Tranquility is an drama crime thriller-action film released in 2017. Columbia Pictures will distribute the film along with Sony and Screen Gems producing the film and in association with Village Roadshow Pictures.

This film features Jacob Latimore as the main character along with Josh Hutcherson, Kyle Massey, Zendaya, Chloë Grace Mortez, Jude Law, Tika Sumpter, Wesley Snipes, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Kimberly Elise, Aaron Paul, Stanley Tucci, Andrew Garfield, Zac Efron Bella Thorne, Alyson Stoner and Sigourney Weaver.


18 year-old Ryan Geraldo (Jacob Latimore) had everything going for him. Despite his upbringing growing up on the streets of Detroit, he moved to Wisconsin to a new home, new friends (Josh Hutcherson, Kyle Massey), new girlfriend (Zendaya) and the world on his shoulders. However, all of that is seemingly stripped away from him when both of his parents (Tika Sumpter, Wesley Snipes) are killed in the middle of the night. And if that wasn't bad enough, the authorites place the blame on him. While everyone else turns against him, his friends and girlfriend are the only ones who believe him. With help on his side, Ryan now has to go out of his way to clear his name and find out who the real perpetrator is in order to reclaim what was stolen from him: peace.


  • Jacob Latimore as Ryan Geraldo - A 17 year-old kid who has been robbed of everything he has and now has to gain it back by finding his parents killer
  • Josh Hutcherson as Sonny Roberts - One of Ryans best friends and a few of the people who stayed loyal to him. He's also an expert with hacking
  • Kyle Massey as Austin - Another one of Ryan's friends and a known resident of the Geraldos
  • Zendaya as Britney Jensen - Ryan's girlfriend, another resident of the Geraldos and a key factor in his plan
  • Jude Law as Detective Wilson - The main detective working the Geraldos case and is fairly certain that Ryan was responsible.
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Ashlyn - ??????
  • Sigourney Weaver as Willow - Ryan's jail mate when Ryan got arrested and was awaiting sentencing as well.
  • Wesley Snipes as Henry Geraldo - Ryan's father and the husband of his mother, Sophie
  • Tika Sumpter as Sophie Geraldo - Ryan's mother and the wife of his father, Henry
  • Hayden Christensen as "Kingpin" Vincent Morris Geraldson - The leader of a gang organization and the man Ryan expects is behind his parents murders
  • Tisha Campbell Martin as Detective Janet Jensen - Britney's mother, Wilsons partner and disagrees that Ryan is involved in this case.
  • Kimberly Elise as Riley - Jensens sister and is very cautious on everyone's safety/privacy
  • Aaron Paul as Red
  • Stanley Tucci as Mr. Simmons - A former police lieutenant who
  • Zac Efron as Mac
  • Andrew Garfield as Todd
  • Alyson Stoner as Murrey
  • Bella Thorne as Jess
  • Detective Morbus
  • Cameron Diaz as Joan Malcome

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What worse feeling could you possibly have then to be reach the pinnacle of your profession only to have it all stripped from you? Injustice after injustice has forced me to go to a place that I wasn't proud of. But only if you knew...ONLY if you knew......My name is Ryan Geraldo. I'm currently in prison for murdering my parents. But I am innocent.

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Featured Songs

  • From Ashes To New - Lost and Alone
  • Sick Puppies - You're Going Down
  • ~Wiz Khalifa and John Cena - Breaks~
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