Avengers The Fever of Rage is a fan fiction chapter to The Avenger franchise X-men Trilogy (Days Of Futcher Past) Carrie (2013) The Rage Carrie 2 and Captian America the Civil War this fiction is rated PG-13 for Action Intence Violence and Language Viewers under age of 10 are adviced and references of other movies are in this


Odeya Rush/Rachel Lang

Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark(Iron man)

Chris Evens/Steve Rogers(Capetian America)

Chloe Grace Moretz/Carrie White

Chris Hemsworth/Thor

Hugh Jackman/Logan(Wolverine)

Scarlett Johnasson/Natasha Romanoff(Black Widow)

Tom Halland/Peter Parker(Spider-man)

Paul Rudd/Ant-man

Gabrialla Wilde/Sue Snell

Mark Ruffalo/Dr. Bruce Banner(The Hulk)

Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye

Ian McKellen/Magneto

Aaron Stanford/Pyro

Vinnie Jones/Juggernaut

Famke Janssen/Jean Grey

Samual Jackson/Nick Fury


The screen fades into an image of a destroyed city where buildings are demolished skies are burning water has become lava and dead people all over the place some rottey some are skeletons but most just burnt up

Rachel (Narration): There must come creation but must be fallowed by destruction. The fever is always waiting to be triggered. When lines are crossed prices will be paid. And there is. No. Escape.

The camera zooms to Rachel's angry face in a black dress and bare foot and black eyes and screams were echoing

Present time some time after the civil war between Iron man and Capetain America At a S.H.I.E.L.D. fosility prison filled with gaurds and scientists a helicopter landed on the roof and Agent Hayse (Stephen King) came out of it and was greeted by Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard)

Dr. Selvig: Welcome agent Hayes.

Hayse: Has she made any progress Doctor?

Dr. Selvig: Oh yes.

They came down to the lab where other scientists were experimenting on Rachel Lang inside a solid dome she sat in there in a medical rag not saying much and her arms were around her legs

Hayse: How much as she made?

Dr. Selvig: About 50%. We've been trying to figure out what makes her tick. Her powers respond to post drumatic emotion state. During the karaoke insident in florida her powers seemed limitless but we manged to isolate a match of her power charts allowing us to control her powers. 

Hayse: Fury has doubts though.

Dr. Selvig: I know. Since the tassert and Ultron....however project R-2 should make better progress.

Suddenly they felt a strange magnetic energy causing anything metal to react and attack everyone Hayse and Selvig ducked under a table but everyone else were killed then HE stepped in

Magneto: Took me a life time to find this place.

Hayse: *Takes his gun and points it at him* Hey! Who are you? What'd you want?

Magneto magnitized the gun out of Hayse's hand

Magneto: I am Magneto. And I've come for the girl.

Dr. Selvig: Magneto?? I've heard of him. He's one of Xavier's mutants.

Magneto: Yes. I was. In a way still am.

He then immediatly pushed them aside then slowly approached the dome and tore the cover off Rachel wimpered and crawled back making her powers shake everything then Magneto approached her hushing at her

Magneto: There there. I'm not here to hurt you.

He picked her up as she relaxed then soon turn to Hayse and Selvig

Magneto: Good day gentlemen. *Walks out the room*

Hayse: *Speaks on his radio* All units we have a breach. Intruder in the building. Project R-T has been stolen.

Magneto walked down the hall carrying the out cold Rachel till his path was blocked by by guards pointing their guns at him

Guard: Sir put project R-T down and surrender!

Magneto: Project R-T? You think she's an experiment? This poor child? You homo sapiens.

Suddenly a streak of fire was blown from aside the gaurds they blown in it Pyro appears from the side hall and walks up to Magneto 

Magneto: Good work John.

Suddenly down the hall a wall was smashed and crumbled from the other side by Juggernaunt

(I figure he be alive again after days of future past)

Juggernaunt: This way!

They fallowed him as Hayse and Selvig tried to catch up with them They got into a chopper and Hayse and Selvig and too late to stop them

Hayse: Selvig the jets!

They reached the jet lot in hopes to catch up to them in time then Selvig took a radio to call for backup

Selvig: Anyone copy? This is Dr. Erik Selvig back up at once. Over. Anybody there?

Hill: This is Agent Maria Hill Copy. Systems have been shut down. No operating.......

Magneto on radio: Having troubles with the jet Doctor?

Selvig: How the h---how'd you get on this channel?? Oh never mind...listen you lunatic you have no idea what you've let out.

Magneto: For the sake of my kind Doctor I'll take my chance

Selvig: But...

Magneto: And I'm to assume Miss Lang never told you about her true heritage. Another girl with powers like your project R-2. And is in the care of my old friend Charles Xavier. And now...the war between mutants and humans has begun. *Cuts off* 

Later at the Avengers HQ Agent Hills made contact with Directer Nick Fury

Hills: Sir? We've just had a breach at base seven. Project R-T was stolen. I think we have to take drastic measures.

Fury: I'm afraid to say the same Hill. *Turns to everyone* Ladies and gentlemen? It's time to reasemble the Avegners.

(Tittle seaquence: Avengers the Fever of Rage)

In mid town of New York Tony Stark was throwing a fun raiser where he brought along Peter Parker to take pictures for his part time job at the Daily Bugle

Peter: Mr. Stark I can't thank you enough for letting me take pictures here. The Bugle's been desprate to get inside info here.

Tony: Don't sweat it kid. College is expensive.

Peter: My friend Harry Osborn would be so jealous if he knew about this...

Tony: Osborn?? Is your friend Norman Osborn's boy?

Peter: Oh yeah. I haven't even told you about his alter ego.

Friday: Mr. Stark. You have a phone call on line 1 from an agent Romanoff.

Tony: *Sighs* I can't mingle for one night. Thanks Friday. Hey Pete you enjoy yourself for a minute I'll be right back.

Stark went into his office turned on his giant flat screen to answer his call and Natasha Romanoff popped on the screen

Tony: Natasha. I'm guessing this isn't a house call.

Natasha: Believe me I wish it was. Fury just called. I'm guessing you know what that means.

Tony: needs me to come in?

Natasha: Yes. It's rather urgent that he see's you effective immediately.

Tony: You know me too well.

Natasha: Ain't that obvious?

Stark rolled his eyes little bit for since his fight with Capetian America and the Winter Solder he hadn't got much sleep

Tony: Ugh...I probably won't take any......uh....longer than a few hours.

Natasha: More like a few minutes.

Tony: Mute.

The computer muted itself as Stark looked out the window thinking about the fight again he was still pissed that Rogers lied to him about his friend Bucky killing his parents but he tried block it out of his mind and went back to the party

Tony: Hey Pete. Drop the camera. We're gonna take a field trip. Another part of time it'll be plesant. For you at least.

Peter: Where we going? What about Aunt May?

Tony: You'll see. And let me worry about her.

