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Vargas & Shane is an American police procedural and legal drama television series, adapted as a spin-off of Hartman.

The series has premiered on NBC in September 2030.

Set in Los Angeles, California, the series follows LAPD detective Ariel Vargas and Deputy District Attorney Morgan Shane as they and several colleagues leave the Major Case Squad and the D.A's office to join the Joint Anti-Crime Task Force (JACTF), an elite task force comprised of local, state and federal law enforcement officials in California. The series also follows the personal lives of Vargas and Shane, and to a lesser extent, their colleagues.

The team works with all outlets of law enforcement in California, as well as the D.A.'s office, Medical Examiner's Office, Crime Lab and psychiatrists from both law enforcement and the D.A.'s office.


Regular Cast

Joint Anti-Crime Task Force (JACTF)

  • Victoria Justice as LAPD Detective Ariel Vargas, a young detective, who is now looking to make her own name after dealing with years of sexual abuse by her stepfather. She is engaged to LAPD officer Jamie Delgado and raising her half-sister Angela. In first season, Vargas learns more about her father and his family's life and meeting her lost-long family members including her half-sister, Miranda Aldridge who is also a detective. She finds out that her father who were believed to be killed in car accident revealed to be alive. Also, she learns that she has a 12 years old half-brother named Leo who currently taking care of him while their father is in prison.
  • Wentworth Miller as LAPD Detective Mike Ramsay, a seasoned detective, former Army Ranger, and product of the foster care system, who after discovering his family, and starting one of his own, is looking forwards to the next chapter in his life. He is married to former detective Beth Greico and the pair have adoptive son Levi and biological son Matthius. In second season, Ramsay learns that he is going to be a father and uncle when Beth and his half-sister Nancy is expected a baby.
  • Jamie Bamber as DA Investigator Richie Lowry, a D.A.'s investigator, whom after dealing with a rough patch with his husband over the latter's secrets, is looking to rebuild his marriage. In the second season, his life is changed forever when he becomes a victim of a brutal assault by Patrick Morris and then months later, his husband Percy is murdered by Juliet Greico, who had been targeting the relatives of Gordon Fontana.
  • Rose McGowan as FBI Special Agent Camille Etheridge, a seasoned FBI agent and Vargas' partner. Having been a victim of sexual abuse herself, she get along with Vargas and Shane relatively well. She also operates as the team's expert on interrogations and serial killers. She is twice divorced and has a daughter.
  • Boris Kodjoe as ATF Special Agent Jerome Chapel, an ATF agent who is partnered with Ramsay. Formerly a Navy SEAL, he works as the team's weapons and special tactics expert. He is married with three children.
  • Clayne Crawford as ICE Special Agent Owen Scott, a Texas-born ICE agent and former Coast Guard DSF operator who moved to California after being disgusted at how illegal immigrants are treated. He often operates as the team's immigration expert and chief negotiator when the occasion calls for it. He is married with a young son and a daughter born late in the first season.
  • Katrina Law as DEA Special Agent Alexis Lee, a DEA agent who is primarily Lowry's partner in the field. Having lost both her parents and one of her sisters to drugs, she is on a mission to put the authorities and government on the winning side of the war on drugs, operating as the task force's expert on drugs and cartels. She is married and has recently had a son.
  • Danny Pino as CHP Officer Luis Cisneros (season 1; guest season 2), a CHP officer and Scott's field partner. Although an Army veteran, he does not like to speak about his time in the service. He operates as the team's expert on missing persons and street racing. He is married but separated from his wife and the pair have two children. He was killed at the beginning of the second season premiere after being badly injured in an explosion caused by Bridger Fontana.
  • Troy Winbush as CHP Sergeant Aaron Hobbs (season 2–present; recurring season 1) Luis's colleague who helps the task force on several cases, and later joins the JACTF in his place following his death.


  • Elizabeth Gillies as Deputy District Attorney Morgan Shane, a tough young DDA, who is close friends with Ariel Vargas and is also looking to make her own name after dealing with the rape by family friend Gordon Fontana. She has a son Jonathan, who is a product of the rape. She is also dating LAPD officer Joel Finn.
  • Richard Schiff as US Attorney Neil Crown (seasons 1–2), the head of oversight for the task force and their government liaison. He is a jaded ex-prosecutor who sees the task force as the best chance of cleaning up crime in California. He is widowed with three children and five grandchildren. He retires early in the second season after recent events (the Bridger Fontana conflict, and the loss of Cisneros) weigh down on him too much.
  • Sophia Bush as CBI Special Agent Faith Scalieri (season 2–present), a by-the-book CBI agent sent as a new member of the task force's Oversight in the aftermath of the Bridger Fontana conflict. She often clashes with the task force over their methods, but does appreciate the job they do. She is currently dating her boss' son and a detective, Cole Larsen.
  • Bryan Cranston as US Attorney Norman Devlin (season 2–present; recurring season 1), a fellow prosecutor and old friend of Crown's whom he later chooses to replace him following his retirement in the second season. He is more radical and outspoken than Crown, but is willing to toe the line when needed. He has four children; a son and daughter named Cole and Thora from previous relationship with Juliet Greico and two children named Macey and John Paul from his wife who is currently separated.

Recurring Cast

  • Daniel Radcliffe as Percy Novak (seasons 1–2), Lowry's husband who attempts to rebuilding his marriage after his secret past was revealed. He is murdered by Juliet Greico at near end of the second season after his plan to confront her over her involvement on his husband's attack went wrong.
  • Beau Garrett as Beth Greico, Ramsay's wife, a former detective and the mother of their two sons; adopted son Levi and biological son Matthius.
  • Joel Courtney as Detective Jack Hartman, a MCS detective and Captain Hartman's son.
  • Brenda Song as Detective Sunny Ng, a MCS detective.
  • Taraji P. Henson as Lieutenant Dedrie Joseph (season 1; guest season 2), LAPD lieutenant and second-in-command of MCS.
  • Sterling Jerins as Chelsea Morris, Etheridge's daughter who Jonathan has a crush on.
  • Ebonee Noel as Analyst Cherie Riley, an ATF analyst assigned to the task force.
  • Lucy Hale as Analyst Astrid Warren, a DEA analyst assigned to the task force.
  • Jeff Ward as Analyst Benji Fox, an ICE analyst assigned to the task force.
  • Scott Grimes as SDPD CSI Will Shaw, a forensic technician with the San Diego PD assigned to the task force.
  • Yara Martinez as M.E. Suzette Costas, an FBI coroner who works with the task force in cases involving death.
  • Jessica Chastain as Captain Chloe Hartman (season 2-3), the C.O. of the MCS and former superior of Vargas and Ramsay.
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Thora Price (season 2-present), a MCS detective and Beth's cousin. At season 2 finale, it's revealed that Norman Devlin is her father and his son Cole Larsen is her twin brother.
  • Erik King as Sergeant Oakland Everett (season 2-present), a MCS sergeant
  • Sadie Sink as Gabrielle McConnell (season 2–present), a trouble teenager girl who Shane allowed her to stay after months of being homeless. She has a trouble history after being sexually abused by her father since she was a child.
  • Jason Bateman as Patrick Morris (seasons 2–3), Etheridge's estranged ex-husband and Chelsea's father.
  • LaKeith Stanfield as Ronnie Chapel (season 2–present), Chapel's younger brother.
  • Krysten Ritter as D.D.A. Rachel Hunsacker (season 2–present), a lawyer from Las Vegas. She is divorced with two children but she reminds friends with her ex-husband Cole Larsen despite their disagreement in the past.
  • Stark Sands as Detective Cole Larsen (season 2–present), a LAPD detective who is Vargas' old partner, Norman Devlin's estranged son, Hunsacker's ex-husband and father of their two children. He is currently dating Faith Scalieri.
  • Mike Vogel as NCIS Special Agent Danny Burnett (season 3; guest seasons 1–2) an NCIS agent and former SEAL teammate of Chapel's, who often helps the task force on cases involving the Navy or Marine Corps.
  • Domhnall Gleeson as Felix McConnell (season 3; guest season 2), Gabrielle's abusive father and a former circus showman.
  • William Forsythe as FBI Special Agent Bruce Korzak (season 3), a seasoned FBI agent and Etheridge's former mentor
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as FBI Special Agent Carly Reese (season 3), a relatively-new FBI agent and Kovak's latest protege.
  • Michael Kelly as Deputy US Marshal John Jennings (season 3)
  • Patrick Wilson as Detective Thomas Scalieri (season 3), Scalieri's older brother and a LAPD detective.
  • Pierce Brosnan as TBA


The Vargases
  • Mila Brener as Angela Fontana, Ellis and Gordon's daughter and Vargas and Jonathan's half-sister.
  • Sebastian Sozzi as Officer Jamie Delgado, LAPD officer and Ariel's boyfriend.
  • Geena Davis as Ellis Henderson, Vargas and Angela's mother and a former DA who keeps contact with her daughters.
  • Raquel Welch as Cara Vargas, Diego's father and Vargas' long-absent grandma.
  • Summer Glau as Detective Miranda Aldridge, a detective from Gainesville and Vargas' lost-long sister.
  • David Boreanaz as Sheriff Lance Martinez, a sheriff from Gainesville and Vargas' uncle.
  • Charisma Carpenter as Rebecca Lanning (season 1; guest season 2-3), a reporter and Vargas' aunt.
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui as Sergeant Sandra Martinez, a sergeant from Gainesville and Vargas' aunt.
  • Cary Elwes as Ian Weber (season 1; guest season 2), a teacher from Gainesville, Rebecca's husband and the father of their son, Mackenzie "Mac".
  • Luke Bracey as Mac Lanning, Rebecca and Ian's son and a businessman/lawyer.
  • Anthony Starr as Dr. Howard Aldridge, Miranda's husband and a doctor
  • Isabelle Huppert as Victoria Block, Miranda's mother, Diego's ex-girlfriend and a lawyer.
  • Amy Acker as Amelia Martinez, Lance's wife and the mother of their four children.
  • David Zayas as Diego Vargas (season 2–present; guest season 1), Ariel's supposedly-deceased father who is revealed to be alive and is a CIA contractor.
  • Jackson Robert Scott as Leo Avers (season 2–present), an intelligent, but autistic teenager who is Diego's son and Vargas and Aldridge's half-brother.
The Shanes
  • Octavian Kaul as Jonathan Shane, Shane's son who is a product of the rape by Gordon Fontana and Angela's half-brother.
  • Nicole Maines as Emily Shane, Shane's transgender younger sister (born as Ben).
  • Warren Kole as Officer Joel Finn, LAPD officer and Morgan's boyfriend.
  • Julianne Moore as Edith Shane, Charlotte, Shane and Emily's mother.
  • Michelle Monaghan as Charlotte Shane (season 2–present), Shane and Emily's older sister.
  • Willem Dafoe as Glenn Shane (season 3; guest season 1), Shane, Charlotte and Emily's father.


Vargas & Shane/News Archive

Season 3 News:

  • The producers has confirmed Vargas & Shane and sister series The Sullivans have each been renewed for another season.
  • The season will consist of 23 episodes and premiere in late October.
  • Season premiere will see the JACTF and MCS will travel to New Orleans to track down Dennis Quaid's character who sets out to find his son.
    • Some of the cast of the ended Law & Order: New Orleans will return along with some new cast members five years of the series end.
      • Brendan Fraser, Isaiah Washington, Rebecca Romijn, Zac Efron, Marco Sanchez, Jazz Raycole and Aya Sumika will reprise their roles. Also, Jimmy Smits will cameo in his old role as well.
      • New cast are Mireille Enos, Lucas Black, Brandon Jay McLaren, Úrsula Corberó and James Marsters.
        • Black will play Christian LeBeau, a new detective and native resident to the Big Easy with an classic country attitude.
        • Corbero will play Paloma Santiago, a newly-promoted detective and immigrant from Mexico with a hidden past.
        • McLaren will play Oscar Russell, a new sergeant brought in as an undercover expert.
        • Marsters will play Jason Darby, a new A.D.A. filling in for McCorrea while he's on vacation.
        • Enos plays Julie Peterson, a new D.A. investigator and ex-state trooper.
    • Jessica Chastain has confirmed that the third season premiere will be her last appearance for the foreseeable future.
    • Willa Fitzgerald and T.R. Knight will return for three episodes (including season premiere) which will see Nancy giving birth to her and Taylor's child while getting involved in a dangerous situation during a trip to New Orleans with two characters becoming unexpected helpers.
    • Claire Danes will guest-star in the episode to play the mother of Quaid's character's son.
    • Michael Kelly will play a Deputy U.S. Marshal who will appear near the end of the season premiere and will recur throughout five subsequent episodes.
    • The episode will be 60 minutes special.
  • Michelle Monaghan's role will become recurring when the show explores the character's relationship with her sisters following the events of last season.
    • The show also confirmed a bipolar disorder storyline for Charlotte, who will develop paranoia and hallucinations after getting rid of her medication.
    • Charlotte, Shane and Emily's parents Glenn and Edith will plays a huge role in the storyline as they and Shane become worried for Charlotte's wellbeing and safety.
    • Florence Pugh to plays Charlotte's hallucinated "friend" for six episodes. Flashback scenes will reveals the truth behind Charlotte's connection with Pugh's character
      • Esme Creed-Miles to plays a younger version of Charlotte (age 18-19) in flashback scenes for four episodes. It will explore Charlotte's early days when she was first diagnoses with bipolar disorder.
      • Asher Angel and Mckenna Grace plays young versions of Keanu (age 15) and Morgan (age 12) during flashback scenes. A baby Ben/Emily will also appear in the scene.
  • Episode 10 will mainly focus Shane and her family where they travel to Alaska for Keanu's birthday but a bombshell from the birthday man could cause tension between his family.
    • Adam Brody will guest star as Shane's brother Keanu.
    • Kat Dennings will guest star as Keanu's wife and the mother of his three children.
    • Luke Evans to plays Charlotte's ex-husband for five episodes (including episode 10). Charlotte will share a tense reunion with her ex during Keanu's birthday party.
    • Lin Shaye to plays as Edith's mother and Charlotte, Keanu, Morgan and Emily's grandmother for two episodes (including episode 10). She will make a unannounced arrival to Keanu's birthday party.
  • A season-long arc will involved a defense contractor suspected in selling arms to the black market.
    • Mike Vogel will recur as NCIS Special Agent Danny Burnett during this season to help in the investigation due to the contractor having ties to the military including the Navy and Marine Corps.
    • William Forsythe and Jennifer Love Hewitt will recur as a pair of FBI Agents assigned to assist in the case; Forsythe will portray Etheridge's old mentor, while Love Hewitt will portray his newest protegé.
  • Diego Vargas' past will be visited as his loved ones plan to fight for appeal of his sentence.
    • Charisma Carpenter will return for four episodes as Rebecca attempts to cause more troubles for her family while currently in prison.
    • Pierce Brosnan will play a vengeful man who targets the family over Diego for eight episodes. He will plays a huge part in one other storyline.
  • Shane and Finn will make plans to foster Gabrielle throughout the season.
  • A main character will goes down a dark path after losing their loved one the previous season.
  • Domhnall Gleeson will returns as Gabrielle's abusive father Felix McConnell which sees Felix attempts to get in contact with his daughter and will makes an enemy with a inmate, Diego Vargas.
  • Mandy Patinkin and Kathleen Turner will play Jamie Delgado's parents and Theo Rossi and Leighton Messter will play Delgado's siblings. They will turn up in Los Angeles to meet Delgado's fianceé Vargas.
  • In a two-parter, the JACTF find themselves in a "tight situation" while investigating a crime during a huge thunderstorm.
    • A main character's life will hangs in balance when being struck by lightning. Their colleagues will makes a risky move as they fight to save them.
    • Beth will give birth in the second part of a two-parter episode.
  • Jennifer Grey to plays Henderson's younger sister and Vargas and Angela's aunt, Diane for six episodes. She gets involved in Vargas and Delgado's wedding plan.
  • Patrick Wilson to plays Scalieri's older brother Thomas, an LAPD detective for seven episodes. His controversial actions will cause some conflict within the JACTF. Also, he has a complicated relationship with his sister because he is jealous of her, believing that she is "dark sheep" in his family.
  • Jason Bateman will return for one episode which sees Emily and Lowry visit him in prison.
  • Alex Kingston, David Oyelowo and Richard Armitage will have guest star in one episode as British police officers who assist JACTF at California for one case.
  • David Thewlis will return to play Professor James Griffin for one episode where he teams up with JACTF to investigate the murder of goth couple.
  • Andie MacDowell to plays Devlin's wife Sherri for four episode where the character will clash with her soon to be ex-husband over their divorce process.
  • Jon Hamm, Shawn Ashmore, January Jones, Clive Owen, Clark Gregg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kate Bosworth, Rupert Grint, Tyler James Williams and Melissa Benoist guest star in two part episodes which follows a couple who is accused of cheating on a game show with the help from another contestant, and later the murder of said contestant. It will loosely based on a coughing Major scandal.
    • Hamm and Jones to plays a couple who will finds themselves in the scandal.
    • Ashmore to plays a contestant who will be accused of helping the couple to cheat.
    • Owen to plays a game show host who will finds himself in the spotlight.
    • Gregg to plays a creator of game show host who is worried about the future.
    • Louis-Dreyfus to plays the boss of a TV channel who seeks some answers over the scandal.
    • Bosworth, Grint, Williams and Benoist to plays other contestants of game shows.
  • Chapel and Hobbs will experience racial profiling in one episode when LAPD officers roust them while they are undercover and nearly ruin an operation to capture a long-time federal fugitive.
  • Ed Harris to guest star as Finn's father and a retired police lieutenant for one episode when JACTF investigate his old case.
  • Freya Allan to guest star as Hunsacker's troubled niece Susie for three episodes. Hunsacker and Shane will finds themselves getting caught up in Susie's criminal world.
  • Rose McGowan has announced that this season will be her last as a regular.


Backdoor Pilot (2030)

#Hartman: Season 12 Episode 19 - "A New Opportunity - Part 1"

With Hartman lingering over whether or not to give up her captaincy, the MCS comes in on the case the double homicide of a federal prosecutor and his mother. However, while chasing a lead, Ramsay, Vargas, Street and Boscorelli unexpectedly run into members of the Joint Anti-Crime Task Force (JACTF), a task force comprised of local, state, and federal law enforcement in California, whose members include FBI Special Agent Camille Etheridge, ATF Special Agent Jerome Chapel, ICE Special Agent Owen Scott, DEA Special Agent Alexis Lee and LAPD Detectives Kenneth Mackey and Jillian Rudd; the task force reveals that the murders are connected to the case of infamous gun-runner Yance Butler, whom the prosecutor was making a major case against.

