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I'm SkyGuy. My fictional world, Patria, which was runner-up as the best location article in the 2016 Fanon Wiki awards, is about to go through some major overhauls, revisions and renamings. This may seem controversial, especially to any fans of my world, but I've had my mind set on renaming Patria, and other things, since it was first conceived in 2013; I just couldn't find the right name until now. Pending renamings and revisions will include:

  • Patria will be renamed Qirsyllviar (adj. Qirsyllvian), and any pages with "Patria" in their title will be renamed accordingly.
  • Eurodon will be renamed Eurodysia and the inhabitants Eurodynes.
    • Transylvania, a prominent country there, will be renamed Ardeal. Slavia will also be scrapped, Ardeal put in it's place, and a new High Elven nation will be put in Ardeals' former place, and Bohemia will no longer be High Elven.
  • Ingodija will be renamed Ingdjiva.
    • Siam, a country in Marlakcor, will be moved to Ingdjiva, and a new nation will be put in it's former place.
    • Lusitania and Frisia (the Protuguese and Dutch equivalents of my world) will be given colonial territory in Ingdjiva.
  • All instances of Kalahar/Kalahari will be renamed:
    • The Kalahari people/race will renamed Dhuriya, and the language Dhuriyic.
    • The Desert will be renamed the Dhahabi Desert.
    • The ancient Caliphate will be renamed Muqadas.
  • Persia (a prominent empire in Aquilonis) will be removed from the island of Nubia. Himyar will be an independent state as Awal (my world's Bahrain equivalent), and former Awal will be renamed Axum (as my world's Ethiopian equivalent).

These changes and more are going to happen. But, while these changes are going to happen, I regret to say that I'm having computer problems (namely it seems I've temporarily lost many files due to hard-drive failure), and I don't know when I'll be able to implement them. To fans of Patria (if any), I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause and I appreciate any understanding. Note: Crossing outs indicate that it's been done. ~« SkyGuy Wikia Writer - My Talk »~ 01:27, August 3, 2019 (UTC)