The next day Tony and Peter fly to a hellicarrier on Stark's private lear jet and they soon came into the main control room

Peter: My god! This a pretty cool place!

Tony: Oh trust me. Sooner or later you're gonna see alot of---

Out of the corner of his eye he see's Steve Rogers sitting at a table with the Falcon

Tony: Steve? Why are you here?? I don't recall you asking for a meeting. I mean you're a fugitive. And I thought Fury was in charge now.

Steve: He still is. He only called me here cause he was desprate. You know how he is.

Peter: Capetian. It's a pleasure again.

Steve: You brought your sidekick here?

Tony: Where's yours? Off killing more parents?

Steve and Tony stood face to face as things were about to get criptic till....

Natasha: Alright enough! Both of you! We cannot think about our disagreement right now. We've been ordered here on an urgent matter by Fury.

Rogers and Stark looked at each other one last time still pissed at each other and they and Peter and the Falcon fallowed Romanoff to the briefing room where Fury stood infront of a giant flat screen they all came in and he turned around

Fury: Gentlemen. Lady. Welcome back and welcome to you Mr. Parker.

Peter: *To himself* Wow. Nick Fury. The Head of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tony: More likely the director Pete.

Fury: Have a seat.

They all sat down

Fury: I'm sorry to call you all here and on such a short notice. But this briefing is nothing like what went on the the past three times. Even though at the third event some of us turned against each other. 

Tony: *Looks at Steve* They're were reasons.

Steve frowned at him

Fury: Well whatever those reasons are put them aside. This is important. Last night we had an intruder at sector 7. A test subject was stolan. Eric Lencshure also known as the mutant Magneto.

Peter: Magneto?? Is he the guy that can control metal?

Tony: See you've been doing your homework.

Steve: What did he steal?

Fury turned on the screen revealing pictures of Rachel and her capture and pics of the kareoki destruction and they left Peter stunned and all silent and his heart pumping

Fury: Project R-T as Agent Hayse and myself would call it. We were suppose to kill her under wraps for more testing.

Steve: Testing to make weapons?

Fury: No Rogers not this time. Her real name is Rachel Lang. She was caught two weeks ago causing chaos down in Florida at some karaoke club.

Tony: I'm uh.... *Chuckles* guessing this is not really an ordinary girl. Right?

Fury: Not in the slightest Stark.

Natasha: I got the file on her. *Slaps the file and slides it to Steve then to Falcon then Peter then Tony and all read it on their turns

Tony: Jesus....she's got a hell of a record.

Natasha: It gets better. She grew up with a single father. Friend commits suicide but turns out to be a murder by an unknown suspect. Afer some chicken coop prank she sets off.

Fury: And that's not all. Magneto said there was another one like her. We found nothing. Till....we looked up Lang's family tree. Her father had another daughter with a different woman. File name: Carrie White. *Throws down another file*

Steve took the file and looks at it and for a minute or two he faces down and passes it to Sam (Falcon) then he read it

Steve: Thinking what I'm thinking?

Sam: I think we better talk to this girl.

Peter: Whoa whoa whoa! Time out for a sec.

Steve: You got suggestions kid?

Peter: First off: Stop calling me kid. Second: We need to think this over before we start jumping at anyone with a million questions. More likely we should focus on this Magneto guy. He's the one who kidnap the girl. But why?

Steve: My guess is: War. Nick says Magneto said something about a war between humans and mutants.

Peter: Exactly. I mean why do we have to invade this girl's family bussinuss. It's the kidnapper we should focus on.

Tony: Pete may have a point here Steve.

Steve: Oh yeah? Then why does this file say....she killed some kids at a high school prom? Sounds dangerous.

Tony: You never were one to jump into conclution. Especially about your buddy Bucky.

Steve: *Stands up* You leave him out of this Stark!

Natasha: Boys. Boys! You think this is the time to start cutting each others throats right now? There is a fugitive on the loose and one of the most dangerous weapons is in the wrong hands.

Peter: Why do you guys keep talking about her like she's a thing? *Looks at her pictures on the screen* She's....just a girl.

Sam: Was. As far as I'm concern the best offence is a good defence so I say you two got to find the other girl we'll deal with Lang. Two birds in one stone.

Peter: But....but---but....

Tony: Pete calm down. This will work itself out. Everyone will go back to their lives and aspirations and.... *Turns to Rogers* I'll put my ego in check.

Steve: Yeah. You two go and do that.

They frowned at each other

Meanwhile in Chamberlain Mane Jean Grey drove Carrie White to Sue Snell's house for a visit then talked when they parked outside

Jean: You gonna be ok hon?

Carrie: Positve. I trust Sue now.

Jean: Alright well...have fun we'll pick you up in a week.

Carrie smiled and hugged Jean then got out of the car and Jean drove off then Carrie went up to the door and rang the door bell Sue answered a minute later

Sue: *Gasps* Carrie??

Carrie: Hey.

They giggled and hugged each other

Sue: It's great to see you! It's been a month.

Carrie: I know the school had me busy for awhile.

Sue: Just the school? Or your incredible Nightcrawler?

Carrie: *Giggles* Stop it.

Sue: You wanna come in? I was making tea.

Carrie: Yeah. That be nice.

They went inside and heard baby cries

Carrie: *Gasps* Is that....??

Sue: Yep.

Sue walks to the baby bed and picks up her daughter Little Carrie

Sue: Shh shh it's ok. There's someone here to meet you.

Carrie: *Walks up* Oh god.....She's beautiful. Just like she was when I felt her inside you.

Sue: Carrie. Meet your Goddaughter Carrie.

Carrie: Oh my g....

Sue gave Little Carrie to Carrie and the baby slowly reached out to her face Carrie tried to hold back her tears for she never imagined how beautiful this moment would be

Carrie: I--I'm sorry Tommy wasn't able to see her.

Sue: It wasn't your fault. It was Chris's. She.....

Carrie: Sue. me a favor and don't say her name around me again. I've already had it rough when it came to her.

Sue: I'm sorry Carr. I won't....

Tony: *From behind Sue* I see someone's been having martial issues.

Carrie and Sue both bolt up when they heard that voice and turned around to see both Tony and Peter by the door way

Sue: No way....

Tony: Go on. Say it.

Sue: Tony Stark??

Carrie: You know him?? Sue: Are you kidding me?? This is Tony Stark the wealthiest man in New York city. He's also the.....

Carrie: The Iron man. Yeah Professor Xavier told me about him.

Tony: Wow. That guy really catches on pretty quick.

Sue: How'd you get in here Mr. Stark?

Tony: Oh your dad and I are old pals he invited Pete and myself over for a drink. Well....I invited ourselves. Cause I wonder if I can have a word with your friend there.

Carrie: Me?? What about?

Tony: It''s not worth discussing at this moment. You'll find it better if you just come with me.

Carrie: What? No. Why should I go with you?

Peter: He know's what he's talking about.

