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This announcement is meant for all members and administrators of the following wikis(That is only if the users want to participate):

“Hello, It is Me You’re Looking For?” Jokes Aside, Wazzupguys Here. and Today. Me and Ootwar have a Special Announcement. The Announcement of Project Synergy.


Project Synergy is a project meant to create a more centralized, if not the centralized, community for everything fan-made/fiction. You might be asking: why, we’re better off this way?

Right now, the fanmade/fiction communities in Fandom are in millions of pieces, all separate from each other. Some say it’s for the best, some say it’s not. The problem is that people do not know about each other’s communities most of the time, so they create their own wikis. Fandom has now taken initiative to prevent any more confusion between every separate community and decided to take the wiki creation review process to a more manual set; with recommendations of similar communities if the wiki-to-be was too similar.

That, however, does not affect the wikis already in existence. Which is why Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis started up a wiki affiliate program, to, in addition to other things, connect similar communities with each other. However, it’s not enough.

Which is why me and Ootwar came up with Project Synergy.

Why synergy?

Well, the original intention was to just flat-out combine all communities into one, but seeing how not a lot of people are ready for that, we decided to go with the second-best plan: getting to know each other. We are in fact communities after all, and we have a common theme: fiction, fanmade stuff, y’know.

How is this gonna happen?

First, we get together as a team. All the admins of other wikis will discuss a common set of rules and standards. (a.k.a. How will all of it go together?) Seeing how all communities involved have different categories in focus (such as Game Ideas Wiki, Movie Ideas Wiki, TV Ideas Wiki, Literature Ideas Wiki), there should not be much conflict.

The Wikis Themselves Will be divided by Groups of contributions giving more choice to the users who want to participate in the Project. the following groups will be:

  • Group Big 1: Ideas Wiki and Fanon Wiki
  • Group Big 2: Dream Fiction Wiki and Dream Logos Wiki
  • Group Big 3: Scratchpad and Parody Wiki
  • Group Big 4(Special Group): Fantendo and Random-ness Wiki
  • Group Small 1: Anime Fanon Wiki, Manga Fanon Wiki, Video Game Fanon Wiki, Movie Fanon Wiki, Music Fanon Wiki and Comic Book Fanon Wiki.
  • Group Small 2: Game Ideas Wiki, Movie Ideas Wiki, Cartoon Ideas Wiki, Programming Language Ideas Wiki, Home Ideas Wiki, Game Port Ideas Wiki, TV Ideas Wiki, Literature Ideas Wiki, Car Ideas Wiki, Lost Media Ideas Wiki and Anime Ideas Wiki
  • Group Small 3: Reviews Wiki, Movie Reviews Wiki, Book Reviews Wiki, Game Reviews Wiki, Music Reviews Wiki, Dream Music Wiki, Dream Incubator Wiki and Creativity Wiki.

Why test it out in the Dream Fiction Wiki?

In short, last time the wiki activity was flooded in Ideas Wiki, Ootwar got banned lol, so we assume they do not appreciate that much activity at once. Besides, Dream Fiction Wiki is much more organized, more patient with its contributors, and their rules and admin limitations serve as good standards.

And also because Dream Fiction Wiki can be a gathering site before users will go to contribute to the other Wikis that are part of Project Synergy.

What happens after this?

Well, it’s too early to call for a coherent community just yet, but I will take this into consideration if it ends up with a more positive outcome. If not, then at least users from different wikis will get to know each other better. If this does succeed, the next step is the standards and rules creation process and an admin election, with candidates being ones from the admin teams from all the wikis involved. Why?

Because admins are supposed to be with people, they’re supposed to work with them, represent them, treat them with respect unless they break the rules. They’re the police, the essential people; they need to be absolutely trustworthy.

And besides, limiting a team to the most trustworthy proves to be more than a correct choice; it also prevents chaos to the point of wiki destruction, and it also assures everyone that every decision is within reason.

In short…

We have a thing in common, we want everyone to be closer, but we can’t do it without your cooperation.


The Users participating in this project must select at least 3 of the Wikis listed here to contribute to. In June 1st they will have to choose at least 3 wikis that they haven't contributed too but they have to be different from the 3 wikis they chose in May.