After some back-and-forth banter, Hartman agrees to loan out Ramsay and Vargas to assist with the task force, and Shane and Lowry soon join them after Chess gets wind of everything. Eventually, the task force leads back to a nightclub owned by Butler that doubles as a safehouse, and conducts a raid. However, the club turns out to be a trap, and an explosion tears though the building, leaving the fates of everyone unknown...

#Hartman: Season 12 Episode 20 - "A New Opportunity - Part 2"

As Hartman and the rest of the MCS converge on the nightclub with backup, firefighters and paramedics in tow, it's revealed that Ramsay, Vargas, Lowry, and most of the JACTF have survived. However, Mackey and four other federal agents assisting them as backup are dead. As the task force mourns their fallen members, Etheridge suggests that they finish what they started and nail Butler for not only his gun -running, but the deaths of Mackey and the agents as well. After putting the squeeze on several associates of Butler's, they decide to hit him where it will hurt the most.

Learning that Butler's aunt is sitting on multiple illegal guns and that his ex-girlfriend and mother of his three children is sitting on top of a large shipment of illegal ammunition (both unknowingly), the MCS and JACTF arrest them and several more of his relatives, hoping to use this to lure him out of hiding. Sure enough, it works and after a shootout and chase, both teams apprehend Butler. Eventually, Butler agrees to a deal with the federal government: his family is left alone and he avoids the death penalty as long as he confesses to all of his crimes, including the murders of the prosecutor and his mother, which Butler had ordered.

Later, Rudd resigns from the JACTF and decides to return to Robbery/Homicide, affected by Mackey's death and wanting to remain close to her family. Vargas, Ramsay, Shane and Lowry are then offered spots on the task force, which they decide to think over before deciding.

At the end, McCall finally answers calls from I.A.D. and the unknown number, setting up a meeting with both of them...

Season 1 (2030-31)

#1 - "New Beginning"

The JACTF are assigned to a case when over a hundred weapons are stolen from police impound lots in San Diego during a sting. Suspecting some corrupt San Diego cops are planning to sell the weapons to highest bidders, Vargas and Ramsay go undercover in San Diego PD as new transfers from LAPD, while the rest of the team tracks the source of the thefts. With Chapel's knowledge of weapons, Vargas and Ramsay discover that Captain Jack Wiley and several of his officers are responsible for the theft of weapons. With help from San Diego CSI Will Shaw, Etheridge, Scott, Lee and Cisneros find out the abandoned hangar will be used to sell weapons to the highest bidder. With a warrant brought by Shane, the JACTF, the San Diego SWAT team and Internal Affairs raid the hangar, resulting in a shootout that leaves three corrupt cops and several armed bidders dead. Captain Wiley, other corrupt cops and other bidders are arrested.

Shane, with oversight from US Attorney Neil Crown, prosecutes the corrupt officers. During the trial, they discover that Wiley is trying to get a shorter sentence by ratting out other corrupt cops on the take. With help from Shaw and analysts Cherie Riley and Benji Fox, they find out the names of other corrupt San Diego cops that were involved in the weapons theft and the JACTF arrests them. Shane manages to successfully convict the corrupt cops. Crown and Chapel offer Shaw a spot on the JACTF for his help on the case and he accepts.

Meanwhile, Vargas continues to adjust with Angela living with her as she and Shane try to press forward following Fontana's death. After learning that Vargas called Gordon just before his death, a suspicious Shane suspects that Vargas had something to do with Evan Hamilton killing Fontana, but chose not to disclose her suspicions because of their close friendship and what Gordon had done to them. Etheridge, Chapel, Scott, and Cisneros all have troubles regarding their respective children.

#2 - "Unforgettable"

In Oakland, prominent surgeon Michelle Denton is found brutally murdered. The JACTF is called in to find the killer and discovers that the victim was abducted just after her son's 11th birthday party. FBI coroner Suzette Costas finds that the victim's feet were burned and her home was racked before she died by strangulation. Then another victim, airport CEO Nancy Yaeger, is found murdered; she is shown to have bee shocked repeatedly with a taser whipped. Etheridge does a profile on the killer and believes the killer resents high-powered women because, to him, they are an insult to the livelihood of men. She, Vargas and Scott investigate any connections to the victims. Lowry and Lee see on the surveillance cameras a man following the second victim. His face isn't visible, but they notice a scar on his right that resembles a old slash wound.

Then a third victim, Zoey Kent, the director of a pharmaceutical company, is found dead; Costas finds that she was likely waterboarded and then stabbed to death. Etheridge further profiles the killer as a malignant narcissist with a powerful case of misogyny. With that profile, she, Vargas, Scott, Cisneros and DEA analyst Astrid Warren discover the identity of the killer as Hank Calhoun, who works as a traffic specialist monitor traffic lights. While investigating his home, the JACTF finds that he was turned down a high-ranking position multiple times by his female boss and feels that women are ruining men's power to the world. As Ramsay and Chapel check out his workplace and find the next victim of whom Calhoun will likely strike next. As Calhoun is abducting Lara Taylor, a promising, high-powered young lawyer, Vargas and Etheridge save Lara and fight with Calhoun, berating him for killing high-profiled women. Calhoun states that women are stealing men's power to the world and that he had to protect that power for the men as he is arrested.

Meanwhile, Lee talks to Etheridge about how to deal with being a new working mother. Also, Angela and Jonathan reveals Vargas their family trees poster, but when they ask Vargas about her father's family residents, Vargas tells a small lie.

At the end, Shane visits Vargas' home, telling her that Calhoun killed himself in his cell. Then, Vargas reveals to Shane about her plans to find out her father's side of the family. Shane gives her support about it, but advises her to not let it interfere with her work with the JACTF.

#3 - "Careful What You Wish For"

The JACTF finds themselves involved in a public storm after young news reporter Bridget McCoy shot and kills a young businessman and his three friends/colleagues on live television. First, the team becomes unsure about the investigation before learning the shocking truth; Bridget's younger sister Lori was gang-raped by the victims six months before; she took her own life two weeks prior to the murders after the police refused to charge her assailants, supposedly due lack of evidence. Angered, Bridget took revenge and executed her sister's rapists as retaliation. Even more, it's revealed that Lori was six months pregnant at the time of her death. Vargas, taking the case personally, vows to expose the truth, but the victims' family threatens to sue the city if Bridget doesn't goes down for murder.

As Shane, although sympathetic to Bridget, is forced to prosecute her, Vargas secretly calls powerful defense lawyer Frank Anderson (Russell Hornsby), who previously handled Angela's vandalism case, to defend Bridget, with Shane's secret blessing. Meanwhile, Vargas, Ramsey, Etheridge and Scott investigate the victims and discover the victims secretly kept items from Lori and other past victims. After the victims' crimes are publicly exposed, the judge is forced to declare a mistrial, and the D.A.'s office opts not to retry the case, leaving Bridget a free woman, though at the cost of her television career and her being forced to move away to start over. The victims' families vow to make it their mission to ruin the careers of the JACTF personnel, but then the JACTF arrest the lead businessman's wealthy father for perjury and obstruction of justice when they discover that he knew about his son's crimes and helped to cover them up.

#4 - "The Attic"

The JACTF investigates the brutal murder of a doctor and his wife which leads a huge discovery in the victim's attic where Vargas and Etheridge find a young boy name Peter. The JACTF learns Peter is a son of a dangerous criminal name Dave Bronson, and the victims took him in after his mother disappeared after left her son with the couple after her to protect him; two weeks later, her body was found in a park. Ramsay and Chapel go undercover in the underworld to flush out the Bronson, but later make a shocking discovery about the criminal and the truth about why he wanted his son back so bad.

Ramsay and Chapel find out that Bronson and his gang want a cache of diamonds they stole in an armored truck robbery. Marcy, Bronson's wife and Peter's mother, discovered and stole the diamonds from him while making preparations to leave him and Peter saw where she hid them; Marcy refused to tell him where she hid the diamonds and Peter and was murdered for both this and because she was going to turn her husband in after leaving him. Vargas and Etheridge are able to persuade Peter to tell them where his mother hid the diamonds. One of Bronson's accomplice spots Peter with the cops and follows them. Cisneros notices that they are being tailed and informs the others; Chapel has a plan to bait them out. As they arrive where the diamonds are hidden, Bronson and his accomplices arrive. As the criminals have Etheridge at gunpoint and try to get the diamonds, Bronson spots Peter near a tree and demanding him to come to him. But Vargas points her weapon at him. Then Chapel shoots the gunman holding Etheridge and she takes him down as Ramsay, Scott, Lee and Cisneros arrest the other criminals. Following Crown's advice, Shane is able to convince Peter to testify against his father. With that, Bronson and his gang are convicted at trial.

Meanwhile, Shane rushes to help a homeless woman (Nicole Maines) after she is robbed. Shane took the woman in but becomes unnerved when she finds a old photo of Shane and her younger brother, Ben inside of the woman's bag. When Shane confronts the woman, she reveals herself to Shane as her brother Ben, who is now going by Emily.

Also, Jonathan takes a shine to Etheridge's daughter Chelsea, much to their mothers' surprise.

#5 - "Cooking Up Trouble"

The JACTF investigates a bombing of a house in Los Angeles that killed 14 people. They discover in the basement that the house was used as a secret drug lab for crystal meth. The identities of the victims reveals them to be members of a Mexican drug cartel run by Ricardo Villalobos. Soon after, MCS Lieutenant Dedrie Joseph and Detectives Jack Hartman and Sunny Ng arrive on scene. With Lee's knowledge of drug cartels, she knows that the Villalobos cartel won't take it very well. Then, sure enough, a massacre of a Mexican restaurant occurs the following day, where the victims are identified as members of a rival drug cartel run by Hector Marquez. The JACTF realizes they have been in a major drug war between rival cartels. Lee tells the JACTF personnel and the MCS detectives that the drug war will have collateral damage of innocent people if it continues. Crown told the JACTF and the MCS to find and stop the warring cartels before things get way out of control.

After finding a lead at one of the Marquez hangouts, Chapel sends Vargas, Lee and Cisneros undercover as potential drug buyers with Ramsay and Lowry watching them. Etheridge and Scott question Villalobos, who is less than cooperative, as they expected. With the recording of the conversation, Warren's analysis of Villalobos' behavior reveals that he is hiding something. Shaw informs Etheridge, Chapel, Scott, Jack, Ng and Crown that the explosives used on the house were either triggered by a cell phone. A drive-by shooting then occurs, leaving six Villalobos cartel members dead and two Marquez cartel members dead, as well as the wounding of eleven civilians. Shane, Etheridge, Scott, Jack and Ng question two wounded Villalobos cartel members. They eventually reveal that Marquez was formerly with Villalobos' cartel as his right hand, until they had a falling out and Marquez left and created his own cartel; he's trying to move on Villalobos' territory both in the US and Mexico.

As Vargas, Lee and Cisneros discover where Marquez will strike next at Villalobos during a sting operation, Vargas calls Etheridge to give the location. But a henchman catches her and brought her to Marquez. Knowing that Lee and Cisneros would in danger with their cover blown, Ramsay and Lowry help them confront the cartel. Joseph, Jack and Ng then arrive with police backup nearby as Vargas disarms and holds Marquez. At the same time, Etheridge, Chapel, Scott and other LAPD officers and DEA agents breach Villalobos' mansion, arresting the cartel leader and several other dealers, with many of the cartel members being killed in the process.

Meanwhile, Vargas works to find more leads of her father's family while Shane struggles with her recent discovery of Ben/Emily's secrets. As Shane open up to Vargas about her sibling, she told Shane to whatever she decides what to do with Emily, make sure she gives herself more time.

#6 - "My Way Or Highway"

The JACTF investigates the site of a deadly semi crash that resulted in the death of the semi's driver and multiple injuries. Costas discovers that the trucker had OD'ed on a very bad batch of cocaine. Working with the CHP and Cisneros' old friend Sergeant Aaron Hobbs (Troy Winbush), the JACTF learns that there have several drug-related truck crashes throughout California over the past two months, with the drivers OD'ing on batches of the same bad cocaine. Using Cisneros and Lee's knowledge, they learn that the source of the drug is local. Following the route of the trucks, Lowry, Cisneros and Hobbs learn that they've all made pit stops at the same truck stop before the crashes. While Lowry and Lee continue to investigate leads in the case, Cisneros and Ramsay go undercover as truckers and Scott as a new cook in a restaurant at the truck stop. Vargas, Etheridge and Chapel stake out from a nearby hotel with Hobbs and the CHP as backup. Shane and Crown visit Vargas and the others at the hotel to discuss the case. As Crown speaks with Chapel and Hobbs about it, Vargas, Shane and Etheridge kept an eye on the area and discuss their shared experiences of when they were sexually assaulted in the past. Then Lee calls Etheridge that she and Lowry are on the scene of another truck crash in which the driver OD'ed on the bad cocaine and went off road in the cliffside highway. They also revealed that all the truckers have known each other and have their own passwords and nicknames to how they purchase their drugs.

The next morning, Ramsay and Cisneros arrive at the truck stop with Lowry and Lee joining the others in the hotel to stakeout. As they arrived, Scott sees someone in the restaurant holding a bag and informs Etheridge. Hobbs spots the same man heading into the gas station. Ramsay said that one of the truckers refer to the stop with it's nickname. Then one of the gas attendants shows Ramsay and Cisneros to the secret basement of the drug lab where the secret cocaine plant is at. Knowing they've found the source of the drug, Etheridge orders a breach. The JACTF, along with Hobbs and the CHP, raid the drug lab. As Ramsay arrests the lead gas attendant, Vargas, Scott, Cisneros and the CHP pursue the other escaped dealers. A K9 dog takes down the ringleader as Vargas and the others arrest the remaining dealers.

At the end, Vargas manages to close in on the location of her paternal grandmother. Then, she receives a call that Fontana's death is being investigated by an independent agency...

#7 - "New Dogs, Old Tricks - Part 1"

The JACTF digs into an old FBI case of Etheridge's involving a bank robbery crew when a new crew appears to have picked up their MO. Etheridge reveals that the crew she and the FBI collared committed 16 bank robberies with automatic weapons and it was led by former a Delta Force soldier, who was killed in a shootout with the FBI after they found their hideout; two more members also died in the shootout and the remaining three were arrested. Chapel researches the case and says that the new crew is also using similar weapons to that of the old crew. Ramsay observes the video footage of the robbery and suspects that at least one member of the crew has military training, with the way he signals the others. After another robbery occurs, Riley finds that the weapons used in the robbery were brought in a illegal gun sale just weeks before. They later find the vehicle used in the robbery, a stolen pick-up truck, was found abandoned and torched after the robbery, just like in the originals. Vargas learns from a witness that one person stayed in the vehicle, and spoke English with a Hispanic accent to the crew and called one person "Resbalosa", which Vargas knows is Spanish for Slick.

Scott runs the profile for a person call Resbalosa through the databases and finds an ex-convict name Julio Alvarez, a former armored truck driver who does time for vehicular manslaughter. As the JACTF trails Alvarez to an restaurant with the rest of the crew and their families are present, they stake out the place via a nearby roof. As the suspects come out, Ramsay and Cisneros recognize two of them as Benjamin Hauer and Frederick Thomas, both ex-convicts. Ramsay reveals that Thomas served in his old unit in the Army after he was discharged, but the two never met. Lowry reports to everyone that Alvarez was seen checking out a bank not too long prior and believes it will be the crew's next score. When no one can recognize the other three men, both Etheridge and Chapel tells their colleagues to find out. As they inform Shane and Crown, Crown tells them that with a clever crew, they are bound not to make all kinds of mistakes and told them to find out when the next robbery will occur.

At the same time, Vargas struggle to deal the case while wrestling over whether or not to visit her grandmother's neighborhood. Then, Vargas gets questioned by a private detective name Kyle Lenhart (Nick Zano) about Fontana's death. Vargas proclaims her innocence and tells the detective that Fontana was a dangerous man who ruined many women's lives and left their loved one to clean up his mess. After the interview ends and Vargas leaves, Lenhart is revealed to be dodgy after making a phone call to unknown person as Lenhart promise them that he will sort out Vargas.

At the end, as Vargas drives back into the task force's HQ, she loses control of her car before discovering that her brakes have been cut with a gas leaking out on the road. Then, a horrified Vargas sees that she's heading straight for a gas station. With no other options, she jumps out of her car just as it crashes into the station engulfing both into a fireball, much to her horror...

#8 - "New Dogs, Old Tricks - Part 2"

After surviving the accident from her sabotaged car, Vargas notifies Shane about it. Henderson arrives in Los Angeles and comforts her shaken daughter after learning about what happened. During debrief back at HQ, she reveals to Shane, Henderson, Crown, Etheridge and Chapel about meeting Lenhart. Cisneros reveals that someone did cut her brakes and the gas tank was sabotaged at well, revealing the cause of the leak. Crown tells Etheridge to have Cisneros and Scott investigate the crash while the rest of the JACTF continue with the investigation of the robberies. He informs Vargas that she will have to face an inquiry over Fontana's death since the prison phone records she called him just minutes before Evan Hamilton killed him. Then Lee comes in and tells Etheridge and the others that there was another robbery and this time, three people have been killed. Crown instructs Etheridge to keep him apprised while he and Shane speak to Vargas.

Meanwhile, Alison Hamilton visits Vargas, confronting her over whether or not she had her brother kill Fontana. Henderson quickly defends Vargas to Alison, explaining that she didn't know Evan was even in same prison as Fontana, but Alison tells Vargas and Henderson that Evan says Vargas ordered him to kill Fontana which Vargas strongly denies of any involvement, while also reminding Alison that Fontana was a monster who sexually abused them and so many others for years.

At the scene of the robbery, Lowry discovers that one victim was an off-duty cop who was killed trying to stop the robbers, and the other two were bystanders who tried to help the cop; all were killed for their trouble. The task force then discover that one of the robbers was shot in the forearm and Chapel tells Shaw to get a blood sample analyzed for DNA. Ramsay gets a call from LAPD, telling his colleagues that the vehicle the robbers used was abandoned and torched several blocks away. As Ramsey, Lowry and Lee check the area, Etheridge tells Chapel that she doubts that Vargas would have Fontana killed, despite the circumstances. Although Chapel sympathizes with what Vargas, Shane, and Fontana's other victims, went through, but stated that Vargas had it in for him for a long time before he was finally incarcerated and especially after he tried getting visitation rights to his children from each victims.

