Vanir is the fourth album from Swedish doom metal band Yggdrasill Burning, released on October 24th 1996. It is preceded by 1994's Æsir and followed by 1997's Ainulindalë. The song "The Vanir, Indomitable, Were Trampling the Plain" is named after line in the Poetic Edda's recount of the Æsir–Vanir War in Norse mythology. The album also features many other heavy influences from Norse mythology.

Track listing

  1. "Solguden (God of the Sun)" - 8:52
  2. "Vanernas, okuvlig, var trampar slätten (The Vanir, Indomitable, Were Trampling the Plain)" - 10:49
  3. "Nidavellir" - 7:38
  4. "Ruinen av hennes ansikte (Ruin of Her Face)" - 11:36
  5. "Fenrisulven, Varg av Död (Fenrir, Wolf of Death)" - 10:48
  6. "Beli Baneman (Beli's Slayer)" - 9:45
Yggdrasill Burning- Vanir

Vanir was Yggdrasill Burning's fourth album, since 1994's Æsir, and once again features themes of Norse mythology.

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