They all looked at him

Peter: Hi I'm Peter Parker.

Sue: Is that your son?

Tony: What? No he's my....nephew.

Then they looked at him

Tony: Ish.

But then Carrie still refused to go with Stark so instead they sat down drinking tea Sue held her daughter feeding her bottle and Stark told them everything about the situation

Carrie: What?? You mean to tell me this....Rachel Lang is---my sister?

Sue: You have a sister and didn't know?

Carrie: *Nods* I mean I know my dad had another child after he and my mom split but....I never really met her. But....why was she locked up in some goverment building?

Tony: She had a chain reaction with her abilities in Flordia. Alot of people died. S.H.I.E.L.D. captured her the day after and been running experiments on her to see if she can be controlled.

Carrie: CONTROLLED???!!!!!

Carrie's reaction made her powers shake the house everyone held on to something

Sue: Carrie calm down.

Carrie breathed heavily and soon calmed herself

Peter: Whoa...that...was so cool.

Tony: Miss White I don't know me....I---I mean know know me and I know this is sudden for you but since your abilities runs in the family you're probably the only one who can out match her and reach her

Carrie: Then what? Lock her up again?!

Tony: We just want to help her.

Carrie: *Sighs*......If I go with you I have four condtitions. 1. Sue comes along. 2. I need a few of the X-men to come too 3. If Rachel is my sister then I will deal with her my own way. No orders. And 4. We leave tomorrow. That's it.

Tony: Done.

Peter however couldn't shake the feeling in his gut he needed to see if he could help Rachel cause of whatever feeling he was growing for her since he saw her pictures

Later that night Peter snuck out in his Spider-man costume carrying his mask

Peter: This girl sounds like she's been through alot. I'm gonna see if I can help. As Uncle Ben always said: with great power comes great responsibility.

And he pulled his mask on his head and swung away 

The next morning it wasn't long till they noticed Pete was gone Sue rushed to Carrie's room to wake her

Sue: Carrie. Carrie! Come on! Wake up!

Carrie: *Wakes up* Ugh...Wh--what?

Sue: That Parker kid. He's not here.

Carrie: Peter??

Tony: *In Pete's room* Son of a....Underroos!

Tony did try to call Peter on his cell only to realize it was viberating on the coffee table

Tony: Oh god....

Carrie and Sue came down then Stark turn to them

Tony: Pete took off. Sorry Carrie but we're gonna have to put a slight delay on your plan.

Carrie sighed and slightly pushed her hair against the wall.

Tony: Hey don't losse it alright.

Carrie: I'm not I'm just fustrated.

Tony: We all are. Where would he go at a time like this?

We cut back to an S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Chamberlain snuck in through a vent and then came into Agent Hayses office he walked to a cabinet opened a drawer and went through the files

Spider-man: Let's see....L. L. Where are the L's.

He found the L's then found another file on Rachel 

Spider-man: Here we go.

He opened the file and everything about Rachel

Spider-man: Oh god....I've seen many people in pain since the start of my double life but this....I better find the file on this Magneto guy.

His spider seance went off

Spider-man: Now what?!

Some gaurds came in and point their guns at him

Gaurd: Hold it right there!

Spider-man: Sorry guys. Can't play.

He sticked them to the walls with his webs and jumped up to the vents then he jumped up to the vents but as he crawled he felt an itch on his costume so suddenly

Spider-man: Ahh! Where this come from? Why am I itching? 

He thought it was a bug he smacked it but it snaked back Spidey suddenly felt himself being dragged out the vent then outside as he landed he looked up then Ant-man appeared growing back to his normal size

Ant-man: Sticking your neck into trouble huh Spidey?

Spider-man: *Gets up* Hey I remembery you. You're the guy who turned 300 feet at the airport. Not to mentioned you kicked me from the Cape's shield

Ant-man: Just doing my job. Nothing personal. Say what were you doing in there? Stark's gonna have your biskets for breakfast if he finds out about this.

Spider-man: Look uhh....Mr...Ant. Please don't tell Mr. Stark. It's just.....that girl who was taken by that Magneto dude really needs help. I know she's caused problems but I have to---

Ant-man: I think I know where this is matter how nuts it sounds. Look I'm not gonna tell anyone. I'm gonna help.

Later at an abandon tower where Magneto has set up shop since his events with Carrie and the X-men Rachel woke up in an empty room with metal walls

Rachel: What the....

She got up and looked around as she walked out the room she then saw Juggernaut cleaning his helmet she hid behind a wall and saw a door ran to it went in and shut the door then....

Magneto: Morning Rachel.

Rachel backed up and was nearly about to defend herself

Rachel: Wha---who---who the hell are you?

Magneto got up and slowly walked towards her as the weight of his powers echoing througout the wall screetching in her ear almost as if Satan himself had snuck a deep deep drug into her soul 

Magneto: I am Eric Lensherr at your service.

Rachel hesitated when he offered out his hand and that's when she tried to read his mind but just like Xavier couldn't locate him with surebro she couldn't hear his thoughts

Rachel: Wha....

Magneto: Having trouble reading my dear? How rude of me. *Removes his helmet*

Rachel then tried again then saw all the destruction and chaos he caused in the past then saw the island events with Carrie and the X-men

She gasped and backed away

Rachel: You're---some--monster!!

Magneto: No my dear. Would a monster set you free from that facility?

Rachel: What'd you want from me? Who was that girl I saw you kidnap? And why did she have my powers?!

Magneto: Oh you don't know? *Throws down a file on his desk* Find out for yourself.

Rachel scourched through the file till she saw the info and saw her name

Rachel: C-Carrie?

She continued further then finds the relation info where they have the same father and what she saw shocked her

Rachel: I--I....No. *Looks at Magneto* This can't be true!

Magneto: No?

Rachel: No. I would've known about her if I was related to her but I don't....nor do I want to. But you still haven't answered my question. What'd you want from me?

Magneto: Your aid. A secret arsenal in a war between us....and them.

Rachel: Us and who?

Magneto: Homo Sapiens.

All of a sudden admist their conversation in came the Falcon bursting through the sky-line startling Rachel and Magneto turned to him

Falcon: How long are you goons gonna keep running between your legs?

Magneto: The Falcon.... *Chuckles*

Falcony: That isn't funny.

Magneto: Oh but it is now.

He magnetic on his wings for they were metal and swung him around

Magneto: You know what happens to a bird when they're caught in a vat of garbage? They get crushed.

He tossed him to a wall and he hit real hard

Magneto: Pyro. Juggernaut. We're leaving.

The four made their way outside but to only see their path was blocked by Capetian America and his Civil war team

Black Panther



And the Winter Solder (With a rebuild metal arm)

Magneto: *Chuckles* Capetian Rogers. This is an honer really. 

Capetian America: It's over Magneto. Give us back Project R-T and we can end this.

Magneto: That's all she is to you? A project? How cold. This poor child? Well tell me Capetian. What's more important? The girl? *Controls Bucky's metal arm* Or your friend?

