Power-Up Heroes: Ascension ​is an 2020 supernatural action comedy adventure film based on the 2011 Xbox 360 game, Power-Up Heroes and is the sequel to the film that goes by the same name. Warner Brothers Pictures will distribute the film along with New Line Cinema producing it. It will be directed and produced again by Christopher Nolan. The film will feature Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving, Anna Kendrick, Ciara Bravo, Liev Schreiber, Columbus Short, Terry Crews, Colin Farrell, Nancy Allen (voice), Tom Holland (voice), Damon Wayans Jr, Dave Franco, James Franco, Isla Fisher and Carrie Fisher. Despite a few techincal and develpoment issues with the film, Power-Up Heroes collected more then enough money in order for a sequel to be made. Most of the cast returned as well as some new additions such as Dave Franco, Jim Bellucci and Ciara Bravo. In April 2020, the film was released to the public.


It's been 19 years since Malignance's defeat in New York. Everyone has settled down, and life has become pretty mundane for commander Adam Hale (Sam Worthington). He's still is providing support for the others by protecting the Galaxy as leader of the Galactic Heroes and he knows he has to provide for his wife Katherine (Anna Kendrick) and their 18-year old daughter Sara (Ciara Bravo). However, Wade (Liev Schreiber) feels a disturbance from afar and realizes that Malignance (Hugo Weaving) is not only still alive and has apparently gone mad with power , but he has continued to create and absorb emitters in a desperate attempt to gain more power.  When danger calls, Volta and the rest of the Power-Up Heroes have to go and answer it. But has their time been expired already?


  • Sam Worthington as Adam Hale/Volta X
  • Hugo Weaving as Malignance X

  • Anna Kendrick as Katherine Hale/Chaos
  • Ciara Bravo as Sara Hale/Shadow
  • Liev Schreiber as Wade Hillard/Bionic
  • Columbus Short as Bryon Olson/Scorch
  • Terry Crews as Moses Brody/Warhammer
  • Nancy Allen (Voice) as Tessa
  • Tom Holland (Voice) as Zip
  • Dave Franco as Lawrence
  • James Franco as Ed/Necro X
  • Isla Fisher as Carla/Soothsayer X
  • Colin Farrel as Howard Paxton/Cold Heart
  • Jet Li as Orion
  • Damon Wayans Jr. as Ross
  • Carrie Fisher as Azera


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