Power-Up Heroes is an 2017 supernatural action adventure film based on the 2011 Xbox 360 game by the same name. The game was for the Kinect and had sold rather well. Warner Brothers Pictures will distribute the film along with New Line Cinema producing it. Universal originally had planned to take over distribution for the film, but ultimately had to step down due to complications and time consumption with their other projects. It will be directed and produced by Christopher Nolan.

The film will feature Sam Worthington, Hugo Weaving, Anna Kendrick, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Foxx, James Franco, Isla Fisher, Freddie Prinze Jr., Nancy Allen (voice), Jai Courtney (voice) with Clark Gregg and Carrie Fisher.

IPower-Up Heroes

From distant space is a threat no human had ever seen....


Former space commander Adam Hale aka Volta (Sam Worthington) has traveled across the Galaxy in hopes of stopping Malignance (Hugo Weaving) from invading Planet Earth. Unfortunately, he crashed to Earth which luckily bought the planet more time. In need of shelter for time being, he drops by the house of Katherine Hillard (Anna Kendrick) and her brother, Wanye (Liev Schreiber). But he didn't expect to find love or friendship on this planet he's rarely known. With allies and more advanced equipment in his hands, can Volta put a stop to Malignances diabolical scheme?


  • Sam Worthington as Adam Hale (Volta) - Former space commander turned powerup hero who has made it his duty to protect Earth and end Malignances scheme.
  • Hugo Weaving as Malignance - An egomaniacal cyber-intelligence hell bent on controlling Planet Earth and seeing Volta bleed and kneel before him
  • Anna Kendrick as Katherine Hillard (Chaos) - The sister of her older brother, Wanye and eventually becomes attached to Adam
  • Liev Schrieber as Wade Hillard (Bionic) - The older brother of Katherine and while skeptical of Adam, ultimately agrees to help him.
  • Jamie Foxx as Bryon Olson (Scorch) - One of the few people controlled by Malignance due to his emitter but eventually was freed from his control
  • James Franco as Ed (Nerco) - Carla's boyfriend and an expert at cyber intelligent design
  • Isla Fisher as Carla (Soothsayer) - Katherine's old friend from middle school and Eds girlfriend
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Pysch - another human who was taken over by Malignances emitters
  • Nancy Allen (Voice) as Tessa - A bio-mechanical humanoid made by Volta and one of his former friends before she was destroyed
  • Jai Courtney (Voice) as Zip - Another bio-mechanical machine that Volta made and another one of his former friends before he was destroyed


  • Clark Gregg as Mayor Eisenburg- the current Mayor of New York


  • Carrie Fisher as....


The film starts with the Warner Bros. logo transitioning into the New Line Cinema symbol and then it fades up into the Galaxy sky and soon shows two ships zooming past the screen.

One of which was former Galsteo commander Adam Hale (Sam Worthington) chasing a robot codenamed Malignance (Hugo Weaving).

The chase had endured for months.

Malignance: Let's get down to business, shall we?

He presses a button and soon enough small little projectiles were fired from his ship and soon headed to the nearest planet.

And it didn't take long for Volta to spot them.

Volta: Computer, where are those projectiles headed?

Computer: The nearest planet available is Earth, the only planet to give birth to human life.

That's when his eyes (on his suit) lit up.

Volta: Only planet to give life....then that means.....

But Mailgnance took advantage of him not paying attention and fired at Voltas ship causing it to lose control and head towards the same direction as him. Luckily, he crashed into his ship as well.

Both: Computer, prepare the escape capusle.

Soon enough, both of them were out of their ships and headed to Earth

Volta (voice-over): Planet Earth, I hope you're prepared for a fight. Because from distant space will pose a threat that none of you have ever seen......

It shows Voltas ship tumbling down on the screen and then.....

(Title Sequence)

The screen brightens and then cuts to Katherine Hillard (Anna Kendrick) on her way home from her last day of work at an observatory when she gets a call.

Katherine: Hello?

Wade (Liev Scrieber): Is this my little sister?

Katherine: *chuckles* Heyyy, Wade. I'm just on my way home from work.

Wade: Well, let's just hope that they're still paying you.

Katherine: Umm.....*hehehehe*......

Wade: Kat....what was that?

Katherine: Yeah.....about that....See, what happened was.....

Before she could answer, a mysterious looking pod zoomed past over her car which caused her to lose control of the wheel and drop the phone.

Katherine: *Ahhh! No!*

Luckily, she gained control again just before she was about to crash.

And Wade was still on the other side.

Wade: Hey, hey! Kat, what just happened?