Bucky: *Struggles*

The cape throws his shield at Magneto catches it with his powers and reflects it back at him then he let's go of Buck's arm

Magneto: It's about time to do away with this eyesore.

All of a sudden Juggernaut ran and charged at them

Hawkeye: Incoming!!

They all got out of the way in time and the dispersed Hawkeye launched a few high-tech arrows on Juggernaut and they exploded they stunned but barely Bucky however had attempt a headscissor and went for his legs 

Bucky: Steve!

The Cape turn to him and did their double team assault but Juggernaut shrugged them both of them flew

Juggernaut: Now who's next to get squashed?

Then out of no where Wanda the Scarlet Witch held on to him with her powers but due to his sheer size and speed she wasn't able to get a good grip on him

Scarlet Witch: A little help?! *Grunts*

The Black Pandther rushed over to help but he was aback by Pyro

Pyro: Things are about to get HOT!!!

Pyro launched fire at him but Black Panther used his cat reflectses to dodge the flames then he nearly slashed his face till Rachel caught him with a telekinesis

Black Panther: What the....

Rachel: I'm not going back to that asylum!

She tossed him aside then Magneto made way to his helicopter and started it up till Falcon grabs him from behind

Falcon: Going somewhere old man?

Magneto: I know you are.

He waved his hands and Falcon's wings acted out of control and flew out of the chopper and Rogers saw

Capetian America: SAM!!! *Rushes to his aid*

Magneto's chopper flew towards the fight Pyro Juggernaut and Rachel rushed to it with the others chasing them but Magneto made a giant metal wall block their path and flew away

Wanda: *Sighs* We could've used Ant-man's help.

Meanwhile at Xavier's school for gifted youngsters Carrie rushed in as Tony and Sue waited in his limbo

Carrie: Jean?! Jean! Jean: *Comes down stares* Carrie? What'd you doing back here so early?

Carrie: I need help. Where's the Professor?

Jean: He was called away on an urgent matter and left with Scott and Storm. What's going on?

Carrie: It's Magneto. He's back.

Logan: *Walks by* Magneto??

Carrie: Yeah. And there's something else. Come outside with me.

They fallowed Carrie outside and they saw Tony Stark already standing out his limbo

Tony: Where's the other member?

Carrie: Yeah. It's Tony Stark.

Logan: The Iron man?

Jean: One and only.

Logan: I should've figured.

Tony walked around his limo and stared in his eyes he couldn't help but to make faces

Tony: The Wolverine am I right? The man with nothing else to loose?

Logan: What's it to you bub?

Both (Carrie and Jean): Not now...

Tony: Just trying to get the facts straight. And Jean Grey? The Pheonix.

Jean: *Gets pissed off* Get. To. The. Point.

Tony: I apologize. S.H.I.E.L.D. had a brake in by an old friend of yours...

Logan: Magneto. We know. That's why the Professor left.

Tony: Did he know what he stole?


Logan: Who you talking about?

Carrie: Remember when I told you guys I have a long lost sibling from my dad's second marriage?

Jean: Yeah.

Carrie: Turns out she has my abilities. And can read minds like you and the Professor Jean. She had a chain reaction in Flordia like I did in Mane. But wasn't aware these S.H.I.E.L.D. people had her locked up like an animal! Why couldn't she be left in our care?!

Logan: *Turns to Tony* That's a damn good question.

Tony: Look I'll tell you everything. But first we got to put some road behind us. For all I know the Cape and Spidey could be in trouble.

Logan: Look I'll go with you guys just to help the kid here. Jean? Will you watch over everyone while I'm gone?

Jean: No problem. Just be careful. All of you.

Carrie: And you'll look after Kurt too won't you?

Jean: Course.

Carrie hugged Jean again then they all climbed in the limbo and drove off as Jean went back in the mansion

As they were on the road a storm brewed in and it had Carrie abit shaky

Logan: Hey. It's just a storm kid.

Sue: Yeah. You're safe.

Tony: Hmm....You know I knew somebody who said he wasn't overly fond of what fallows storms.

Logan: You talking about our Storm bub?

Tony: No. More likely someone other worldly.

Out in the sky where the storm was at it's strongest The Mighty Thor appeared by the bifrost staring down at the city then flew with his hammer

He immediately zipped down and landed on the limbo Tony and the others looked up Thor reached threw a window and grabbed Carrie and pulled her out as she screamed

Logan: KID!!!!

Logan tried to stop him but Thor knocked him out with his hammer then he turned to Tony

Thor: She's no longer yours for keeps Stark.

He flew away with Carrie as she continued screaming

Sue: CARRIE!!!!

They then land in a desert on a hill top Carrie then gets up and rubs the dirt off her clothing

Carrie: Oh come on. First Stark and now you? What'd you want?

Thor: No need to be frightened madem. I've come by none such a simple request. 

Carrie: On who's request?

Thor: Rogers.

Carrie: Stark's friend?? Who are you??

Thor: My apologies. I am Thor son of Odin king of Asgard. Protector of the nine realms.

Carrie: Thor?? The God of Thunder?? You got to be kidding me! I was taught there was only one God. And he doesn't wear armor or a red cape.

Thor: Yeah. I get that alot. It's too complicated to explain. But Capetian Rogers humbily asks to help find your sister.

Carrie: Well does that give you the right to kidnap me from my friends?!

Thor: I apolgize. I will return you to your friends if you allow us to help sebdue her.

Carrie: Well I have a few conditions.

Carrie told him the same conditions she told Tony

Thor: You have my word. Back with Tony Logan and Sue

Logan: You never told me your God of Thunder friend was a kidnapper cause if he hurts her *Shoots out his claws* I'll rip that cable out of your chest bub.

Tony: Alright alright look. I didn't know Thor was just gonna swoop down and take your friend. This has to be Steve's doing.

Logan: Well he too is asking for it. How the hell we gonna find him 'em?

Tony: Leave that to Friday.

Sue: Friday?? Really??

Tony: Not that kind of Friday. Friday?

Friday: Yes sir?

Tony: Patch me to a satilite web. Scan.

Friday: Commencing now sir.

Sue: Unbelievable. Feels like I'm in some cheap cartoon show.

Up in the skies in Magneto's chopper Rachel sat silently till she noticed Pyro smirking at her

Rachel: What'd you staring at?

Pyro: Just think that was a fine performance you did back there. You really showed those hero losers who's boss.

Rachel: Thanks for the compliment.

Pyro: You know what they call me babe?

Rachel: *Frowns* Why the hell did you call me that?

Pyro: The Pyro. Sssssss.

Rachel: Ugh!

Suddenly Spider-man appeared out of no where and landed on the wind shield of the chopper

Magneto: What the....

Spider-man: Hey you guys mind pulling over? You're getting a ticket.