As Vargas faces the inquiry in Fontana's death, Shane checks the visitation logs and found out that Vargas' name on the visitation logs, but noticed that the writing style isn't that of how Vargas usually writes. She confronts Evan about accusing Vargas of ordering him to kill Fontana, and reveals that someone forged Vargas' name, which means she never met him and that she never even called him. Evan stands by what he said, but Shane can see that he is lying and warned that if anything happens to Vargas's future, she will go after him herself.

Meanwhile, after running blood analysis, the JACTF discover that blood is A-Negative, which doesn't match Alvarez, Hauer or Thomas. As they ran the blood though Department of Corrections, it's revealed to be that of Kurt Jenkins, who was present at the restaurant and was a former Marine. They realize that he is the ringleader behind the robberies. Then another robbery occurs. Going over the case file of the old crew, Etheridge figures out when the next robbery will be. An informant of Lowry's reveals where the crew will strike next and the JACTF stake out the bank. After five hours, they see the robbery crew arriving and move in. As Lowry and Lee detain Alvarez, Etheridge, Ramsay, Chapel and other officers detained the other robbers.

Later, with help from Delgado and Finn, Shane discovers the person who forged Vargas's name on the prison logs: Fontana's former victim Nicole Hoffman, whose life was ruined by Fontana and was ostracized by everyone around her due to them blaming her for his abuse. She admits to getting Evan to kill Fontana for destroying her life, forged Vargas's signature to frame her out of jealousy of Vargas managing to get her life back on track unlike her, and paid Evan off from her trust fund to stay quiet. Shane has Finn and Delgado arrest Hoffman for murder for hire.

At the end, Vargas, Henderson and Shane celebrate after the inquiry rules out Vargas being involved in Fontana's death and the three women promise to move on from the past, not knowing somebody is spying on them from the shadows...

#9 - "Stolen Lullaby"

As Vargas goes on leave to deal with the aftermath of the car accident and the inquiry of Fontana's death, she goes over her files to find her grandmother. After checking in on Angela and heading back to her room to join Delgado, she sees two masked men break into her neighbors' home and saw them brutally murdered the couple that live there. She and Delgado rush to the scene with their weapons while she calls for help. As the two look around the house, they find that the intruders managed to slip out and get away. They also find an empty baby crib and realize that a baby is missing. As the JACTF is alerted, Vargas tells them that she didn't know the neighbors, Ismael and Lena Nunez, that well and tells them what she witness. They soon discover that the Nunez couple are illegal immigrants and their son Manuel was born in the U.S. With Scott's knowledge of immigration, they discover that Ismael was trying to get a work visa so he and and his family can live the U.S. after fleeing from being oppressed in Mexico.

Vargas decides to return to the work to help find the missing Manuel and his parents' killer, but Shane, Delgado, Henderson and the rest of JACTF share their concerns about Vargas after the car wreck and the inquiry into Fontana's death. The JACTF learn that Ismael was a participant in underground fight clubs to gain money to get a work visa and support his family. Vargas and Scott believe the murder may have something to do with it. Scott contacts a friend in the FBI with knowledge of underground fight clubs, who reveals that that the fight club that Ismael was in is believed to be linked to five other deaths, but they have no evidence to prove it. With plans from Chapel, Ramsay goes undercover in the fight club, despite his wife Beth's concerns about it. As Ramsay participates in the fight, he learns the man sponsoring it is Michael Jeremy Roark, a wealthy sportsman. After finding a former participant in the fight club, Vargas, Etheridge and Scott learn that Roark had the Nunezes murdered because they planned to blow the whistle on him over the deaths in the club, and he kidnapped baby Manuel to illegally put him up for adoption in an agency he owns. With that knowledge, they raid the fight club. After a long interrogation by Vargas and Etheridge demanding to know where Manuel is, Roark eventually reveals the baby was and the task force finds him in an location where babies are illegally placed for adoption. With Social Services dealing with the adoption agency and the fight club shut down, Shane tells Vargas that Child Services has located Lena's sister who is living in the states under Green Card status and Manuel will be taken in by her and her husband. Vargas assures Shane that she is fine, and that she's just had a lot on her mind about what happened and about searching for her father's bloodlines.

Later, Scott and Cisneros revealed to Vargas that Lenhart is a former Fresno police detective who was dismissed for multiple misconduct charges and became a private eye afterwards.

Meanwhile, Beth and Percy help keep and eyes on Angela under Henderson's orders, but they finds themselves in a situation when Angela disappears. It later turns out Angela was visiting Alison Hamilton about Evan killing her father over what he did to her. After the case, Vargas speaks to Angela and Alison. Alison reveals that Evan was imprisoned for a robbery that went wrong and resulted in someone's death. She told them that she knew Evan killed Fontana to avenge what he did to her, but she never thought he would accept a bribe from someone like Nicole Hoffman. Vargas questions Evan in prison for the first time, and he admits that he took Nicole's payout in order to have something to rebuild his life upon his release.

At the end, a mystery person sneaks into Vargas's house and went to Vargas and Angela's rooms, leaving them each a gift before leaving without anybody seeing...

#10 - "First Plague of Christmas"

A week before Christmas, Vargas finally tracks down her grandmother, Cara Vargas and is planning to meet her when she gets a call from Etheridge that there's been a major incident in the United Nations meeting in Los Angeles. As Vargas arrives on the scene, Chapel fills her in that there's been a poisoning of multiple people, including a Chinese ambassador, of an unknown substance. Once the scene was secured, the JACTF are forced to work with the FBI and Homeland Security to investigate the scene. Shaw and Costas discover the victims were poisoned by weaponized tuberculosis, forcing them to call a HAZMAT team in. The head of security for the Chinese ambassador Wang (François Chau) demands to know if his ambassador was the target. Etheridge, Crown, FBI Agent-in-charge William Housley (Gabriel Mann) and Homeland Security Agent-in-Charge Norman Wilson (Richard Brooks) assure him that they are trying to find out if the Chinese Ambassador was targeted. At HQ, Warren reveals that she has find a video from the people who committed the attack.

The video shows domestic terrorists who feel that America is selling out the country and it's people to foreign countries. They say the first attack was just an warning and that there will be more attacks in other cities. They demand that every member of the House and the Senate be disavowed and removed and the two major political parties be changed, or they will commit more attacks in many major cities before Christmas. The JACTF works with the FBI and Homeland Security to find the terrorists as the FBI puts every field office in the country on high alert. Shane and Crown instruct the JACTF to help the FBI and Homeland Security with all they need. Etheridge believes that the leader of main terrorist cell is someone in California, judging by the time they released the weaponized tuberculosis. As the agencies look at the surveillance footage from the building, they notice that the terrorists hid their faces in plain view, but Vargas spots a reflection that shows the face of one of them in a mirror. They identified the man as Byron Rhodes, an anti-government radical. Wilson tells everyone to find leads on Rhodes. They discover that Rhodes is likely affiliated with Jerry Malek (Matt Battaglia), a former CIA operative who was betrayed on a mission and disavowed by the government. Wang says that his country knows Malek too and revealed that Malek went on a rogue mission to assassinate one of their high-ranking generals in revenge for the capture and execution of his girlfriend, who was involved in a bombing of a Chinese building in New York that was supposed to be empty, but some American civilians and Chinese nationals were killed and the CIA handed her over to them. They later executed her in a Chinese prison and Malek tried to assassinate the general as revenge, but the CIA disavowed him by warning the Chinese government, at which they captured imprisoned him for a year until he escaped and disappeared. Etheridge believes that with this perceived betrayal by the U.S. government, Malek would seek revenge for both him and his girlfriend.

After following more leads, they learn that there is an abandoned industrial complex where Rhodes was seen, along with a few others that are listed as radicals. Altogether, the JACTF, the FBI, Homeland Security, LAPD SWAT and HAZMET raid the complex and detain most of the domestic terrorists, and Vargas and Etheridge capture Rhodes while Chapel, Ramsay and the FBI capture Malek. They find a computer that lists targeted locations. With that information, they put the word out to the other cities, and the terrorists heading for those targets are arrested by the FBI, ending the threat. The FBI and Homeland Security say that they will keep the weaponized tuberculosis from being used by anyone anymore and thanks all the local authorities for the help.

After the stressful case, the JACTF goes to Crown's house for a Christmas party, before heading home to spend the holiday time with their families. At home, Angela shows Vargas the mysterious gifts she found. The two are left curious about who left them, but Vargas allows Angela to keep the gifts until she finds out more. However, Vargas takes a look at the notes and becomes mystified their handwriting.

At the end, Vargas finally tracks down her grandmother Cara in old apartment. Vargas left shocked to see Cara in the wheelchair and learns that Cara has stuffing with multiple sclerosis (MS) for years before asks Cara about her father's past and their family. Cara explains that their family immigrated from Mexico when her father was a child. She and her husband send their children to stay with their aunt and uncle while they work with a rich, powerful man to earn our immigrant rights in America. Years later, her father became a CBI Agent and later met her mother, but kept his professional and personal lives separate. When Vargas asks Cara about how to find her other family members, Cara shows Vargas a picture and map of a town named Gainesville...

  • Christmas episode

#11 - "ICE, ICE, Baby"

The JACTF is assigned to investigate when seven illegal immigrants are found dead in different areas all over Los Angeles, all murdered in different ways. They team up again with Jack and Ng as well as Detectives Michael Brooks and Thora Price. Scott believes that they were murdered just for being illegal immigrants, while Vargas and Lee speculate that more than one person could be involved. With Scott's knowledge of ICE, the JACTF speaks to the agents who worked with the murdered immigrants, which doesn't turn up much connection to the murder victims since the agents are less than cooperative.

While pursuing more leads, Scott reveals to Cisneros and Etheridge that he moved to California after he witnessed several of his fellow ICE agents badly neglecting and mistreating some of the illegal immigrants they arrested, and that he's married to a Latina-American woman. Etheridge points out that that Scott and his wife Maritza have a son, with Scott adding that she is also carrying their second child which is due in two months. Shane files a subpoena to ensure ICE's cooperation. They discovered that one agent is highly bigoted towards illegal immigrants, but has an alibi for most of the murders. Soon after, two more illegal immigrants are then found murdered. But upon investigating, they discover another ICE agent has had access to all the murdered immigrants. When Vargas and Etheridge go to question him, he fled away, leading to a foot chase until the ICE agent is picked by someone in the van. After the men, the four men, including the rogue ICE agent, take over the immigration office. As Scott negotiates with the gunmen over the situation, Chapel has Vargas, Ramsay, Lowry and Lee assist the MCS and LAPD SWAT. Following Scott's suggestion, the Joint MCS/JACTF team quietly infiltrates the building. Two of the men are willing to surrender, but the other two refused to do so. Things escalate as the two then shot and killed the two accomplices wanting to surrender, the authorities initiate breach and arrested the two remaining criminals. Shane prosecutes the offenders and the suspects are eventually convicted and given life imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Vargas prepares to go meet her other relatives in Gainesville, but Henderson left concerned about Vargas going to Gainesville on her own, worrying that her past could haunted her through the journey, or somebody will try to kill her like the car accident. Shane and Delgado, however, assure her that Vargas will be fine. However, Henderson then meets with Angela and they come up with a plan.

At the end, Vargas takes Angela to their mother but Henderson distracted Vargas by revealing her father's old things while Angela hides herself in the trunk, not knowing somebody in dark disguise was watching her. They attempts to open the trunk but run off when Vargas approaches the car and gets in. As she drives off, Lenhart meets up with the mystery person as he arrives in Lenhart's car, promising them that they will get their chance soon before driving the same directions...

#12 - "Gainesville"

Vargas travels to Gainesville to meeting her long-lost family members, but the visit takes a unusual turn when she stumbles onto a conspiracy that puts her and Angela's lives in jeopardy.

  • 60 minutes special.

#13 - "Affirmative Reaction"

As Vargas returns, she told the JACTF about what happened in Gainesville. Crown told them to investigate Lenhart's connection when they can as they got another case where African-American former NFL player and now bar owner Darryl Hooper (Donald Faison) hunted down and killed three white supremacist criminals who murdered his wife and raped his oldest daughter while robbing his establishment. As the JACTF comes to arrest Hooper, he surrenders peacefully while he had his parents watched his children. Shane is sympathetic with Hooper, but is forced to prosecute him for the killings, while the JACTF leads the hunt for the other white supremacist members who have targeted the man and his family.

While the JACTF continues with the manhunt, Shane tries to get Hooper to plead out, but Hooper and his lawyer, Brett Newman (Eddie McClintock) refuse to do so. As the trial starts, race riots occur as expected, with the National Guard being called in. Vargas and Etheridge soon discovers the victims' association with some of the white supremacists. As Cisneros gets info from Hobbs about where the group hangs out, Ramsay, Lowry, Lee and Shaw stake out the area. They then follow the men with Vargas, Etheridge, Chapel, Scott and Cisneros joining them. They overhear their plans to bomb the courtroom to kill Hooper and bomb the house where his family is at. The JACTF, along with CHP, then raid the hideout, arresting most of the supremacists and killing or wounding the rest.

As Shane speaks to Hooper and Newman, they admits that they know what Gordon Fontana did to her. Shane reveals to Hooper and Newman that her good African-American friend in law school was murdered because of her race, and her two killers weren't found until two years later; one died in a shootout the police and the other one was arrested, convicted, and later killed in prison. Hooper told her that while he understands some of what she went through because of what happened to his daughter by the attackers and that she has to do her job, he re-affirms that he can't spend time in prison because of his children and because the black community need him to ensure racial harmony since he owns an non-profit organization that promotes unity for every race. After the jury in the case is deadlocked, the judge declares a mistrial, and the D.A. office opts not to retry the case, much to the elation of Hooper as well as Shane herself. Hooper tells her that no matter how different people look, you can to trust the soul of the person by their actions, not by their looks. After hearing that, Shane visits Emily and talks with her.

Meanwhile, Chapel is visited by his brother Ronald, who reveals that his ex-wife is trying to get full custody of his children. Lee spends time with her infant son Andrew. And Vargas and Delgado talk about the mysterious gifts that were brought to her and Angela and wonder what they mean.

#14 - "Semper Fortis"

The JACTF works with NCIS Special Agent Danny Burnett (guest star Mike Vogel), a former SEAL teammate of Chapel's, when another teammate of theirs, Gregory Weiss (guest star Trevor Donovan), goes rogue on a solo manhunt. As Chapel and Burnett visit Weiss's wife, she revealed that Weiss is looking for their 10-year-old daughter Katie, who has been kidnapped and he disappeared to find her. Later, the JACTF and NCIS team believe that she might have been taken by a pedophile ring.

When one of Weiss's confrontations leads to the death of several of the kidnappers in a cabin with a bunker nearby, Chapel and Burnett are thrust into the middle of doing their jobs and their loyalty to their old friend. Vargas and Etheridge express concern to Shane and Crown about Chapel and Burnett being a SEAL teammate of Weiss, but Scott and Ramsay, being a Coast Guardsman and Army Corporal, vouch that any teammate in the military are like family and Chapel and Burnett will be able to multitask by doing their job while trying to stay loyal to their friend. When Weiss is spotted via traffic cameras, Chapel and Burnett go alone and find Weiss brutally interrogating a suspect. Shocked to see his former teammates, Weiss tells them that the men he killed took Katie and they have her stashed somewhere, ready to sell her to the highest bidder. As Chapel and Burnett question Weiss about everything that happened, Shane, Etheridge and Scott interrogate the suspect. After the suspect reveals that some of the girls, including Katie, are at an abandoned hotel where the auction of the girls take place, Vargas is familiar about that hotel. The joint JACTF/NCIS team arrives in the hotel. After a tough gun battle, Chapel and Burnett kill the ringleader in self-defense and rescue several kidnapped girls, including Katie. After reuniting her with her father, Weiss thanks his former SEAL teammates for finding her. Chapel and Burnett told Weiss that they understand why he went rogue, that they would've done the same for their children, and that they'll always have each others backs for life.

During the case, Chapel speaks to Burnett about his brother's issues with his divorce and custody hearings. Burnett says that he was divorced from his wife due to his commitment of his job and he barely sees his children because of it. Meanwhile, Crown is unexpectedly called to Washington D.C. by his US attorney colleague, Norman Devlin (guest star Bryan Cranston).

At the end, Vargas confides in Shane about her encounter with Lenhart in Gainesville. Shane states that whatever riddles Lenhart gave her, Vargas should come to her if she find something new about them.

#15 - "D.C. Knows Best - Part 1

Crown arrives in Washington and is met by Devlin, who drives him to the Robert F. Kennedy Building. Several officials question Crown about the JACTF's old cases, particularly one from several years prior: the case of Javier "The Razor Blade" Campos, a seemingly deceased drug lord known for his brutality and near perfectly pure cocaine. Crown informs them that Campos was selling off a deadly batch of cocaine that killed over 30 people and had violently tortured and murdered undercover FBI agent Melissa Long, who worked with JACTF when her cover was blown. He also tells them that Campos' cartel has also killed three other undercover law enforcement officials and he believes that there was a mole helping Campos. During a raid of his compound in San Diego, he apparently blew himself up. Devlin reveals that there are rumors and some circumstantial evidence that Campos might have survived the explosion.

Upon learning that Campos might still be alive, Etheridge is unsettled by it since Long was friends with her. Vargas remembers that Chloe Hartman and the MCS once pursued Campos on an unrelated crime which helped the JACTF linked him to the murder of Long. The JACTF teams up with DHS agent Burt Adrian and former member Det. Jillian Rudd, who worked the case with her late partner Kenneth Mackey, to find the truth.

While following possible leads, they spot Campos's right hand man name Ernesto Rivas, who is rumored to have taken over the cartel from Campos after his supposed death. Rudd states that Rivas is loyal to Campos down to the bone. Etheridge and Chapel decide to send Lowry and Lee to the bar where Rivas frequents and Shane advises them to keep their distance if they see Campos. At the bar, they spot Rivas and other drug dealers.

