The Valiant Cinematic Universe/VCU is a film series based around Valiant Comics/Entertainment characters created by Valiant Entertainment. The main Fandom website for the VCU can be found here.


After Sony helmed the Harbinger/Bloodshot film series and batinthesun produced Ninjak V.S. The Valiant Universe, Valiant Entertainments Chief Creative Officer and CEO Dinesh Shamdasani re-perposed the deal with Sony to use all Valiant Characters and create a joined film universe similar to the MCU and DCEU. It was then announced at Comic-Con that not only was the series happening, but that Bloodshot would kick off a series of films leading to a Unity film.

Section 1: United

Section 1 of the VCU was comprised of 6 films: 2 X-O Manowar films, 2 Harbinger Films, a Bloodshot film, and the Unity team up.


Bloodshot is a super-soldier comprised of Project Rising Spirit's expirimental nanites. He was the perfect soldier; He was quick, tactical, ideal physique, ruthless, and brutal to enemies of the government. However, after a few years of fighting for PRS and the US Army, Bloodshot wanted answers about who he was and where he came from. He went on a search, but when it was discovered he was looking for his past, Bloodshot was killed. However, he survived thanks to his spectacular healing factor and resumed his search. Now, Bloodshot must find his past as he is hunted by his former creators.

X-O Manowar

In 410 A.D., Aric of Dacia was one of the Visigoth's best fighters and was tbe nephew of King Alaric I. After his father is killed by the Romans and his people are taken, Aric and a squad of men(believing the Romans to be responsible)ran into battle. However, half way there, Aric and his men found strangely dressed "roman warriors". The Visigoths fought the "warriors" who turned out to be aliens from outerspace, coming to take indiginous species. After being captured and thrown onto a space ship, Aric and hus friend Gafti end up at Loam, the home planet of these creatures called the Vine.

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X-O Manowar 2

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