she has killed Kate. Understanding, Kate puts her vest under her shirt and Charlotte shoots her twice. Later the two go to an old lake house, where Kate gives Charlotte her bloodied shirt and the latter promises that Lily will leave them alone. Weeks later, Edith and Glenn tell their children that they are moving away to a new city. Charlotte goes to the lake house where she tells Kate about her family's moving plans. As this happens, Lily appears in the shadow and watches them through the window. Later, Charlotte goes back to the lake house but she finds Lily on the front porch. Lily greets her granddaughter with a hug, and asks Charlotte about how Kate died. Charlotte describes about how she "killed" Kate, but Lily isn't convinced. Then, Lily hears a sound inside. She enters the cabin to investigate and looks outside to see Kate running. She grills Charlotte for not killing Kate and furiously slaps her. Lily then runs after Kate and corners her. Kate begs Lily to leave her alone. Lily lashes out, branding her as evil as her grandfather.

Lily tells a horrified Kate that her grandfather and his friends raped her. Lily then tells Kate that she seduces the other three rapists and killed them. Kate tries to calm Lily as she asks about her grandfather's death. Lily confesses that she planned to kill Fowler the same way, but it backfired: he chased after Lily and raped her again, but Lily didn't fight back this time. Then, when he was finished, Lily took Fowler to his friends' gravesite, where she killed and buried him. Kate tries to defend her family's legacy, but Lily loses it and attacks Kate, smashing her head into a boulder. She then grabs a rock and attempts to hit Kate again, but Charlotte knocks Lily out and attempts to disown her. However, Kate tells Charlotte to stop her as she collapses. Charlotte rushes a wounded Kate to the hospital, where Kate uses the name "Amanda". Charlotte professes her love to Kate as she promises that everything will be alright. The next day, Charlotte returns to find Kate gone and a letter at her hospital bedside. A heartbroken Charlotte later joins her family as they drive off to their new life. Lily arrives at the house to find her family gone, much to her anger.

In the present day, Vargas and Shane visit Lily where they tells her that Amanda confessed the truth about the deaths of her grandfather and his friends. Lily expresses belief that nobody would've believed her that she killed four men for raping her. As Lily is taken away, Shane promises her grandmother that she will help her and make sure the truth is heard. Later, Vargas and Amanda arrive at the hospital to see Thomas. Amanda tells him that she has always love him despite the truth about her life and sexuality. Outside the hospital, Charlotte packs her things as she and Dalton are about to set off to Canada. Charlotte shares a heartwarming moment with her parents, sisters and nephew, promising Shane that she will return as a better person as they hug. The family says goodbye as Dalton and Charlotte drive off.

At the end, a voiceover summation of Kate/Amanda's letter is heard, professing her love for Charlotte, but also saying that they need to move on to keep each other safe. A final flashback shows old memories between Kate and Charlotte, with the two pledging that they will be friends forever...

  • Ramsay, Etheridge, Chapel, Lee, Scott and Hobbs doesn't appear in the episode.

#21 - "Crackdown"

The JACTF is called to the scene of a triple homicide with Korzak and Reese at an FBI safehouse. The agents reveal that an informant named Leland Dorson and the two FBI agents protecting him were found murdered; the two agents were gunned down and Dorson was executed. Etheridge asks why Dorson was under FBI protection, and Reese answers that it has something to do with Rockslider Global. With Riley helping investigate Dorson's background, they learn that he was a computer expert who worked with Rockslider Global and planned to reveal some company secrets that could move the case forward. Vargas wonders how Drummond and Taylor would know where Dorson was the place is is an FBI safe house. Ramsay says that Chapel sent Lowry and Lee to tail Taylor.

At Taylor's house, Lowry and Lee see him working in his home office. During that time, she tells him that she won't be able to keep covering him for his urine tests anymore. Lowry acknowledges this and he tells her that he heard their colleagues' incorrect rumors about them, with Lee confirming that it is why she can't continue covering for him. With Shane providing a warrant, Lowry and Lee went into Taylor's house after he leaves. With help from Riley and Warren, Lee recovers the files on Taylor's computer, and Lowry finds a burner phone with its call logs deleted. He copies the phone memories on a memory card and sends it to Shaw.