Pyro stood up and blast fire at him but Spidey but he dodged and the fire blew a hole on the wind shield sucking him out but he grabed hold of the leg of the chopper Spidey then landed inside then saw Rachel

Spider-man: No worries miss. Your friendly naighborhood Spider-man at your service. I'm gonna get you out of here.

Suddenly some metal objects sealed on him and Magneto lift him up

Magneto: She's no mere toy boy. She's one of us. Not a recipient to your kind.

Spider-man: *Struggles* Sorry metal man.

He blinded Magneto with webbing setting him free then he grabbed Rachel

Spider-man: Fasten your seat belts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Spidey jumped out carrying Rachel she screamed she held on to Spider-man and turned away with no buildings to shoot webs at....

Spider-man: NOW ANT-MAN!!!!

Ant-man grew into his giant size and caught them

Spider-man: Thanks for flying air-Spidey.

Ant-man: Wait a go web head.

Soon as Ant-man shrinked back down he and Spidey high fived then Spidey turn to Rachel

Spider-man: You ok?

Rachel: W-who are you people?

Spider-man: We just want to help you. I know you've been having rough but soon as we get back Mr. Stark....

Rachel: Stark??!!!

Rachel remembered hearing that name when she was locked up she pushed them back with her powers and ran

Rachel: You're not taking me back there!!

Spider-man: Ohhh....perfect first impression! What a jerk!

Soon as they recovered Spidey's seance went off and he saw Pyro and Juggernaut smirking at them

Spider-man: Uhh....Anty? We got a problem.

Ant-man: Ahh crap! Wish the Cape was here.

Later back at S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury was looking through Carrie and Rachel's file again but his one eye caught something it hadn't before something on their powers unleashing a rear wrath of God when combineded

Fury: Son of a.....ROMANOFF!!!

Natasha: *Rushes in* What is it?

Fury: We miss something here.

He showed her the files and what she saw made her jaw drop and eyes bolted wide

Natasha: This can't be right. How could we not know this?

Fury: Idk. But it has me more worked up. If this deep as it looks...they'll really be hell to pay if they're powers combind.

Capetian America: That's why you us here.

They turned over and saw Rogers and his civil war team walk in including Thor and Carrie

Fury: Unfortunately there's been a mistake with the file we let you see.

Wanda: In what way?

Wilson: Is this one of those mass of destruction plans? Cause I can handle one of those.

Carrie: Just....ENOUGH!!

They all looked at her


Carrie: I'm dealing with enough. Just give me that file.

Fury: Well I'm sorry Miss....White but it's classified. And further more....

Before he could finish his sentence Carrie's eyes turned pitch black and everyone backs up

Carrie: Start. Talking.

Wilson: What the hell?!

Steve: Was this mentioned in the file too?

Fury: This file was sent by the Councilmen. Until I glued my eyes to that file I didn't know what to expect. Like I said before we're dealing with new threats and people who can't be matched or controlled. There wasn't really choice at that point. I'm actually offended you asked me that.

Carrie: Well what better person to ask than you? You're the only one who clearly knows how to handle this. You're the one who keeps hiding information from us. Not anymore.

Fury: Miss.....

Carrie then used her powers to hold Fury to the window and it cracked Romanoff pointed her gun at Carrie as the others stand in combat except for Thor for he knew somehow where Carrie was coming from even her relation to Rachel reminded him of his adopted brother Loki

That's when he stepped inbetween them

Thor: NO!!! As son of Odin I gave her my word she be return to her friends. No harm will come to her on my watch.

Steve: Thor she's attacking Fury! Are you blind?

Thor: Because she is denied the truth. Just like my brother Loki was. And that is what made him unleash his fury upon earth. So have my past arragonce and me being favored more than him. Loki was twisted because of me and everyone he killed paid the price for my doings. And must re-right my wrongs.

Thor then walked up to Fury still pinned on the window and took the file from his hand

Fury: What'd you....

Thor: This is bigger than your classified secrets now. Carrie White? *Hands her the file*

Carrie's eyes soon turned back to normal and she let go of Fury and took the file and read it and didn't like what she saw

Carrie: mercy....

She dropped the file papers and pictures scattered everywhere Wanda picked up a paper that just reminded her of her brother's death and dropped it back down

Wanda: Betrayel.....

Carrie stormed out as the others watched

Back out in the woods Rachel kept running till she reached the road where car lights shinned on her she gasped and grabbed it with her powers and it turned out to be Tony's limbo

Logan: THE HELL?!!!

Sue: What's happening??!

Tony: Friday. Activate suit 4423.

An Iron man suit was being launched and lanched on to Tony Sue screamed and Logan broke opened a window with his claws then turned to Sue


Sue climbed on the Wolverine's back and jumped out as Iron-man flew out just right before Rachel crushed the limbo to bits

Soon as Logan and Sue landed and Iron-man hovered down and all saw her

Iron-man: Project R-T I persume.

Rachel: The name's Rachel.

Iron-man: I don't mind what you perfer but it's just that---

Rachel: If you think I'm gonna let you all lock me up again then screw you! Just get out of my way!

Logan let Sue off his back then try to reason with Rachel

Logan: Listen kid. We don't want to hurt you. We just want to talk. The professor can help you. Join the X---

Rachel then pulled Logan to him to her with her powers

Rachel: I am no experiment. You can't take me back! I won't let you!!!

She pushed him off then Logan looked up to her while on the ground

Logan: I'm not going to. Listen to me I've been in your shoes beforehanded. Trust me it wasn't damn pretty. I saw alot of my friends die. They were good people. The kinds that wanted to change the world. And they wanted to make a living. A friend of mine told me we're not alone as you think. That includes you.

Rachel: What'd you getting at?

Logan: I'm getting at I can help you find your sister.

Rachel was stunned she just stood there till both Logan and Iron-man felt themselves being caught in megnatic Magneto then Sue hid behind a tree

Magneto: Always metal with you two.

Logan: *Grunts* What the hell you doing here?!

Magneto: Same as you Logan. Trying to help the girl. Unlike you Mr. Stark.

Iron-man: *Struggles* Like you're any better.

Magneto: Rachel dear. These fools are only using your sister for bait to lure you back to that facility. Who would you believe? Me who was the one set you free or the those homo sapians that wish to keep you locked up like an animal?

Iron-man: *Fronts mask opens* I don't suppose we could talk this over. Over a drink?

While Magneto taunted Sue tried to sneak behind him carrying a taser she was about to shock him till Magneto turned and pulled her taser from her hands and it landed in his

Magneto: You humans never learn.

Sue backed up all scared then Magneto pushed Logan and Tony into the woods then Sue went after them then he turned to Rachel

Magneto: My dear. Come with me.

He was about to escort her till their path was blocked by Ant-man who grew in human size and Spider-man who landed down

Magneto: Am I imagining this?! You're both fools.