After trailing Rivas to a isolated restaurant on the highway, they stand by and then they spotted Campos. After Lowry take the picture of Campos and sends it to Chapel, the dealers spot and make him and Lee. Rivas and others capture them, though not before Lee sends out a distress signal. At the JACTF goes over the photo of Campos, Rudd confirms that it is him after tall. Then, as the team receives the distress alert, a text comes in on Vargas's phone, to answer his next call. As the phone rang, Etheridge nods at Vargas, giving her permission to answer. Campos reveals that his men have Lowry and Lee and warns her and the JACTF to stay out of his way as he makes a very large delivery and leaves the country to somewhere no extradition treaty, or he will kill Lowry & Lee and stream their deaths live for the world to see. After Campos hangs up, the trace reveals that they are in a moving vehicle, which the captive Lowry and Lee are at.

#16 - "D.C. Knows Best - Part 2"

After learning about Campos being confirmed alive and Lowry and Lee's capture, Crown updates the D.C. officials. The officials want to go all out against Campos' cartel, but Crown warns them that Lowry and Lee will be killed if they do that. Devlin understands the situation, but the officials don't want Campos to to vanish forever and, unless the JACTF can come up with something to get to him and the cartel, they have no choice. Crown offers full corporation for all available California law enforcement officials to assist the JACTF and Devlin and the other officials grants it. They told Crown that they got 12 hours to find Campos or they will taken over and go all out on him.

As the JACTF hype up the search for Campos and their captured colleagues, they are joined by Hobbs and the CHP, Lieutenant Joseph, Jack, Ng and other LAPD personnel, more of Adrian's DHS colleagues, FBI Special Agent Wesley Wayne (Alan Powell), his partner Keith Mitchem (Kevin Rankin) and other FBI agents, CBI and such. Shane instructs everyone to work together and not to clash over jurisdiction. With their combined efforts, they began to track Campos and closed all California borders, airports, trains, buses and such.

As Campos and the others arrive at an isolated house located in the Sierra Mountains, they bring the captive Lowry and Lee out. They placed them in separate cells, where they are subjected to torture to reveal information about what they know and how to escape. With hours of searching, Vargas and Etheridge work with the FBI and DHS on tracking down Campos, Chapel and Scott work with others to find the drug shipment. Cisneros works with CHP on tracking the vehicle. Vargas, Ramsay and Rudd work with Joseph, Jack and Ng. Later, Beth comes in to help as she had knowledge of Campos before he faked his death after getting a call from Hartman. Lee's husband, Nolan Caruso, arrives as well and asks about his wife. Shane assures him that they have California's finest looking for her and Lowry. After discovering that Campos's call came north of the restaurant, they learn that he was in a semi-truck and probably is where Lowry and Lee are at. The tracked the truck as far as the Sierra Mountains. Knowing that choppers will tip off Campos and provoke him into killing Lowry and Lee, Rudd suggests that they get help from the Forest Rangers to track them down. Beth agrees, noting that Campos can be very paranoid at times like this.

With less than 2 hours for the deadline, Chapel and Scott find four dealers working for Campos and they and other officials detain them. After interrogation, they discovered the drugs are being delivered in eight pickup trucks and will be delivered out near a lake and that Rivas will be there. With that knowledge, Vargas, Ramsay, Beth, Etheridge, Cisneros, Rudd, the MCS, the FBI, the CHP, the DHS and the CBI raided the drug shipment and Vargas wounded Rivas. Etheridge, Adrian and Wayne interrogated Rivas inside the mobile command center. With help from forest rangers on finding the house Campos is hiding, they posed as drug delivers. Campos plans to leave via semi-truck and escape the country by a freighter in Oregon and intends to kill Lowry and Lee anyway. As the authorities arrive at the house, several of them, including Vargas, Ramsay, Cisneros, Rudd, Hobbs, Jack and Ng, take the back while others, including Etheridge, Chapel, Scott, Beth, Joseph, Wayne and Adrian, prepare to hit the other sides of the house. As the undercover officers deliver the large batch of cocaine, the dealers suddenly shoot them dead and the authorities are force to raid the house early. Several of Campos's men are killed. Chapel and Cisneros find Lowry and Lee alive. As Campos tries to get away, Vargas then catches and fights him in the forest. After Vargas receives a slash wound on her right forearm, Campos intends to shoot her, but Ramsay, Etheridge, Rudd, Wayne, Beth and others cornered him as Vargas gets up and points her pistol at him. Campos refuses to surrender and points his weapon at Vargas in an suicide-by-cop attempt, at which Rudd wounds him to prevent that. After Beth kicks the pistol away from Campos and kicks him down to the ground, Ramsay and Wayne take him in custody.

Crown tells Devlin and the others the news of Campos's capture. Devlin and the officials say that they want Campos delivered to them to face trial and Crown grants that. As Vargas, Lowry and Lee are treated in the hospital, Shane told Lowry and Lee, who both have sustained bad injuries from their torture, to see a shrink first before returning to work. As their families reunite with them, Chapel comes to Vargas, Shane and Etheridge, telling that he has found who Campos's mole was and it is revealed to be Mitchem, who was in financial ruin and joined the cartel to make some extra money and has been detained. Shane tells the others about Campos being transferred to the Department of Justice for trial.

As Crown heads back home, Ramsay spends time with Beth and their children. She admits to her husband that she does miss being a cop. Ramsay suggest that she return to the force, but Beth says that raising Levi and Matthius is something that makes her life happy. Vargas leaves the hospital after getting patched up and Shane and Delgado met up with her. Vargas tells them that she is planning to visit her grandmother soon for more answers about the discoveries she made in Gainesville. Delgado and Shane warn her to be careful because of everything that happened in Gainesville, which Vargas acknowledges that she will as they leave the hospital.

#17 - "Return to Sender"

When an DOD official and his wife are shot out of nowhere at an outdoor restaurant, the JACTF is assigned to the scene. Ramsay believes that the shooting was done by a sniper, which Costas confirms. Then a Senator and several of his staff are sniped while he is making a speech. Then a JAG lawyer is sniped while getting into her car. As the task force tracks a serial sniper, Vargas and Ramsay discover that the victims have previous connections to Cisneros' past. After learning it, Cisneros reveals that his fellow Army soldier and sniper name John Andino (Jason Wiles) had murdered an American civilian while in an operation in Afghanistan, then tried to make it look like he was killed by insurgents. It was revealed that the man was a psychologist brought in to evaluate the men in Cisneros' unit, who was planning to testify against Andino for being mentally unstable due to stress in combat, which would've hindered or even ended Andino's career. Cisneros and others in his unit saw through the coverup though, and turned him in to the US Government. As a result, Andino was dishonorably discharged, but escaped prison and vanished before the verdict. The people that were murdered were involved in his court martial. Knowing who the targets are, the JACTF arrives to protect the judge who presided Andino's court martial. But before he can be escorted to safety, a sniper's bullet went through the window and shot the judge in the head. Knowing Andino's tactics, Cisneros tracks him down with Vargas, Ramsay and Chapel following him. Cisneros finds Andino, but he refuse to go quietly and aims his weapon at him. Cisneros and Ramsay shoots him dead.

Meanwhile, while working on the case at the same time, Vargas visits her grandmother and confront her for more answers but Cara refuses to tell Vargas anything. As a result, a furious Vargas search her grandmother's room where she is left horrified what she discovers. Then, Vargas learn that she might have a guardian angel as Cara decides to open up about the full story.

Also, Lowry and Lee see a psychologist following their capture and torture. Lee admits that she has nightmares about her ordeal and her consolation is holding her infant son at night. Meanwhile, Shane re-introduces Emily to their parents Glenn (Willem Dafoe) and Edith (Julianne Moore) as her true self. The news that Ben underwent transgender surgery and became Emily shocks them. Glenn lambasts Emily over the change. Shane tells her father that she was also shocked and angered by it too at first when she found the picture of the family with Emily, and Emily revealed the secret to her, but says that she is learning to accept it. Glenn nonetheless tells Emily to stay away from the family as he leaves in fury. Edith, who doesn't want to talk to Emily yet, says to Morgan that she's going to have to inform Charlotte and Keanu about Ben becoming Emily before leaving with Glenn.

At the end, Weber spies Vargas and her colleague in the police station from his car. Then, a mystery woman who reveals to be Rebecca appears in Weber's car and share a moment with him. It revealed that Weber are Rebecca's secret spouses and that he is Mac's father. As Weber and Rebecca talk about their plan to kill Vargas, Rebecca asks Weber about their mystery helper. Weber tells Rebecca that he will be ready for vengeance... soon.

#18 - "Everything to Lose"

Under political pressure, Shane prosecutes a young man name Byron Miller on trial for killing a billionaire's daughter and a friend when suddenly Byron's father Sterling takes matters into his hands, grabbed the bailiff's gun and takes the courtroom hostage, including Shane and members of the jury. The LAPD and JACTF arrive in the courthouse. After SWAT commander and negotiator Lieutenant Kevin Adams (Gabriel Macht) fills Etheridge and the others about the situation, Scott handles the negotiations. Sterling tells Scott that they've got 24 hours to prove his son's innocence or he will start killing hostages. Lowry and Lee, who have returned to active duty, arrive as Vargas and the others conduct their own investigation. While investigating, Vargas and Ramsay discover that Byron wasn't in the building where the daughter was murdered. Byron reveals to Scott that he was seeing the daughter and the night of the murder, she called him about something urgent, but was then murdered before she can tell him something, which is why he came to the building and the cops arrested him because he was the last person to speak to her.

While working on a case, Vargas continues to investigate more about her family following her grandma's confession. Then, when Vargas asks her mother why she and her dad divorced, Henderson tell Vargas that Cara had another family with her captor, having developed Stockholm syndrome during her captivity. Diego ordered the hit on his stepfather but when he learned the truth, he disowned his mother for "betraying their family" and went off the rail, damaging his marriage. Henderson admits to Vargas that she didn't tell her the truth because she was protecting her father's image in their daughter's eyes.

Later, the situation becomes tense as Sterling starts losing patience. Shane tries to calm him down, but says he's a father trying to save his son. Shane says that she has a son too, a product of a rape by Gordon Fontana, which surprises Sterling as he remembers the news about him. Adams, concerned that Sterling will start shooting hostages at the deadline, plans a breach, but Scott tells him to hold off while trying to assure him that his team is working as fast as they can. Vargas, Ramsay, Etheridge, Chapel, and Shaw discover that the daughter had hidden an USB drive in her office. Warren downloads the data and it's revealed that the billionaire had been secretly smuggling COVID samples to allow Russia to weaponize as his recent building of skyscraper had bankrupted him and causing the construction to be aborted. She threatened to exposed his actions to the authorities and he confronted her to stop her, but during the confrontation, the billionaire accidentally shoved her down the flight of stairs, which killed her. As Scott calls Sterling and Shane about it, he tries to tell Adams and SWAT to wait since they might have a peaceful resolution. Lee and Lowry rush to the scene and prevent the SWAT team from breaching as the other JACTF personnel arrive with the evidence. After the situation was resolved, Vargas, Chapel, Lee and Lowry arrest the billionaire for treason and manslaughter of his own daughter.

Meanwhile, the custody battle of Chapel's brother's children reaches it's decision, with Ronald getting joint custody. After the situation ends over, Scott gets a call that his wife Maritza is about to give birth. As Scott arrives, Maritza gives birth to a daughter, whom they name Dayana or "Daya" for short.

At the end, Cara is shocked to find Rebecca in her apartment but is then horrified when Weber appears behind Rebecca, greeting his mother-in-law...

#19 - "At The Movies"

The JACTF goes into overdrive when they investigate a mass shooting in a San Francisco cinema that leaves 18 people dead and over 30 others injured. Chapel believes that there are at least three shooters since they used automatic rifles and shotguns. Costas and Shaw confirm Chapel's theory based on the bullets and shotgun pellets used in the scene and the surveillance cameras on the parking lot. Ramsay and Cisneros track the weapons to an illegal arms deal in San Francisco. With help from SFPD Inspector Corrine James (Ilfenesh Hadera) and others, the JACTF raid the arms deal and confronted the man who sold the weapons to the perpetrators who did the shooting. With that, the suspects in the shooting are identified as mentally-ill teenagers who disappeared after they escaped from a mental facility. James reveals that one of them had a dairy that alleged his intentions to commit several massacres. With a warrant provided by Shane, the JACTF raid second suspect's home and find an encrypted portable hard drive.

After hours of cracking it, Riley and Shaw crack the encryption and discover that their next target is an amusement park. While undercover at the amusement park, Vargas spots one of the suspects getting out their car. As Vargas, Lowry and Lee came to the first guy, the second guy fires at them. As Vargas tackles the first suspect with Lowry and Lee pointing weapons at him, the second guy drives out of the scene. Cisneros and Scott chase the other suspect in a car chase with other available JACTF members, James and SFPD joining in pursuit. Cisneros cuts off the suspects' car, and the second shooter runs out on foot with Cisneros and Scott giving chase. As the second suspect turns a corner, Ramsay knocks him down as he and Chapel apprehend him. Etheridge, James and others find more weapons in the trunk of the suspects' car.

During the case, Vargas gets distracted due to somebody posting personal matters of Vargas and her father's family online. Crown and Chapel thinks she should be removed from the case. But Shane, Ramsay and Etheridge defend Vargas while Lowry, Lee, Scott and Cisneros remain neutral about Vargas's situation. Delgado conducts an investigation of who leaked Vargas's father's family life online. Vargas suspects it had to be Lenhart. Meanwhile, Etheridge's daughter Chelsea is mildly injured in a soccer game, Scott and Maritza continue to bonds with Daya, Lowry's marriage to Percy is deteriorating again because of the events of his captivity and Lee & Nolan spend a mellow evening with their infant son Andrew.

At the end, Vargas is visited by Aldridge and Martinez when they confront her about the leak information about their family. She suspects Lenhart but Aldridge tells Vargas that Lenhart was found dead a couple weeks prior. Then, a shocked Weber and Rebecca watch Aldridge drag a furious and handcuffed Vargas into her car before driving off. As they argue about the plan, Weber warns Rebecca that their accomplice won't be happy about learning about Vargas' arrest. Later, it was revealed that Vargas, Aldridge and Martinez faked the 'arrest' as they talked about finding the person who is targeting their family but they left worried about the situation...

#20 - "Retire or Die"

While dealing Vargas' mysterious absence and Cisneros dealing with a family emergency after his son gets into a bike accident and is hospitalized, Etheridge and Ramsey work with Detective Jane Peterson (Olga Kurylenko) to investigate the stabbing of a retired FBI agent but they struggle to lead any leads. As the investigation continues, the agent's wife reveals that he and his family were in financial debt because of a failed attempt to open a security firm. But the investigation takes a dark turn when Etheridge and Finn make the shocking discovery that the agent had tried to make a deal with the mob in order to get some extra cash. Etheridge and Chapel learn that the mob had forced the agent to try to get names of every undercover agent in the mob in exchange for the lives of his family and the money he needed. With a warrant issued by Shane, Ramsay, Lowry, Lee and Scott put surveillance on several mob enforcers and follow him. They see and get audio evidence of the mob boss meeting with and paying the hitman for killing the agent. As Etheridge and Chapel joined the, the JACTF move in and arrested the mob boss and his associates. The hitman is shot dead by Chapel when he refuses to surrender.

At the same time, the JACTF is confused when somebody posts an article of Vargas' "arrest", but when the LAPD confirms that Vargas hasn't been booked for anything, Henderson and Angela go to Shane for answers about what happened to Vargas. Shane strongly denies knowing anything, but thinks Vargas might be in serious trouble. Crown tells Shane to to find Vargas and she has Finn help her.

Meanwhile, Vargas finds herself in different situation when she tries to help Aldridge, Martinez and their family after their personal lives are publicly exposed online, things turn sinister when Vargas discovers Rebecca's betrayal and her involvement with Weber. But, another bombshell is dropped when it's revealed that Bridger Fontana, having escaped from prison, is the one behind the conspiracy...

At the end, Aldridge calls Henderson to warn her about Bridger, before explaining everything. Then, Rebecca and Weber meets up with Bridger in a old warehouse where Bridger asks them about his surprise for Vargas. Rebecca promises Bridger that Vargas will gets the shock of her life, and that her brother Diego will pay this way for this. Unknown to them, someone is listening in on them from the shadows...

#21 - "Cold Front (1)"

The masterminds behind the conspiracy against Vargas are uncovered and the JACTF scramble to protect her, putting several members' lives at risk while an unexpected return puts everything into full prospective for Vargas.

  • Final appearance of Danny Pino (Luis Cisneros) as a regular.

Season 2 (2031-32)

#1 - "Out of the Dark (2)"

The aftermath of Vargas' house exploding finds both her and Shane confirming a shocking betrayal and falling into new dangers, the JACTF dealing with the loss of one of their own and the unexpected returns of two key individuals who have been long thought to be dead.

#2 - "The Last Stand (3)"

Putting everything on the line, Vargas, Shane and the JACTF pull out all the stops to bring Bridger, Rebecca and Weber to justice once and for all. Also, the truth behind two mystery returns are revealed in full.

  • Troy Winbush (Aaron Hobbs) is upgraded to series regular.

#3 - "The Show Must Go On"

Three months after the final conflict with Bridger Fontana and the Lannings, the JACTF is doing their best to carry on. As the team starts their day, Chapel and Ramsay talk about the recent sex trafficking ring trials in D.C. and the verdict of Jason Russo's trial. Most of the team then get involved in the conversation as Scott and Etheridge argue over the safety of women and children until Shane orders them to stop. Later, Vargas and Etheridge come across an abandoned van found near the highway. They open the doors and discover a big crate with blood leaking from the bottom. They open the box, which reveals the naked body of a unconscious teenage girl. Etheridge recognizes the girl as Gabrielle McConnell (Sadie Sink), a circus' acrobat. As Vargas and Etheridge helps Gabrielle out, they are shocked to see two more girls, both dead, inside of the box. Etheridge tells Vargas that the girls are Gabrielle's friends and also circus' acrobats. As the police and paramedics arrive, Vargas asks Etheridge who explains how did she knew Gabrielle and her two dead friends, Riley Harrison and Maisie Jones; she meet them four years ago during another case involving the circus in which some members were involved in a theft ring. Etheridge describes themselves as three sweet, kind girls and vows to find the person who hurt them. As Etheridge heads to the hospital, M.E. Costas reveals the victims were beaten and raped before they were killed. While contemplating the motive, Vargas, Ramsay, Chapel and Costas got spooked when they hear crying coming from another box in the van. Upon opening it, they discover a baby boy no older than a few days. Meanwhile, Etheridge arrives at the hospital as Lee and Scott tries to comfort Gabrielle's distraught mother Marie and her two worrying siblings. Etheridge calms Marie down and questions her about the girls. Afterwards, Vargas arrives and tells Etheridge about the baby boy they found. Etheridge is shocked as they watched the doctors examine the baby.

