The actual sequel to X-men: Carrie and to Avengers the Fever of Rage Carrie and the X-men are back to face their ultimate challenge against their greatest enemy Sinister along with Tarantula and Chris Hargenesen but once odds are against them Carrie is willing to do everything she can to protect her new family this fan fiction is rated R for disturbing images violence language brief nudity and blood under age's of 13 are adviced and movie references are concluded in this


Carrie White / Chloe Grace Moretz

Charles Xavier / Patrick Stewart

Logan (Wolverine) / Hugh Jackman

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) / Alan Cummings

Rachel Lang / Odyea Rush

Storm / Halle Berry

Jean Grey / Famke Janssen

Rogue / Anna Paquin

Remy LeBeau (Gambit) / Taylor Kitsch

Sinister / Gerald Butler

Tarantula / Chris Pratt

Magneto / Ian McKellen

Sue Snell / Gabriella Wilde

Ms. Rita Desjardin / Judy Greer

Chris Hargensen / Portia Doubleday

Kayla Silverfox / Lynn Collins

Scott Summers (Cyclopse) / James Marsden

Dr. Hank McCoy (Beast) / Kelsey Grammer

Mystique / Jennifer Lawerence


One cold and stormy night where snow blew in at an abadon theme castle a lab but not like any other was held for unimaginble experiments a shadow figure came in with heavy steps walking pass tanks with people (Clones) in them

Figure: My children are nearly ready. Soon phase 2 of my master plan will be set in motion And THIS mutant will be my finest weapon. And the whole world will know it's rightful place but first we need one more clone in active. Tarantula?!

Tarantula: *Runs in* Yes sir?

Figure: Phase 1 of our operation is nearly complete. But we need one more mutant clone. And the only way we can make it is if we have the DNA of Magneto.

Tarantula: But he's locked up in S.H.I.E.L.D. How will we...?

Figure: That's why...we have her.

The clone he pointed out revealed to be.....

Chris Hargensen??!!!

But later when the lab was empty the Chris clone's rate started to speed wrapidly and her eyes popped open and she blast an electric wave to bust out and chemicals poor out and she walked panted and not wearing anything but she had one thing on her mind

To find and destroy Carrie White!!

Chris ran but soon tripped an alarm which made Tarantula to chase her but Chris blasted him to knock him off his feet then ran out the castle

Tarantula: *Gets up* Ugh...dammit! *Speaks on a comunicater* Sir! One of the clones broke out. There might mouth function or something. I tried to stop her but she almost killed me.

Figuere: No matter. It's time to bring in the big guns. Get me....Gambit.

(Title Sequance: X-C 2: Rise of Sinister)

We cut to the night after at Xavier's school for gifted youngsters where it's Christmas eve night where everyone was exachanging gifts and decorating

Kitty: Oh this tree is so beautiful.

Rogue: Sure is. It lights up the whole mansion.

Beast (Hank McCoy) in a Santa hat was reading a christmas story to children

Beast: Santa humbily asked "Rudolf with your nose so bright won't you do me the honer of guiding my sleigh tonight?" And Rudolf said. "Yes. I will." 

Logan sipping coffee with Xavier were chatting by the fire place

Xavier: Not really into Holiday spirit Logan?

Logan: Nah it's not that just.....even though I got some of my memories of the past back from my trip to your past I still hardly remember any holidays I had before this.

(Just like to think half of his memories were restored to him after days of future past....I mean besides Jean restoring some of his memories in First class I mean)

Xavier: Well my youger holidays weren't always one to remember. When they was when I spent them with Raven.

Logan: You never told me you were close to her till the Sentinal situation. Were you two....? You know.

Xavier: It's hard to say Logan.

Logan: Better left unsaid I guess.

Xavier: I meant to ask you....since you and Carrie helped the Avengers apprehend Eric do you have any new in tale on S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Logan: You would know if I did?

Xavier: Just trying to respect your private thoughts.

Up in Carrie and Rogue's room Carr and Kurt (Nightcrawler) had a private gift exchange

Carrie: You first. *Hands him a present*

Kurt took it and opened it it was a portable DVD

Kurt: Ahh Carrie. This is awesome.

Carrie: Well I know you get tired on our long travels on the Black Bird so.....we could watch stuff together when we're traveling.

Kurt: Thank you babe. *Hugs her* Your turn.

He handed her her present

She slowly opens her present and her jaw dropped of what it turned out to be it was a heart shaped locket that Carrie got interested in the last time her Kitty and Rogue were at the mall and it had a pic of Carrie and Kurt hugging and smiling

Carrie: Oh my g.... *Looks at Kurt and smiles* How did you know?

Kurt: I've always been aware on much stuff mean to you and when you told me everything that's happened to you I couldn't think of anything better than to brighten your day. And wnated to give you a special christmas since you never had a real one before.

Carrie teared up and pulled him to a kiss

Carrie: I love you.

Kurt: I love you too.

There was a knock on the door

Carrie: Um come in!

Rogue: *Comes in* Hey sorry to interupt but Christmas dinner's ready.

Kurt: We'll be right down.

Rogue smiled and left the room

Carrie: Thanks Kurt. Merry Christmas.

Kurt: Merry Christmas to you too.

They kissed one last time then they went down for dinner

Down stairs at dinner all the X-men were passing food and feasting Scott and Jean were next to each other as were Kurt and Carrie Rogue with Kitty for she made eye contact with Bobby but he turned away with hurt and anger in his eyes

Kitty: You two still haven't worked anything out?

Rogue: No. I mean I dougt we ever will now.

Kitty: I'm sorry. It's my fault. I shouldn't have let Bobby take me skatting....

Rogue: No. Kitty. Let's not focus on that. It's Christmas eve.

Logan looked across at Scott and Jean for seeing them happy together was starting to get to him now and began to realize his feelings for her were pointless and since his memories were coming back to him it had him thinking of his old girlfriend Kayla and when she was killed that day they saved Scott as a boy and others

Xavier: Are you alright Logan?

Logan: Yeah. Never better.

Xavier: I am sorry about Kay....

Logan: *Interupts* Don't. There's alot I wish I didn't remember.

Xavier: Forgive me Logan. *Dings his glass* Everyone. I'd like to make a toast. Consider what we all been through in the past we've always stood by for one another and act as a team. The X-men.

Beast: *Holds up his glass* To family.

Xavier: To Family.

Scott and Jean (Both): To family.

Carrie and Kurt (Both): To family.

All: To family.

Logan: As long as it's not mine *Jokes*

They all chuckled and continued feasting

Meanwhile back in Chamberlain Mane there wasn't much snow as there was in Bayville New York at Ms Desjardin's house she Sue and Little Carrie were watching the news sipping hot coco and little Carrie was being fead her bottle

Ms. Desjardin: Ahh you know the weird thing is? It's not even snowing and it feels like an ice age.

Sue: *Carring little Carrie* Ugh....don't get me started with thos movies. It's already cold enough.

Ms. Desjardin: I'm just saying.

Sue: I know. Even more so I still got to take parenting lessons. You think it couldn't get any worse.

Desjardin nodded with her shoulders and took a look in her purse which was stuffed

Ms. Desjardin: I say it already is.

Sue: I know. But the least you can do is give me some advice on parenting. I mean don't you have a son in college? 

Ms. Desjardin: Stepson. He was my ex husband's son.

Sue: But my real question is when the school's rebuilt when are you gonna teach again?

Ms. Desjardin: I'm not.

There was a moment of silence till....

Sue: What??

Ms. Desjardin: Sue what happened at prom killed me from the inside out. If I had been more supportive than I already was. Given her more help than I already I have. I mean I should've had security search the Gym before prom night and we could've found that bucket. I mean I was suppose to know Chris was never gonna let this go and do something so awful. I mean.....I never seen anyone be so cruel as Chris or be so angry for everything as......

Sue: Carrie?

Ms. Desjardin: Yes. I mean everyone still talks about her like she's a monster. And....I can't teach at a school filled with people who thinks worst things of her. When the school's rebuilt I can't.....

Sue: But Ms. Desjardin Carrie's happy now at Xavier's school. She's got friends there and a sweet boyfriend and a real family she's never had.

Ms. Desjardin: I know and I'm happy for her but...I'm sorry I just can't. You know.....I think I saw her on tv two months ago. With....some red and yellow powered robot and uh.....a blond handsome man with a hammer unlike any hammer I saw. And some giant green monster along with that Wolverine guy and that awful Magneto man.

Sue: Oh yeah. The Avengers. *To herself* Least you weren't there yourself.

Ms. Desjardin: Huh?

Sue: Oh nothing.

Ms. Desjardin: Well you get my point. Imma get more hot chocolate. You want any?