Katherine: *picks up the phone and grabs the wheel* Hold your horses, alright? I'm alright. I'll tell you about it in a little bit.

Meanwhile, the pod Volta was in had crashed in the Big Apple and everyone was glued to it.

Slowly but surely, Volta turned his suit off and he was revealed to be human just like everyone else.

Adam: So.....this is Earth. It's beautiful. No wonder Malignance chose this place.

He started limping to anyplace he could find.

Cut to 9:00 at night.....

Meanwhile back at Wade and Kats residence, Kat was trying to explain the incident with the pod.

Wade: So you mean to tell me, that this "pod" just so happened to zoom past your car and almost caused you to crash?

Kat: I know what I saw. That pod was not the ones you normally see in the movies.

Wade: What is this, Men In Black? Aliens, monsters, all of that ridiculous mumbo doesn't exist. I've tried telling you that over and over again, yet.....

Kat: Listen!

The tone in her voice surprised him

Kat: Wade.....I'm aware that you don't live in the world of fiction of any type.....and I also know you are VERY safety conscious about, well....everything in my case. But's getting a little old at this point. Besides, I know I'm in the real world but....just because you don't believe something I say.....

Wade:....doesn't mean it's not true. I know. I've heard that a lot. But we're on our own now. Both our parents are gone and we ain't bringing them back. It's up for me to protect you.

Kat: Or maybe.....maybe it's time for me to protect myself.

Wade: That's what I'm prepping you for. Anyways, I'm heading to bed. *kisses her on the cheek* Love ya, sis.

Kat was down there for only a few minutes before she heard a loud knock on her door.

Kat: Ummm....occupied?

The knocks kept coming.

Finally, Kat opened the door to see a stumbling Adam tired as hell.

Kay: Hey.....

She was frozen on impact for his sheer size and beauty stunned her.

Adam: Sorry about the noise. I'm new to this stuff. But it's just.....

Now Adam was frozen by Kat's beauty.

Eventually they both snapped out of it.

Adam: Ummm sorry. Like I said, I'm new to this entire thing. But I just wanna know if I could find a place to....what's that word?

Kat: Crash?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. I strictly advise that you keep any and all harmful projectiles away from this place at all times. It's for your safety and mines.

Kat: Whatever you say. Come in. Make yourself at home.

Adam: I wish I could but I have business to attend to. I'll sleep later on. For now, do you have a basement or attic of some sort.

Kat points near the end of the hall.

Adam: Thank you.

So Adam walks down into the basement and turns on his emitter (Some modified version of th Arc Reactor) to see the stats on his suit.

The suit had sustained heavy damage due to the crash and would need repairs.

So he took his own emitter off of him and threw it which eventually brought up the Volta suit.

Adam: *walks towards it* A'ight. Let's see what we could do, big boy.

So with whatever tools he could find in there, he spent all night repairing the suit.


Malignances' pod had landed in North Carolina, a few states away from New York.

He ran his diagnosis on the environment (aka the entire planet) and was disgusted.

Malignance: Earth....Infested with humans.....Weak. Pathetic. Feeble minded creatures. And to think.....I was once stuck serving one of these despicable beings. Well, now it's my turn to be the one behind the reins.

With just the lift of his finger, the entire planet (Yes, really) started to erupt into an earthquake.

Malignance: Everything they've learned, everything they've built, EVERYTHING THEY'VE CREATED WILL COWER BEFORE MALIGNANCE!!!

The earthquake could be felt in New York and woke Kat and Wade from their deep slumber. Adam still laid fast asleep.

As soon as Wade got up, he woke Katherine and they both took cover before it finally stopped.

Wade: Alright.....alright. Downstairs, come on.

He went downstairs but Kat stayed put until she heard Wade yell from downstairs

Wade: *distantly* Oi! What the hell are you doing here?!

As soon as Kat heard that, she rushed down to see Wade trying to out-muscle Adam.

Adam: *straining* I am not your enemy.

Wade: *straining* Say that to the asshole who so happened to be molisting my couch.

Kat: Wade, what are you doing?

Wade: Can you explain why you let this bastard in our house?

Adam: Language....

Wade just looked at him dumbfounded.

Then Adam looked at Katherine and suddenly pushed Wade across the room.

Adam: Miss, I advise you stay back. Things could get ugly.

Unfortunately, the door bell rang which prompted them to stop.

Kat: I got it.

She opened the door to see a red-headed girl on the other side.

Kat: Do I know you?

Carla (Isla Fisher): Oh. I'm just looking for an old friend of mines. It's been since middle school since I've seen her. I still....have this friendship bracelet she gave me in 3rd grade.