Later, Crown, Lowry and Shane question Vargas and Etheridge over their discovery of the girls. As Vargas and Etheridge explain their story, a doctor reveals the baby's condition is weak but stable. Then, Ramsay and Chapel reveal that they've tracked down Riley's parents but cannot find Maisie's. Crown decides to send Etheridge and Ramsay to question Riley's parents while Vargas and Chapel to question Gabrielle when she wakes. When she does later, Vargas, Chapel and Marie try to comfort her as she breaks down up learning her friends' fates. They then try to question her, but are interrupted by the arrival of Gabrielle's father and circus' showman Felix (Domhnall Gleeson), who tells them that his daughter is not fit to answer any questions. As Vargas and Chapel start to leave, the latter asks Gabrielle how to find Maisie's parents, but Gabrielle tells her that Maisie's biological parents died 15 years ago and that she was adopted by a rich family. Costas, having finished the autopsies on Riley and Maisie, reveals that the baby is Maisie's. Vargas informs Shane and Lowry and asks them to track down Maisie's adopted parents. Etheridge and Ramsay arrive at a apartment where they tells Riley's parents about their daughter's death. Riley's parents break down over the news, but the father lashes out in anger and blames Maisie for Riley's death, describing Maisie as a evil girl who got Riley and Gabrielle involved in criminal stuff. Vargas, Chapel, Etheridge and Ramsay all meet up outside of the hospital where they share their opinions and discoveries with each other, but Vargas believes something is not right.

The next day, Vargas and Ramsay arrive at the circus to question the performers and Felix, but are confused to see Gabrielle in her father's office. When Vargas and Ramsay ask Felix about Maisie, her reveals that she has had a troubled life after losing her parents to car accident and a history of trouble with the law. Felix admits he made Gabrielle and Riley become friends with Maisie because he felt sorry for her. But when Vargas asks about Maisie's pregnancy, he claims that he didn't know anything about it. He then takes Vargas and Ramsay to the locker room, but when he opens Maisie's locker for them, they discover everything has been cleared out. Vargas, Ramsay and Felix rush outside to find Gabrielle attempting to get rid of Maisie's stuff, and Vargas stops her. She questions Gabrielle for trying to dispose Maisie's stuff. Gabrielle defends Maisie and explains that she was trying to protect Maisie's legacy but then accidentally mentions something about a 'special' group.

Gabrielle takes Vargas and Ramsay to the group outside of the circus, revealing that they are an a eco-radical group. As she explains that Maisie was protesting the conditions of the circus animals, the group's leader, Marcus Nightingale and members deny any involvement. When Vargas asks about Maisie' pregnancy, the leader refused to answer and warns her about Felix, explaining that he saw Felix threatens Maisie two days before the murders. As Vargas attempts to get some answers, Felix orders her and Ramsay to leave. Meanwhile, Shane and Lowry track down Maisie's adopted parents. They notify them about Maisie's death and the baby. However, Shane and Lowry are shocked over the parents' reaction when the mother tells them that she is happy that Maisie is dead, revealing her to have been an impossible child since she had adopted. As Shane asks the parents about Maisie's baby, the parents tell her that they want nothing to do with the baby and attempts to pay Shane to have custody of her. Shane rejects the offer in disgues and furiously walks away. Later, Vargas, Shane, Ramsay and Lowry meet up in a cafe and reveal their discoveries; Shane reveals her anger over Maisie's adopted parents. Vargas tries to comfort Shane, but two detectives then arrive to question her. Vargas arrives at the police station where the detectives question her about her father, Diego. She denies of seeing her father, giving the explanation that Diego died in car accident years ago. However, one of the detectives tells her that Diego was spotted outside of town a week prior, but Vargas still strongly denies any involvement. After being questioned, Vargas arrived at her mother's house and confronts her, accusing her of calling the detectives over Diego. Henderson defends her decisions, explaining that she wants Diego to come home, that she still love him and wants to help him out. However, Vargas believes that her mother wants to punish her father for leaving them.

Meanwhile, Scott apologizes to Etheridge about their argument, opening up about his fears if anything bad happened to his wife and children. Then, Hobbs arrives and reveals CCTV footage which sees Nightingale following Gabrielle before the attack. As the team was plans to set off, Felix arrives at the station and reveals important information about Marcus. Felix informs them that Marcus stalked Gabrielle for months and grooming Maisie into having a relationship. Also, he tells the team that Gabrielle refused to reveal her attacker's identity and he believes that she is protecting Marcus. Later, the JACTF arrive at the church where they arrest Marcus for rape and murder while the police search Marcus' house. Marcus proclaims his innocence, but Vargas and Ramsay tell him there is strong evidence against him, revealing photos of the girls and also he was seen stalking Gabrielle hours before the attacks. Marcus admits to stalking Gabrielle, but strongly denied of raping her or murdering her friends. Nonetheless, the JACTF decides to charge him. Later, some members of the JACTF heads out to a special tour of the circus along with their families, but Vargas stays behind to sort out the case. While further examining the evidence, she finds more photos of Felix with a black-hair wig Gabrielle near a hotel. When Vargas questions Marcus in his cell, he reveals confesses that Felix was the true predator, having been sexually abusing Gabrielle since she was a child. Gabrielle got trouble in the law a lot as a result of lashing out from the abuse, but Maisie took the blame for her to protect her. Maisie also knew about Gabrielle's abuse and seduced her dad into having a relationship for a year to protect Gabrielle. However, 2 days before the murders, Felix discovered out that Maisie was 7 and a half months pregnant with his child and threatened to kill her and the child. Maisie, Riley and Gabrielle decided to run away from home, but their plan backfired when Felix found out and went after them. Marcus breaks down and blame himself for failing to protect the girls but Vargas promise Marcus that Felix pay for his actions. As she leaves the station, Vargas calls a mysterious person for help.

Later, Vargas arrives at the circus, sneaking into back of the tent to find Felix. Then, Vargas goes to Gabrielle's dressing room to asks her about her father, but comes across Felix zipping up his pants and Gabrielle sobbing. As Gabrielle begs Vargas to leave, she attempts to call her colleagues but got knocked out by a bodyguard. Later, Felix and his men bring Vargas who is dressed as a clown out for a special stunt with Gabrielle, and Felix threatens Gabrielle that he will kill Vargas if she messes up the act. As they gets ready, Gabrielle comforts Vargas and tells her about her father's abuse on her and reveals the reason why Maisie took the blame because she was worried that Felix would do something worse to her if he found that she was acting out. As the audience watches Felix drags a cage with Vargas and Gabrielle inside from top height, a young boy calls Shane's attention and tells her that somebody wants to talk her backstage. Shane goes backstage where she shockingly finds Diego, who tells her that Vargas is in trouble, telling the whole story. Shane reports back to her colleagues, telling them that they have got wrong man, and that Felix is the true rapist and murderer, which horrifies them. Felix sets fire on the cage and releases a tiger. As the JACTF attempts to rescue Vargas and Gabrielle, the former comfort the scared latter and they work together to escape the cage. Felix draws his gun and attempts to shoot Vargas who is about to be attacked by the tiger, Gabrielle grabs the microphone and exposes to the audience that her dad is really trying to kill the detective and it is no longer and act before confessing about her father's sexual abuse, and him murdering Riley and Maisie and getting the latter pregnant. Outraged Felix shoots Gabrielle in the legs, and turns to shoot Vargas, but Ramsay punches him out before arresting him, while Chapel and Lowry distract the tiger away from Vargas. Later, at the hospital, with Shane and her mother by her side, Gabrielle tells Riley and Maisie's parents about her abuse and the truth about Maisie. At first they are furious at Gabrielle, but come to understand the reasons and realize it wasn't Gabrielle's fault. Then, Maisie's adopted parents announced they will adopt Maisie's baby boy. At the police station, Felix smugly refuses to answer Vargas and Etheridge's questions but the former snaps angrily at Felix for his actions. Felix arrogantly mocks Vargas, which results in a furious Etheridge punching him in the nose. As he is taken to his cell, Felix claims to Crown and Henderson that Etheridge assaulted him, but they brush him off. Vargas later meets with Marcus, and apologizes; he forgives her and thanks her for clearing his name.

At the end, Vargas and Henderson meet at a diner. Henderson asks her daughter why she called her father. Vargas tells her mother that she was worried her plan might backfire so she decided to get her 'guardian angel' as a backup plan. Henderson warns of the consequences if the truth come out, but Vargas promises that she will make sure Diego stays away unless she needs him. Mother and daughter reconcile as Diego watches from shadows.

#4 - "North of Honor"

When a shooting at a restaurant occurred where three people were killed and seven wounded, the JACTF responds and the shooter is identified as former Marine Simon Riggs, who returned from Iraq three weeks before. Riggs soon does another shooting at an insurance company, where three more are killed and four more injured, leaving Chapel to call NCIS Special Agent Danny Burnett to help track the rogue Marine down. During the case, Shane and Crown introduces CBI Agent Faith Scalieri, who will be assisting Oversight. As Chapel and Burnett speak to Riggs' wife Beverly, she revealed that her husband has severe PTSD and revealed that he has been part of a clinical trial of a new anti-depressant that is supposed to be helping veterans deal with it. Following Scalieri's advice, Vargas, Etheridge, Scott, Hobbs and Warren investigate the drug and, following Shane getting a subpoena, discovered that some of the veterans who took the drug have had psychotic breaks, likely due to the drug's side effects. Vargas, Ramsay, Chapel and Burnett visit Hartman, who previously investigated a similar case involving a Delta Force soldier who took the drug and committed spousal abuse on his wife. Hartman tells them that the soldier admitted that the drug made him worse instead of better over time and they investigate the pharmaceutical company, but the CEO's representative denies any wrongdoing. Then, Riggs appears shooting up the main building of the company.

As JACTF, MCS and NCIS, as well as Scalieri, arrived, they entered the building, seeing several injured people. They then find Riggs in the CEO's office, holding him at gunpoint. Chapel and Burnett enter, as Riggs reveals that the drug made his PTSD even worse due to it's side effects and, to the point that he almost killed a man in a bar fight and even contemplated suicide several times. He eventually discovered what the drug did to the other veterans, but the company covered it up, and when he attempted to go public, they sent hitmen to silence him, but he turned the tables and killed them instead. The people he killed in the restaurant and the insurance company building were many of the company's greedy board members who were involved in the development of the drug and the clinical trial. Chapel and Burnett assure him that they will investigate the drug themselves and Riggs hands them the evidence he has gathered to them before surrendering peacefully as Chapel, Burnett, Lee and Scalieri arrest the CEO for reckless endangerment.

Shane prosecutes the CEO of the company. Despite the defense lawyers' underhanded tactics, the CEO is found guilty and the company was held accountable. Vargas told Shane and the others that the drug is off the market and the company will settle to the veterans and their families. Riggs has been sentenced to a psychiatric facility for treatment for his PSTD. Vargas receives a visit from Cisneros' family as they gathered his final belongings. While some of them understand what happened to Cisneros wasn't her fault, Cisneros' younger sister Carmen angrily blames her for her brother's death, but Vargas defended herself and Lee stood up for her to Carmen. The family then left, but Carmen glares at Vargas.

During the case, Lowry seems distracted during the case. Eventually, he reveals to Shane that Percy left him because of the risks of him working for JACTF and what he went through after being almost killed. As he explains the situation, Lowry tells Shane that Percy wants a break from their marriage, but convinced that his husband will not take him back. Scalieri and Lee speak to Lowry about his marital problems. Vargas tells Delgado about her father being alive and that he was her guardian angel. Delgado, realizing that it was Diego who saved her, Shane and the others from Bridger and the Lannings, thanks Vargas for telling him the truth and that he won't tell anyone else about it.

Also, Crown, still reeling from recent events, is contemplating retirement as he speaks to his wife Debbie about how all the recent events have taken a toll on him. Then, he calls Norman Devlin and informs him about everything and gives him some advice about the meaning of life.

  • First appearance of Sophia Bush (Faith Scalieri).

#5 - "Birthday Shock"

At Chelsea's 18th birthday party, she suddenly finds her grand-uncle Jack Etheridge murdered and her mom near it holding a gun with a napkin. As the JACTF arrives, Etheridge says that she found her uncle shortly before Chelsea came in and saw the scene, and picked up the gun she found on the floor near his body. Costas says that the bullet that killed Etheridge's uncle matched the one she had in her hand. Soon, Etheridge is placed under arrest due to the circumstantial evidence against her. Scalieri instructs everyone to work on the case and not to let their personal feelings over Etheridge interfere with their jobs. Vargas and Shane decide to investigate Etheridge's past as they hope to clear her. They soon remember that Etheridge confided in them she was sexually assaulted by a relative. After going over the case files of the crime, Vargas and Shane end up relieving their memories of Gordon raping them. Shane admits that to Vargas that she wanted to end her own life so many times because of the trauma of the abuse, but she couldn't leave Jonathan alone, further stating that the abuse inspired her to become a prosecutor to get sex offenders off the street. She also stated her mother Edith still accepted Jonathan even after discovering what Gordon did to her and her father Glenn initially had some trouble after learning of Gordon's betrayal and Jonathan being the product of rape, but eventually came to accept Jonathan as his grandson. Vargas admits that she wanted to kill Gordon many times, but couldn't do so because of her mother and Angela and that she moved away from her family to start fresh and became a cop, until he found her and forced him to resume his abuse of her under the threat of making Angela his new victim. They discovered a clue that the man accused of sexually abusing her was her cousin Kyle and his parents covered it up. They then realize that Jack must've was murdered in part because her knew about the abuse.

Meanwhile, Chelsea, who doesn't believe that her mother killed her grand-uncle, is shocked that her father, Etheridge's ex-husband Patrick Morris, has arrived. When she asks what he's doing here, he says that he came to surprise his daughter on her birthday, but is surprised to learn that her mother has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Later, Emily and Jonathan arrive to check on Chelsea where they meets Patrick for first time but Jonathan gets suspicious when he catches Emily lie to Patrick about her identity. After Patrick leave, Jonathan confront Emily who admits that she knew Patrick when she was teenager as Ben and confessed that she got involved in gambling business with Patrick, but months later, she set him up to be arrested after Patrick gets too serious.

Vargas and Shane speak to Chapel and Scalieri about their findings. Chapel says that even if their right, they need more proof than that to officially clear Etheridge, which Scalieri concurs. Vargas and Scalieri then question Etheridge, who reveals that Jack told her at Chelsea's birthday part that he was going to turn in Kyle for a new, recent incident of rape he discovered and his brother & sister-in-law for covering up what Kyle did to Etheridge. Realizing that Etheridge was indeed set up, they release her. Shane then informs Etheridge that her ex-husband is back in town, which unsettles her. With a plan from Vargas and Chapel, Etheridge comes to the residence of Kyle and his parents, Floyd and Alexandria, who are all shocked to see her. She confronts them that Jack was going to turn them all in for what Kyle did to her and another girl that he raped, and his parents covered up again by buying the victim's silence. Kyle says that they don't have evidence against them. Eventually, Kyle, Floyd and Alexandria made full admittance that Jack was going to turn them in, which they feared would put them all in jail, so Kyle killed him and left the gun at the scene due to it being unregistered, which the JACTF gets in recording. The task force then breaches the manor, Vargas quickly apprehends and arrests Alexandria, while Lowry and Hobbs catch Floyd. As Kyle tries to escape, Etheridge cuts him off, lambasting her cousin for sexually assaulting her and suspects he has done the same to other girls. Kyle tries to fight, but Etheridge takes him down in hand-to-hand combat just before Chapel and Ramsay arrive and take him into custody.

After the case, Crown informs Shane and Scalieri that he has decided to retire and someone will replace him soon.

#6 - "The Ballerina"

The JACTF are called to a ballet studio where they find the body of Eugene Bracco, a bodyguard connected to New York-based Gambrione Crime Family is found brutally stabbed to death. Upon searching the body, Vargas gets suspicious when she pulls out a photo of a young man and a young girl from the victim's hand. Immediately figuring that the Gambriones will send someone to track their man down, Crown orders that the couple in the picture be found and put into protective custody immediately. After questioning the other dancers, Ramsay and Chapal learn that the girl in the picture is fellow ballerina Julia Braddick, and the man is her boyfriend, entrepreneur Dante Silver and that Bracco was Silver's bodyguard. Wondering what Silver's connection to the Gambriones is, Vargas and Etheridge find themselves approached by the head of the crime family himself Sal Gambrione, who reveals to them that Dante is his youngest son, who took his mother's maiden name and moved to the West Coast to distance himself from his family; Sal implores the two to find his son no matter what, revealing that Dante was the favorite child of his late wife.

Later, Vargas and Etheridge arrive at Dante and Julia's house but find the place has been ransacked. A search for clues turns up several threatening messages on Julia's email. Now suspecting foul play, the two are forced to up the ante and dig into Dante's business dealings. They and the rest of the task force then interview all of Dante's clients and associates, but can't seem to find any one with a motive to do him or Julia harm. Shortly afterwards, the case takes heartbreaking turn when Julia is found dead in a hotel room, having supposedly hung herself. However, upon completing autopsy, Costas reveals that she was actually murdered and the suicide was staged, sending the task force on the frantic search for Dante while uncertain to label him as a victim or a suspect.

During this time, Crown reveals to the task force that he has decided to retire and that this will be his last case with them; the team is shocked but wishes him the best. Also, in her spare time, Etheridge talks to her family in the aftermath of her uncle Jack's murder and her cousins' arrests, with them agreeing to take things one day at a time.

