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Other Junx

Have you watched the anime Aldnoah.Zero? Cameron is here 01:32, April 21, 2015 (UTC)

Never seen it. Princess Dynasti (talk) 04:14, May 10, 2015 (UTC)

Can you help me edit The Untold Story of Alex Fitzgerald and Tony Smith? Delsakrista (talk) 03:21, May 21, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

Actors for Miss Independent

Mia Saunders

  • Emma Roberts
  • Shailene Woodley
  • Addison Timlin
  • Jamie Lynn Spears

Wyatt Jones

  • Evan Peters
  • Tyler Posey

The Villain

  • Willem Dafoe
  • Alfred Molina

Thanks! Delsakrista (talk) 02:51, May 26, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

Kyla Deaver for Pacifica Northwest.. Delsakrista (talk) 03:12, May 26, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

I added The Untold Story of Alex Fitzgerald and Tony Smith on Comedy/Drama Fanon Wiki. Delsakrista (talk) 03:31, May 26, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

Can you make a photo gallery of Family Guy (Live-action film) and the photos are like this (by using the Paint app on computer):

Kevin Spacey as Stewie's voice

Delsakrista (talk) 08:42, June 5, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

Gallery for Family Guy (Live-action film)

Can you create a gallery of Family Guy by using the paint app?


Julianne Moore as Lois Griffin

Delsakrista (talk) 02:27, June 7, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

Telekinetic is...

Telekinetic ("Telekinesis") is a psychic ability that based on "controlling/manipulating", and may evolve to the point that a Telekinetic can control anything at a subatomic level.

In Skyworld film series, the telekinetic people used their power for anything where they are a telekinetic. Most of them used their telekinetic power as their superpower. (Ednasharon24534)

Find me actors and actresses on Tom and Jerry (film)

Julie Jones

Drew Barrymore or Busy Phillips?

Samantha Jones

Dove Cameron or Bella Thorne?

Albert Walden

Chandler Canterbury or Cameron Boyce?

Delsakrista (talk) 01:01, July 11, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

Hey There

I'd appreciate it if you would participate in this little recomendation activity: Though you don't have To if uou don't want to. --Cakedude222 (talk) 05:19, July 13, 2015 (UTC)

Can you help me with the gallery, cast, soundtrack and quotes in Tom and Jerry (film)? Delsakrista (talk) 07:44, July 19, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

Can you help me with the gallery section of Tom and Jerry (film)?

And of course, if you don't know about the cast you are adding on your pages, also ask me...

Delsakrista (talk) 08:21, July 31, 2015 (UTC)Delsakrista

The Believing

In The Believing, If Stacie and Marie are going to be teen, can we make some characters into teenagers? (Ednasharon24534)

I have change some characters into teenager, now need to find the cast. (Ednasharon24534)

You're account doesn't look blocked. Cameron is here 21:00, September 6, 2015 (UTC)

Can you find some actors for Jak and Daxter: Finale and find some actors for Shelia Louis, Samuel Washington, and Fiona Crockett in Crystal Universe 7? Cameron is here 00:48, September 22, 2015 (UTC)

Alyssa Reid ft Jump Smokers Alone Again (Official Video)


Share a real life scary story that you experienced in this blog:!!_:o You don't have to if you don't want to, though. --Cakedude222 (talk) 00:41, October 26, 2015 (UTC)

How am I supposed to know which is which if they all say TBA in Cult of the Devil? Cameron is here 02:06, November 12, 2015 (UTC)

It stands for "To be added". Princess Dynasti (talk) 02:12, November 12, 2015 (UTC)

OK! But I am not the only one, some user add them too well in their fanmade film. I also add different actors and actress in my fanmade film too. (Ednasharon24534)

I don't know

I don't know but it wasn't me who lock Curse of the Damned. (Ednasharon24534)

No. Cameron is here 01:42, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Some time, I always write in different way and I am not very good of spells some hard work. I am trying so hard and I also sort out some pages. Some users help me if they spot my mistake. (Ednasharon24534)