Sue: Yeah please.

Desjardin got up taking her mug and Sue's and came into the kitchen however the lights in there started to act funny for electricity was buzzing out Desjardin gasped then the back door burst and guess who came in

Chris: *All dressed* Guess who's back from the dead. Again!

Desjardin gasped again droping her mug Sue heard the commotion and came running and her jaw dropped

Sue: No way. No.....way....

Chris: *Turns to Sue* Surprised sister?

Sue: More like shocked! I saw Carrie powned her fist through your stomach and tore out your spine!

Chris: Yeah. And it hurt like HELL! But I'm back again only this time I gonna be the one with the win. Now....where's Carrie?

Ms. Desjardin: Chris dammit! Just leave her alone!

Chris was about to over charge her powers until a fiery card flew at her and stunned her knocking her out

Gambit: *Walks in* My apologies ladies. My client said she wasn't cooperative. I'll take her off your backs.

Sue: Who the hell are you?

Gambit: Remy Lebeau. But they call me....Gambit. I come on be half of Mr. Sinister.

Ms. Desjardin: Who?? 

Gambit: Can't explain right now. In a hurry. Yall lovely ladies take care.

Gambit picked up Chris swung his staff then vanished

Ms. Desjardin: Where do all these guys come from?

Sue: We've got to warn Carrie about to Chris. But first.....

Sue rushed to the phone and made an important call

In queens at the Parker residents the phone their rang and Rachel Lang Carrie's half sister answered

Rachel: Hello?

Sue: Rachel. It's Sue. Listen Carrie's in terrible danger.

Rachel: From what?

Sue held the phone up close to her mouth and whispered everything to Rachel Rachel on her side her eyes turned slowly black

Rachel: Then let's pop this b**ch!

Sue: Wait! We don't even know where that other guy took her. Even if we could find her she'd be too powerful for you to take on. Alone that is.

Sue: Should I tell Peter?

Sue: Not just yet. We just have to get to Carrie first before "Queeny Violent" does. I doubt she'll start any trouble tonight so I'll be flying back to New York tomorrow. Ms Desjardin's gonna look after my daughter while I'm away. Rachel you and me will go to Xavier's to warn Carrie.

Rachel: But how we gonna brake this to her? She's had it so rough when it comes to her and now that she's happy.

Sue: I don't know. I know it won't be easy on her but.....we'll think of something.

The next day at back at Xavier's school some students outside were having a snow ball fight and building snow men inside in the lounge Carrie was knitting and huming Kurt and Scott were playing chess and Logan Storm and Jean were playing pool and as usual Logan had a cigar in his mouth till Professor Xavier and Beast came in

Xavier: Everyone? We have a situation. Please come to my office.

They all fallowed them to his office then he broke the news to them

Xavier: I'm aware we need to be having a delightful Christmas but....I'm sorry danger is erupting again.

Scott: And here I thought it was "The most wonderful time of the year."

Storm: Apparently not this year.

Jean: Or any year for that matter.

Logan: So what's the problem?

Xavier: Surebro has detected another mutant. Tell any of you know anyone by the name: Remy LeBeau?

Carrie: Remy Le-what?

Logan: Gambit.

They all looked at him

Xavier: How do you....?

Logan: I needed his help to track Victor and Striker. From what I remember from my restored memories Gambit was a hit in Las Vegas also a patiant of Strikers who escaped.

Kurt: Yes. I remember him. He did a few card shows at the circus I was in.

Carrie: *Wraps her arm around Kurt's* When was that?

Kurt: Y-years ago. When I was a child. He was actually there to recruit me to Striker's lab. But he failed.

Carrie: Ohh Kurt. *Leans her head on his shoulder*

Beast: The Professor predicts LeBeau was last seen at Chamberlain Mane.

Carrie: *Stands up* My home?! What was he doing there?!

Xavier: We don't know Carrie. However surebro detected other mutant activity but I couldn't get a lock. It vanished in seconds. But we have coordinates. Logan? Storm? I'll need you two to take the Black Bird and try and recruit LeBeau and look into this other mutant.

Carrie: Let me go too Professor. Chamberlain was my home. They'll need to get around town with someone with personal knowledge.

Xavier: Yes. Yes you're right. Then you'll go too.

Kurt: *Stands* Wait. If you're going so am I.

Carrie: Kurt if this is personal. I don't want you to be a part of that. We don't know who's after me this time.

Kurt: All more reason I am going. Just makes it better to stop them right?

Carrie giggled then they all left the office 

Later back at that theme castle Gambit returned carrying Chris and places her on a table in the lab

Gambit: Long trip..... *Flips a card* Short skips. Couldn't have it better.

Tarantula: *Walks in* About time. The boss man was already in one of his moods.

Gambit: Relax. I got ther didn't I?

Chris woke gasping and frusterated then looked at Gambit


Gambit: Sweetheart. You're too important to the boss man. He didn't clone you back to life just for you to defy him.

Chris: I DON'T GIVE A SH**!

Figure's voice: SILENCE!!!!

Gambit: Ooooh you pissed him off.

Figure: *From the shadows* I can see she is not yet ready for our opperation. It's time we give her another treatment.

Chris: Look pal! I appreciate you bringing me back to life and all but I am not gonna stand by and let Carrie White live happily ever after! Not after what she's done to me! I'm gonna find her and punish her like she deserves and anyone who tries and stop me!

Chris was about to storm out till the doors slamed by themselves

Figure: Chris Chris Chris my sweet little clone. Aren't we forgetting the matter on the tiney detail? I OWN YOU!!!!!!!!

Chris: *Backs up* Wh-how you---

Figure: Plus I even granted you immortallity. In return you owe me your loyalty.

Chris was stunned and then she looked at her arm and saw a symbol on her wrist

Chris: Wait....Did you say I'mmortal?

Gambit: See sir? Looks like you got a fast learner.

Figure: Yes. But first....

He steps out of the shadows and reveals to be......


Sinister: Let's run some tests.

Back at the mansion Logan Storm Carrie and Kurt were suited up and headed for the Black Bird

Carrie: I usually get to wear this in training.

Kurt: None of them made me feel comfortable cause of my tail. That's why the Professor made me this spandex.

Carrie: What about Logan? Did the Professor make his yellow Spandex?

Kurt: No. That was given to him by some friends in Japan.

They came in to notice the Black Bird was gone

Logan: What the....where the hell's the jet?

Storm: Oh......I forgot Colossus and Negasonic took it to.....

Suddenly the Black Bird hovered down and landed in the bay and who came out of it was Colossus and Negasonic Teenage War-head

(Deadpool background) Storm: Did you two get Wilson?

Colossus: Afraid not. Still as spoiled like any child. A child with weapons.

Negasonic: And the douche-pool had to slice his own hand off to get loose. *Shakes* Ugh!

Logan: And tell me again why we're trying to recruit him? You never had to put up with that a**hole before like I have.

Carrie: *Whispers* Kurt who are they talking about?

Kurt: *Whispers* A murk that Logan worked with in the army. So I've heard.

Carrie: Wilson?

Kurt: Yep. But now he's known as Deadpool.

Storm: Anyways we're gonna need to burrow the jet.

Negasonic: Why?

Storm: To play our own little game of hide and seek.

Soon they were aboard the black bird and eventually took off

Once then Rachel and Sue arrived by a cab they knocked on the door and Rogue answered 

Rogue: Sue....And Rachel?

Sue: Rogue we need to see Carrie. Is she here?

Rogue: Um no. She's not. She left with Logan Storm and Kurt on a mission. What's going on?

Sue: Oh Rogue.....Carrie's in terrible danger.

Up in the Black Bird where Storm was piloting Wolverine on shot gun Carrie looked out her window and was amazed at the views below

Carrie: It's so beautiful out there.

Kurt: But you're more beautiful.

Carrie: *Giggles* Kurt stop it.

They held hands just as Carrie sunk into her thoughts

Kurt: Something wrong?

Carrie: No. Just.....I can't help but to feel like.....

Kurt: What?

Carrie: Just a headache.

Kurt: Is it? Listen I wasn't sure how to say this but....Rogue says you've been having some episodes on some nights. You been making your bed fly the room shakes. Ever since that event you had with the Avengers and your been different.

Carrie:...My dreams have been getting worse every night. My past. The night at the prom my mom trying to kill me....Kurt....I can't help but to feel like something bad is about to happen.

Kurt looked at her then they hug each other

Kurt: I would never let anything happen to you.

With Logan and Storm

Logan: How long before we reach Chamberlain?

Storm: In 30 minutes.

And 30 minutes later the flew above the part of Chamberlain where Carrie destroyed

Carrie: Sure looks like a ghost town down there. Who knows what happens next?