After a thorough re-combing of suspects, Lowry and Lee discover that one of Daniel's clients, club owner Justin Patrice had lied about his alibi; further investigation uncovers that in the days following Dante's disappearance, Justin cashed a $100,000 check supposedly made out to him from Dante, and that Justin is dating one of Julia's rivals, Bethany Meeks, who has just been promoted to her place in an upcoming ballet production. When questioned, Bethany reveals that Dante had been bankrolling Justin's nightclub "Neon Solid", but had decided to pull out due to the club hemorrhaging too much money in several months, and Justin had begged Dante for more money and more time. She also reveals that she was upset about losing out on another role to Julia and vented her frustrations to Justin, who told her on the day of Eugene's murder and Dante and Julia's disappearances that all of their troubles would be over that day. From there, they conclude that Justin after a last attempt to reason with Dante over money, murdered Eugene, abducted Dante and Julia at gunpoint, forced the former to write endorse a last check, killed Julia and staged her suicide and has possibly killed Dante as well. Tracking him to another one of his properties on a tip from Bethany, the task force arrests Justin, but he refuses to tell them where Dante is. However, the search of the property brings them to a pit of freshly poured cement; the task force digs through it and discovers Dante's body, him having been shot execution-style. When interrogated, Justin smugly tries to claim self-defense, believing that other than his girlfriend's word, they'll never nail him for any of it. However, Vargas and Shane reveal Dante and Eugene's connections to the Gambrione Crime Family, which means he's on the hook for murdering both a made man and the child of a made man. Justin refuses to believe them, until Vargas and Scalieri take him to meet Sal Gambrione and his enforcers who then brag about how they're going to make him suffer for what he's done. Scared out of his wits, Justin confesses and agrees to plead guilty and take the max sentence for all three murders, knowing that the Gambriones will kill him and worse if they ever get to him. Sal sends his thanks to the JACTF before returning to New York.

At the end, the JACTF celebrates Crown's retirement, with him announcing that his old friend Norman Devlin will be taking over from him, with the entire task force wishing him well.

  • Final appearance of Richard Schiff (Neil Crown).

#7 - "American Nightmare"

The JACTF welcomes Devlin as he arrives to take Crown's old position. Meanwhile, the task force is called in when a fire at a warehouse uncovers a sweatshop using immigrants as slave labor. Shaw finds the warehouse's breakers switches were taped to prevent safety shut-off and it overloaded, causing a massive electrical short. He and Riley also discover evidence that reveals that the sweatshop owner is also involved in a baby-selling ring, stealing the newborns of the workers and illegally brokering them under the guise of a false charity. Vargas and Chapel interrogate the manager of the sweatshop, but he refused to rat out his employers. While going over evidence, the JACTF starts to suspect a well-known entrepreneur and business owner name Roger Godfrey of the crimes. Devlin and Scalieri says that Godfrey is a billionaire and that he will use any legal means to avoid justice. They send Ramsay, Lee and Hobbs undercover at his office building and have Vargas, Etheridge and Scott do a follow up question to defer suspicion of the undercover operation. Vargas, Etheridge and Scott question Godfrey, who feigns shock about the sweatshop fire and the baby selling ring, as expected. Then Shane and Devlin receive a visit from Las Vegas D.D.A. Rachel Hunsacker (Krysten Ritter), who reveals to them that Godfrey has been under investigation in Vegas for murder of his wife, but they found no evidence to arrest him for it, even though a lot of people know he did it.

During the case, Vargas follows Diego after spotting him near the street. She tails him to a cemetery graveyard where she sees him about to burn Gordon's grave with gasoline but quickly stops him. Diego breaks down in tears and then apologizes to his daughter for not being there when she need him the most. Then, Henderson arrives at the cemetery, confronting the two but Vargas strongly defends herself and her father. Henderson tries to attacks Diego but Vargas stop her before ordering Diego to leave.

Meanwhile, after following Chapel and Scalieri's advice, Ramsay, Lee and Hobbs check out Godfrey's computer and, with Riley's help, they discover evidence of him owning the sweatshop and the names of smuggled babies. Afterwards, Godfrey and many others are arrested and many babies were found and returned to their. Shane prosecutes Godfrey of the crime. Devlin and Hunsacker clash when the latter wants Godfrey delivered to Las Vegas so he can face justice for his wife's murder, but Devlin says that his people are working on finding evidence to that. Sure enough, Ramsay, Chapel and Lowry discover a witness who lied about Godfrey's alibi and, after interrogation, he confessed that Godfrey did kill his wife and he paid him off to keep quiet. Later, Godfrey is convicted of the crimes.

Also, Scalieri works closely with Shaw about an unrelated cold case of the disappearance one of Scalieri's former boyfriends, but they make a shocking discovery that turns the foundation of the case.

At the end, Vargas and Shane spend time with their boyfriend, while Jonathan, Angela and Emily watching a film in a theater. Later, as they leave the theater, they are horrified to find Vargas' car vandalized with the word "cop killer" painted in pig blood on the car.

  • Bryan Cranston (Norman Devlin) is upgraded to series regular.

#8 - "In Limbo - Part 1"

The JACTF investigates the deaths of two local politicians in a bathroom at a charity event, but when it's revealed that both had died of drug overdoses, the team gets suspicious of their private lives. Meanwhile, Vargas, feeling guilty, tries to reach out to Cisneros' family, but her plan backfires with serious consequences.

#9 - "In Limbo - Part 2"

As Vargas is hospitalized after being shot, she ends up encountering old friends and foes alike in her unconscious mind, while her family and friends send prayers for her and the task force debates on how to deal with her shooter, who is one of the last people they ever expected.

#10 - "The Closer Network"

As Vargas recovers from her shooting at home, the rest of the JACTF team responds to the violent murder of a acquitted child molester who got off on technicality. Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Wesley Wayne arrives on scene and informs Etheridge and others that they are tracking a serial vigilante with habit of killing criminals who get off on technicalities or lack of evidence all over the US. Wayne says that the killer is very clever because there are no repeatable patterns or identifiable methods, the killer always uses different weapons, and the murders occur in different cities and different locations at different times. As they investigate the scene and the other crime scenes, they find a suspect, whom Lowry and Lee manage to detain. The killer refuses cooperate, but Riley and Fox discover some heavily encrypted files on his computer that suggests that he wasn't acting alone. Wayne has his tech guys help decrypt the files. After hours of decrypting, the JACTF and the FBI are shocked to discover that they are actually dealing with a whole network of vigilante killers that stretches all across the U.S.. Devlin tells the JACTF and FBI to identify the vigilantes and shut down the network.

During the case, Shane visits Vargas at home with Delgado and Angela present. Being filled in on the case, Vargas expresses wishes to work on the case. Delgado tells her it's for the best since she is recovering from her near-fatal shooting. Vargas later tells Shane about her visions while in the coma; Shane believes she had a near-death experience because she has dealt with a few past victims who've had that experience. As Delgado gets a call, Vargas tells Shane that she had a vision from someone she doesn't know who encouraged her to move forward. Delgado comes over and tells Vargas, with Shane present, that Aldridge who called, to tell her says that Bridger's adoptive father Ralph just killed himself in prison and that she has found something more about Diego's personal life. Vargas asked what it is, and Delgado says that Aldridge will tell her about it when she arrives.

Later, Vargas sneaks out to go shopping, but collapses from the pain outside. Then, a 12-year-old boy (Jackson Robert Scott) comes and helps her up. Vargas asks the boy a favor to go shopping for her which he agrees to do. When he returns with her groceries, Vargas pays the boy, but he then gets nosy over Vargas' personal life. As Vargas tells the boy to mind his own business, Henderson confronts her daughter for being outside before dragging her inside home.

Suddenly, upon learning of the vigilante network, Rachel Hunsacker arrives, revealing one of her defendants was murdered in Las Vegas after getting off due to lack of evidence three years before. She tells Shane, Scalieri, Wayne and Devlin that she suspected it has to be the husband of the woman the defendant killed to be the vigilante responsible, but there was no evidence to prove that and the husband now lives in Anaheim. With that intel, Etheridge sends Hobbs, Scott and Warren to stake out on him. Once the man leaves his home and they get a warrant, Scott, Hobbs and Warren find a heavily encrypted computer, but Warren manages to decrypt it. They discover the list of vigilantes in the network, consisting of cops, judges, prosecutors and relatives of victims and sends it to the JACTF before leaving the house. Then the joint JACTF/FBI/ATF and local police nationwide raid multiple locations and arrest the members of the vigilante network.

Meanwhile, Shaw shows Scalieri that Malcolm Olsen has used his credit card to buy camping gear, duct tape, first aid kit and some other stuff. Scalieri suspects that Malcolm is up to something.

At the end, Vargas and Delgado speak to each other. Delgado confessed that when she was shot, he couldn't stop worrying about her and is happy she made it. Vargas acknowledges that their jobs are high-risk, but she is doing better now and that she will try to be more careful when she returns to work. They admit that they are in love with each other. As Vargas and Delgado share a gentle kiss, Aldridge arrives and reveals that Diego has a son from another relationship while working in the CIA, an intelligent, but autistic teenager name Leo. Vargas left shocked to see the photo of Leo as she realizes that he is the boy who she met outside of her house and sent to go shopping for her.

#11 - "Offenders Non Grata"

As Vargas returns to work, albeit on desk duty, the JACTF investigates the murder of a homeless man in a shelter but Ramsay recognizes the victim as a former sex offender. The next day, the task force teams up with Chloe Hartman and the MCS when two more men are found dead in the same shelter and they uncovered to be registered sex offenders from different cases. At the same time, Vargas struggles to work from her desk while still feel reeling about Leo's discovery. As she looks at a photo of homeless shelter, she recognizes a girl in it as Gabrielle McConnell. She goes to the shelter and track downs Gabrielle eventually finding her having an argument with a woman. Vargas confronts Gabrielle about the murders; Gabrielle denies of killing the men but Vargas asks her why she at homeless shelter. Gabrielle quickly shoves Vargas away and runs into the street where she gets arrested by the JACTF for suspicion of murder.

At HQ, Gabrielle defends her innocence as Hartman and Scalieri interrogate her, but Vargas strongly defends Gabrielle, reminding Hartman and Scalieri about Gabrielle's abuse by her father. Meanwhile, Shane and Lowry try to track Gabrielle's mother but a neighbor told them that Gabrielle's mother and siblings have moved away. Gabrielle tells Vargas that her mother kicked her out of the house because she and Gabrielle blamed each other for the latter's abuse and destroying the family's reputation, and she and her friends have cut ties with each other over her father. Though Gabrielle promises that she haven't gone back to her old self, Vargas warns her about the seriousness of the case.

During the case, Nancy and Taylor visit Hartman and Ramsay at work, and tell the two that they having a baby. Also, a jealous Patrick returns as he intervenes in Jonathan and Chelsea's budding relationship. Jonathan gets annoyed when Etheridge convince him to take a break from spending time with Chelsea. Later, Patrick visits Shane at her office to talk about Jonathan and Chelsea but gets nowhere. Then, as Patrick was about to leave, he sees a photo of Shane and her sister, Emily. Shane unknowingly reveals to a shocked Patrick that Emily used to be male and named Ben. Meanwhile, Vargas visits her father in prison and confronts him about Leo. Diego opens up about his relationship with Leo's mother and his heartbreak when she passed away back when Leo was very young and admits to the struggle of raising a child on his own. He then tells Vargas that he named her as Leo's guardian, but she, overwhelmed, leaves without speaking to him further. Later, as Vargas drives to work, she is shocked to see Gabrielle hop in the back seat. She tries to convince Vargas about her innocence, but Vargas berates her for refusing to cooperate. Then, a mysterious driver runs Vargas off the road, sending the car crashing into a fence. The two women then get out, just as a gunman emerges from the other car and starts shooting. Vargas returns fire and runs with Gabrielle in tow.

Hiding from the gunman, Vargas calls Devlin on her cell phone, but is left surprised to hear Leo's voice, having dialed her father's phone by mistake. Knowing that she doesn't have any time to call anyone else, Vargas orders Leo to pass a message, gets somebody to pick her and Gabrielle up. As they wait for somebody, Vargas opens up to Gabrielle about her personal life and family as she admits her struggle of running from her past until she finally got the chance to face it. Then, the two notice Shane's car and run towards it; they are greeted by Shane and Leo, who is in the back seat. As they get in and Shane drives away, Vargas and Gabrielle bond with Leo, who opens up about his personal life. But when Leo calls Vargas crazy like "the crazy woman from homeless shelter", Shane stops the car and confronts Leo about the woman. Leo admits that he saw a woman went to a homeless shelter and then he heard a man screaming. Leo describes the woman, has a brown hair, blue eyes and drive a black car.

As Vargas alerts the JACTF and MCS, Shane drives to the shelter where they spot a black car and follow it. The two are then shocked to see the black car stopped near the town hall along with the same car who ran Vargas off the road. A woman step out of the car, revealing herself as a homeless volunteer who Gabrielle quickly reveals the one she had an argument before her arrest. As Vargas heads to the town hall, Shane sends a photo of the mystery woman to her colleagues; Ramsay reveals the woman as Mary Pearson, the victim of a sexual assault. At town hall, Vargas walks into a meeting where restaurant owner Charles Barnes leads a conversation. As he shares his suggestion about getting rid of sex offenders in the street, Vargas realizes from the group's reactions that they are all a vigilante group. As Vargas tries to leave, Mary and the gunman appear and lock her inside as Barnes and his group hold Vargas hostage. They reveal to Vargas that their children were victims of abuse and sexual assault years ago and have vowed to kill the men responsible, feeling they don't have the right to live for what they've done. Vargas tries to reason with the group, citing that the offenders have served their time for their crimes, but Barnes tells Vargas that it's not enough anymore before slapping Vargas to the floor.

The JACTF and the MCS arrive at the scene where Mary and the gunman engage in a gun fight at them. Barnes runs, taking Vargas with him as hostage. Shane follows him along with Chapel and Lee. Barnes opens fire, but misses. The three chase Barnes, who drags Vargas into a theatre where a special event is held for homelessness. Vargas fights back and breaks free from Barnes who chases her backstage. She accidentally clicked a switch which revealed her to a stage in front of audience. Barnes catches up to her and holds her at gunpoint. She tries to convince him into slowing his weapon but he refuses, insulting the lives of the homelessness and the government's punishment on sex-offenders. As he is about to shoot Vargas, Shane hits him with a fire extinguisher. The two struggle until Gabrielle drive through the stage's back wall, hitting Barnes and knocking him out. A horrified Vargas and Shane rush to Gabrielle and Leo's side to find them unharmed; however, the two women are furious at the damages.

As they was visiting Gabrielle and Leo at the hospital, Vargas and Shane reunite with their colleagues and MCS who revealed that Mary, some of the gunmen and the group members have been caught while giving them a update about Barnes' injuries. Then, the theater director arrives at the hospital, and furiously confronts Vargas and Shane for 'destroying' his theatre, using some sexist language. However, Chapel and Scalieri shut him down, citing that they had helped take down a murderous vigilante, using the town hall as his headquarters, and threaten to investigate him for any role he played in the group, causing him to back off and leave.

At the end, Vargas visits her father again and tells him that Leo is doing fine and that she will be his guardian, a fact that leaves him elated.

#12 - "Rollin' City (1)"

The JACTF are sent to investigate the deaths of a bank president and a Denver-based paralegal after they are found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, but they unexpectedly team up with Denver's FJU after it revealed that both victims have connections to mafia-connected businessman Alexander "Alec" Karpov.

  • Crossover with The Sullivans

#13 - "Heavy Burdens"

The JACTF works the case of two brutal assaults on high-ranking city officials in as many days. Vargas then sees her old LAPD partner, Detective Cole Larsen (Stark Sands), at one of the crime scenes. Scott believes that whoever committed the assaults waited for the right moment to strike and likely stalked the victims beforehand. As the JACTF and LAPD investigate, Chapel comes face to face with his brother, Ronnie who reveals that the two city officials were proponents of a controversial city health budget bill, which some of the JACTF are opponents of and others are indifferent towards but Etheridge gets suspicious of how Ronnie knows the bill because of his daily job. Ronnie brushes it off as him just being nosey. As they investigate further, the JACTF thinks someone is attacking those officials because of the bill. Vargas believes that another city official she knows is a proponent for the bill might be targeted next.

As they continue to investigates, Larsen meets Devlin and they are both shocked to see each other. As Devlin tries to talk to Larsen, he coldly walks away. But Vargas notices and confronts Larsen about it. Knowing that Vargas had some secrets in the past, he reveals to her that Devlin is his father. The two have been estranged from for a long time and Larsen knows he's in charge of JACTF. He revealed that he knew about through his ex-wife, Rachel Hunsacker; Vargas was surprised that Larsen and Hunsacker used to be married. Larsen says that they are divorced and they have two children who live with her in Las Vegas. She asked if Devlin knew about his grandchildren and Larsen said he never even knew he was married, let alone a father. Scalieri overhears them and she informs Devlin about it later on. He was utterly shocked by the revelation that his son was married to DDA Hunsacker and has two grandchildren from the marriage.

With plans from Chapel and Scott, the JACTF and LAPD follow another city official. Soon they witness the politician being attacked by two people and they arrest the attackers, who turn out a couple who believes the health budget bill will further eliminate health care and cost the couple's sick son's life. Shane and Devlin investigate the bill and found many things on it highly invasive, eliminates health care for the poor and the statistics on it don't match up, leading them to believe the bill is a total scam by the three city officials.

During the case, Shane opens up to Vargas about Gabrielle staying in her home and how it has impacted her and Finn's relationship. As Shane shares her plan to tracks down Gabrielle's mother, Vargas reveals the location where Marie is staying. Later, Shane goes to Torrance as she finds Gabrielle's mother and her siblings staying in an apartment. Shane attempts to convince Marie to take Gabrielle back but Marie refuses and blames Gabrielle for "destroying" the family. Shane strongly defends Gabrielle as she reminds Marie her daughter's abuse. However, when Marie badmouths rape victims, Shane furiously punches her and threatens Marie to stay away from Gabrielle.

Meanwhile, Patrick bumps into Emily in the train station. Emily unknowingly flirts with Patrick until he tells he that he know who she really is. Emily tries to explain herself, but Patrick blames Emily for ruining his career and demands her to pay up or he threatens to expose the truth. Also, Lowry arrived at the countryside where he surprises Percy and their children. Lowry and Percy rekindle their love. Then, Lowry notice Percy acting suspicious and asks him if he's been seeing another man, but Percy tells Lowry that somebody has been threatening him as he shows his husband threatening letters and a old photo of his biological family. Percy admits to Lowry that he is embarrassed of being a Fontana. As he leave, Lowry tells Percy that he is not evil like his father, his adopted brother or his uncle, as he promise to protect their family.