Kat: Actually, it was 4th grade.

Carla: Huh? How do you.....*remembers*....Kat?

Kat: Long time no see, Carla.

They both hug and eventually she lets her in and sits down.

Carla: Hey, Wade. Oh.....*looks in Adams direction* and who might this be?

Both (Wade & Kat): Uhhh...ummm....I don't really...

Adam: *clears throat* I see we're all confused about this; so without further....

Before he could speak though his emitter started beeping rapidly (a warning sign when a threat is present in the surrounding area).

Everyone was confused about where it was coming from and Adam snuck into the basement to see what his emitter was saying. Turns out his suit isn't charged yet, despite being repaired.

But he put the suit back in his emitter and put it back on him only to go back upstairs to see Kat, Carla and Wade missing.

Adam: Oh s***

He then sees them held on the floor by Pysch (Freddie Prinze Jr.) another person controlled by Malignance.

Pysch (without suit): Simple tricks.....Utlimate power. Absolute loyalty. At his command.

Wade: Wha--- What is he....AARGH!

He felt himself pushed harder towards the ground.

Kat: Wade! Don't say anything. Please.....

Wade: Spare me the soliloquy, damn it. Don't you see where we are?

Carla: Yeah, but.....we won't be for long.

Pysch: Hmmm?

All of a sudden. Adam came out of nowhere and tackeled Pysch which prompted Pysch to put his suit back on.

Pysch (with suit): exterminated. Master's orders.

Adam: You sure this is how you wanna handle this?

So enough, a fight ensued and Kat and the rest had to sit back and watch.

But Kat was just so mesmerized by Adams physic and abilities during the brawl, she was hypnotized again.

Pysch almost won, but Adam had a wrist weapon that he shot at Pysch which accidentally went through his emitter and killed him upon impact.

Adam was shocked, so he went to him and checked his pulse: nothing.

Adam: Goddamn it....

Disappointed in himself, he walked back inside the house.

Carla: *turns to Kat* Kat? Hey. Heellllllloooooo!

Kat: Huh? Wha---Sorrry. I was just....drawn into the brawl.

Wade: Painful obvious, don't ya think?

Then Wade thought about it.

Wade: Ok.....he just faced a guy with state of the art technology that possibly couldn't have been perfected in the past 20 or 25 years. Yet, he knew what it was, what it was capable of doing and how to beat it. Who is this guy? And how is this even possible?

Kat took a long breath and licked her lips

Kat: I don't know.....but I'm gonna find out.

And then she walked inside to see Adam talking to himself.

Adam: *to himself* First time I've ever done something like this. Is this....what people do in this world? Imperfection is the best way to describe this world. All the more reason why Mailgnance would want to invade here. If this is what it takes, then so be it.

Cut to later on that night and Carla was awakened by a phone call.

Carla: Hello? Hey, babe. What's happening? Aww come on. Really? You know I don't watch that kind of stuff. Do I really have--- *sighs* Alright. I'll do it just for you, baby. Ok. Love ya.

She hung up and turned on the news to see a absolutely dreadful and awful massacre at Long Island.....which was where they were at.

Turns out Malignance was the cause for it, but he wasnt there. He was watching from afar as his other new minion, codenamed "Scorch" (Jamie Foxx) wrecked havoc there.

Wade and Kat were completely disturbed from the news and Adam was watching as well. Without anyone noticing, he rushed down to the basement and check the status on his suit.

Adam: Compuyer, analysis on suit


Adam just smirked, and soon enough lightning struck the house and Adam (Volta) was gone.

He just managed to make it to Long Island and confronted Scorch on the spot.

Adam: *used emitter to look up information* Byron....Olson

Scorch *modified voice*: Adam....Hale. The thorn in my masters backside. To be honest, your power is incredible. But you pale in comparison to me.

Adam: How about we put it all on the table and let the fight decide who's better?

Then Adam used his wrist device which he connected to his emitter, put his hand up in the air and lightning strikes again. This time, we see a long process of Adam slowly becoming....Volta.

Volta *modified voice*: So....*cracks neck*....shall we dance?

They both charged (flew) at each other but Volta pushed Scorch back as he was clearly the stronger of the two. Then Scorch threw him into a truck, which was then destroyed. The fight continued until Volta landed a lightning whip on him, while Scorch landed a lava earthquake strike.

The lava strike caught Volta but not for long. He had to unleash a shockwave that shut down not only his suit (temporarily) but Scorchs as well.

Soon enough, everyone got out of cover and Kat, Wade and Carla arrived as well to see Volta unmask himself.