Storm: Well I do know one thing: We're gonna put a halt on whatever's down there.

Carrie: Let's be careful. This town brought a lot of pain in my life.

Meanwhile at a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility Beast and Xavier on a plastic wheal chair came in to pay a visit to a known prisioner

Agent: We got this Mr. McCoy.

Beast: Of course.

The Agent pushed Xavier into a non metal cell where they were keeping (You know who)

Magneto: Charles Xavier. My dear old friend. What do I owe the pleasure?

Xavier: A little information.

Magneto: You sure not to play chess?

Xavier: Not today. What do you know of a mutant name Gambit?

Magneto: Better of a mutant for hire. If the price is right. As you may recall he has history with two of your X-men club members.

Xavier: He was seen in Carrie's home town Chamberlain. And he abducted one of your mutants from what Sue Snell just recently told me.

Magneto: She told you? Or did you read her mind?

Xavier: No games Eric. Christine Hargensen is alive again somehow and she attacked Sue Snell and Ms. Rita Desjardin.

Magneto: Hargensen? Come now Charles you saw your little Carrie punch a hole on her stomach and ripped out her spine.

Xavier: Yes. But Sue's memories read that her and Rita were attacked by her.

Magneto: Don't be ridicules Charles. She couldn't possibly be brought back to life.

Xavier: What?

Magneto put two and two together and realized the situation

Magneto: Ok Charles. You got my attention. What's the plan?

Xavier: I've arragned a temparery bail depending on your cooperatation. And afterwards we bring you back here.

Magneto: Promise you will.

Then the two old friends shook hands

Later the Black Bird landed where they tracked Gambit at it was an abadon casino and the four looked around

Storm: According to the trace the Professor sent us LeBeau should be here.

Logan: I wonder if he'll now any memories I hadn't got back yet.

Kurt and Carrie walked in a hall looking around the walls were filled with cod-webs and old paintings 

Kurt: This reminds me at that Haunted house we went to on Halloween.

Carrie: Yeah only no theme monsters. I mean that guy in the Freddy Krueger costume was pretty convincing.

They found a door at the end of the hall Carrie grabbed the nob but it was locked then Carrie and Kurt looked at each other then both smirked

They teleported in holding each other then saw someone in the shadows playing cards (Yep it's him)

Kurt: Guten tag sir. We're looking for someone named Remy LeBeau.

Gambit: Does HE owe you two money?

Carrie: N-no.

Gambit: *Leans up out of the shadows and removes his hat* Then Remy LeBeau is me.

Carrie: Uh....H-hey....

Gambit: No worries Miss White. I gaurentee you're in good hands.

Kurt and Carrie both looked at each other in confusion as Gambit flipped his staff around

Carrie: How do you know my name?

Gambit: Well....long story. But nothing worth sugar-coating. I hope the name "Hargensen" doesn't mean much to you.

Carrie's eyes went dark when he said her name she didn't want anything to do with Chris after what she's done to her nor hear her name ever again it brought back too much bad memories

Carrie: Don't. Ever. Say. That. Name.

Gambit: Quite fiesty aren't you?

Kurt: What do you want from her?

Gambit: Now I'll tell yall everything. But first calm your girl down.

Kurt: *Holds Carrie* Hey hey hey's alright. Calm down.

Carrie seemed to calm down briefly after hearing Nightcrawler's voice

Carrie: Why can't I ever get away from that name?

Kurt embraced Carrie with a hug to comfort her then he looked at Gambit

Kurt: Listen sir. My girlfriend has bad history with someone with that name. Please don't mentioned it around her again!

Gambit: Well if I did that little'd hardly hear anything you want to know.

Carrie: What'd you mean?

Gambit: This girl you don't want mentioned she attacked two lovely ladies the other night in search for you. The guy who hired me he wasn't done working on her yet so he hired me to bring her back.

Carrie: That's impossible. I killed her at Magneto's island.

Gambit: My employer is very good at cloning. Even dead people.

Kurt: And who's your employer?

Before Gambit could reply Wolverine and Storm walked in

Logan: Hey where you two be-- *See's Gambit*

Gambit: Logan.

Logan: LeBeau.

Gambit: Where's those nice dog tags you had there?

Logan: I don't fallow that bastard around anymore. After half my memories were restored to me there were some I wish I didn't get back.

Gambit: Ohh I was about to ask how you how remember me. Cause last time I saw you that bullet knocked out all your memories.

Logan: And after my trip to the past half of them were restored. Idk how.

Storm: Let's get to the matter shall we?

Gambit: So what brings you all down here?

Storm: We want answers.

Carrie: Too late. We already have answers.

Storm: What'd you mean honey?

Carrie: I'll tell you back on the jet. *Storms out*

Kurt fallowed Carrie out then Logan and Storm turned to Gambit

Logan: Alright bub. Idk what you said to the kid but you're lucky I'm not in the mood to tare the sh** out of you. So tell us what you're doing here and who hired you.

Gambit: Sorry old timer. *Puts his hat back on* Time's up.

He threw a fiery card at them they turned away then it exploded but once the smoke cleared he was gone

Logan: Now he pissed me off!

Back at Sinister's lab he was finishing up progress with Chris and just had good news for her

Sinister: Well well well.....I guess you're not as stubborn as thought.

Chris: The hell's that suppose to mean?

Sinister: You are aware I've made you immortal?

Chris smirked in disbelief

Sinister: Tarantula. Give our new accomplice a practice run.

Tarantula: Understood Sinister. Fallow me little lady.

As Chris fallowed Tarantula out Gambit came back in

Sinister: Well?

Gambit: I got the X-men off your trial. I lead them to one of my old casinos. Jobs done. Now my payment?

Sinister: Patiance my friend. I have one more job for you.

Gambit: Then that's going to cost you extra. Remember I'm not one of your arin boys I'm just a gun for hire. And my servies don't come cheap.

Sinister: You will be rewarded handsomely. All I need you to do is locate where they're keeping a mutant called Magneto.

Gambit: Tell me again why you want him?

Sinister: His powers are limitless. And think how much his clone would do with that kind of power to do my bidding.

Gambit: *To himself* I so did not sign up for this. Very well. I'll be back to collect my fee.

Gambit putted his hat back on pulling himslef up to a window with his staff

Meanwhile Carrie and the others arrived back at Xavier's school to learn they have unexpected company awaiting them.

There was Sue and Rachel sitting in the lounge

Carrie: Sue? Rachel??

Then see's Magneto standing by Xavier

Carrie: YOU??!!!!!

Her eyes turned black her powers began to shake the house and was about to strike until Xavier's voice spoke in her thoughts

Xavier: Carrie. There's no need to be alarmed. We need Eric on this matter.

Carrie: You don't know what he's done to me! Or my sister! He allowed Chris to tourment me again! Everything that happen then and what Rachel did in queens is all HIS fault!

Xavier: I know I've seen it all. But he wants to help us.

Carrie: He's playing you! Like he always does!

Rachel: I can hear their voices.

Xavier: Yes Rachel. Your telepathy is letting you hear us. Help me reach her.

Rachel: How?

Xavier: Focus with me. Look at me Carrie. You must lower your powers. If you unleash your fury you will endanger yourself and those around you. You must trust me.

Carrie panted and she looked at Kurt then calmed down the house stopped shaking and the things she made float all fell on the flour Carrie gave Magneto one last angry look and stormed out again fallowed by Nightcrawler Rachel and Sue

Magneto: Most unpleasant than I expected.


Rachel: Carrie wait!

Sue: Slow down for a second.

Carrie: Why should I? Chris is after me again. Magneto is....just here for the pleasure of seeing me suffer and while I have to rely on....

Kurt: *Appears infront of her* Please relax. You don't know half the story.

Carrie: Well I hope I don't as long as it doesn't kill me. Kurt: Carrie. *Takes her hands* I 100% agree with you. I don't trust Magneto for what he's done to you either. And for the first time in my life Idk if the Professor's thinking clearly. But you always have me to support you.

Rachel: And me Sue: And me.

Rachel: Carrie when we met in Queens during my dark time you haven't given up on me. You still helped me through it even though I tried to kill you. But that was Magneto's fault too.

Carrie: *Briefly grins* I guess.....

Kurt: Look we're a team. We're all in this together. Idk what the Professor has in mind but he always has his reasons. He and Magneto use to be buds. Oddly they still are in a way.

Carrie: It doesn't excuse him for what he done.

Kurt: No it doesn't. But like you told me before despite the pain your mother put you through her you still loved her. It's probably how the Professor feels about Magneto.

Carrie: Yes.