After the case, Shane comforts to Vargas about what happened with Marie and decided to let Gabrielle stay, but worries over how will Finn reacts. Scalieri confronts Larsen about rejecting his father, but Larsen defends himself and warns Scalieri to stay out of their business. But as Larsen and Scalieri continue to argue, Larsen unexpectedly kisses Scalieri, who furiously slaps him.

At the end, as Lowry drives back to Los Angeles, he notices a black car following him. He attempts to evade the driver by driving away, but he accidentally crashes into a lamp post. He escapes unharmed, but a mysterious person chases him into a forest and pushes him down into the hill, injured his leg. Lowry tries to escape and attempts to call for help but gets knocked out...

#14 - "Nun Of Your Business"

The JACTF is sent to investigate a double homicide at a church where the church's bishop and a visiting diplomat were murdered during church services. Costas confirms that both victims received multiple stab wounds by a blade with a wooden shaft. As they investigate the crime, everyone wonders where Lowry is, but decided to focus on the case. Vargas and Scott discover that a young nun, Sister Leslie, was in the church at the time of the murders, but disappeared shortly afterwards. Fingerprints on the murder weapon matches Sister Leslie's, which implicates her and an APB is sent out on her. Etheridge has Riley checks the victims' background and found that each of them has a series of sex allegations made against them. After revealing her findings, Scalieri tells everyone to thread lightly when it comes to the church. Vargas, Ramsay and Chapel search the church campus and a woman comes out in a trance. As Vargas, Chapel and Ramsay talk with her, she subtly reveals that she and the others are being sexually abused inside the church, leading everyone to discover a sex cult within the church. Fox discovers that Sister Leslie has a mother living in Santa Barbara and Vargas and Etheridge go there. There they spot Sister Leslie, trying to flee, but Vargas stops her and she & Etheridge calm her down. After being brought for questioning, Sister Leslie reveals that she saw a fellow nun about to be sexually abused by the bishop and the diplomat, like she was by them and others from both outside and inside the church. So she grabbed the blade and killed both of them before running out. With others coming forwards, all the members of the cult are arrested. Shane prosecutes the offenders and all of them are convicted, while Sister Mary is acquitted, but is also removed from the church.

During the case, Lee came to Scalieri and Devlin and informs them that Percy called her, saying that he hasn't seen Lowry since they made amends and he is getting worried. With Devlin's approval, Scalieri sends Lee and Hobbs to find Lowry.

Meanwhile, Jonathan confronts Patrick about his threats towards his aunt Emily. Patrick warns him that Emily is not who he think she is, but he brushes this off and orders him to stay away from her if he knows what's good for him. Later, Patrick bumps into Angela in the street where he flirting with her. Patrick invited Angela to his apartment where he attempts to seduce her but a furious Jonathan arrive and punched Patrick. Angela left horrified of Patrick's plan as Patrick badmouths the siblings' father. Jonathan tries to attack Patrick until Emily arrived and stops her nephew. As Emily drags Jonathan and Angela into her car, Emily gives Patrick most of the money that she owns before orders Patrick to stay away from Jonathan.

At the end, after a long search, Lee and Hobbs later finds Lowry's crashed car, but no sign of him. As they search for him the forest, Hobbs finds the bloodied and unconscious Lowry on the tree near the river. As Hobbs calls it in, Lee tends to Lowry as she calls Etheridge to notify her of what happened...

#15 - "Bad to the Bones"

As Lowry is rushed to the hospital, the shocked JACTF members arrive on the scene. Lee and Hobbs tell Shane, Etheridge, Chapel and Scalieri what they saw when they found him as Vargas and Ramsay check the crime scene out. They learn that someone followed him and chased him down. Ramsay tells everyone that Lee told them that Percy called him after he and Lowry made amends, while Vargas wondered where Lowry and Percy were at before Lowry's attack. Surgeon Dr. Edward Foster (Scott Klace) comes out and reveals that Lowry has sustained two broken ribs, a severe concussion, a skull fracture, a swollen right eye and a dislocated left leg. He believes that even he wakes up, Lowry probably will have some memory lose. As Lee argues loudly with Scalieri about how to find Lowry's attacker, Devlin and Etheridge stop them, reminding them that arguing will not find Lowry's attacker. Then, the JACTF are shocked to meet Lowry's parents Palmer and Bree (Timothy Dalton and Glenn Close) who arrived at the hospital.

Using the tracking system on Lowry's car, Vargas and Ramsay drive to the countryside cabin where Lowry and Percy were at. Seeing that no one was there, they check out the place. Ramsay finds some threatening letters directed at Percy. As they read the letters and find a old photo of Percy's biological family. Vargas realizes Lowry's attack has to be related to the Fontana family. They called Shane's phone and tells her & everyone else that Percy is missing, along with their three children and that they found the letters and a photo of Percy's biological family. Then Larsen arrives and reveals a bombshell he has discovered about Lowry's attack. Shane asks if it had something to do with Percy's familial connection to the Fontana family and Larsen confirms it but he explains that he has been haunting a serial attacker who has been targeting and attacking men around Los Angeles for 4 years but the person haven't be caught.

Meanwhile, Chapel gets a call from Ronnie's ex-wife June, saying that Ronnie has been behaving erratically and is worried about him, stating that she currently doesn't want their children near him because of it. Chapel confronts Ronnie about his behavior and he revealed that he is in debt with a loan shark and is trying to prevent his bar from being closed. At the same time, Vargas, Shane and Larsen tracks Percy who angrily confronts his neighbour with a shotgun but the neighbour strongly denied of attacking Lowry or threatening Percy but strongly blame Percy's family for her daughter's rape in the hand of his uncle Gordon. Shane quickly talks Percy around as Vargas take the shotgun off. Then, a gunfire hits at the street, nearly hits Vargas, Shane, Percy and Larsen.

Also, the conflict between Jonathan and Patrick escalates. As a result, Jonathan visits Angela and they team up with a revenge plan against Patrick. Later, the two follow Patrick to Ronnie's bar where Patrick plays a legal poker game. Jonathan tells one of the players that Patrick is cheating which results a fight as Angela calls the police. As police officers arrived at the scene, most of the customers rush out of the scene while Jonathan steals Patrick's winnings and Ronnie ends up getting arrested while trying to break up the fight. Later, Jonathan and Angela follows a beaten up Patrick to a mysterious woman's house. Minutes later, Jonathan films Patrick having sex with the woman in a dark bedroom.

Later, Percy finally arrives at the hospital, but Palmer furiously blames Percy for Lowry's condition. As Percy and Palmer continue to argue, Bree orders them to stop them for Lowry's sake. The three sits by Lowry's hospital bedside as he reminds in the coma.

At the end, Vargas and Delgado go on a date, Shane and Finn speak with Gabrielle about her living situation, Chapel tries to support Ronnie following his arrest and Scalieri works with Shaw on finding out more on Fred and Malcolm Olsen. Also, Jonathan and Angela discuss about their recent action as Jonathan vows to destroy Patrick's life but Angela is worried about consequences as she reminds him about Patrick's mystery woman. However, Jonathan tells Angela that the woman will regret getting involved with him.

#16 - "Tick-Tock"

When nine-year-old Sondra Hoch is apparently kidnapped and held for ransom, the JACTF investigates. As they question Sondra's parents, Ray and Mary-Louise, Vargas and Etheridge investigate the scene of the apparent kidnapping. Then, after the task force explores and goes through the usual suspects, the parents of one of Sondra's friends arrives to pick up their daughter. When questioned, they tell Vargas and Etheridge that Sondra is actually staying with them. The shocked Vargas and Etheridge go to their house and it is confirmed that Sondra is with her friend and her family. Suspecting something is off, Chapel has Riley checked the family's financial records and discovers that the Hoch family is in debt due to Ray's attempt to built a large apartment complex; the construction has fallen behind schedule due to multiple delays, which have left Ray on the brink of bankruptcy and the complex currently unfinished.

Chapel sends Scott and Hobbs to follow Ray. As they trail him to Los Angeles River under the bridge, they see him meeting with two people, his lawyer and his insurance man, to collect kidnap/ransom insurance money if he gets what he wants. Realizing that Ray faked his daughter's kidnapping to collect the insurance money with his lawyer and insurance rep involved, Scott and Hobbs notify Chapel. Then the other JACTF personnel arrive and arrest Ray and his conspirators. Horrified by her husband's actions and lies, Mary-Louise tells him she is divorcing him and will ensure that he never sees Sondra again.

At the same time, Patrick arrives at the station to confront Chapel and accuses Ronnie of stealing from him. Chapel tries to defended Ronnie, but Patrick tells Chapel this isn't the first time that has Ronnie ripped off his customers. Percy shares a update to Shane, Devlin and Scalieri about Lowry's current condition, but Shane and Devlin get suspicious about Scalieri's behavior. Later, Shane decides to follow Scalieri when she sneaks out.

Meanwhile, as Jonathan edits the video, Emily reveals Jonathan that she has gone to buy a new house. As she show photos of the new house, Jonathan is horrified as he remembers the same house that he and Angela saw Patrick in. Then, Emily reveals that her new boyfriend helps her to get the house, leaving Jonathan a bit suspicious over the boyfriend's identity. Later, Jonathan and Angela argue over the next plan and Emily's new "boyfriend" when they spot Emily meeting somebody in their car. They track down Emily in the hotel and are horrified to see Emily getting cozy with Patrick. As Jonathan and Angela start reeling over the discovery, a flashback reveals it was Emily who slept with Patrick on the night when Jonathan filmed them. Jonathan tells Angela that their plan is over, explaining that he don't wants to ruin his aunt's life, which Angela strongly agree. Later, Jonathan deletes the video of Patrick and Emily off his computer.

Meanwhile, Shane tracks Scalieri outside of town where she saw Scalieri confronts Malcolm Olsen. Malcolm strongly defends his innocence but Scalieri refuses to believe him, reminding him the pain he brought to his victim's family and Cooper's family. Malcolm remains defiant as Scalieri threatens him with her gun, but Shane steps in and orders Scalieri to stop. Scalieri reminds Shane what Malcolm did to her friend's brother. Then Fred showed up with his own gun and orders Scalieri to let go of his son and drop her gun. As Fred and Malcolm force Shane and Scalieri to the cabin at gunpoint, Fred reveals that he killed Cooper when he discovered pornographic pictures of young boys, the same age of Scalieri's friend's brother, in Olson's car. As they are about to kill them, making it look like murder-suicide in the process, they heard a bear growl. Scalieri picks up the shovel and hits Fred in the face as Shane pushes a chair at Malcolm. During the fight, a grizzly bear breaches the cabin's door. As Shane and Scalieri run, the bear attacks Fred and mauls him to death. Before Malcolm can escape, the bear attacks him and he loses Scalieri's gun, which she takes back. As Shane and Scalieri run back to their cars and got away, the bear roars at them and leaves the scene.

At the end, Shane and Scalieri get checked over in the hospital, where they learn Malcolm has been found still alive but in serious condition. A furious Scalieri breaks down over Malcolm's condition, but Larsen comfort her before they share a kiss. Meanwhile, Vargas and Shane visits Lowry's hospital bedroom, where his father Palmer opens up about his failure at being a parent to Lowry before vowing to finds the person who puts his son in a coma.

Also, at Shane's house, Jonathan and Angela spend time with Gabrielle, Chelsea and Leo, watching a horror film, not knowing that somebody is watching them.

#17 - "Trip to Berlin - Part 1"

The JACTF and MCS travels to Berlin and teams up with police agency to investigate the murder of a young American couple with a 12 year old girl as a person of interest, but the teams become divided over the situation.

#18 - "Trip to Berlin - Part 2"

After suffering a huge setback in the case, Vargas secretly teams up with a familiar source, but they find themselves in danger when they make a discovery which could change everything.

#19 - "An Eye for an Eye"

One late evening, Hobbs shares a sexual conversation with an adult star during a live cam session. As they flirt with each other, a stranger appears out of the shadows and violently attacks the woman as Hobbs watches in horror. Then, the stranger smashes the woman's head into the wall, knocking her out. Hobbs quickly rushes to the woman's apartment, which is on the floor below his, where he tries to save her, but she dies just as emergency service arrive. As Hobbs' colleagues arrive, he tells them that he saw the door open and heard her inside, but Vargas and Etheridge get suspicious as they notice his strange choice of clothes. Later, the two look at the victim's computer where they find a strange user in her account. As they have their analysts to track the user, they discover the address is Hobbs'. They question Hobbs again, who admits that he saw the woman getting killed, but then confessed that he has been secretly meet women on live cam, and that this one happened to be his downstairs neighbor; he then opens up about his failed marriage and his trouble with relationships since then.

Later, Hobbs' ex-wife, Grace (Gabrielle Union) arrives at the station and furiously confronts him, showing an website article which details Hobbs' "relationship" with the victim. Hobbs denies of having a relationship with the woman, explaining that nothing happened between them but Grace refuses to believe him, ordering him to stay away from their son. Later, after Scott and Lee find an another article about Hobbs and his personal life, the latter breaks down and begs the JACTF to help him clear himself.

At the same time, Vargas takes a look at the same website, but gets suspicious when she hears Jonathan's voice in one of the video that she looks at. When she shows the video to Shane, her friend tries to brush off Vargas' worries, reasoning her that somebody made the video, but they are shocked to see Jonathan's name in the video. The two quickly report the video and get it removed from the website. Shane begs Vargas not to tell anyone about Jonathan's video, but Vargas isn't so sure.

Meanwhile, the JACTF visit Lowry, who has woken up from his coma. Later, Scalieri and Larsen tries to question him about his attack, but Lowry gets upset as he struggles to remember. Palmer argue with Scalieri and Larsen, but Lowry stands up to his father and vows to remember who was responsible.

Also, Devlin finds himself dealing with work and being a grandfather at the same time when he looks after his grandchildren, Keith and Claire. When, Keith and Claire ask him when they will meet their grandmother, Devlin quickly changes the subject as he struggles with his feelings over his failed marraiges.

Later, the JACTF sets up Hobbs on a 'date' at a theme park as a plan to trap the killer. As the person arrives, Hobbs and his colleagues are shocked and horrified to see Hobbs' "date" is a 16 years old teenage. Even worse, Hobbs recognizes him as the son of one of his neighbors, Jordan. Despite his fears, Hobbs plays along until the boy confesses his feelings to Hobbs. He rejects Jordan and tries explains the situation, but Jordan accused Hobbs of being a pervert and threatens to hurt the people that he loves and pulls a gun, forcing Hobbs walk through the park. Then, Jordan sees Vargas and Etheridge arriving and attempts to shoot them, but Hobbs pushes him out of the way. Jordan runs, and Hobbs chases him into the water ride enclosure where they fight before Jordan is knocked into the water. Hobbs rescues the panicked Jordan (who can't swim) before dragging both of them to safety where the JACTF arrest Jordan for murder and stalking.

As the team finishes the case, the JACTF members all get a weird message on their phones. Upon checking them, they are mortified to see the video from before reposted on social media on Jonathan's account. As Shane tries to defend her son, the team gets an even nastier surprise when they see photos of Patrick and Emily in the video, exposing their relationship. Etheridge attacks Shane, confronting her about Jonathan's video and Patrick and Emily's relationship. As Shane and Etheridge argue over the video, an upset Emily calls her sister, confronting Shane about Jonathan's video of her and Patrick. Shane tries to defend her son, but Emily refuses to believe her sister before branding her own nephew as a "monster" like his dad. As Emily hangs up, she breaks down in silence and having a panic attack before rushing out of her house.

At the end, Vargas tracks down Jonathan in a shopping mall with Chelsea, Angela, and his friends, convince Jonathan to come home. There, he is horrified to see his video being posted on his social account. As Jonathan pleads with Vargas and Chelsea that he didn't post that video and insists that he deleted it, Patrick arrives and publicly confronts him over the video. Jonathan tries to defend himself, admitting that he did film the video and intended to post it, but thought better of it and deleted it. Recalling the prior burglary at the house, Chelsea then suggests that whomever stole his laptop, hacked it and his social media, recovered the video and posted it, but Patrick refused to believe this and accuses Jonathan of setting up the burglary. Then, Jack and Ng arrive and stop Patrick from attacking Jonathan before arrest the latter for revenge porn...

#20 - "Shades of Anger"

As Angela and Jonathan are questioned by MCS detectives, Vargas and Shane speak to Hartman, with Joseph, Everett, Jack and Price present, about what Jonathan told Vargas about the video. Although Hartman believes them, she states that she has to pursue the case since it was their video that was uploaded on the internet (making huge publicity) and it was originally Jonathan's idea to make the video and, even though he opted not to at the last second, it was still uploaded from his computer, despite Shane's argument in his defense. Hartman further states Angela & Jonathan's prior history doesn't work in their favor as well. Joseph suggests that they should have the squad's tech analyst Jasper Baron investigate the source of the upload and question Jonathan and the others about the vandalism and any suspicious activity, which could lead them to find who stole the laptop and uploaded the video. Jonathan tells the detectives that Angela has nothing with the video or wasn't there on the night when he filmed the video, denied of her involvement. Learning that Jonathan will face the charge than Angela, Vargas has already called lawyer Frank Anderson to represent Jonathan. When he arrives, he told Vargas and Shane that he will handle things, but probably will need some assistance because of the publicity of the case. Shane says she'll handle it as Henderson arrived. Hartman tells Vargas and Shane that she will handle the case and that she'll keep them up to date.

Then, Vargas gets a call from Chapel, informing her that Ronnie's loan shark has been shot dead during a night out. As Vargas arrives at the crime scene, she meets Ramsay and Chapel. As Costas determines that the loan shark was shot with a .9mm Beretta pistol, Chapel somberly admits that Ronnie owns the same type of gun, but Vargas and Ramsay assure that it's common model that anyone could own. Then some of the loan shark's goons arrive and demanded answers, but Ramsay and the other officers hold them back despite some resistance. After Shaw check with ballistics, the bullets on the body are found to not match Ronnie's pistol.