Everyone started to cheer and applaud him as he slowly turned around to see them. Kat couldn't help but smirk.

And then he took off.

Back above, Malignance wasn't pleased with the lack of progress he was making.

Malignance: F**king nusicance. If a duel is what you want, then I'll happily oblige. But first, I'll take the time to pay some of your....what's the word....*shows pictures of Wade and Kat*....companions a visit. And I know just how to do that.

His own emitter starts to light up and soon enough another emitter bursts out of it.

Over the next week, Adam had been sleeping at Kat and Wades residence. But one day, he was jolted awake by Wade who just about had enough of his provada.

Adam: The hell....

Then Wade puts a gun to his face.

Kat: Wade!!

Wade: *to Adam* Start talking.

As soon as he said that though, a humanoid robot grabbed his hand and destroyed his gun.

Tessa (Nancy Allen): You won't be needing that.

She then tosses him into the stairs.

Adam: Ok....hold on....I can explain....

Wade: Who the hell are you? What the f*** is this thing? What was that fire? Why is this happening? Why, what, who, why?!

Kat: Let him explain, damn it. Pressure's not gonna help.

Wade: Oh really? What makes him more reliable than me?

Adam: Cause apparently you're not the kind of person who knows the difference between reality and fiction.

Wade: Oh, I suggest because you've seen things we've never seen?

Tessa: True. In fact, Commander Hale here had discovered a bit of a supernatural being despite being stuck on....

Kat: Wait. Commander?

Kat was now EVEN more interested in him.

Adam: Alright, let me properly introduce myself. I'm Adam Hale.

Kat: Katherine Hillard. And this is my older brother, Wade. Not the brightest guy in the room.

Tessa: Dishonorablely discharged from the army last year for accessive aggression.

Adam/Kat: Huh?

And they both looked at him.

Wade: I....I said I've taken anger management lessons, didn't I?

Kat: Well, CLEARLY it didn't help.

Zip (Jai Courtney): Rreeeeeelaxxxxx-ip. Now isn't the time for drama and a blood-fesssssss-ip.

Adam: Ahhhh. Zip.

Zip: Commander Hale....

Kat: Ok.... *chuckles* Quite the reunion, here.

Then the ground started to shake and then the roof of the house was ripped off in a whirlwind caused by Malignance. And they all looked up to see not Mailgnance, but Necro.

Necro: So, the almighty Volta chose to hide and cower behind the scum of this infested species. I'd figured you'd be smarter then that.....Commander Hale.

Adam: *looks up info* Necro.....

And then he struck with a Ghost Punch which prompted Adam to go back to being Volta and fight back.

Volta: Tessa, Zip, get them out of here.

Zip: Where exactly? And what about you, Commander?

Volta: I don't give a s*** where you take them. Just get them to safety.

Tessa: Commander....

Volta: JUST DO IT!!

Soon enough, they took off with Wade and Katherine.

And the fight began.

Necro and Volta proved to be evenly matches as they repeatedly tossed each other around and fought.

Volta was able to land a couple of strikes as well as a Full Power Energy Ball, but it didn't really faze him.

Necro: I seeked a challenge from you....and what I get is....

All of a sudden, a lava rock exploded into Necros face distracting him and leaving him completely vulnerable.

Both of them turned around to see Scorch fighting alongside Volta.

Scorch: Need some backup there, partner?

Volta: Umm....Sure.

So without questioning his motivation, both of them launched their attacks and sent Necro flying through 5 buildings.

And he got stuck in the last one.

They both slowly made their way towards him.

Volta: I should've ripped this thing outta him when you had the chance.

Necro: Yet you're aren't strong enough to do it yourself. You were the one who destroyed my master. But he was reborn and became better then ever. And this planet will suffer the same fate. But first, to get to have unexpected guests to deal with.

A force field then surrounded Necro and he disintegrated.

That's when Volta picked up Necros emitter and stored it's energy in his own emitter.

Scorch: Aww s***.

They both turned around to see a bunch of government agents surrounded them.

Agent: Good day, gentlemen. The mayor requests you to see him effective immediately. Come.

Volta: *to himself* You can't.....

Anyways, they get dragged to City Hall to see Mayor Eisenburg (Clark Gregg).

Both Volta and Scorch were seated together to await what the mayor had to say.

Mayor Eisenburg: See....I've been watching the current activity regarding the two of you. But it appears you both have had no problem causing a tremendous amount of collateral damage and costing this state a lot of money for repairs. And....

Scorch: See, the problem with that particular state---

The mayor couldn't help but stare at the mask-like helmets they were wearing

Mayor Eisenburg: there a way you could take those....helmets off?

