Carrie is 2018 American supernatural horror film and a adaption of the novel of the same name by Stephen King.


An outcast girl named Carietta "Carrie" White, is constantly bullied everyday by the "in crowd", lead by ruthless bully, Chris Hargensen. At home, she is verbally and physically abused by her fanatically religious mother, Margaret White. In school when she has her period, she is bullied by Chris and her peers until it's stopped by Miss Desjardin. That same day, Carrie discovers her gift. One of the girls, Sue Snell, is remorseful of the incident, Sue asks her boyfriend Tommy Ross to be Carrie's partner for the prom. But on the most meaningful night of her life, she is pushed too far and now the monster has been unleashed.


Carrie has her first period while showering after a physical education class; the terrified Carrie has no understanding of menstruation as her mother never told her about it. Her classmates use the event as an opportunity to taunt her; led by Chris Hargensen, they throw tampons and sanitary napkins at her. When gym teacher Miss Desjardin happens upon the scene, she at first berates Carrie for her stupidity but is horrified when she realizes that Carrie has no idea what has happened to her. She helps her clean up and tries to explain. Carrie's mother shows no sympathy for her first encounter with what she calls "the woman's curse".

Miss Desjardin, still incensed over the locker room incident and ashamed at her initial disgust with Carrie, wants all the girls who taunted Carrie suspended and banned from attending the school prom, but the principal instead punishes the girls by giving them several detentions. When Chris, after an altercation with Miss Desjardin, refuses to appear for the detention, she is suspended and barred from the prom and tries to get her father, a prominent local lawyer, to intimidate the school principal into reinstating her privileges.

Carrie gradually discovers her telekinetic powers, which she had apparently possessed since birth, but had not had conscious control over after her infancy, though she remembers several incidents from throughout her life. Carrie practices her powers in secret, developing strength, and also finds that she is somewhat telepathic.

Meanwhile, Sue Snell, another popular girl who had earlier teased Carrie, begins to feel remorseful about her participation in the locker room antics. With the prom fast approaching, Sue convinces her boyfriend, Tommy Ross, one of the most popular boys in the school, to ask Carrie to the prom. Carrie is suspicious but accepts his offer, and makes a red velvet gown. Carrie's mother won't hear of her daughter doing anything so "sinful" as attending a school dance, as she believes that sex in any form is sinful, even after marriage. She also reveals that she knows about Carrie's telekinetic powers, which she considers a form of witchcraft; it seems that they appear every third generation in her family. Carrie, however, is tired of hearing that everything is a sin; she wants a normal life and sees the prom as a new beginning.

The prom initially goes well for Carrie; Tommy's friends are welcoming and Tommy finds himself attracted towards her. Chris Hargensen, still furious, devises her own revenge with her boyfriend Billy Nolan—they fill two buckets full of pig's blood and suspend the buckets over the stage. They rig Carrie's election as prom queen and empty the buckets on Carrie's and Tommy's heads. Tommy is knocked unconscious by one of the buckets and dies within minutes, and he and Carrie are both drenched in blood. Nearly everyone in attendance, even some of the teachers, begin laughing at Carrie, who is finally pushed over the edge. Carrie goes into a shick-induced trance and locks everyone inside the gym, killing them all, except for a few students who escape through a vent with Miss Desjardin, Principal Morton and Mr. Fromm.

Walking home, she burns almost all of downtown Chamberlain by breaking power lines and exploding gas stations, even killing some residents. Carrie returns home to confront her mother, who believes Carrie has been possessed by Satan and that the only way to save her is to kill her. Revealing that Carrie's conception was a result of what may have been marital rape, although she admits she enjoyed the sex, she stabs Carrie in the shoulder with a kitchen knife, but Carrie kills her mother by stopping her heart.

Mortally wounded but still alive, Carrie makes her way to the roadhouse where she was conceived. She sees Chris and Billy leaving; after Billy attempts to run her over, she telekinetically takes control of the vehicle and wrecks the car, killing them both. Sue Snell, who has been following Carrie's telepathic "broadcast," finds Carrie collapsed in the parking lot. The two have a brief telepathic conversation. Though Carrie had believed that Sue and Tommy had set her up for the prank, Carrie realizes that Sue is innocent and has never felt real animosity towards her. Carrie forgives her and returns home. Retreating to her closet with her mother's body, Carrie brings the house down, killing herself.

Following The Black Prom, Miss Desjardin resigns, believing that she might have prevented the catastrophe if she had reached out more to Carrie. Principal Morton also resigns. The surviving seniors attend a grim graduation ceremony.

Fictional transcripts of Congressional hearings and a final "White Committee" report are shown; at the end, the report concludes that at least there are no others like Carrie, so that events like these will not happen again. However, the final document in the book is a cheery letter from an Appalachian woman, Valerie, to her sister, Linda, talking about her daughter's telekinetic powers and reminiscing about her grandmother, who had similar abilities.