Rachel: And when we fought you still loved me. Even though we first met then.

Carrie nodded

Sue: And you forgave me for the things I put you through. Even when I didn't deserve it.

Carrie chuckled

Kurt: What'd you say we look into this ourselves?

Carrie: But....what if the Professor....

Kurt: It doesn't matter. I mainly just want to get you away from Magneto. And HER off your back.

Sue: But he'll still know. I mean can't he read minds?

Kurt: Yes. But I have a quicker way before he can detect us in seconds.

Carrie smirked as Rachel and Sue were puzzeled then they all held on to him then Kurt teleported them all out of there

Back inside Magneto explained everything what he knew about Sinister since he put two and two together when Xavier came to visit him

Jean: For how long has Sinister been planning this?

Magneto: Ever since....since.....

Logan: .....Since I went back to the past.

They all turn to him

Logan: We all caused this....all of it...

Storm: How can you say that Logan? We stopped the Sentinels.

Logan: But we should've been aware of the consequences. Who knows what else could've been wrecked during our changes in history? Besides who's idea was it to send me back beside's the Professor?

Silence invaded the room till....

Magneto: Logan....

Logan: Bub....Leave it be. Just get to the bottom line.

Magneto: *Sighs* Sinister is stealing mutant DNA to create an army of cloned mutants. Even of us. Sinister's even taking DNA from deseased mutants for cloning as well that's where young Miss Hargensen came about. He took DNA from her corpse to clone his own. But...the clones are all design to have our memories our feelings and even our powers. And no doubt the cloned Hargensen will just be as determine to eliminate young Carrie as the old was.

Logan: *To himself* In her dreams.

At Sinister's castle Chris improved her powers on Tarantula she was so determine to get at Carrie again

Tarantula: Ugh...not bad. You have improved. But is using your full power all the time really necessary?

Chris: I can improve on anything. Now that I'm immortal I can do more than anything.

Tarantula: Are you always this cockey?

Chris: I am not cockey! I just want my vengeance to be satisfied.

Sinister: And so it will be. And I can improve on this "Cassie Write" you mentioned....

Chris: It's Carrie White. God Idk why I corrected it.

Sinister: Yes. And perhaps a clone of her with the power she posses could make a fine addition to our army. Chrissy I'd like you to find this Carrie and bring her to me alive.

Chris: What??!! Are you kid---f**k that! Ok? I'm going to hunt her piggy ass down and make her suffer then kill her! Understand me?!

Sinister: That. Is. An. Order.


Chris unleashed an electric fury on them pushing them back and she vanished in electricity

Tarantula: *Pants* Next time you might want to implant obtainment chips in your clones.

Sinister: Never mind that. Obviously she's a failed experiment. Tarantula? Get Gambit on the line. Tell him to find Carrie White: Alive. Chris Hargensen: Terminate.

Thunder clashes

Back at Xavier's Jean Beast and Storm looked around for Kurt Carrie Rachel and Sue but nothing

Jean: They're not in their rooms. Something's not right.

Beast: You don't think they took off somewhere do you?

Jean: Find it hard to believe but I think it's safe to say they did.

Storm: Well let's just keep looking to be sure.

All of a sudden it started to spark small electric bolts at every electric port in the mansion Storm just happened to be next to one in another room she looked closely at the sparks and it shocks her on impact even though she struggled to get out but the force was too strong then it exploded causing Storm to fall down the stairs

Beast: STORM!!!

He ran to her aid checking for pulse but Jean felt the presence on who was doing this and by channeling her inner Phoenix she turned around and pushed a certian someone back with her powers

Jean: Oh again.....

Chris: *Cracks neck* You...just bought your own tickets to hell.

Chris launched another electric blast at Jean but Logan got in the way shocking him but heals up afterwards

Logan: We meet again.

Then pops up his middle claw flipping her off (Lol)

Chris: Ahhhhh.....NOT YOU AGAIN!!

Logan: Well you're kinda in my house. *Turns to Jean* Jean? Get the others and go. I got this.

Jean: But Logan....

Logan: I'm the only one that can stop her. Get everyone to safety. Go!

Jean did as Logan instructed and he turn to Chris pressing out all his claws

Chris: Why is it every time I want something you ALWAYS GET IN MY WAY??!!!!!!!!

Logan: Because you want to hurt my friends and it really pisses me off. I warned you if you tried any stunt like this again I put your head on my wall. And that's what I'm gonna do.

Chris: Hehehehe fat chance old man! I'm immortal now. I can't die!

Logan: What are the odds. So am I.

They charged at each other then they tackled slashing and shocking

Jean and Xavier evacuated the mansion from top to bottom and everyone head outside

Xavier: Colossus and Negasonic left on another mission they should be safe. Where's Logan?

Jean: Dealing with a cockroach. Come on!

Logan and Chris kept brawling at each other busting through the walls and crashing into everything but no matter what they throw at each other they keep coming back for more

Chris: Give me Carrie and I'll let you live! You hear me?!

Logan: *Stands up healing* No I don't. So f**k yourself b**ch.

Chris yelled dissatisfaction and blasted at him but Logan deflect it with his claws then it hit a power fuse it exploded causing the place to catch fire

Logan: I won't mind burning in hell if I can take you with me.

Chris: I'll make it easy for you that way it' YOU going down there.

She once again used the electricity from the power circuits to trap Wolverine in it's field

Chris: Pop quiz: Do you know what happens when defy a Goddess? Do you?!

Logan just spits in her face then she grew angry she pushed him out of the house still trapped in that electric field

Chris I'll fry every single one of you if I have to!

Logan however survive the fall thanks to his healing factor and the field were off but it only lead him to watch the entire mansion burn to the ground

Logan: Son of a....that's it. That brat's gonna pay for this.

Then Colossus and Negasonic returned from the fight with Ajax (Francis) and saw the mansion on fire and Logan coming towards them

Negasonic: Oh

Colossus: Logan what happened?

Logan: That cow Hargensen came back to life. She came for Carrie again then the brat burnt the whole damn mansion down! The others got out alive but I have no idea where Carrie Kurt and those other two kids are.

Colossus: Then we'll have to regroup with the others to find them. Where are they?

Logan: The Professor said he built a facility shelter under the mansion incase sh** like this ever happend. My guess is they're there.

Colossus: Then there's no time to loose we must hurry.

Negasonic: Man! Can't a girl have one day off without involving any fights?

Logan: Later. Come on. There's more you guys need to know.

Later somewhere out in the city Kurt Carrie Rachel and Sue had been all over the city all day searching for answers on Chris's return but once it got late they checked into a hotel by using Sue's credit card when they in their room it had a small tv and two beds Nightcrawler teleported in since he couldn't just WALK into the front door 

Sue: It's abit small...but it'll have to do.

Kurt: We'll stay here a couple of nights till we know what's going on out there.

Rachel: It's not half bad. But if only I could've brought Peter along.

Carrie: Next time Rach. Right now.....

She felt a sudden presence with familiar energy

Rachel: Carrie?

Carrie: Quit....NOW!!

Carrie and Rachel used their powers together to disperse the the energy and before long Gambit appeared but falls due to the force of their powers

Sue: What in the--

Kurt: *Speaks Germin*

Gambit: *Looks at the sisters* You're getting good at that.

Carrie: This isn't hide and seek. Why are you here?

Gambit: This time I'm on your side. I want to help you find her. And inform you all who's behind all this.

Sue: You want to help us find Chris?

Carrie: Sue....

Gambit: Look I'm not a bad guy. I'm just a gun for hire. You see Mr. Sinister hired me to cap---

Kurt: Whoa whoa whoa! Back up. Did you say Sinster? The cloner? He's behind all this?

Gambit: Yes my blue fury friend I did. He's the one who brought your spoild friend back to life by cloning her. I'll tell ya she's off the wagons and big time. I can't get involved officially but I can point yall into the right direction

Carrie: Wait. Why should we trust you?

Kurt: And why help us and betray your own boss?

Gambit: Because quite frankley I don't trust him. I got a feeling he ain't gonna pay me my fee as he should. Just wants me as one of his lackeys like that Tarantula dude. I don't do anyones dirty work. I'm just a bussinuss man. Look you don't have to decide now. Once you make up your mind you can contact me with this.

He hands Carrie a signal beeper then he head off his way till Kurt caught up with him by teleporting infront of him

Kurt: Listen you don't seem like a bad guy to me and we really appreciate your help. In return why don't you come with us? Join the X-men.

Gambit: Sorry kid. Teaming up's not my style.

He just walked passed Kurt out the door and Carrie looked at the beeper in her hand

Meanwhile in the facility under the mansion (Or what's left if it) Logan Colossus and Negasonic came down where Xavier and the others awaited them

Xavier: Logan. Thank God you're all alive.