So they did.

Eisenburg: Thank you.

Byron: As I was saying, the problem is that wasn't really me.

Eisenburg: You're saying that it wasn't you despite that fact that it was? You're clearly unleashing hell here? *shows videos of his rampage*.

Bryon: Don't be putting words in my mouth. No one knows what I've been through. You don't know what it's like to be unmade!

Eisenburg: Am I supposed to know what that means?

Bryon: You're the mayor! You should---

Adam: Hey!!!

Silence invaded the room.

Adam: Mr. Mayor, I know what you may be thinking. But it's not true. The last thing I want to is destroy this beautiful planet. We're not who you're looking for. But I know the person.... who is.

Eisenburg: You sound very desperate.

Adam: But that's what makes me and every human being on this planet as dangerous as their appearance will allow. We're both on a distinct time limit here, so let me cut to the chase. You can either arrest the two of us now....

Byron: Or you let us find the person responsible for these incidents and stop wasting both of our time.

And then it cuts to Times Square, which is where Tessa and Zip relocated Katherine and Wade.

Tessa: Oh long has it been.

Zip: Exactly 20 minutes. And it's still going.

Wade was arguing with Katherine over whether Adam was involved those incidents reported over the news.

Wade: You're missing the point!

Kat: No, you're missing it. He wouldn't do such a thing. I can tell in the look in his eyes.

Wade: Appearances can be deceiving. I'm telling you, that suit he was wearing.....that Iron Man ripoff is just another W.M.D. That is a horrible concoction.

Kat: *confused* What does that mean?

Ed (James Franco): It means weapon of mass destruction. It really is horrible. Sorry for busting in. Me and Carla got worried.

Turns out Ed made his presence heard as everyone turned to him.

Wade: Don't worry, Ed. We were just wrapping up.

Kat: Are you kidding me? How longer do you expect to---

Wade: I have to do this, Katherine. It's my duty since we're both in not in the safest of places. This event is bigger then the both of us.....

Adam: And its 'bout time you did something about it.

They all turned to see Adam in the doorway.

Tessa/Zip: Commander Hale!

Kat: Adam!

And she ran up to him and gave him a hug.

Kat *sniffling*: I was so worried that monster got you. Thank you for saving us.

Adam: Hey, it's my duty to protect all of friends.

Wade was surprised a little bit but he accepted that request.

Wade: Hey, Adam. I know I was a bit of an asshole to you the past week and....

Adam: Don't worry. Apology accepted.

Then he turns to Carla

Adam: Someone you know?

Carla: Oh. It's my boyfriend.

Ed: Pleased to meet you. Names Ed.

Adam: Adam Hale. And over there are my partners, Tessa and Zip.

Ed: Woah.....

Ed was fascinated by them and he couldn't help but look.

Kat: Can you do all of us a favor and....please explain what's going on?

Adam: Glad you asked. Now I can finally get this off my chest.

So Adam finally explained his backstory: In a flashback it showed he was a commander aboard his own ship, the Gallisto. Tessa and Zip were his partners....and so was Malignance. Though he was under different name; Max. One day, he was uncovering some minor details until Max fell off the side of the planet he was investigating. Months passed before a signal was released, prompting Adam to go after him. While down there, he uncovered a mysterious being named......(Carrie Fisher) who told him about the origin of the emitters and then Max reappeared as Malignance.

Adam: If only I had gotten to him in time....Sorry. So anyways, he injured me, then....... it turned me into Volta, and I stopped him momentarily before he blew up the ship taking Zip and Tessa with it. And I followed him here. We both crashed. I don't know where he crashed, but I landed right over......

He lead them to where his pod landed.


Kat: That was what I saw that day. I told you, Wade. I told you!

Adam: Yeah. I also found enough time to rebuild Zip and Tessa.

Wade: Ok, so we solved that portion of the mystery. Here's the next part: Do you actually know what you are dealing with? And if so, how can you stop him?

Adam: That's the problem. I can't beat him. Not without backup. He's THAT good.

Ed: Damn.....that sucks

Carla: Where are you gonna get help?

Kat: Guys, he has help.....He has us...

All: Huh?

Kat: Yeah....Think about it. Adam knows about this stuff. He saved us at least twice from these events. What if he can't face this freak or even worse because of some accident or whatever. I think it's time we returned the favor and prove that man is the superior being in this battle here. We have to fight back. There hasn't been a better time to do so then now.

They all stopped to think about it.

Zip: That plan....could prove to be plausible, if not perfect.

Tessa: Yeah, but it's suicide. That metal monstrosity evolves in strength with each passing day and week.