Magneto lifted the wrecked limbo up and threw it at the duo Ant-man shrunk then Spidey jumped runned on it jump down and kicked Magneto to a tree

Rachel looked around in confusion then saw Ant-man grew back in his human size

Rachel: How'd you do that?!

Ant-man: Long story. But we're getting you out of here.

Spider-man lands behind her and she turns around then....... Spider-man: Listen. We don't want to take you back to that lab. We just want to help. That Magneto guy is the bad guy. He just wants to use you.

Rachel: Why should I trust you?

Spider-man: Because...because....I know what it's like to be alone. Misunderstood. See my parents died when I was a kid. Then later my Uncle Ben died. All cause I didn't stop the guy that shot him and I made a promise I use my powers to help others. Including others like us.

Rachel: did save my life so....

Rachel then suddenly hugged him and Spidey was stunned at first till he hugged her back but soon noticed Magneto was gone

Spider-man: Where the hell did he go?

Ant-man: Idk. But he'll be back.

Soon Stark and Logan came back to the street Logan was healing from his injuries and Stark's suit was abit busted and soon he and Spidey made eye contact

Spider-man: *Chuckles nervously* Hi Mr. Stark.

Tony: Save it. Where have you been? Did I tell you to go Solo? Cause I don't think I did. Look the only reason you're on this mission with me is cause I'm helping you pay for your college admisions and your Aunt May would KILL me if you were down in a ditch somewhere.

Spider-man: Oh my go---Is this what this about? My college admisions? Not cause cause I'm part of the team?! Why do you keep doing this to me?! I'm not a kid anymore! What'd you think Spider. Man. means? I thought this was an oppertunity for me to be more than I am right now. But god you sound just like Aunt May. Look Mr. Stark no offence I admire you alot but I'm done being treated like a kid. I'm living up to my title by starting by helping this girl out of the Cape's and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s reach....and now yours!

Logan: Look bub. There's something about this girl you don't know. If you go down this road you won't like what you see.

Spider-man: At this point I'll take my chances wolf man.

Logan: Wolf man?

Then he nodded at Ant-man then he shrunk down and climbed on Spidey then he turned to Rachel

Spider-man: Need a lift?

Rachel: Thanks. But I got it.

Rachel then made the street shake knocking Stark Logan and Sue off their balance

Logan: Told you you weren't gonna like what you saw bub.

Spider-man: You kidding? That was awesome.

Rachel then lift herself up with her powers and flew off fallowed by Spidey web swinging and carrying Ant-man

But back with Magneto and his men they met up and had to set up shop at an abadon theme park

Pyro: No doubt those sons of b**ches have locked her up again. We should form a plan to strike back.

Magneto: No. They'll be expecting that. There's another way we can get her to come back with us.

Juggernaut: How?

Magneto: Simple. We need a way to set her off like she did in Florida. We just need the right strategy.

Pyro: Strategy? Hardly ever works.

Magneto: No need to be negative John. I spent years recreating the magic from that scepter that Loki fellow had and made my own I was going I was going to use it on Carrie but she prooved too useless now the scepter of Loki has been remastered. Only this time.... *Holds out scepter resembling Loki's only it was with red magic* This one makes others see what WE want. *Smirks*

Later Stark Logan and Sue came in the base where Steve and the others were 

Steve: Man of the hour.

Tony: Nice to see you too. *See's Bucky* YOU??!!!!!

Tony was about to attack but Bucky punched him back

It took more than to two people to seprate them

Logan: *Grabs Tony's shoulder* Come on bub. It ain't worth it.

Romanoff: Yeah. Come on Stark. Not again with this. You really can't wait another time?

Hawkeye: Explain please.

Bucky: I remember everything. I don't blaim him for wanting to smash my head. I guess I deserve it.

Steve: Bucky no.

Hawkeye: I still don't get! English!

Tony: This son of a b**ch killed my parents. And Capetian Liar here knew about it and kept it from me.

Steve: I was gonna tell you. You just weren't ready.

Tony: YOU... *Nearly charges*

Logan: *Stops him with his claws* One move bub and this is going in your metal heart. Just calm the hell down.

Everyone was silence for one moment till....

Wilson: This is what he wanted. Don't you see guys?

Wanda: He has a point. He goes up right infront of our backs. All to start another brawl. And look where the last one got us.

Romanoff looked at everyone then backed up

Natasha: I think it's about time.

Hawkeye: Time for what?

Natasha: Let's just say you won't be seeing this anymore.

She was about to walk out till.....

Familiar voice: You just gonna give up like I did?

Everyone looked over and saw Bruce Banner (The Hulk) standing by the back door way everyone was speechless

Natasha: Bruce....

Meanwhile Carrie was down the hall talking on her newly cell phone talking to (Guess who)

Carrie: I'm sorry Kurt. I know I should've called sooner I just had my hands full. And the fact I learned who my long lost sibiling is. No. She's not here. But everyone's out looking for her. Don't worry Kurt I'm still coming back to the mansion next Monday. And Friday we'll go to the carnival. Yes. Oh Kurt of course I'd let you know if I need you really. It's just...personal right now. Ahhh I love you too. More than anything. Alright bye.

Carrie hung up then turned over to see Sue behind her

Carrie: Sue! *Hugs her*

Sue: Thank God you're alive. When that guy with the hammer snatched you out of the car I feared the worst...again.

Carrie: Yeah. So did I. Where's Logan and Stark?

Sue: They're here.

Carrie: And Rachel? Sue: Actually we saw her ealier.

Carrie: You did?

Sue: Yeah. And that spider guy along with some...Ant guy took off with her. But also Magneto came at us again.

Carrie: Magneto?? You saw him?!

Sue: Yeah. He was still after your sister. Got to say the powers really run in the family. Cause...she levitated the car and...crushed it. We were just lucky to get out in one peace in time.

Carrie then went silent for the thing she found out earlier popped in her head

Sue: Carrie?? What's wrong?

Carrie: Listen. Peter doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Hold on to me. 

Sue: Wait what?!

Carrie grabed Sue's hand then she burst open a hole on the wall and they flew out of the base but it suddenly sets off the alarm

The Avengers later came running and saw the hole Carrie bursted

Steve: What just happened.

Logan: Carrie....

Tony: No doubt she's gone to find Project R-T herself. Maybe Magneto too.

Natasha: Then let's suit up.

Logan looked at everyone go till he turned to Thor

Logan: Hey bub.

Thor: Yes?

Logan: The way I hear it you seem too supporting for Carrie and her herritage to this other girl than anyone else here. And I hear you can get anywhere faster than the others. Is that right? 

Thor: Yes I can.

Logan: Good. Then you and I are going for a hunt.

Meanwhile in Queens Rachel was sitting on the roof of Peter's high school starring into the stars she was trying to make sence of what she is and what to do now but soon Spidey came by and sat next to her

Spidey: Hey. Need some company?

Ant-man was in his small size and was on Spidey's shoulder and talked with a high pitched voice (Lol)

Ant-man: Come on! Make a move Pete! Complimate her hair! Read her a poem! Sing her a song! Anything!

