Vacation on Mars is a 2016 musical fantasy comedy film, based on the play of the same name by John Heath and Ron Fink.


A high class family plots a vacation to somewhere out of this world: Mars!


Chris Pratt as the father

Lauren Bittner as the mother

Ty Simpkins as Josh, the son

Angourie Rice as Ariel, the daughter

Mindy the Golden Retriever as Gus, the family's dog

Voice Talents

??? as the Tour Guides

??? as Sun

??? as Mercury

??? as Venus

  • ??? as Venettes

??? as Earth

??? as Jupiter

  • ??? as Jupiter's moons

??? as Saturn's rings

??? as Neptune

  • ??? as the mother
  • ??? as the kid
  • ??? as Pluto


Filming commenced for the Mars movie in June of 2015 and finished around late-July. The neighborhood and some road scenes used in the film had to have their automobiles replaced with ones from the eighties to nineties to get a feeling of nostalgia from audiences; any modern day automobiles in the shot were digitally erased in post.

The scene on the spaceship was all shot in a L.A. soundstage and cost about one fourth of the $9 million budget to construct; many of the planets were all motion-captured and additional touches were also added in post.


1. Rags to Riches - Tony Bennet (opening credits)

2. Mars Mars

3. New Moon

4. I'm Just an Ordinary Star

5. Mercury and Venus

6. I'm Hot

7. Sixty Moons

8. Rings of Saturn

9. Neptune Neptune

10. Mars Mars (reprise)

11. My Way - Sid Vicious (clean version; ending credits


  • The film's estimated budget was $9 million; the film opened in three-thousand movie theaters but had a fiasco opening weekend ($3.3 million) - it managed to earn back it's budget with a decent profit of $22 million.
  • The film is Rated PG for some rude humor and language.
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