Adam: She's got a point. His attacks are rather impossible to either predict or dodge. They're so random, so fast and move in such irregular patterns, trying to hit your mark on him is like trying to piss into an hourglass that's spinning on a record player and strapped to a running cheetahs back while you're riding a unicycle on a tightrope blindfolded.

Wade couldn't help but snicker.

Zip: And he'ssssssss-ip bound to have his own army at this point, and he probably won't use the emitters anymore.....not 'till he's finished us.

Carla: Well, maybe we can use that to our advantage.

Ed: Hmmm....if we could find a way to reprogram those Arc-reactor like adapters things, we could disable to fail-safe and....

All (Adam, Wade, Ed): .....bypass the barriers to stabilize better control.

Adam then got an idea he was sure would not fail.

Adam: Wait a minute....that....*mumbling to himself*....Son of a b****....*walks out the door*

Wade: Hey! Language.

Kat: Really?

Wade: Come on, I had to.

Adam then headed out to his broken pod and looked in the back of the ship to find more emitters conveniently stashed there.

He brought them in from the back and went upstairs to work on them. But he let them know it was gonna take a while.

2 days later in the morning, all of them were on Adams jet to North Carolina which is where Malignances pod landed. And Tessa and Zip were waiting for them over there.

Zip: How progressssss-ip?

Adam: We're about 45 or so minutes away. So we're close.

Tessa: Just don't take forever, Commander Hale. We'd like to put this matter behind us.

Adam: So do I *hangs up*

Everyone was sitting in different seats on the plane. And Adam was conveniently sitting next to Katherine....who soon enough made her move.

Kat: So, what's next for you?

Adam: What do you mean?

Kat: Meaning after we take care of this Malignance guy or whatever, what do you think is next for you?

Ed: Not the appropriate time to ask that, ya know.

Carla: I asked you too, ya know

Ed: at least it wasn't on a plane.

Adam: Jet.

Ed: Whatever.

Adam: Well, I guess I'll probably settle down, start some of the things that you humans normally do.

Kat: There's so much to this planet. I'm really graceful you're trying to protect us....

She slowly reached for his hand and held it.

Soon enough, he held her hand as well.

They both stared at each other for some time until they leaned in for a kiss.

And they did.

Adam: You really feel that way?

Kat: Mhm. Every since I first laid eyes on you.

Byron: Ok. You can put your clothes back on.

They looked over to see Byron watching the whole thing.

Adam: Really? We were kind of occupied here. And how you'd even get on here?

Byron: That part is rather classified. Besides, I'm seeing more of a suduction here then anything else. I know whatever the hell I see.

Kat: Language!

Wade: Really?

Kat: Just taking it out of---

All of a sudden, a beam hit the jet and the pressure caused all of them to be sucked out of it.

Adam quickly turned into Volta and realized he had a short time limit to rescue all of them. He suspected Malignance was after him right then and there, so he had to move fast....

He quickly zoomed down and caught Kat and decided to assess the situation.

Volta: Oh boy....

Kat: Huh?!

He looked behind him to see an entire robotic army led by Malignance heading his way.

Volta: Kat, quick question: you ever play Barrel of Monkeys?!

Kat: *chuckles* Yes, sir!!

So they quickly made their way down and caught Wade, Byron, Carla and Ed in Barrel of Monkeys style while evading the attacks of the army above them.

Volta did attack back at them for a brief period of time, yet they kept multiplying in pairs.

By the time Volta was able to land them all, the army attacked him while he was still in the air and flew him into a lake which prompted him to drop the emitters coming out of the back of his suit.

And they fell on the concrete near them.

Wade: What are these?

Ed: He said he wants us to help. I think this is what he meant by that.

Carla: So we become one of them?

Kat: It's worth a shot.

Byron: Well, I already have one on. So unless we need an upgrade or....

Malignance slowly made his way down in his force field and landed with a thunderous boom.

Ed: Oh my god.....

Then Volta showed up having finished his bout with the other robots.

Volta: Max....

Malignance: I told you not to call me by that name again.

Volta: What you're dealing with is unlike what you've already seen. Is this the way you wanna settle this?

Malignance: It's the way I wanted to end this since the day you "found" me.

Volta: I told you, we tried....

But Malignance struck with an attack of his own (Execution Wave) and Volta blocked it. But he kept adding more force.

Eventually, it was too much and he flew back.

All: Adam!

He landed incredibly hard and his suit shut off.

And then he sees Malignances robotic army appear which caused Kat and the rest to back up in shock.

Adam: *groaning* *over intercom* Tessa....are you watching this?

Tessa: Yeah, I.....*sees the footage*...My god...