Spider-man: *Whispers* Shut up!

Rachel: Um....I don't mind.

Ant-man: Do it!

Spider-man: Shhh!

Rachel: So this is the kind of stuff you're use to? Seeing things unusual and demented?

Spider-man: Demented? Nothing about this world. Or you for that matter.

Ant-man: Don't blow it web head!

Spider-man: I think there's a little bit of good in everyone. You would be no exception.

Rachel was stunned but at the same time a little appreciative by his kindness

Ant-man: Come on! Now's your chance! Make. A. Move!

Rachel: I appreciate it really. You did have a knack for saving me back there. promise me you won't take me back to that lab right?

Spider-man: I promise.

Then Rach slides closer to him

Rachel: Then do I get to say thank you this time?

Spidey breaths slitely under his mask then Rachel reached for his mask Spidey pulled away at first but then leaned back and slowly Rachel unmasked Spider-man

Peter: I'm Peter Parker.

Rachel: *Chuckles* Rachel Lang.

Rachel tilted slowly to Peter's face then....kissed him passionately

Ant-man: My work here is done.

He jumped down from Pete's shoulder and his fall sounded like a whistle

As Peter and Rachel made out they were unaware that Magneto was lurking in the shadows then cast a spell with his newly scepter on Rachel she screamed braking the kiss

Peter: RACHEL!!!

She kept visisualizing her past she grew angry and vengeful she screamed causing Pete to fly off and the school crumbled Rachel's eyes turned black like Carrie and began attacking the city

Peter: *Grunts* Oh god...not again....

Ant-man: *Normal size* I know I saw it. It was Magneo. He blasted something at her. I didn't get a good look at it.

Peter: Then we fallow her. *Pulls mask back on*

Soon Carrie and Sue arrived and saw the destruction Rachel was causing

Carrie: Oh no no no no no no.....

Sue: Don't worry we can f--t--th--there she is!

Carrie looks over and see's a rageful Rachel Carrie then nod to Sue then she ran Carrie then called Rachel out

Carrie: RACHEL!!!!

Rachel stopped and turned to Carrie and they stared each other in a confronting postion as they stood face to face

Carrie: You know who I am don't you Rachel?

Rachel: I can see it in your eyes. Yes. Your my sister.

Carrie: Yes. And sisters look out for one another. You don't have to destroy anything or anyone.


Rachel pushed Carrie with forced use of her powers causing Carrie to crash into a building soon as Carrie recovered she saw Rachel coming at her she grabbed her but Carrie pushed HER off and Rachel flew across down the street then Carrie approached her


Rachel: SHUT UP!!

She flew towards her but Carrie blocked her attack which caused the pavement to break the ground completly then continued to add more pressure to one another

Carrie: Is this how you want to settle it?! Fighting your own flesh and blood?! And taking your anger on these innocent people?! They've done nothing to you!

Rachel: Don't pretend you didn't want the same thing for your victims! I can read your mind! I know everything about you now! You showed no mercy to that cruel Hargensen! You enjoyed hurting her every minute for what she DID TO YOU!!! DIDN'T YOU SIS?!!!

The fact that Carrie heard HER name again made her angry and her eyes turned black


Carrie brutailly knees her face and force pushes her to a into an abadon port Rachel hit it so hard she barely stood up as she recovered

All of a sudden Carrie saw two Black Birds from S.H.I.E.L.D. fly down

Romonaff: *On radio* Carrie White. Stand down.

Rachel: Stay OUT OF THIS!!!

Rachel pushed them away then her and Carrie kept fighting but the black birds were caught by Iron-man and Thor and then soon all the Avengers were confronted by Magneto and his mutant brotherhood army

Capetian America: Not even odds.

Thor: We've had wors.

Iron-man: Just like old times huh?

Then soon Spider-man and Ant-man joined in

Spider-man: Mr. Stark before you lecture me again....

Iron-man: Don't sweat it. We need you anyway.

Then they heard a roar from above they looked up and saw the Hulk landed beside them

Spider-man: HOLY SH**!!

Wolverine: (In his yellow costume) Whatever. You want to help. See if you can get the powered sisters seprate.

Ant-man: Will do. *Shrinks*

Magneto: Traitors to their own cause. FINISH THEM!!!

The mutants charged and the Avengers fought back in anyway they could just like they use to in the past before the civil war however Ant-man tried to rush to Carrie and Rachel as Logan instructed but then Rachel was grabbed by Juggernaut

Juggernaut: Magneto's got bigger plans for you.

Carrie pushed Juggernaut off her and slammed him on the wall

Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am?

She then runs

Juggernaut: I'M THE JUGGERNAUT B**CH!!!

(LOL I had to)

He then chases Carrie into a building as Rachel continued her path of destruction however Ant-man fallowed Juggernaut he tried to grab him but lost his grip just as Carrie ran into a dead end and looked where Juggernaut stood and then charged her but Carrie caught him in her telekinetic force and crushes through his armor

Carrie: Don't you know who I AM?

She pulls him closer to her her eyes turn black making Juggernaut whimpered

Carrie: I. Am. Carrie.

She sends him flying across the city Juggernaut screamed in the air Carrie was about to persue Rachel again till Logan grabbed her arm from behind 

Carrie: Logan??! What'd you doing?!!

Logan: Saving you from doing something you'll regret.

Carrie: But she's....

Logan: Your sister! Look kid I can't remember if I had a family and I know my brother was an a**hole but he chose to be. And seems to me your sister didn't. She was isolated for awhile. Weren't you?

Carrie: ....Y-yes....

Logan: *Smiles mildly* So what'd you say we give these Avenger geeks a hand. And Magneto another kick in the ass. We take your sister back and we can go home. I'm sure Kurt's worried sick about you. 

Carrie giggled and hugged Logan he was stunned but tapped her shoulder

Back with the Avengers and mutant fight Iron-man and Capetian America went back to back blasting and shield deflecting since their fued they forgot what it was like to work as a team Hulk and Black widow made a tag team of smashing and shooting the Scarlett Witch and the Winter Solder provided multi strategies

Spider-man however found Rachel at a town sqaure and webbed swing to her

Spider-man: RACHEL!!

Logan Carrie even Ant-man saw him trying to get to her

Carrie: Peter STOP!!!

He didn't hear them and tried to catch up with him but he got to Rachel first

He approaches her and pulls her shoulder over to face him

Spider-man: Rachel...listen.... *Pulls off his mask*  You're making a big mistake!

Rachel: They made mistakes! Now they're gonna pay!

Peter: Rach listen to me. That night karaoke club was a long time ago. I'm sorry they kept you in there too but we really want to help you. I really want to help you.

Rachel: ......

Peter: I love you Rachel.

Rachel gasped and just about to and snapped out of her anger

Rachel: How can you love me? Y--you barely know me. wouldn't want to love someone like me.

