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    In this scene of the film, you will choose who will die first?

    In this scene, Mike goes off into the woods and Chanel follows. They begin having sex due to Chanel knowing his secret. Taylor finds them but hears footsteps. She leaves. Jason is in the woods to use the bathroom. Who does the killer kill first?

    • Jason
    • Mike
    • Chanel

    If you chose Jason, how should he die?

    • Bludgeoned to death with a boulder.
    • Struck in his head with an axe.
    • Hacked to death with a machete.

    If you chose Mike, how should he die?

    • Stabbed in his mouth with a sharp stick.
    • Axe to the temple.
    • Skull crushed with George's foot.

    If you chose Chanel, how should she die?

    • Spear to the head.
    • Axe thrown to the head.
    • Throat slit with machete.

    In this scene, the group hears either Jason, Mike or Chaneā€¦

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  • Fredball14

    So I decided to reboot Demon Deviants but I need your help writing the series. If you have any ideas, actors/actresses or characters for the series, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys!!

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  • Fredball14

    Hey guys! I need another writer for Demon Deviants. I am rebooting the series so if anyone is interested in writing Demon Deviants with me, I would really appreciate it! Let me know here and I will message you the characters, the actors/actresses and the summary of the first, second and third season Thanks!

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  • Fredball14

    Need help with Deadland!

    September 4, 2018 by Fredball14

    Hey guys! I need another writer to help me with Deadland. I would really appreciate the support for Deadland! If anyone is interested, please let me know right away! Thanks!

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  • Fredball14

    I have so many ideas that it's hard to focus on one. What should I focus on next? Let me know! Thanks guys!

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