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    Moesha (reboot)

    June 9, 2020 by Nashwalker

    Moesha is the reboot of the same American sitcom starring Brandy as the titular character. The series was created by Ralph Farquhar, Vida Spears, and Sara V. Finney.

    Taking place 20 years after the original series' end, Moesha Mitchell is now working as a news journalist at a predmoniently black-run TV station. She is widowed with three children from her marriage to her her childhood best friend, Hakeem Campbell, who passed on 6 years prior. She has recently re-married to Malcolm Dawkins, a businessman widower with two children of his own. As the two families try to adjust to each other, Moesha finds that she can rely on her family and old friends even more than before.

    • Brandy as Moesha Mitchell-Dawkins (formerly Campbell)
    • Isaiah Mustafa as M…

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    Person of Interest: Redux an American science fiction crime drama television series that airs on CBS and a sequel/spin-off series of Person of Interest. The series was created by Jonathan Nolan, with Nolan, J. J. Abrams, and Chris Fisher returning as executive producers.

    Taking place two years after it's predecessor's series finale, the show follows the sole surviving members of Team Machine, Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and NYPD Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman) as they work with the Machine and put together a new team comprised of previous persons of interest to continue the work started by their friends.

    • Sarah Shahi as Sameen Shaw
    • Kevin Chapman as Detective Lionel Fusco
    • Paige Turco as Zoe Morgan
    • Luke Kleintank as Caleb Phipps
    • Coby Bell as Sergean…

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    L.V.P.D. is a 2019 police procedural crime drama series that airs on CBS. Taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, the show features officers and detectives at the Las Vegas Police Department as they take on a variety of crimes and cases in "Sin City"

    • J. August Richards as Detective Dennis Kay
    • Amy Acker as Detective Crystal Sykes
    • Manny Montana as Detective Alejandro Morales
    • Melina Kanakaredes as Detective Daphne Girardi
    • Ben McKenzie as Sergeant Robert Coho
    • Paul Wesley as Officer Bailey Barnes
    • Rumer Willis as Officer Arden Holt
    • Merrin Dungey as Lieutenant Pamela Johnson
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    A series based on the 2017 film. The series follows the Gadget Gang and their alien friends the Invas as they navigate through adventures on Earth and in outer space.


    Gadget Gang:

    Gregorio "Gregory" Wright - The leader of the Gadget Gang. Optimistic, brave, and always looking for adventure, he is always willing to lend a hand with a number of crazy ideas, although this can often lead him into trouble.

    Phoebe Wright - Gregory's adorable little sister, and the heart of the Gadget Gang. She might be small and cute, but she is also very smart for her age and more resourceful than people give her credit for. She loves her brother very much, but can become annoyed by his overprotectiveness of her.

    Franceso Rossulini - Gregory's best friend…

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    GTA: Law & Disorder

    December 13, 2016 by Nashwalker

    GTA: Law & Disorder

    Based on the GTA roleplay on Twitter.


    Chief Arthur Jones

    Valley Bureau (Misson Row)

    Cmdr. Mark Graham

    Det./Sgt./Lt. Trey Fuller (retired)

    Offc./Sgt. Sara Blackburn

    Sgt. Derick Griffin (retired)

    Sgt. Brian Anderson 

    Det. Richard Adams 

    Offc./Det. Oliver Smith (deceased)

    Offc. Jayden Nakamura

    Offc. Jeffery Whistler

    Offc. Dennis Shepard

    Offc. Natalie Blackburn

    Offc. Ryan Kingston (transferred to LSSD)

    Offc. Jason McLean 

    West Bureau (Vespucci)

    Offc./Sgt./Lt./Capt. Harry Thomson

    Sgt. Steven Mitchell

    Sgt. George Kuffman (resigned)

    Offc./Det. Henry Tux (undercover)

    Det. Elwood Sheffield (deceased)

    Det. Liam Callaghan

    Offc. Nick Taylor

    Offc. Marlene Rotenbach

    Offc. Peter Wenzel

    Offc. Siggi Strunz

    Offc. Jack Spike

    Central Bureau (Vinewood)

    Det./Capt. J…

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