VICTROiOUS: Prom Night is a horror fanfiction which sets the characters from the Nickelodeon show VICTORiOUS in a scenario similar to the 2008 film Prom Night.


The story begins with a summary of the night that Tori Vega returned home to her apartment and found her sister Trina dead in the shower with stab wounds from head to toe. Suddenly, Tori is attacked by Erwin Sikowitz, her teacher at Hollywood Arts High School, who has become obsessed with her. Tori eventually managed to outsmart Sikowitz and escape, leaving the teacher to be arrested.

One year later, the group is graduating from Hollywood Arts and are attending Prom Night. Tori becomes upset when the graduation ceremony comemorates Trina, but is consoled by her friend Andre Harris. On Prom Night, Tori's gang of friends are getting ready for celebration. Beck Oliver and Jade West are going as a couple, as are Robbie Shapiro and Cat Valentine. Andre informs Robbie and Beck that this is the night he is going to try and ask Tori out. He had been planning to do it a year ago, but that was when Trina was murdered. At the same time, Sikowitz escapes from a mental institution and sets out for Hollywood Arts.

At the party, Jade and Beck sneak into the locker rooms to have sex while Sikowitz arrives at the party. He manages to infiltrate the school, where he stumbles upon Beck and Jade having sex. Stealing a fire escape axe, he sneaks up behind them and decapitates Beck. When Jade tries to escape, Sikowitz catches up and slits her throat with a piece of glass.

Outside of the school, Cat and Robbie go to Robbie's car, where Cat takes Robbie's virginity. Sikowitz watches from afar and then stabs Cat through the throat with the glass shard and sets the car on fire, killing Robbie. Inside, Andre tries to make his move on Tori, but she is too emotional and runs off. 

Meanwhile, Sinjin Van Cleef, one of the group's strangest classmates, has a gang of his "cronies" kidnap Tori while she is alone, dragging her into one of the empty classrooms with the intention of raping her. Andre comes to her rescue and beats up Sinjin's friends, while the ring leader himself flees. He encounters Sikowitz, who hacks him to death with an axe. Andre witnesses this and warns Tori that Sikowitz has escaped and is after her. They run out onto the dance floor to evade him and profess their love for each other. 

Sikowitz enters the hall and tries to figure out a way to discreetly draw Tori away, but he is spotted and recognized by some of the other kids at the party. Sikowitz finally snaps and grabs the fire axe. Panic ensues and large crowds of graduates make a run for the door, crushing some to death. Sikowitz also wildly swipes at them with his axe. In order to stop the carnage, Tori calls to Sikowitz and lures him away from the crowd. As he corners her, Andre sets off the fire sprinklers, distracting the crazed teacher. Tori kicks him in the groin and he stumbles back in pain. Andre then finally grabs the axe and strikes Sikowitz with it. The villain then falls to the floor dead.

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