• I live in Novato, California
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is Writing Hobbyist
  • I am Male
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I know I like your creativity with the gods of that thing (i forgot the name). I mean, they really look like the gods of Acient Egypt, with design, of course

Josephdapro (talk) 16:15, April 12, 2020 (UTC)


Hey, I have been reading some of your fanons and I am really amazed by how imaginative, visionary you are when it comes to creating stories on entire worlds that you go really in depth to detail their entire lores! I honestly think that you should write a book series or something, you are really talented and gifted! --Etherean4 (talk) 03:38, June 19, 2020 (UTC) Aaron Alberto Vela


It is I, Etherean4, one of the main admins of Fanon Wiki, now that I have created social media I would like to promote it to my fellow fanon wiki community. So if you got Instagram give me a follow @aarth.scape [1] or at Twitter @aar0nalberto [2] --Etherean4 (talk) 06:45, June 22, 2020 (UTC)

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