best friends for never

These friends who molest a child tristan eagle primary psychological disorder when they learn to feel sick but died one year later in high school are cuendo in thought to notice that your friends think the main die and horror yusef friends (mike, gerard, alana) who harassed tristan will realize he did not die and wants revenge on them and their partners.

This horror movie is starring ashley greene, dev patel, lucas grabreel, torret DeVitto, Shantel VanSanten and haley webb. Ashley Greene is Alana Dev Patel is Yusef Torrey DeVitto is Eira Shantel vansaten is Samantha Haley Webb is Sajia Nick Zano is Gerardo Nicholas D'Agosto is Mike Malese Jow is Annette Kendall Schmidt is Daniel Avan Jogia is Car lJames Maslow is Tonyo Lucas Grabeel is gerardo eagle / murderer


  1. 1Tonyo:Stabbed in head and chest

  1. 2Carl:beheaded with an machete

  1. 3Daniel:Throat slit

  1. 4Annette:beat her to death with a trophy

  1. 5Mike:cut her face in half with the hockey a pair of skates

  1. 6Gerard:it live into a furnace burnt of crafts

  1. 7Sajiah:strip on the fifth floor

  1. 8Samantha:wrap it in plastic and stabbed multiple times in the head

  1. 9Eira:cut off his head with an machete


Alana,Yusef and Gerardo

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