Vampire Heterodontosaurus Theory

A possible restoration of a Heterodontosaurus drinking blood off of a larger dinosaur.

Vampire Heterodontosaurus is a theory made by DinosaursRoar/Dylan Hooton himself. He pointed out that Heterodontosaurus may not have been a harmless herbivore as once thought and the tusk-like teeth on Heterodontosaurus seems like they'd be suited for a blood diet. It might sound unlikely, but some species of modern animals such as the Galapagos vampire finches and South American vampire bats also drink blood off of larger animals, and due to the vampire bats having the similar-looking sharp front teeth and the finches (along with all other modern birds) being modern dinosaurs, it could have been possible that Heterodontosaurus used its teeth to pierce the skin of larger dinosaurs and either lap the blood with their tongues like a vampire bat or suck blood like its mythical namesake. The Heterodontosaurus could have preferred certain types of dinosaur blood, probably prosauropod blood, as some blood-drinking animals may be choosy on what type of blood they prefer to drink from. Because of the Heterodontosaurus's possible blood-feeding activity, they may as well have spread some harmful diseases as a result, most likely killing some large dinosaurs that got sick from diseases spread by Heterodontosaurus. Due to having large eyes, Heterodontosaurus was most likely nocturnal, making it easier to find sleeping dinosaurs to get the blood, and their tusk-like teeth may have had sharp edges that cuts the dinosaur's skin without the large dinosaur feeling much pain. Heterodontosaurus could have had strong claws and limbs to climb up on very large dinosaurs efficiently in order to reach easier access to blood.

Which Theory Is Correct

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