Logan: Is everyone here?

Xavier: All accounted for. Execpt for Carrie and Kurt. They disapeared with Rachel and Sue.

Logan: Well I got worst news. That maniac burnt down the whole mansion

Xavier: What?! Who?

Logan: Hargensen.

Negasonic: And before you ask....we have made some amends with Wilson.

Logan: I do remember from my restored memories I cut that buggers head off.

Colossus: He can't be killed Logan.

Xavier: Get back to the point.

Logan: Hargensen burnt down the mansion and it's painfully obvious that she won't stop this bullsh** until she's dead. Jean: And I think we're next after her.

Storm: Nothing we can't handle.

Magneto's voice: Which is why you will fail.

They all turned and saw Magneto step out of a room

Logan: The HELL is HE still doing here?

Magneto: Now's not the time to get hostal Logan. I'm only here cause we both have the same problem. Hargensen and Sinister.

Xavier: Eric has inside information on Sinister.

Logan: And you lead him down here?

Xavier: Logan you know I wouldn't if there was another way.

Logan: Oh there's another way alright. *Looks at Magneto* Either this a**hole leaves or I do.

Jean: Logan calm down.

Logan: Last time you helped us you turned on us by making the Professor kill humans with Striker's surebro. And we lost Jean cause of that.

Jean: But I'm here now.

Magneto: And that's also cause of me too. Incase your memories are acting back up Charles and I BOTH sent you to change the past to stop the Sentinels.

Logan: I remember....but I also remember when you took Carrie for your human execution machine which we destroyed before you took her sister and used her like a puppet. The Professor wants to put his trust in you fine. Imma go find those kids. *Walks off*

Jean: Logan!

Xavier: Let him go. He needs time. Besides we need a search party to find Carrie and Kurt before Christine and Sinister do. *Turns to Magneto* Eric? I believe we have things to talk about.

Magneto: Indeed old friend.

Back at the Hotel Rachel ordered room servies Carrie and Kurt were thumb wrestling and laughing as Sue went from channel to channel

Kurt: Haha! You're so dead!

Carrie: *Giggles* You're dead!

Then Sue came on a news report about Xavier's school

Reporter on tv: Ealier toningt the Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters has been burnt down. The cause is unknown but police and ambulance are on the scene---

Sue: Carrie.

They looked over and saw too Carrie gasped in her hand on her mouth and Kurt was speechles he whispered in German

Carrie: The mansion....The others?!

Kurt: *Holds her* Don't think like that. The Profossor built a shelter under the mansion incase it ever went down. They're alive.

Carrie nodded then there was a knock on the door Rachel answered

Man (Stan Lee): Room servies.

Later it was midnight and Carrie was the only one awake as the others were fast asleep she had so much on her mind with Chris out there she feared the worst and looked at Kurt asleep next to her she leaned down to him and whispered: I love you' so much.' and kissed his head then slowly snuck out took the room key and Gambit's signal beacon and once she was outside she pressed the beacon and Gambit from where he's at held his awaiting her

Meanwhile Chris came across a bar in an ally and the name of it on the sign that said "Sister Margret" reminded her of Carrie's mom and it made her disgusted

(Yes. It's the bar from Deadpool) She went in and saw a bar fight going down and frowned in confustion when one guy was down Weasel the bartender (TJ Miller) held a glass to his face and saw it fog up

Weasel: Sorry guys. Another no win to the Deadpool.

Crowd: Awwwww!

Chris: Billy would have loved this place.

She soon sat at the bar and Weasel saw her

Weasel: Can I get you anything lovely lady.

Chris: A little knowledge. *Throws down a picture of Carrie* I'm looking for this girl.

Weasel: *Looks at the picture* She's kinda hot.

Chris gets angry and says to herself: She. Is. Not. Hot!

Weasel: Who is she? Your sister or friend or something?

Chris just burst and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him to her

Chris: She is not my friend nor my sister. And she is the FAREST thing from hot. She's a big I'm gonna cut open. I want to know if you seen her. Lie to me you die. Got?!

Weasel: Ok ok but....before you make Barnes a winner to the Deadpool you might want to turn around...

She turned ans saw everyone pointing their guns at her

Chris: *To Weasel* Are kidding me?

Weasels: These--these guys aren't in the best EVER. So take your problems ou....

With just flick of her hand Chris disposed of all of them shocking and fried electrocuted etc

Weasel tries to hide but Chris destroy destroys the bar counter

Weasel: Ho--h--hold up now...

Chris: You idiots keep waisting my Goddamn time.

She grabed him and kicked him to the wall she then pinned him to it and held him up to her

Chris: Here's the deal dipsh**. You either tell me where Bloody Mary is or take me to her or you fry with your buddies! Which is it?!

Weasel: Lady I swear Idk who you're talking about! Idk the chick you're looking for....but maybe I know someone who does.

Chris: WHO?!!

Weasel: Some poker guy. He was here last night. He was talking about someone named White one of his clients hired to find....his name's....

Chris: Gambit.

Weasel: What??

Chris: Here's the other deal. If you're lying Imma come back and blow this whole bar up with YOU in it! Got it?!!

Weasel: Y-yes maim.

She let him go and stormed out then Weasel rushed to his phone

Weasel: Wade! You are f**king not believe this!

Meanwhile Carrie fallowed Gambit's signal to a school remembering her past till.....

Rogue: *From behind* Carrie?

Carrie: *Turns around* Rogue??! What'd you doing here?!

Rogue: Looking for you. So is Logan. We're all worried sick.

Carrie: I'm sorry but I didn't trust Magneto to be in the same room with him.

Rogue: Ik he hurt you. And your sister. I mean he even did this to my hair. Look let's just get out of here.

Carrie: Not yet. There's someone here I promised I meet.

Rogue: Who?

Gambit's voice: That would be me.

They turned over and saw Gambit step out of the shadows and it left Rogue sweating and weak in the knees

Gambit: Touched a soft spot there didn't I?

Rogue couldn't focus anymore with her eyes on him

Carrie: Alright. So now what? Gambit: Step one and ONLY step.....hide and seek

He draws out a card and flips it around

Gambit: Only this more hiding.

He throws the card and the energy on it sparks and it teleports Chris (Somehow) to where they are

Chris looked around then locked her eyes on Carrie

Chris: YOU!!

Chris immediately charged at her but Carrie punched her with force that ALMOST broke her ribs Chris reached on the pavement and struggled to stand Rogue was about to touch her but Chris blasted her down she fell which made Gambit blink for a short second

Carrie: ROUGE!!

Chris: You haven't changed one f**king inch since the last time.

Carrie: I was gonna say the same thing. Listen Glamazon I don't want to fight you anymore! There's a larger enemy out there than both of us! You have to listen to reason Chris!

Chris: NO! I DON'T!

Chris launched another E.M.P. at both Carrie and Rogue but Carrie held it back with her powers

Chris: I waited forever for this moment! And now...

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind by.....Rachel

Rachel: Leave. Her. Alone.

She Chris aside then Kurt teleported next to be Carrie and Sue aided Rogue then Chris recovered and saw her

Chris: And what'd we have here? Another bimbo freak?

Sue: And ME!

Chris: SUE??!!!!

Nightcrawler teleported behind Chris and kicks her causing her to fly then both Carrie and Rachel caught her in a telekinetic field Chris could not move

Chris: YOU GOT TO BE KID-- WHAT??!!!!! NO!!!! LET ME GO!!!!

Gambit: Say please.

Chris: F**K YOU!!!

Gambit: Really? Suddenly Logan came in on his motorcycle in his yellow Wolverine suit and ran to Carrie and the others

Logan: Ugh! Thank God.

Chris: YOU???!!!!!! STILL ALIVE???!!!!!!!!!!

Logan: Forget again? I heal too damn fast. Let's get her back to the Profossor. If she knows where to find Sinister he'll find it in her thoughts. Oh and get her wet too. Ik water and electricity don't get along either.

Later in the under ground shelter Chris was sealed in chair and Storm made it rain on her so she couldn't use her powers and soon the Professor came in 

Storm: Too cold for you?

Xavier: Alright....that's enough for now Storm.

Storm obliges and the water runs out but not as high as it use to be and walked out where Carrie Kurt and Beast stood outside

Carrie: How's progress?

Storm: One tough cookie I'll tell you that.

Carrie: You never went to school with her.

Chris: So....c-cold. *Shivers*

Xavier: This is the price you have to pay for your actions Christine.

Chris: I-it's Chris...and you better not be suggesting....

