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Vampiric Future
Entertainment sometimes shows humans becoming slaves of vampires, for blood and for turning into vampires themselves, one good example being Seraph of the End manga/anime series, but what if vampires existed and what if it had happened in reality?


One day, in 2010, a virus outbreak had occurred that killed off all humans over 13, the vampires (which became real for some reason, possibly through Universe Travel) then came out of the darkest of shadows, and the vampires had enslaved and farmed humanity and even (most) wild dylanuses (in most of North America only) and domestic dylanuses for their blood and turning into vampires, and changed most of human cities into progenitor councils, castles, etc that resemble ones from Seraph of the End series, with highly advanced technologies that function the same way. However, life continues, despite the mass extinction occurring in most species, some were adaptable enough to adapt to a world dominated by vampires. This future, called Vampiric Future takes place in 25 million years from now, where humans and vampires remained unchanged while other species that survived had adapted to live in the vampiric future. Most large creatures like giraffes, buffaloes, bison, most camelids (other than domestics such as dromedaries, llamas, and alpacas) antelopes, hippos, wild horses, lions, tigers, owls, tortoises, rattlesnakes, etc will sadly go extinct because of vampires, while (most) domesticated animals like sheep, goats, horses, cattle, domestic pigs, chickens, turkeys, etc, will all die out by either vampire predations, natural predator predations, interbreeding with their wild counterparts, or all of the above, but few such as mice, rats, elephants, rhinos, monkeys, domestic camelids, wild boars, peccaries, tapirs, alligators, wolves, bats, bears, deer, Dylanusids, cranes, parrots, crows, eagles, hawks, falcons, passerine birds, turtles, pythons, boas, small nonvenomous snakes, cobras, sea snakes, most amphibians, fish, etc, will survive and evolved to deal with vampires around.

Example Species


  • Neo Lion (descendants of California sea lions)
  • Owlbat (descendants of vampire bats)






  • Hawkwasp (descendants of tarantula hawk wasps)


  • This series is very similar to Urban Future, which also focuses on species that adapted to the future artificial habitats.
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