Malignance: Now....*looks at Wade and the rest*....I'm aware all of you have something I want. Why don't you spare me the trouble and hand them over?

They all picked the emitters up and looked at each other with the same thought running through their heads.

Kat then stepped forward with her emitter in hand.

Kat: You want these....*holds hers up and looks back at them*....Oh, we'll give it to you alright....

Then she placed the emitter on her chest and soon enough Wade, Ed and Carla did the same. Byron already had his on, but he knew what to do.

Soon enough, lightning struck them all and slowly but surely they turned into their suit counterparts.

Katherine turned into Chaos Wade turned into Bionic Byron turned back into Scorch Ed surprisingly turned into....Necro And Carla turned into Soothsayer

They were all estatic and looking at their suits and stuff.

Malignance: *looks at Scorch* Traitor....

Scorch: *amplified voice* ....Me? Traitor? My head never belonged to you.

Malignance: I freed you from the brinks of this rotten core of a mudball. The world deserves better then this. You should be thanking me...

Scorch: Let me show you just how GREATFUL I AM!!!

He slammed his fist into the ground and caused another Lava Wave headed towards his direction.

But it didn't damage Malignance at all.

Malignance pointed at them which prompted his robotic army to charge at them.

Bionic: Woah woah. Incoming!

Soothsayer: What now?

That's when Adam contacted them from where he was.

Adam: Hey.....give 'em hell.

And so they did.

They plowed through the army double teaming in any way they possibly could, whether it was physical attacks or the ones equipped in their suits

  • Chaos: Satelite rays,
  • Bionic: Proximity mines, Gating gun, missile air launch
  • Scorch: Lava Wave, Volcanic Rock, Fire field
  • Necro: Ghost Punch,
  • Soothsayer: Posionous bow, Tiger Claws, Totem Pole

Soon enough, Malignance was the only one left.

He didn't say anything while they charged at him. But he was one tough son of a b****. He dodges almost every single one of their attacks like it was nothing. While they did hit him momentarily, it couldn't save them from his mirage of fury.

They all laid down in unbelievable pain and agony and Malignance looked over them.

Malignance: *chuckles* This.....this is all the face of this planet had to offer? This is what the human scum of the universe has come up short against?! I expected a challenge. A blood-fest. A slaughter!

Ed slowly got up and a staff appeared in his hand.

Ed: How's this for a taste of power? Ahhh!

He slammed the staff to the ground and unleashed a..... surrounding Malignance. That's when Soothsayer inwrapped him in a Totem pole.

Bionic: Stand back!

He then released two proximity mines along side the totem pole.

And then Chaos combined a Sattelite Ray with Voltas Lightning strike resulting in a monumentous explosion that caused an entire blackout as well as a smoke cloud.

When the smoke cleared, there was nothing.

Scorch: Ha...ha...ha...wha---he's gone?

Soothsayer: He's not there.....We've...we've done it.

Bionic: Good riddance....*laughs*

While the rest were getting ahead of their supposed victory, Adam had finally got up bruised and what-not.

Adam: *breathing heavily* I guess that's it.

Zip: Ummmm...don't get too cocky. I'm sensing another energy signal coming from the same area. And news flash: Its the same source as before.

Adam: Wait. What?!

The signal became clear on their emitters and soon enough, a flash of light burst out of nowhere.

Soothsayer: Look out!!!

She got in the way of the blast which was aimed at Ed which also pierced through him.

Kat: Carla!

Wade: Ed!

Both of them were dead within seconds after the impact of the blast.

Malignance stepped out of the fire and flames. He then picked them both up and used his own emitter to absorb both of their energy with them along with it.

Malignance: Ahhhhh....that's what I'd call an upgrade. Much needed after you almost did me in. Now who's next?

Chaos: You son of a b****!!!! *charged at him*

Bionic: Kat! Get back here!

Chaos charged at Malignance and the first strike she landed blew a chunk of his face off. And then she gutted him. She then launched a Black Hole (yes, really) that barely sucked him in.

Malignance: I'm sorry, but if you really think you have a chance at victoryc, you're sadly mistaken.

Chaos: You shouldn't have come to this planet, you tin planted tyrant.

Malignance reached out and grabbed Chaos (Darth Vader style) and gutted her. Only this time, it went straight through her.

Chaos: *struggling* *gasping for air*

Bionic/Scorch: Kat!!

They both charged at him and Mailgnance immediately blew them away with a shockwave.

Malignance: Futile, futile, futile!!!

Adam took one look at Chaos' defenseless body and rage started to build up within him.