Xavier: Save it. Your grudge against Carrie is far from acceptible. I know how much you want her gone. But Sinister still has a score to settle. As much as it pains me I have to.....Carrie? Come in here please.

She did and Carrie and Chris made a grudgable eye contact

Xavier: Carrie? There's something I need......

Both Carrie and Chris had an idea what the professor was suggesting

Carrie: Wait. Oh no....

Chris: You better not be suggesting.....

Xavier: In order for us to find Sinister....the two of you will need to cooperate together.

Carrie and Chris: (Both) WHAT?!

Carrie: Bu-but Professor....

Xavier: Carrie I understand this is difficult for you but her psychic memories are too out of focus for me to penetrate since she's really a clone. If it was the real one I would see her thoughts instantly.

Chris: I. Am. NOT. A. Clone!

Xavier: However since her mind is completly focused with you I should fully be able to tap into her memories.

Carrie: Professor....that's not the point. She's too obssessed of her desire to humiliate and kill me. Did you seen how she was at my old school when you went in my head? She got everyone to hate me even the new students and some of the teachers.

Chris: Because you don't desserve friends.

Carrie: See? She won't cooperate with anyone! Not even with me. I mean you saw in my thoughts what she done to me too.

Xavier: Yes. But I assure you you're 100% safe. Chris is too vunerable to use her powers right now and she's sealed to this chair. I promise just one try and then we'll have S.H.I.E.L.D. come get her and you'll never see her again.

Chris: *Whispers* Oh f**k no...

Carrie: Uhhh...alright but if she tries anything.....

Xavier: We won't let her.


Carrie: SHUT UP!!!

Xavier: Carrie!! Calm down.

Carrie nodded as Kurt watched

Kurt: I don't like leaving her alone with that lunatic.

Beast: The Professor's with her son. She's perfectly safe.

Xavier: *Turns to Chris* You listen to me. This hatred you have for her is meaningless and she's not anything you describe her as. Not a pig. Not a freak. None what you say! Understand?

Chris: Go to hell old man.

Carrie: Let's get this over with.

The Professor pressed his hands on both Carrie and Chris's heads and does a memory transplant slowly but surely with Carrie he was able to get Chris's focused memories and managed to put two and two together and located Sinister but at a terrible price with the real Chris's memories in her and combinded with Carrie's he saw more memories of Chris tormenting Carrie in the past he couldn't stand for it he pulled away in a hurry and panted rapidly but it was too much for him to handle.....

Carrie: Are you alright Professor?

Xavier: *Pants* Y--y--yeah I'm fine. Fine. We're done. 

Carrie rushed out and hugged Kurt and it made Chris sick then Xavier turned to her again

Xavier: You're not to look at her like that again.

Chris: So you gonna kill me now?

Xavier: No. But know this. I've seen all your memories or at least the memories of your real self before you were cloned. And the gift you possess you use it for your own selfish desires you caused enough pain. And you've taken many innocent lives. By tomorrow you'll be moved to a tighter security where you'll never see the light of day. Where you'll be miles away from Carrie. However if you can change your ways I can give you a place in my school. If not then that's the end of the matter. S.H.I.E.L.D. will be coming for you tomorrow. You have till then to think it over. And don't try to lie yourself out of this to still get at Carrie cause if you do *Taps on his head* I shall know.

He left Chris dissastisfied AGAIN

But back at the mansion....or what's left of it Logan Storm and Jean were looking at it and were frusterated

Logan: All this just because she wants Carrie humiliated? DAMMIT! This'll take months to rebuild.

Storm: We'll find some ways. First Imma make some calls. Storm walked off as Logan turned to Jean

Logan: You alright?

Jean: Fine. Just....Idk....for all we know we'll have to make new arrangements....

Logan: That's not what I meant.

Jean had a hunch where he was going

Jean: know I love Scott.

Logan: And what am I to you? Just a dangerous guy girls don't take home?

Jean: Don't ask that question.

Logan: Why? Jean: *Sighs* .....Idk I just......

Logan was about to kiss her but Jean turned away so soon

Logan: Jean I....

Jean: I-I have to go. Scott's waiting

Logan: So am I.

Jean just looked away then walked off leaving Logan sad and heart broken

(Poor Logan that's gonna stop now)

Back at Sinister's castle he looked at his clones smirking

Sinister: Patiance my children. Soon you will be free to walk the earth and they will all declare me as their leader humans and mutants alike. Even the Avengers. *Looks into one* And you....I have a most higher purpose for you.

The clone he was looking at was.....

Kayla Silver Fox

(That's right! Kayla's back!)

The next day at the under ground facility Xavier strolled with a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent walking with him who came to pick up Chris since she would not change her grudge against Carrie

Agent: Director Fury will be pleased to take this mutant off your hands.

Xavier: Treat her with caution. Her powers are very lethal.

Soon as they came in Chris was somehow.....gone!!

Xavier: What?! Impossible! She couldn't have....

The camera is someones eyes and suddenly that someone kills the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent by twisting his neck Xavier turned over and gasped then the same figure muffled and he passed out.....

We cut to Nightcrawler and Carrie as they were strolling outside hand in hand till they saw Logan having a cigar watching the sun rise

Kurt: What's up with Logan? He looks sad.

Carrie: *Feels bad* I'll be right back. *Walks up to Logan* Hey.

Logan: Hmm? Oh hey.

Carrie: You alright?

Logan: Yeah. Just....can't believe the mansion's gone.

Carrie: It's not really about the mansion is it?

Logan: I uh....look it's--

Suddenly he caught a scent of something

Carrie: What?

Logan: Quit.

Then out of no where some laser blasted and Logan grabbed Carrie pulling her down to the ground ducking the blast they looked up and saw their attacker was.....Cyclops???

(A clone)

Kurt: Scott?? What'd you doing??

He didn't say anything just fired again

Logan: Incoming!

Both Carrie and Logan got out of the way and Kurt teleported and uppercut the fake Cyclops only to get caught by.....Colossus (Another clone)

Kurt tried to get free but the cloned Colossus's grip was too tight he threw him aside

Carrie: KURT!!!

Then the cloned Cyclops fired again but Carrie blocked it as much as she could with her powers Logan stood up and picked up another scent and it didn't take long for him to reconized it he turned over and couldn't believe what....or who he saw

Logan: K-Kayla??

From the past memories that was recently restored to him he started to remember Kayla 3 days ago but under Sinister's she grabbed him to mind control him till flying metals knocked the clones aside and Magneto stepped in

Carrie: *Stands up* What have you done to them?!

Magneto: This was not my doing my dear. And they're not your friends they're clones.

Logan: How the hell do you know that?! And what have they done to Kayla?!

Magneto: She too is a clone. And they're all here to capture us. We need to find Charles.

They fallowed Magneto and Logan picked up the out cold Kayla remembering his time with her and more memories came poppin in his head he shook his head and soon fallowed the others carrying her

Inside the facility Tarantula lead the clones to apprehend the rest of the X-men a clone of Bobby Drake attacked Rogue

Rogue: Bobby?! What'd you doing?! Bobby....

And then a flying card was scent at the clone then it exploded

Gambit then stepped out of the smoke

Gambit: That wasn't the real ice-man. A clone by Sinister. Come with me if you want to live.

Rogue compiled and followed him Logan later saw them hand in hand away from the fight

Logan: Hey bub!

They were too far down Logan was about to chase him but Kayla woke up in his arms and then grabed his face to scratch his eyes out Logan due to his feelings for her struggled and try to fight back but it wasn't long till Carrie pulled her off him with her telekinesis

Carrie: No one harms my friends.

Logan: Carrie don't her! She's not herself.

But since she was a clone she was much stronger than her previous incarnation she broke out of Carrie's grip but before Kayla could attack Carrie Kayla was knocked out and Carrie's savor turned out to be.......Chris??!

Carrie: Chris?? Why'd you--

Chris: Don't get the wrong ideas. I wasn't trying to save you I just don't want THEM to save YOU from ME. 

Kurt: *Appears next to Carrie* Yeah well watch your back. Try anything funny then I'll teleport YOU in the middle of an ocean.

Chris: What the f**k ever! Let's get this over with.

Logan picked up the knocked out Kayla then looked over

Logan: Alright let's.... *See's Chris* The hell's she's doing out of her cage?!

Kurt: It's a long story. We--

Chris: He'll send you a memo. Move it!

The clones were loading the captured X-men outside however Gambit and Rogue hid behind a rock as they saw them putting the others in the vechicles

Gambit: Alright here's the deal. Imma provide a distraction and you save as many of your friends as you can.

Rogue:I know I just recently met you but.........If we live through this I'll fallow you everywhere. 