  • Katherine Langford as Carrie White
  • Connie Britton as Margaret White
  • Skyler Samuels as Sue Snell
  • Trevor Stines as Tommy Ross
  • Amber Nash as Rita Desjardin
  • Sasha Pieterse as Chris Hargensen
  • Cayden Boyd as Billy Nolan
  • Anna Grace Barlow as Tina Blake
  • Vanessa Morgan as Rhonda Simard
  • Kylie Tyndall as Donna Thibodeau
  • Keaton Tyndall as Mary Thibodeau
  • Arin Logan as Helen Shyers
  • Dakota Hood as Rachel Spies
  • Lindsay Musil as Jessica Upshaw
  • Giullian Yao Gioiello as Jackie Talbot
  • John Karna as Kenny Garson
  • Thomas Mann as Roy Evarts
  • Brianne Tju as Norma Watson
  • Stevie Lynn Jones as Ruth Gogan
  • Ken Jeong as Principal Morton
  • Nick Zano as Mr. Fromm
  • Wallace Langham as Mr. Hargensen
  • Lara Grice as Eleanor Snell
  • Maureen Brennan as Georgette Shyers
  • Kaila Prescott as Estelle Horan
  • Tina Parker as Mrs. Horan


Tommy Ross - After Carrie is splattered with pig's blood, the bucket crashed down on his head, knocking him unconscious and fracturing his skull, dying minutes later.

Kenny Garson - After the first shockwave, Kenny, Jackie and others runs towards the door. However, Carrie spots them and trips Jackie and the others students over, but throws Kenny across the room and smashes his face through the mirror in the door, killing him.

Rhonda Simard - Whilst Rhonda helps Jackie, Carrie notices that Rhonda is near the electric amplifiers and microphones. As Rhonda and Jackie run away, Carrie wraps a microphone cable around Rhonda's foot, tripping her over. Carrie then starts to slightly electrocute Rhonda, until her dress catches on fire and Rhonda is burnt alive.

Jackie Talbot and two others - After Rhonda's death, Jackie gets to other students, a girl and a boy, to climb up the climbing frame and open the windows above. Whilst they climb, Carrie sets the ground beneath them alight and sends shockwaves through the climbing frame, knocking the three students off the fram and falling into the "pit of fire".

Tina Blake and Ruth Gogan - Whilst Tina and Ruth run towards the door, Carrie notices them and sends cutlery from the nearby tables and send them flying towards the girls, stabbing both girls. Ruth gets the majority of the cutlery, so she is killed instantly. However, Tina manages to mustle up the strength to get up and run away. But her hope is short lived as Carrie sends a basketball rafter towards Tina, crushing the bully.

Donna and Mary Thibodeau, Helen Shyers, Jessica Upshaw, Rachel Spies, Roy Evarts and most of the prom attendants - All the students who haven't escaped are electrocuted after Carrie throws the scorepanel onto the wet ground, killing everyone, including Helen and Roy, who actually befriended Carrie on the night of the prom.

Mr. Fromm - After getting out of the gymnasium with Miss Desjardin, Principal Morton, Norma Watson and a handful of other students, Mr. Fromm runs directly to his car, instead of waiting for the police arrive. As Carrie exits the gymnasium, she is spotted by the survivors except for Mr. Fromm, who is in his car at this point. As he drives away, Mr. Fromm spots Carrie, who brings down a power line pole, crushing Mr. Fromm's car, killing him.

Georgette Shyers and several other neighbours - As Carrie walks home, several fire hydrants explode, making the ground wet. And several other parts of the street get destroyed, some neighbours, including Helen's mother Georgette. Carrie brings down several power lines, electrocuting many of the neighbours who were standing in the water.

Margaret White - Arriving home, Carrie takes a bath and immediately wakes up from her trance. Carrie then bursts into tears and confides in her mother, feeling remorse for killing several students, like Helen and Roy, who were actually quite nice to her. Margaret then explains to Carrie about how Carrie was concieved of marital rape, distracting Carrie from seeing the knife Margaret is holding. Margaret then stabs Carrie and proceeds to drown her daughter and recite the Lord's Prayer, in what she thinks is killing Satan, which is who she thinks possessed Carrie. In self defense, Carrie stops Margaret's heart, killing her mother.

Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan - Whilst fleeing Chamberlain, Billy spots Carrie walking along the road. He then proceed's to attempt to run Carrie over. Chris pleeds for Billy to stop, showing remorse to Carrie, as she only wanted to prank Carrie, not kill her. However, Carrie flips their Carrie, which goes straight towards a gas station, causing an explosion and killing both Chris and Billy.

Carrie White - After talking to Sue Snell, Carrie remembers killing her mother. Overcome with grief, Carrie runs home and attempts to revive her mother. Realising that she cannot bring back her mother, Carrie becomes depressed and causes an earthquake, which begins to destroy her house. Scared, Carrie retreats to her prayer closet with her mother's body, and prays for forgivness as the house colapses on the girl, killing her.

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