Tessa: *over earpiece* Commander? Commander Hale?

Zip: *over earpiece* Are you there?

But Adam didn't answer and crushed his earpiece.

Adam: *screaming* MAX!!!!

Malignance said nothing. He dropped Chaos and charged at Adam. But Adam had a hidden power unleashed from his anger and when he launched a punch at Mailgnance, he tore off half of his body. Yet, his emitter was still intact.

He started to back off, surprisingly.

Malignance: Who----what are you?

Adam: Your former commander, a man whose life has dedicated to protecting people but most importantly....

Adam/Volta: I'm Volta.

Power began to surge and the entire part of town was surging with electricity as Adam was introduced to more power.

Scorch: Woah....

Bionic: Damn.

When the city cleared, Volta was seen in an entire different suit.

Volta was now Volta X.

Volta X: *looks at Bionic* Wade, take Hat to the hospital fast. Don't argue. Just go!

He did just that.

Scorch: Let me help.

Volta X: In that case, distract him. Anyway you can.

So Scorch attacks Malignance, who still has some power and chases him throughout town.

Meanwhile, Volta X charges his powers at the largest building in the area and waits for Mailgnance to arrive.

That's when a voice boomed in Voltas head

Voice: Distance apart. Keep attack distant from you and Malignance. One shot.

He didn't need to be told twice what that meant. He had only one chance to hit this attack and in the accurate position no less. If he missed, Earth would be done.

Volta X: Scorch! Stop!

Scorch: WHAT?! What do you mean stop?!

Volta X: See what I'm bout to do?! Get down!!!

So Scorch got down as Volta X launched his Lightning Strike 2.0 and charged straight at Malignance.

He went straight through him and took his emitter with him.

Malignance began to malfunction and break down. Eventually, his body started to glow and he exploded.

They had to get out of the area. And so they did, but they barely escaped the blast.

Scorch: Aww man. For a second there, I was sure we were screwed.

Volta X: Doesn't matter. *looks at Malignances emitter* It's done.

Adam (Voice-Over): Is Earth the perfect place to be? No. But neither are the people who live here. There's many benefits to life and we should be given the chance to evolve and keep going. Cause as long as I can breathe, I won't let this planet fall victim to another attack like this. Only thing I want to know is....will Earth ever be invaded again?

He looked over a cliff with Malignances emitter in hand and threw it in the ocean. And then that same voice came back to him.

Voice: You have done well, Adam Hale.

He knew it sounded familiar so he turned around to see who it was: ?

Voice: You've done the impossible and defended this planet from Malignance. The universe thanks you for your efforts.

Adam: Hmmm.....But this feels unfinished. I dont remember the battles being this exhausting or easy. There's no neutral ground, is there?

Voice: If everything was neutral, there wouldn't be people like you or anything else. This planet is already on shakey grounds. You've made it your personal profession to make this planet safer for the rest of us. Would you continue to do so?

Adam: *looks at the sun and then looks back* Yeah. You know I will.

That's when (?) dissapears.

All (Wade, Kat, Byron): Adam!

They all went towards him and individually gave him a hug.

Wade: You know, I really like this job you do.

Adam: It's not really a job. It's more of a permenant profession. This thing is a part of me now.

Byron: Well, I've always been a victim of control and abuse. If this is my only chance to find peace with myself and prevent people from maaking the same mistake, I'll stick with Scorch.

Kat: Same with me. My parents would've wanted us to make a difference.

Adam just smiled.

And soon enough, Kat held on to Adams hand again.

This time, she wasn't trying to hide it from anyone.

Wade was about to say something about it, but he let it go and slowly walked to his car to wait.

Byron: *to Wade* Whoa....wait up.

And he follows him.

Kat then turned towards him.

Kat: I have to be honest. I've never felt the way I feel right now about you. The fact that someone like you can just burst onto the scene and just instantly take my breath away is already enough to describe how i feel about you.

Adam: You seem desperate to get this out.

Then Kat kissed him...again.

Kat: Desperation makes us humans dangerous in ways you can't explain.

Adam just smirked and kissed her back.

Then the screen slowly moves towards the sun and the fades to white.



  • Necro - Pierced by Malignances beam and then absorbed.
  • Soothsayer - Pierced by Mailgnances beam and then absorbed.
  • Pysch - "accidentally" shot through his emitter which is where his heart was as well.
  • Malignance - Volta goes straight through him and tears out his emitter, which causes him to self-destruct

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  • The Afters - What We're Here For
  • ~West One Music - The Clearing~
  • Skillet - Rise, Feel Invincible
  • ~Reluctant Hero - Resistance to Resilience~

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