Peter: I'll take my chances.

Rachel looked at Peter with tears and then hugged him Logan Carrie and Ant-man made it to them and saw them

Carrie: Rachel....

Logan: I think she.... *Groans*

Logan suddenly felt himself being caught in a magnetic Magneto

Magneto: Your own strenght is your own weakness Wolverine. When it comes to me.

Carrie and Ant-man tried to stop him but Magneto caught Ant-man by mageneting Ant-man's suit and threw him at Carrie knocking them both aside then he took the scepter and cast it on Rachel again she screamed and grew angry again and knocked Peter aside

Peter: No Rach! Huh? *See's Magneto with the scepter* ....That scepter....That's it!

So he pulled his mask back on and headed for Magneto but his path was blocked by Pyro

Spider-man: Aw come on!

He webbed zipped as Pyro threw flames at him he was just as fast as him once he caught up with Spidey he was about to burn him till Spider-man made a giant web shield and protected him from the flames but it eventually burned through it Pyro then launched a giant fire ball at him but Spidey leaped up then made a quick leap over Pyro tripping him

Spider-man then saw a fire hydrant as Pyro stood up angry and let out a mt of fire thinking fast the web slinger opens the hydrant letting out spraying it all over Pyro

Spider-man: Hope you like your wather black! *Laughs*

Pyro: AAAAHH!! NO!!

The water dried up his powers and was all soaked Spidey then charged at Magneto he saw him coming he levitated a car and threw it at him knocking him out of the air

Magneto: Young people.

Magneto then felt himself being caught in a telekinetic force the scepter flew out of his hand then saw that Carrie had him trapped in her powers she clutched her fist causing the scepter to brake in half freeing Rachel from her trance then Carrie pinned him to a wall

Carrie: This time you're not going anywhere.

Magneto: And how do you plan to pull that off?

Carrie: Simple.

She then concentrated on a wire and tied him very tight with it

Carrie: Use something that's not metal

The mutants fighting the Avengers retreated after Carrie trapped Magneto and they looked towards their sides and Rachel came out of the fog and saw Peter on the ground

Rachel: *Runs to him* Peter?! Peter!!

Pete was unconscious for a brief moment he eventually coughed up and Rachel helped him up

Spider-man: What the he--what just happened?

Rachel took a look up in the rooftop where her sister stood staring down at her

Rachel: We won.

Tony: Underroos!

Rachel looked up to 'em and the Avengers surrounded her intended to capture her again but Spider-man stood up to them

Spider-man: Wait you guys! This isn't her fault! Magneto was controlling her.

Iron-man: I'm sorry Pete but we got no choice. We have orders from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Spider-man: Please Mr. Stark. She's not an experiment! Leave her in my care. I'll...

Capetian America: I'm sorry kid but it's not up to you. Stand aside!

Spider-man: N-NO!!!

Carrie: HEY!

They all turned to her as her eyes turned black again along with Logan and Sue who just came out of hiding but saw the whole thing

Carrie: You lock my sister up then I guarantee you'll all pay for it. Starting. With. You. Stark.

Iron-man: Me??

Carrie: That's right. Either she's left in my care or Peter's. Either way screw S.H.I.E.L.D.

Thor: Wait madem! Please. Tony Steve. What makes the girl any different from us? She's family to someone else not a project for a military base, Carrie was left with this professor yall mentioned. And look how well she turned out. If there's a chance for her to redeem herself then there is for Lang as well. And if there's a chance to redeem my brother I'd take it. Just like you did for your friend Buck.

Steve: *Sighs* .....Stand down.

And they all fallowed the Capes orders

Tony: There's alot of this going around.

Steve: You get use to it.

Carrie: Thank you.

Carrie went up to Rachel and they hugged and then Logan and Peter nodded with grins and then.....Tony and Steve made eye contact then finally set aside their differentances and shook hands The Avengers were back together at last

But then Magneto woke up after being knocked out for awhile then looked up to see all of the Avengers including Carrie and Rachel were staring down at him Hawkeye ponited his bow at him

Magneto: I suppose it's all the same to you? Then I'll have that drink now. (Lol)

Hulk: *Roars*

The next day back at the Hellicarrier where Natasha had to deliver FALSE newsn Fury

Fury: Did you find her?

Natasha:.....She's dead.

There was a moment of silence

Natasha: She was too out of control it almost cost many lives. We had to put her down. There was no other way. But there is a bit of Good news. Magneto and some of his forces were apprehended but Project R-T has been terminated. 

Fury: Then....condsider this opperation: Unplugged.

Natsha: But at least the Avengers seem back on track. Depeneding how Stark and the Capetian get along.*

Fury: And Xavier's people?

Natasha: They left back to Bayville.

Meanwhile at a driveway outside a gas station Carrie and Rachel were talking for it was another departure 

Carrie: We just found each other. You sure you don't want to come to Xavier's with me? I know you'll fit in there.

Rachel: Ik. But.... *Looks at Peter by a cab* I know where my place is.

Carrie: I understand. I had to make a tough choice myself a month ago. Just promise you'll keep in touch.

Rachel: I will. I love you.

Carrie: I love you too. They hugged one last time then said their goodbyes Peter opened the cab door for Rachel she smiled at him waved at Carrie again and went in Pete then looked at Carrie then winked at her she giggled then Peter went in the cab and soon they drove away and Carrie watched them go with her heart falling inside till....

Logan: Kid? You ready to go?

Carrie nodded wiping tears from her eyes looked where Rachel Peter left and walked to the gas station where Logan was filling up his truck 

Man (Stan Lee): There you go sir. That's 35 73.

Logan: *Hands him money* Keep the change.

They got in the truck and Carrie was still silent till.....

Logan: You alright?

Carrie: Yeah. She just made a hard choice. As did I.

Logan: We all make hard choices.

Carrie: Yeah. Least she's happy.

Logan grinned then took a cigar from the cabinet and put it in his mouth and start the igintion

Logan: Let's go home.

Carrie smiled then they drove back to Xavier's shool for gifted youngsters.

(End Credits)

(Teaser clip: 1)

Thanos: I have looked down to the earth for quite some time. Now.....our new ally is ready. He will send the message and all our enemies will bow down to my will. As will the humans. And then....the whole unverse!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

We zoom around Thanos revealing.....Andrew Detmer!!!

(Credits continue)

(Teaser clip: 2)

Peter and Rachel arrived in Queens a couple of hours later hand in hand and were walking to Aunt May's apartments

Peter: So the double life can be tough. And you should know...Aunt May doesn't know about it.

Rachel: I get it. I may start a double life myself. Since I have....but if I wear a costume I don't want it to be cat like.

Peter smiled and kissed Rachel's hand as they walked on but up in the sky they were unaware a green figure flying on some glider in the sky above the city revealing......The Green Goblin!!!

Green Goblin: Hahahahaha!!!!

(Cuts out)

(Up coming sequels)

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