Gambit made a smirk then he threw down a fiery card causing an explotion and Rogue managed to save Scott Storm Kitty and Colossus but no sign of the Professor as the backup clones arrived they were out numbered but Carrie and the others joined the fight

Tarantula: Sinister! The X-men are wrecking everything! What should we do?

Tarantula: *On radio* Just bring the ones you have to me. The others will fallow.

Tarantula fallowed Sinister's orders and flew away with the ones he captured on a helicopter and Wolverine looked up growling

Logan: Dammit! *Turns to Chris and grabs her* Alright bub! Where's your boss taking them?!

Chris: *Pushes him off* Get the hell off of me! You want to save your precious mutant freaks you will BACK OFF!!

Logan presses out his claws at her but Carrie stops him

Carrie: Logan no! 

Logan:The hell are you--

Carrie: Look I know this is the last thing you wanted. It's the last thing I wanted too. But if she goes we have no lead on Sinister meaning we loose the others forever.

Logan stood there then lowered his claws

Carrie: Gambit has a part to play too.

He looked over and saw Gambit with Rogue then turns back around

Logan: Alright. I can handle Remy but you need to take this piece of sh** somewhere else. I already had enough blood ourdling headaches for once.

Chris: Like I give a---

Before Chris could curse again Logan once again flipped her off with his middle claw (Lol) and Chris was intimidated

Carrie: Logan please....I'm telling you this is our only chance. Please don't waist it. The Professor wouldn't.

Logan hesitated but he thought what Carrie said and then retracted his claws back and looked away then turned to Kayla where he left her

Carrie: Thank you.

Logan: That was only for you and the Professor kid.

Carrie: Who is she?

Logan: Her name's Kayla. My memories of her were restored not too long ago. I met her after I left the army. She--

Carrie: She's someone you love isn't she? I mean besides Jean.....

Logan: I loved her before Jean. Then she died. Jean's just too faithful to Scott.

Carrie: But with Kayla here....

Scott: She won't be for long.

They looked over and saw the real Cyclops about to blast at Kayla

Logan: The hell you doing?!

Scott: She's one of them. We have to deal with her.

Logan: You back your ass off Scott.

Scott: Step aside.

Logan: *Points his claws at him* Back. Off.

Beast: Hey hey guys come on no need for this.

Scott: She's a clone Hank. We have to destroy her.

Logan: Touch her and those laser eyes of yours are coming out.

Storm: *Steps next to Scott* Logan she's a clone.

Logan: F**k you both.

Storm and Scott were about to get serious with Logan but Kurt and Carrie stood with him helping defend Kayla

(Preview of another sequel)

Beast: *Stands between them* Alright enough! Don't you see we have a more urgent matter than this rivalry right now.

Scott: Rrrr! We'll settle this soon. *Walks off*

Carrie: I'm sorry about this Mr. McCoy.

Beast: It's ok. Now we have to see what young Hargensen knows.

Chris: *Breaths heavily and scoffs* Good thing Wolvey here figured that out before gutting me.

Logan grabbed her again and pulled her to him

Logan: You better have some room for a new set of hands. Cause we're gonna need all we can get. If you won't fallow orders gutting you is still an option *Middle claw rotates under her chin* Got me?

Chris looked at everyone frowning at her with their arms crossed then Chris gently pushed the claws back she smirked while nodding then Storm came up

Storm: We'll make you this deal. You take us to Sinister and we'll let you go. But try anything funny like attack or try to kill Carrie consider yourself blown away.

Chris thought for a moment and briefly smirked without anyone noticing and no one could read her mind either since Xavier Jean and Rachel were taken as well

Chris: Sure thing. Now look the only way we can get to Sinister's castle from here we're gonna need to fly there.

Scott: Well bad news. The Black Bird was deatryed with the mansion. Thanks to you.

Magneto: Well....we still have my chopper.

Carrie: It's better than nothing.

Logan: One thing for sure we don't stop till he's down in the dirt.

They eventually cooperated and headed for the chopper but Carrie soon turned to Chris then....say something she never thought she say

Carrie: Hey....thank you for this.

She turned back and fallowed the others

Chris: No no. Thank YOU.

Back at the hotel Kurt Carrie Rachel and Sue stayed at Sue had a call from Ms. Desjardin she heard everything on the news and wasn't very happy

Desjardin: Start talking! 

Sue: Look it's a long and f**ked up story. Ok? As far as I know the X-men captured Chris but there was a news report where their mansion was burnt down. For all I know Chris had something to do with that. And the next thing this Gambit guy told us about a man named Sinister who's building an army of cloned mutants.

Desjardin: And you think.....wait how can you trust this Gambit guy? You said yourself he works for that Sinister guy.

Sue: He said he's only a man for hire. And I guess Sinister ripped him off or something. How's little Carrie.

Desjardin: She's fast asleep.

Sue: Ok well.....I got to go. I got a feeling Carrie's introuble again.

In Magneto's chopper on the way to Sinister's castle by Chris's directions Kayla woke up again but this time out of Sinister's control and tried to focus her vision

Logan: Kayla?

Kayla: *Gasps* Logan?

She felt his face and realized she wasn't dreaming she couldn't control her emotions she hugged them making Carrie smile as she saw

Kayla: What happen to you?

Logan: You forget? I can heal.

Kayla: Yeah. But what happened to us? I saw Striker shoot you then I.....

Logan: *Holds her shoulders* I will explain everything shortly but first.....we have a job that must be finished.

Kayla: *Touches his face* I missed you so much.

They hugged again and Cyclopse looked at them in disgust

Scott: I don't trust that thing. It's one of them. Logan's not thinking clearly right now.

Storm: Agreed. It could be playing us to spy on us for Sinister.

Beast: I have instincts my friend. And clone or not I feel SHE has feelings for Logan.

Scott: It's just using him. We can't just---

Beast: Scott. We're not here to judge others like most people have judged us. And plus Logan's been lonely. Even when it comes to you and Jean.

Scott: What the hell is that suppose to mean?

Beast: Just think about it. 

Carrie held Kurt's hand along the way and she looked who was just silent

Carrie: Did you love him?

Chris: *Turns over* What?

Carrie: Billy Nolen. Did you love him?

Chris: Why do you care?

Carrie: Just asking. You two were....inappropriate with each other but....were you two deeply in love?

Chris: Is it your bussiness?

Carrie: I'm just trying to be nice.

Chris: Don't let this situation fool you. We. Are. Not. Friends.

Carrie sighed and turned away

Chris: *To herself* Yes. I did love him.

They later landed in the woods from where the castle is

Storm: Whatever happens stay close. Sinister could be expecting us.

Logan: Then I want it to happen to me first since I'm the only one that heals. *Turns to Chris* You. You stay close to me so I can keep an eye on ya.

Chris smirked and they all approached the castle but when they got there the doors were sealed tight

Scott: Nightcrawler can you teleport us in?

Kurt: I can only carry five people. If I carry more than that it'll slow me down. We'll end up anywere in a wall or under ground if we get out. If not we could also be trapped in a timeless deminsion.

Logan: Great. Then how the hell we gonna get in?

Kitty: Well....there's always uh....MY way.

Scott: I was waiting for that. 

Logan: Lead the way.

Kitty lanched her hand to Logan then he to Carrie she to Kurt then to Scott then everybody

Kitty: Alright here goes.

On a countdown they all ran to the wall and they all made it through

Nightcrawler: Yeah.....I say that works better.

Carrie: Don't push yourself ok Kurt? *Kisses his forehead* Alright....let's move.

They moved along but Chris.....backed up in a back area without anyone noticing then suddenly Carrie fell in through trapped door

Carrie: *Screams*

Kurt: CARRIE!!!

Logan: *Turns* No!! *Runs* NO!!!!

The door on the flour sealed before they could get to her

Logan: *To Kurt* You get her!! NOW!!!

Kurt teleported without hesitation then the X-men noticed they had company Sinister's cloned mutant army approached them 

Kayla: Oh god....

Logan: Great. I've real bad week. *Presses out claws* I need to blow off some steam.

Carrie landed in some moat....infested by....hungry crocodiles they all saw her splash and swimmed at her

Carrie: Oh god.....

She shook the water with her powers to slow them down but they kept coming her powers soon grew tired but Kurt appeared grabbed Carrie and teleported when the crocs were half an inch

Carrie: What was....

Kurt: It's alright. You're safe.

Carrie: Kurt! *Hugs him* Reminds me when we met.

Kurt: When I pulled you out when you're house almost fell on you.

Carrie: Yeah.

Kurt: Chris just ran off.

Carrie: *Pulls out from the hug* What??

Kurt: Yeah. And I wouldn't surprised it was her who opened that trap door. She isn't safe when I find her.

Carrie: Kurt please....