Meanwhile, Henderson comforts Angela after the detectives let her go as she explains that Jonathan told the police that he wasn't there when her filmed the video nor did she have any involvement of creating video. Despite being happy about being cleared, Angela admits her worry for Jonathan before confessing to her mother the truth. Henderson promises Angela that she will keep her name out and vows to get Jonathan out of the situation. At same time, Shane tries to find Emily but bumps into Patrick. She furiously confronts him for ruining her sister's life, but Patrick reminds Shane of her son's "actions" and vows to expose what kind of person Jonathan really is, at which she counters that she already knows what kind of person Patrick is and knows why it's why his marriage to Etheridge fell apart. As Shane and Patrick argue, they see a car arrive and Shane is shocked to see her mother Edith and sister Charlotte (Michelle Monaghan) exit it. Edith furiously confronts Shane over Jonathan's actions while demanding answers for Emily's whereabouts. Shane attempts to lie to her mother and sister about Emily, but Patrick told them that Emily runs away because of her nephew's video. Shane attempts to defend her son, but Charlotte brands Jonathan a "bully" like his dad. Edith, however, vouches that Jonathan is not like his father after having spent time with him and will hear Shane's side of the story once they find Emily. As Edith and Charlotte go to search for Emily, Patrick promise Shane that he will do anything to have Jonathan locked up in prison, while Shane counters that she will do anything to clear her son's name and, should he try anything, she'll ensure that Patrick is the one who ends up in jail himself for harassment among other things.

Chelsea stands up for Jonathan and Angela to her mother, informing her that Jonathan did delete the video after deciding not to at the last second, and whoever stole his laptop recovered the video and uploaded it. Scalieri, although displeased about Angela and Jonathan's actions, allows Vargas to continue with the case as long as she stays out of the shadows. Meanwhile, Scott and Lee discover the loan shark had a lot of enemies. Ronnie admits to his brother that the loan shark was visited by a disgruntled man who gave him some money. After getting the description, Riley and Warren match the description of gym owner Bruce Kennedy, who owed a lot money to the loan shark and cameras confirm it was around the time shortly after the time of the murder. Etheridge and Scalieri have Vargas, Ramsay, Chapel, Scott and Lee go find Kennedy. While en route, Vargas also stands up for Jonathan to Etheridge, saying that Jonathan admitted his mistake in making the video and that he had the good sense to delete it before someone else recovered and uploaded it, and it happened behind her and Shane's back. Etheridge says to Vargas that she is upset that her daughter would hang out with Jonathan, but understands the circumstances of the situation as they arrived at to Kennedy's gym. When they find him there, the loan shark's men arrive and engaged in the shootout in the gym. Kennedy tries to evade the police and the gunmen. After calling for backup, Vargas, Ramsay, Etheridge and Scott hold off the gunmen as Kennedy tries to escape until Chapel and Lee catch him. As the two gunmen are about to shoot Kennedy, Chapel shoots down one of them and both Vargas & Etheridge kill the second escaped gunman. Kennedy confesses that he killed the loan shark because he was going to ruin the business that he established to support his family. The JACTF detain Kennedy and the loan shark's surviving man.

Meanwhile, Henderson talks to MCS detectives about Jonathan, explaining that he was bullied by Patrick over his relationship with Chelsea. She attempts to convince the detectives to go easy on Jonathan, but accidentally confirmed about Angela's true whereabouts.

Also, Devlin gets jealous over Larsen's relationship with Scalieri after catching them spending a night together. As Scalieri tries to defends her relationship with Larsen, Devlin opens about being the one only parent in Larsen's life, explaining his mother abandoned him when he was a baby. He described her as "very complicated" during their relationship and having a troubled life. Devlin admits he attempted to track her down but he learned that her identity was a fake. He tells Scalieri that he never understood why she abandoned her son and him. Scalieri comforts Devlin and promises him that she won't hurt Larsen as she confesses her love for him.

At the end, Vargas speaks with Aldridge via phone call as they talk about more evidence of Ralph Fontana's death, but Vargas gets distracted when Leo tells her that Angela is acting weird. As Vargas tries to comfort a worried Angela over Jonathan, Henderson arrived and tells her daughters that she has sorted everything out. Then, police officers arrive and arrest Angela for revenge porn. As Angela expresses anger at her mother, Vargas tells her to not make things worse before furiously confronting her mother for doing so and landing Angela in huge trouble.

Also, Shane and Finn arrive at their house where Gabrielle tell them that the police is searching the house. Hartman tells Shane and Finn that there is new evidence against Jonathan and Angela, explaining about Patrick's missing money. As Shane tries to defend her son once again, she gets a phone call from Patrick who tells a horrified Shane that Emily is in the hospital after overdosing with drugs. Patrick threatens to ruin Jonathan's life, blaming Emily's overdose on him. As Shane struggles to finds her words, a detective walks out of Jonathan's room and reveals a huge bag of cash, found in his closet...

  • Lowry doesn't appear in this episode.

#21 - "What's Done in the Dark"

With Chapel, Scott and Lee off to Denver with Hartman, Jack and Ng, the remaining JACTF members struggle to hold the front while Angela and Jonathan continue to be the big talking point. Etheridge and Shane continue to clash over their children and their case while Vargas refuses to talk to her mother. Then, a brick gets thrown into the window of their HQ and a man calls out Vargas' name. The JACFT go outside where a man (Dennis Quaid) confronts Vargas about his missing wife and son before accusing her of murder, but Vargas denies knowing anything. As the JACFT attempts to clam the situation, Scalieri and Larsen arrive and the man recognize the latter, but Larsen denies knowing him. Then, the man gets the public's attention as he identifies himself as Walter Quinn and reveals Vargas and Larsen had his wife Anna and son Joshua killed 10 years ago. The two detectives defend themselves and call Walter a liar, but he claims that he has proof of them taking bribes from his wife. Larsen tells him that his wife wanted to escape from him, but he refuses to believe this, and tries to attack him. Etheridge and Hobbs push Walter away from Larsen and cuff him, as I.A. detectives arrive and have Vargas and Larsen taken in for questioning over the matter.

While being questioned, Vargas gets confused as the detectives question her about Larsen's involvement in the "murder", revealing his DNA was on the burning car. Vargas defends her ex-partner but admits that Anna paid them to get her and her son out of the country, explaining her husband's abusive behavior. As she was set to leave, a confused Vargas asks the detective if Anna was really Walter's wife; she tells them that the woman never explained who her husband was except that he was rich, powerful, and well-connected. The detective confirms to Vargas that she was Walter's wife as he give her their wedding photo. Outside of station, Vargas meets up with Shane and Scalieri as she shares her confusion about Anna's relationship with the father of her son, explaining that Anna told her that she had been trapped in an abusive relationship for years. She became pregnant and decided to leave him for good, but Walter found them not long after she gave birth and demanded shared custody of their son. Months later, after an intense battle in court, he managed to win joint custody. Anna still refused to allow Walter anywhere near Joshua, but the judge threatened to sent her to prison and grant Walter full custody, after which Walter vowed that he'd ensure that Anna would never see her son again. She unexpectedly asks Vargas and Larsen, who had replied to many of her domestic violence calls as patrol officers and had kept in touch with her and paid them to get her and her son out of the country. Larsen was reluctant want to get involved any further, but Vargas, seeing the situation mirroring her abusive relationship with her stepfather, accepted the deal and drags her partner into helping. One night, Vargas and Larsen took Anna and Joshua to the airport, but found that police officers paid off by Walter, were at the airport. The two distracted the officers by creating the car explosion, while Anna slipped into the airport and boarded a private airplane with her son. Shane is left upset at Vargas' confession, reminding about her dad faking his death, but Vargas defends herself, explaining that Anna didn't have any choice and that they couldn't just let Walter keep abusing her, reminding her of their own abuse at Gordon's hands for years.

Vargas returns to JACTF HQ where her colleagues demand answers from her; Shane and Scalieri tell them the truth. Later, Larsen arrives at the HQ along with Hunsacker and tells the JACTF that he has been suspended due the ongoing investigation while Hansacker reveals that a witness identified him at the scene of car explosion. As Vargas tries to confront him, Larsen blames Vargas for getting involved with Anna's situation and warns Vargas that they both could lose their badges before storming off. Later, Vargas and Shane arrive in court along with Finn, Delgado, Gabrielle and Chelsea by their sides. Shane gets uncomfortable when she see Charlotte and Patrick attending as well and attempting to get Jonathan and Angela bail. Later, Angela is released on bail, but Jonathan's bail is set too high for his family to pay, out of concern that he will go after Patrick and new witness' statement.

Later, Charlotte tells Shane about Emily's condition before admitting Shane that she convinced Emily to make that statement, explaining that Emily knows what kind person Jonathan really is. As Shane slaps Charlotte across her face, Henderson arrives and calms her down. Henderson tries to talks to her daughters, but they still refuses to talk her. Outside of courtroom, Patrick questions Charlotte about Jonathan. Charlotte tells Patrick that Jonathan's father was monster who ruined Shane's life; she admits that she never understand why Shane kept Jonathan despite the fact he was conceived by rape. As they was walking to the hospital, Patrick gets a threatening message from a unknown person, talking about the lesson of consequences for being a "traitor" and mocking his relationship with Emily.

At the station, the task force confirms some of Vargas' suspicious correctly as Astrid and Shaw tell the JACTF that the wedding photo of Walter and Anna is fake and has been photoshopped, but some of members express confusion over this. Vargas and Etheridge travel outside of Beverly Hills where they track down Anna's parents, who open up about Anna's relationship with Walter. When Vargas asked Anna's parents about her marriage, they reveal that Anna never really married Walter, explaining that Walter and his men used a phony sob story after the disappearance, claimed that Anna blackmailed him into keeping "their marriage" secret from the public. When Etheridge asks about the judge from custody battle, Anna's mother tells her that the judge was involved in the scam and had been friends with Walter for years, and even played a part in sabotaging Anna's chances of custody of Joshua. As Vargas and Etheridge start to leave, Anna's mother warns them that Walter will probably come after them.

Later, Vargas returns to Los Angeles and reunites with Delgado, Leo and Angela to have dinner at a restaurant. Angela gets uncomfortable with of the customers watching her but Vargas convince Angela to ignore them. Then, Vargas sees Henderson arriving in the restaurant, but is horrified to see Walter as her date. While Delgado, Leo and Angela continue with their dinner, Vargas spies on Henderson and Walter on their date and overhears Henderson talking about her personal life to Walter. Then, as Walter attempts to manipulate Henderson into revealing her older daughter's personal life, Vargas gatecrashes Henderson and Walter's date. Henderson gets annoyed with Vargas, but Vargas tells her mother that she wants to know her new "boyfriend". Walter tries opens up about his personal life, but gets annoyed when Vargas questions about his love life and lashes out at her, questions her about her "relationship" with her stepfather. Henderson furiously punches Walter, defending her daughter. As Vargas and Angela attempt to calm their mother down, Larsen and Scalieri arrive at the restaurant. A furious Larsen gets involved in the argument as Walter confronts Larsen about his wife and son's whereabouts, but Vargas reveals that she knows Anna was never married to Walter and he staged his fake marriage after Anna disappeared with his son to protect his own reputation. As Walter furiously grabs Vargas to attack her, the MCS police arrived and arrest Walter. Walter furiously vows vengeance on Vargas and Larsen, threatening their lives and their loved ones before being dragged into a waiting patrol car.

The next day, Shane visits Gideon Chess as they talk about Jonathan's bail. Chess tells her that he knows somebody that can help, but warns Shane it could take days, explaining the current situation in the investigation. Meanwhile, Beth goes to the hospital for a doctor's appointment and decides to visits Lowry while she waits. As she notices tension between Palmer and Percy, Beth convinces them both take a break and let her looks after Lowry for a while, which they agree with. She then takes Lowry a tour around the hospital in a wheelchair. He then starts to have a panic attack, and as she tries to help him, Beth nearly collapses before calling a doctor help. Later, Vargas, Ramsay, Scalieri and Larsen arrive at the hospital at Lowry's hospital bedroom. He tells his colleagues that remember he see somebody standing when he was attacked, described their voice as that of a male. Then, Vargas and Larsen notice Scalieri's demeanor when she questions Lowry about attacker's behavior. They quickly force her out of the room and confront her; she expresses belief that Malcolm Olsen was the one who attacked Lowry, but Larsen tells her that Malcolm has alibi for that night. Scalieri then tries to convince Vargas and Larsen that Olsen could've send someone to attack Lowry on his behave, but Vargas tells her they found no evidence of such. Scalieri gets upset with the two detectives and storms off.

Meanwhile, Ramsay comforts his wife over her near-collapse but then Beth tells Ramsay that the reason why she went to the hospital because she believes that she is pregnant. Later, Vargas and Larsen discuss Scalieri's belief of Malcolm Olsen being Lowry's attacker, and their situation with Walter Quinn. Larsen apologizes to Vargas for his prior outburst and not protecting her in the past, but Vargas tells Larsen that he was a good friend and partner. Then, Shane arrives at the hospital where she attempts to visit Emily, but Vargas stops her. She breaks down and attempts to convince Vargas to let her speak Emily, but Vargas warns Shane that the consequences of this encounter could come off as harassing a witness. Then, Edith arrives and comforts a upset Shane. Shane attempts to convince Edith to let her speak with Emily, but Edith tells Shane that Emily is still traumatized over what happened, but is in good shape otherwise and persuades Shane to give her time. Then, as she starts to leave, Larsen gives Shane a paper with Hunsacker's number and convinces her to get another D.A. involved.

Later, Vargas and Larsen arrive at the HQ where Etheridge tells them that they arrested one of the people involved with Walter's scheme, but cannot find the judge. Devlin then questions them about Scalieri's whereabouts, but the two remark they haven't seen her since the hospital. Larsen calls her but is horrified to hear Walter's voice on the other end. Walter tells Larsen that he has Scalieri and wants his son or he will kills her. Meanwhile, Shane meets up with Hunsacker at a cafe, she attempts to convince Hunsacker to help her and Anderson with Jonathan and Angela's case, explaining that Jonathan's future is more under threat than Angela, but Hunsacker turns her down. As she is about to leave, Shane tells her that she knows her niece was one of Gordon's victims. A horrified Hunsacker lashes out, telling Shane that she and her father were left to pick up the pieces after her sister abandoned her pregnant daughter and explains that she and her father had to protect Susie's name from the public because they were terrified that Gordon would find out about the pregnancy and use his connections to get custody of the child; but she also tells Shane that she doesn't blame her for what happened to Susie as she herself has struggled to understand how Gordon played and ducked the system for years.

At the hospital, Ramsay and Beth celebrate when the doctor tells them that Beth is pregnant; Ramsay is excited, knowing he's going to be a father again and a uncle months apart. Percy gets Ramsay's attention when he shows Ramsay Lowry's composite sketch of his attacker. Meanwhile, Patrick attempts to visit Chelsea who is currently stays at Shane's house, but Gabrielle tells Patrick that his daughter doesn't wants to see him and orders him to leave. As he walks back to his car, two masked men ambush and drag Patrick into a nearby van before driving off. Later, Vargas calls Walter, telling him that the JACTF found his son before giving him the location. Walter celebrates the news with a terrified Scalieri in his car trunk.

Later, Walter travel to a museum with Scalieri at the gunpoint, were they meet up with Vargas and Larsen. They introduced Walter to his "son", who is Leo in disguise but Walter isn't convinced that the boy is really his son. However, Leo brushes Walter's worries as he opens up about his "personal life". As Vargas and Larsen attempt to allow Walter to have alone time with his "son", a person (Brad Dourif) who is revealed to be the judge of Anna and Joshua's custody case appears with a gun and convinces Vargas and Larsen to stay by holding them at gunpoint.

At in the JACTF's surveillance van, Delgado shares his concerns about the plan to Etheridge and Devlin, but they reassure him as Etheridge reveals the full details of Vargas and Larsen's plan. Meanwhile, Scalieri whispers her surprise to Vargas for using Leo as bait, but Vargas promises that she won't let her half-brother get hurt. As Walter and his friend, former judge Earl Boyd then decide to leave with Leo, he gets an idea and distracts Walter, by asking how did he know he was in Los Angeles. As Walter talks to him, Vargas kicks the gun out of Boyd's hand and Larsen tackles Walter down as the gun goes off. Other JACTF members hear the gunshot and they and Delgado rush into the museum. Leo runs for cover as Walter knocks down Larsen. Vargas tells Leo to run as she fights with Boyd, as Walter realizes that he's been duped. Walter escapes as Scalieri pursues him. Vargas knees Boyd in the nose, breaking it as Delgado and Etheridge arrive; the two arrest Boyd as Hobbs goes after Scalieri to pursue Walter. Scalieri loses sight of Walter in the museum as Hobbs comes alongside her.

As she drives back to the station, Shane gets a phone call from Hunsacker, who tells her that she is in. Meanwhile, Patrick arrives at the hospital to visits Emily. The two share a moment, but Emily becomes curious when she notices Patrick's strange behavior upon her touching him. When she removed Patrick's shirt, she is mortified to find bruises on his body. Patrick tells her that he got involved with wrong person, but he got out before things turn serious. As Emily tries to convince Patrick to report the attack to the police, he warns her that they will come for her if the police get involved, as he describes them as very "dangerous" to mess with.

At the end, it's revealed that Larsen did know Anna and Joshua's whereabouts as he burns postcards, letters and photos from them at his house before he calls Anna, telling her that Walter knows of his and Vargas's involvement in her and Joshua's disappearances and to not contact him or send him anything anymore, as it is no longer safe. The JACTF and MCS arrive at the hospital where Ramsay and Percy share Lowry's drawing of his attacker. The detectives discuss their plan to catch Lowry's attacker, not knowing somebody is watching them from the shadows...

  • Chapel, Lee and Scott don't appear in this episode.

#22 - "Don't Stop Me Now (1)"

Shane, Hunsacker and Frank Anderson find themselves under pressure as the case against Jonathan and Angela goes to court. Meanwhile, the JACTF and MCS set up a trap to catch Lowry's attacker, but thanks to someone's interference. the plan backfires, which leads to a horrible tragedy...

#23 - "In The Spider Web (2)"

As the JACTF and MCS are left reeling over tragedy, the full truth about recent events is revealed as Vargas and Larsen are forced to confront their respective demons while Jonathan and Angela's futures both hang in balance.

Season 3 (2032-33)

#1 - "The Big Easy"

While still dealing with the aftermath of last season's finale, the JACTF and MCS face a new crisis when Walter Quinn finds the location of his son in New Orleans.

  • 60 minutes episode.

#2 - "Meet Me Halfway"

Months after Walter Quinn's showdown at New Orleans, the JACTF investigate a terrorist incident but Vargas and Etheridge lands themselves in hot water after a fatal error. Meanwhile, Lowry returns to work but struggles with his pain as he takes anger on some of his colleagues.

#3 - "National Anthem"

#4 - "Fear of Monsters"

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