• My occupation is Cross-stitch and Sudoku
  • Bio Muppets, Star Trek, Stargate, chocolate, and books
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Hey Merry! Mind taking a look at my blog?. Pretty sure it's got all the comments it will get, most of the other editors seem to be ignoring my messages. Thanks! -Randomized


Nah, not urgently. I was just planning on and go clear out some spam articles and bad images. And okay, I'll get back to you on Friday. --Randomized

Thanks Merry! :D -- Randomized


RaidenX has been inactive for 60 days now, and iirc you said after that period of time had passed I'd be eligible for 'crat rights. Do I need to make another request? -- Randomized (talk) (contributions) 00:39, May 14, 2014 (UTC)

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