Kurt: She tried to kill you again!

Carrie shushed him putting her hand on his chest he was knocked out

Carrie: I'm sorry baby.... *Kisses his head*

Carrie left Kurt somewhere safe then pressed on

Meanwhile back at the battle The X-men and the Clones were evenlly matched but soon Sinister stepped in his energy projected to wipe out the X-men clean off his feet

Sinister: You Uncanny X-men dare to challenge me?! Unware that your cunning and will doesn't account to their stupidity! 

All of a sudden a weird sparlking sound crackles into the room it starts getting loud and then BURST a red light appeared and Gambit stepped out of it then turns to Logan

Gambit: Miss me?

Logan: *Chuckles* You son of a----

Sinister: *Interupts* Gambit you traitor!! You will pay for your defiance!

Gambit: I'm no goddamn clone or toy not even a lackey or whatever you refer me as. Like I said I'm a gun for hire....and this hire is closing it's doors on your operation.....NOW.

Gambit threw his staff down causing an impact as Sinister was knocked off his feet as Tarantula attacked but Gambit deflected his attacks with his staff the battle raged as Sinister recovered

Kurt later woke up and teleported infront of Carrie

Carrie: Kurt.....

Kurt: I'm not letting you do this alone.

Carrie: But--

Kurt: Carrie. I understand you want to end this rivalry with that wench. But as a X-men member no one goes alone. No matter how personal your rivalries are with your enemies.

Carrie: *Smiles and sighs* I don't deserve you Kurt.

Kurt: Don't talk like her now.

She giggled and they pressed onward they later found the mutant kids trapped in cells along with Rachel Jean and the Professor 

Kids: Carrie! Nightcrawler! Help us!

Carrie: Don't worry we'll get you out.

Kurt teleported everyone out 3 at a time but then suddenly a clone of Kurt appeared out of no where and attacked the real one and teleported

Carrie: KURT!!!

They end up in another room as Kurt stared at his copied twin

Kurt: Schieza! God have mercy.

Both of them gave each other than they could handle punching kicking and teleporting goes on and on they both wear each other but eventually the real Kurt finds an open target then grabs the fake Kurt's head then TWISTS his neck and it drops DEAD

Kurt: *Pants in German*

He passes out but back with Carrie and the others

Carrie: You guys ok?

Jean: Yeah we're alright.

Chris's voice: Won't be for long.

They turned over and saw Chris coming out of the corner smirking (Ik she never learns)

And that's when Rachel stepped in all angry

Rachel: You cannot imagined how much I waited all week for this you JUST signed your deal with the devil b**ch!

Chris: Look at you trying to sound like you've leanrt about this a few seconds ago. I've been dreaming about this my whole goddamn life. And're too f**king easy for me....

Rachel's eyes turn black but Carrie grabbed Rachel's shoulder and she turned to her

Carrie: No Rachel. This is my fight. Let me take care of her.

Rachel: What? No! I'm not leaving you alone with her. She.....

Carrie: Isn't as strong as she thinks. I trained with the X-men as she abuses her powers. I'm stronger than I look now.

Xavier: She's right. This is something only can finish herself.

Rachel looked down in tears and hugged her half sister in hopes they'll be together again and then they all ran to help the X-men

Carrie: I knew you wouldn't change.

Chris: There ain't no change in this situation. I'll never sleep well at night knowing I have to share this world with you! And you......make me sick!

Carrie's eyes turned black then they charged at each other with a massive electric impact the castle to shake and the support below to crack

(Uh oh)

Back at the other fight with the X-men and the clones they held their own as they could but clones kept coming

Beast: I haven't had experience like this since the cure for mutants!

Colossus: Least you never been in a brawl with Deadpool!

Logan: I have!

They kept coming the heroes were nearly out numbered but that's when the support calvery arrived but that's when they felt the massive shaking and soon lost balance and realized the castle was seconds away from falling apart

Logan: Oh sh**.

Kayla: We got to get out of here and fast.

Sinister: Not. So. Fast. X-scum! It's time to finish this once and for ALL!!

However Rogue some how snuck up behind Sinister then grabbed him then touched his face absorbing his powers and drained his life force Sinister screamed in agony then as Sinister's lifeless body Rogue got exhaused she passed out Gambit picked her up staring at her with his growing feelings for Rogue 

Back with Carrie and Chris's battle they blasted each other with full force however since Carrie's powers got limited from the moat she fell in it pushed her back and Chris approached smirking and cracked her knuckles

Chris: I'm gonna enjoy every minute of this.

Kurt: *Teleports behind her* In your dreams!

He tied her neck with his tail and swung her off and she broke through a wall then Kurt went to aid Carrie

Carrie struggled at first

Kurt: No no Carrie it's ok it's me.

Carrie: Kurt? *Hugs him* I thought I lost you.

Kurt: No...I couldn't find you till I felt the impact.

Carrie: I love you so much.

Kurt: I love you.

Kurt helped her up but Carrie paused

Kurt: What?

Carrie: The castle. I can feel it. It won't hold for long

With Sinister dead the clones lessoned and and soon were all beaten

Magneto: That's it for them.

Scott: Just one more.

Cyclops was about to blast Kayla again but Logan stopped him again

Logan: I told you you're not touching her dammit!

Scott: She's one of them Logan! Your real girlfriend is DEAD!

Logan: *Presses his claws up his chin* Threaten her one more time and the last thing you f**king choke on is your blood.

Jean: Guys come on not now!

Scott: Jean she's one of them!

Kayla: But I mean you no harm.

Scott: Save it clone!

Scott was pulled away by Carrie's powers

Carrie: Whatever's the issue settle it later. We got a bigger problem.

The castle begin to tumble for it was collapsing

Logan: Time to go!

They made a run for it once they made it to the exit it began to cave in and Carrie and Kurt were the last ones running till.....

An electric impact blocked their path they turned over and saw Chris back for more

Kurt: Why won't she stop?!

With Chris back and the castle loosing it's stable support Carrie was left with one diffitcult choice

Carrie: *Looks at Kurt* I love you. Always.

She pushed him out just in seconds before the doors compeltly caved in

Kurt: CARRIE!!!

The others looked back and Logan ran back to Kurt

Logan: Where is she?!

Kurt: *Cries out* SHE'S STILL IN THERE!!


Kurt: *Tries to teleport but fails* She's not letting me!!

They all watched helplessly as the castle continues to colapse

Chris: You sealed your fate! It's over now!

Carrie: For you.

Carrie let out a scream as the castle was demolished by the reaction of her powers

Kurt: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

The castle was destroyed and Logan couldn't believe his eyes

Logan: She's gone. She's gone.

Kurt: *Yells and cries* DON'T YOU SAY THAT!!! We got to go back in!

Logan: She's gone....

Kurt: NO! No..... *Cries on Logan's chest*

Logan: *Holds him* She's gone....she's gone....

Jean: *Cries* No....she's just a kid....

Jean cried on Scott's chest and he held her looking down Kitty Kayla Rachel and Storm cried caustically Gambit faced down carrying the still out cold Rogue Magneto didn't know what to say for some reason he felt bad

Logan however....caught another scent really pissed him off big time

He stormed to the Professor and....grabbed him???

Logan: You! YOU DID THIS!!! You let Chris out of her cell and lead Sinister to US!!!!

Kayla: Logan!!

He threw him down then Storm and Scott pulled him away

Xavier: *On the ground* Hehehehehe yes. *Stands* (What?!) *Familiar voice* I did do it.

The X-men watched in confusion except Logan who was very angry and then the Professor changed into....


They were all but Logan were shocked even Magneto

Mystiqiue: And now things are about to get interesting.

This lead to two questions?

And what happened to Xavier?

(To Be Concluted)

(End Credits)

(Teaser clip: 1)

One night at a cemetary a gaurd was walking with his flashlight and came across an empty grave

Gaurd: What the.....

He shinned his flashlight on the tombstone reading "Andrew Detmer" (Really really)

He then suddenly felt himself being caught in telekinetic force and broke his neck and Andrew appears panting for he was revived by Thanos and blinked his eyes turning black

(Continues credits)

(Teaser clip: 2)

The camera screen appears faintly when it was focus (Guess who it looked down to)

Thor (Chris Hemsworth): You alright Carr?


We cut to someone's eyes and the camera pulls back revealing Carrie (She's alive!)

Carrie: Thor? Where am I? Heaven?

Thor: No. In my homeworld Asgard. Heimdall saw you were in trouble I pulled you out of the castle just in seconds to spare.

Carrie could not believe what she was hearing she was in the 9th realm of the cosmos Asgard the camera pulled back in veiw of Asgard

(Cuts out)

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