Sometime, I always mistakes some word as different way or word. (Ednasharon24534)

No! I don't do that. I has been doing different stuff not adding Final Destination actors and actresses people to film and tv series. It wasn't me who been adding them to film and tv series. (Ednasharon24534)

It was either you or some random people who is doing that. --21:42, January 4, 2016 (UTC)

It wasn't me. I am telling you the truth. I haven't add the actors and actress from Final Destination film series. Asks somebody if they are adding them. (Ednasharon24534)

The Believing

Are you carry on with The Believing? I need more actors and actress and which director to directing the film. (Ednasharon24534)

One question

I got one question, What is Retts syndrome? I am bit confused. (Ednasharon24534)


Pretty Cure All Stars: Spring Carnival♪ (Live-Action Film)

Can you add a characters and then I add the cast because there's only one cast and characters. (Ednasharon23534)

I Beg for You to Know What You Did Last Summer

Andromeda is a 13/14 years old in 8th grade. Can you change the plot to this...

A group of privileged teens at middle school have a dark secret after when one of the high school students accidenally kills a stranger.


What's a short name for Andromeda? (Ednasharon24534)

Either Andee, Andi, Andro, or Meda.

Characters in Skyworld: The First Blood

Caroline Brackett

Caroline Brackett: Francesca Eastwood, Aubrey Peeples, Bel Powley or Grace Victoria Cox

I got the massage loud and clear. I am not going to mess up again.(Ednasharon24534)

Blocked MiroPod and fixed your article. Cameron is here 00:46, March 14, 2016 (UTC)

This user named JackMonster wants me to unblock MicroBro and swears he won't swear bad words again, but I'm not so sure about it. Cameron is here 21:06, March 17, 2016 (UTC)

To found young actors for Skyworld: The First Blood

Can you find young actors and actress to plays a character in Skyworld: The First Blood...

  • Young Nicholas Henderson (age 7)
  • Young Zelda Andrews (age 14)
  • Young Lillian Henderson (age 7)
  • Young Katie Andrews (age 3)
  • Young Sonja Robertson (age 5)


I added...

I added Willow Shields and Mackenzie Foy to the cast of Wait Until I See You Again. (Ednasharon24534)

I didn't added them because I didn't made the page. (Ednasharon24534)

Hey this is Delsakrista's new account since I deactivated it, but can you help me with my future projects here? (miss12am)


I added Victoria Justice as Veronica Sawyer and Emma Waston as Heather Duke. I forget to tell you before I added, so sorry! What do you think of two actress I choose? (Ednasharon24534)

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Your article has been deleted due to your failure to add categories. You must be sure to add categories to all articles you create. If you would like to restore your article, you may contact Chris6d. If this happens again, you will be issued a block.

Hey, can you help me make the plot for the Robotboy live-action film article? If you do that it would be an honor!

Megan M. (talk) 20:49, April 20, 2018 (UTC)



Multiple images you uploaded recently did not have a proper name and were deleted. You must remember to properly name all images you upload. The images cannot be restored. If this happens again, you will be issued a block.

Hey uh can you help me with Christmas Day (2020 film)? LizLemon5050 (talk) 13:07, December 29, 2018 (UTC)LizLemon5050

Sure. Dynasti the Radicles Fangirl (talk) 18:36, December 29, 2018 (UTC)

Hi! Thank you for helping me with Christmas Day (2020 film) and can you also help me with the cast gallery please?LizLemon5050 (talk) 02:46, December 30, 2018 (UTC)LizLemon5050

Robotboy Live-Action Film Plot Help

Hey, I'm so sorry to bother you. I made some edits on the Robotboy live-action fim article, and I made a starting point on the plot. So you think you can you help me make the plot for the Robotboy live-action film article? If you do that it would be an honor! Thanks! Megan M. (talk) 22:09, January 26, 2019 (UTC)



You have been blocked from editing due to disregarding previous warnings regarding failing to properly name uploaded images. If you would like to discuss the block, please contact Chris6d.

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