King Uther Pendragon is King of Camelot and the father of Arthur and Anna Pendragon.


Early Life

Uther Pendragon banned magic in Camelot on pain of death. Uther's court wizard, Merlin, was the only one exempt from his ban as Uther knew he needed him to face threats that required the use of magic.

Season 1

When Morgana le Fay first arrived in Camelot, she witnessed one such execution carried out under Uther's orders. Merlin warned Uther that his actions were creating more enemies.

After Morgana stood up to Anna Pendragon, unaware she was the Princess of Camelot, Uther had her put in the dungeon and then the stocks.

When the mother of a sorcerer Uther had executed sought revenge on him by killing his son, Arthur Pendragon, Uther informed her that he was dead. The sorceress tried to kill Anna instead but Morgana saved her. Uther awarded Morgana by making her Anna's handmaiden.

Season 2

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