Meanwhile, Shane talks to her mother about Fowler, telling Edith what she found about her biological father's personal life, including that he was married with a daughter and was obsessed with young students. She then explains the current situation involving Lily, warning Edith that her mother could face a longer sentence. At the same time, Thomas arrives at JACTF HQ and tells Vargas and Scalieri that he will be taking a leave of absence from the LAPD and that he and his family is going to Paris for an extended vacation, but he promises them that he will be back. As Scalieri expresses her disappointment, Vargas tells Thomas to keep in touch with his support group. Later, Vargas went to the shop with her mother, sister and aunt where she tries on wedding dresses. Henderson and Angela share their pride in her and Alison asks Vargas if she will invite her "other man" to the wedding, but Vargas retorts the affair allegations were false and that things have been resolved without consequences.

The next day, Chapel sees Ramsay acting suspicious after overhearing him on a phone call. Chapel confronts him about it and his 'disappearance'. Ramsay tells Chapel that he had to help a friend who was in trouble. At the JACTF HQ, Sherri visits Devlin at his office where she tells him that she has appealed the terms of their divorce settlement. Devlin gets upset and accuses her of being manipulative but she defends herself, reminding him that he isn't perfect. Meanwhile, Shaw tells Vargas, Shane and Etheridge that he was able to recover Taylor's call logs. He reveals something shocking: several incoming calls came from a government phone used by FBI agents in Los Angeles, leading them to realize that there's an FBI mole working for Rockslider. Etheridge says that they have to keep this from Devlin and the others because it would tip off the mole, who would then tip off Drummond. Shane says that she'll disavow it if word gets out, which Vargas and Etheridge acknowledge. Shane than gives a flash drive to Riley and Shaw as she tells them that the drive had something secretly about Rockslider.

Following leads on ballistics and forensics, they find the gunmen who hit the safe house are hired hitmen. Tracking them to their hideout, Etheridge, Chapel, Lee and Hobbs lead the raid, which results in a shootout that leaves two of the hitmen dead. Two others manage to escape in a vehicle, leading to a high-speed chase. As the task force chases them to San Monica Pier, the hitmen lose control and crash into a building. As the JACTF find one hitman dead and the other mortally injured, Etheridge asks the dying hitman who hired them to kill Dorson. He only says that they don't who hired them because their communications were encrypted emails before dying.

Meanwhile, Rebecca calls Vargas, wishing good luck for the wedding as she reveals that she is having a girl. A furious Vargas brands Rebecca disgusting as she vows to watch her aunt lose her innocent children. As Vargas hungs up, Rebecca calls a unknown person, telling them about Vargas. In the men's prison, the warden visits Diego in his cell, telling him that Vargas had made a offer to have him temporarily released for her wedding. He allows the release to go through, but Diego expresses concern about Felix. The warden tells Diego that he has a transfer to another prison ready for after the wedding, not knowing that Felix has overheard everything.

Riley and Shaw finally crack the password as they manages to decrypt Dorson's computer files and find dozens of Rockslider company documents and files. Among them is the list of weapons shipments, their locations, client names (which they discover are alias to known terrorists and arms dealers, with Dineen's alias being one of them) and a document written by Drummond reveals their motive of shipping weapons to enemies of the U.S.: Drummond feels betrayed by the U.S. government for abandoning his men to die in a clandestine mission and the Pentagon denied compensation for the men he lost. He founded Rockslider Global to form his own private military company, but with the lack of government funding and Congressional disapproval on PMCs, Drummond has opted to sell arms, explosives and anti-vehicle weapons to terrorist groups, mercenaries, arm dealers and dummy corporations in order to fuel instability around the world and allow the U.S.'s enemies to attack targets with those shipments. The JACTF realizes that they've struck gold with the evidence found on the computer. Devlin says that they need to plan an all-out raid against Rockslider Global to shut them down once and for all...

#22 - "Chaotic Matrimony - Part 1"

On the day of her and Delgado's wedding, Vargas puts much of her focus on capturing Drummond and Dineen as the team takes one step closer to putting Rockslider out of business. Meanwhile, Felix puts his own plan to take out Diego to action when a prison riot breaks out. Also, Reese makes a shocking bombshell to Ramsay.

#23 - "Chaotic Matrimony - Part 2"

As the identity of the mole is revealed, Vargas and Delgado's wedding turns into chaos when a unexpected guest turns up before a shocking act leaves lives hangs in the balance.

#24 - "Chaotic Matrimony - Part 3"

The JACTF and FBI race to save a kidnapped Vargas and Delgado and officially bring down Rockslider Global, all while looking to their futures. Also, the events of the mole reveal lead one member of the task force to make a big and vital decision.

  • Final appearance of Rose McGowan (Camille Etheridge).