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ITS ME Dr. Eggman rox 2!

im your freind from the KIrby wiki!

Spongebob100: Hello

Can You Please?

Hey, uh, is it alright if you can put down a lot of fights for me right now? Even the ones you requested? If you do, I would appreciate it. No questions asked. =)


Spongebob100: I got some Ideas

  1. Reidak vs Amy Rose, 2 Powerhouses, Piraka vs Hedgehog, Beast vs Beauty, Buzzsaw vs Piko Piko Hammer, Who will win?
  2. Hakann vs Drago, The battle of 2 Fire types, Who will Win?
  3. Vezok vs Squidward, The battle of Piraka & Octopus, There Both Mean, The Beast vs The Octopus, Who will win?
  4. Zaktan vs Tikal, The battle of the Former Leader of the Piraka's & a Peaceful Echidna, Zaktan wants to destroy everything for Fun like a Monster, but Tikal wants Peace & Happiness, Who will Win?
  5. Avak vs Metal Sonic, The battle of Piraka aganist Robot, Who will win?
  6. Thok vs Donkey Kong, It's a Battle of Two Tough Fighters, Ice Type vs Power Type, Piraka vs Gorilla, Ice Power vs Banana Slammer, Who will Win?

Spongebob100: What do you think?

Spongebob100: Excuse me, I can't upload Picture of Reidak, a Picture of Hakann, a picture of Vezok, a picture of Zaktan, a picture of Avak & a picture of Thok, can you help me please?

Not a Bad Idea

Not a bad idea for the Fanonified Fighting Arena wiki. Really good thought.


Spongebob100: Excuse me, but what do you think of my own Super Smash Bros. Smack Down? It takes place after Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars

Spongebob100: Ok Sorry

Spongebob100: What should I do with SpongeBob SquarePants, Ed, Edd n Eddy & Total Drama?

Spongebob100: Ok

About Lucas in FFA

Just to be sure about Sub-Zero vs. Lucas in the Future Fights List in FFA, is that Lucas the Lucas from Earthbound?

RaidenX 01:27, 1 December 2011 (UTC)

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