Basically, I have requested to adopt the wiki (Asking staff for rights), but seeing as RaidenX edited within the last 60 days, whoever gets elected would only receive admin rights until the 60 day period expires.

So, how would you guys feel with me as admin? Feel free to recommend others, as long as they meet the requirements on this blog.

Here's why I think I should be an admin:

I've been devoted to the wiki for quite some time now, I've categorized over 1,000 images and numerous pages in attempt to help clean the wiki up. I have administrative experience on multiple wikis, such as The Animal Jam Wiki, where I am a 'crat. I've been a member of Wikia since early 2012, and I am fluent in multiple coding languages, so I'd be able to create a new skin and logo for the wiki, as well as make new templates, mass delete spam pages and images which break our policy. I'd also be able to make sure all your fanon pages are protected so vandals don't get to them and mess them up in anyway.

So, feel free to express your opinions below! Staff wants the community to get involved in the nomination to make sure we're all on the same page. Thanks everyone!

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