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    X-C 2: Rise of Sinister

    January 20, 2017 by Bat-Knight

    The actual sequel to X-men: Carrie and to Avengers the Fever of Rage Carrie and the X-men are back to face their ultimate challenge against their greatest enemy Sinister along with Tarantula and Chris Hargenesen but once odds are against them Carrie is willing to do everything she can to protect her new family this fan fiction is rated R for disturbing images violence language brief nudity and blood under age's of 13 are adviced and movie references are concluded in this


    Carrie White / Chloe Grace Moretz

    Charles Xavier / Patrick Stewart

    Logan (Wolverine) / Hugh Jackman

    Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) / Alan Cummings

    Rachel Lang / Odyea Rush

    Storm / Halle Berry

    Jean Grey / Famke Janssen

    Rogue / Anna Paquin

    Remy LeBeau (Gambit) / Taylor Kitsch


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    Avengers The Fever of Rage is a fan fiction chapter to The Avenger franchise X-men Trilogy (Days Of Futcher Past) Carrie (2013) The Rage Carrie 2 and Captian America the Civil War this fiction is rated PG-13 for Action Intence Violence and Language Viewers under age of 10 are adviced and references of other movies are in this


    Odeya Rush/Rachel Lang

    Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark(Iron man)

    Chris Evens/Steve Rogers(Capetian America)

    Chloe Grace Moretz/Carrie White

    Chris Hemsworth/Thor

    Hugh Jackman/Logan(Wolverine)

    Scarlett Johnasson/Natasha Romanoff(Black Widow)

    Tom Halland/Peter Parker(Spider-man)

    Paul Rudd/Ant-man

    Gabrialla Wilde/Sue Snell

    Mark Ruffalo/Dr. Bruce Banner(The Hulk)

    Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye

    Ian McKellen/Magneto

    Aaron Stanford/Pyro

    Vinnie Jone…

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