Vampire Hunt is a 2013 horror film, starring Michelle Trachtenberg, Jennifer Lawrence and Colin Farrell


An 17 year old girl befriends with a vampire. But when the vampire's father starts to kill her new friend's friends, she must stop him before it's too late.



  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Lucille Dawson/A vampire
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Nicole Nightingale/A 17 year old girl who befriends Lucille
  • Colin Farrell as Damion Dawson/Lucille's father who wants to kill Nicole's friends
  • Liam Hemsworth as Lawrence Nightingale/Nicole and Julianne's brother
  • Dakota Fanning as Julianne Nightingale/Nicole and Lawrence's sister
  • TBA as Robert Harrison/Nicole's friend who has a crush on Nicole
  • TBA as Edward Stewart/Nicole's ex-boyfriend
  • TBA as Carly Sear/Nicole's best friend
  • TBA as Freddie Stein/Nicole's gay friend
  • TBA as Trevor Carmichael/Lucille's love interest
  • Chris Hemsworth as Terry Mitchell/Nicole, Lawrence and Julianne's cousin


Lucille, Nicole, Lawrence, Julianne,



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